Immigration (2) … Our Own Fault

We need immigrants.We need them because our own people are unwilling to do the “shitty” jobs….we have the graduates who are too educated to dirty their hands…we have the “full-time Mummies” who sponge benefits while raising ill-mannered brats…we have the ill-disciplined youths who would be a liability on a work-site ( if they ever bothered turn up)..we have the professional “neither work nor want” class happy to leech off taxpayers.

We need immigrants to work in the nursing homes, in the fields,on the building sites,in the supermarkets,in the cafes etc. because we allow our own “needy” people to opt out of working just because they don’t fancy the job or are too physically unfit to do a hard day’s graft.

Unpalatable as it may be,without immigrants we would grind to a halt….and it is our own fault for allowing laziness,weakness,a sense of self-entitlement and arrogance to infect so many of our own working-age people.

Nominated by: Foxchaser-Fiddler

49 thoughts on “Immigration (2) … Our Own Fault

  1. Is true Unfortunately. I wonder what would have happened if we had tried a system like Germany used to have I believe, where immigrants were allowed to come and work but not become citizens.
    The real solution is a poker up the arse for all our dodgy folk.

  2. That’s why this countries fucked. Encouraging our own people into laziness and entitlement over the last few decades has paved the way for the hordes of foreigners doing every job out there.
    I believe the only thing that would remedy the situation would be a war whereby civil liberties would be temporarily halted for the war effort and greater good however with the state of our globalist loving entitled youth and the run down state of our armed forces, we would definitely lose any future conflict.
    The last stage of any major societal collapse is decadence of its people. We are definitely past that stage………..

  3. That’s as maybe but I’ve yet to hear of a care home, or anywhere else, that employs 1 immigrant and and is happy with another 50 sitting around, sexually abusing the residents, expecting to be fed and given pocket money. And that’s before they arrange for another 25 members of their ‘immediate’ family to come in on the next dinghy.

  4. One useful job these scuzzy cunts could do is to take all there recyclable junk up the tip, instead of overloading their bins with it, or chucking it all over the neighbourhood.

  5. I’ve been banging on about this since seeing my first darkie, whilst kicking a ball again a wall in the fifties. I think the buses were first, due to everyone having to use them, if you could afford it. The factory I worked at employed a jet black bloke, who everybody stared at in amazement when he ate food from areas of his hands instead of a sandwich.

    • What I should’ve started off saying, it was our laziness that caused me to have the shock of seeing my first darkie, doing the jobs we weren’t bothered to do.

  6. Bloody Hell

    Dick has turned into Femi Oluwole 😂

    Part of the problem, importing cheap labour, when the eastern block joined the EU the unskilled could earn 6 times what the could back in Romania or Poland so even our minimum wage was like winning the lottery.

    When we finally left there were almost 6 million applications to remain in the UK.

    I agree it is completely our fault, but the increased immigration has put more pressure on services and housing, we have jumped 10 million this century mostly from immigration.

    More immigration isn’t the answer, let in more qualified effnicks brings in extended families who are completely useless and many carry existing Heath issues so more work for the NHS.

    Go into any hospital in areas with effnick communities and you may see a fair number of dark faces in uniform but you also see a disproportionate number waiting for treatment (my local hospital)
    Case in point I went private last year for a minor operation, private hospital not far from a high p*ki population, all the staff were white except one very slightly dark lady on reception.

  7. I’m not sure I buy this “lazy entitled Brits” theory but, even if it’s true, how long before the immos catch the same disease and cash in on their protected status? We may be an ageing society but A-rabs, Albanians and other foreign trash get old too. It would be ok if the cunts came here for a while, made their dough and took it back to the shitholes they came from to be replaced by younger cunts. But it doesn’t work like that. Would you rather be an OAP here or in Somalia? Immos often put down roots here but they are their own roots not ours.

    • I may not be currently ‘contributing to the economy’ (as pundits are fond of saying) but I worked hard and paid my taxes for 30 years.
      I also didn’t arrive on a dinghy with my wife, 5 kids and 4 brothers to leech money and put strain on the public services.

      As long as some rich connected bastards are running companies providing accomodation, security, cleaning and catering services on these gov (tax funded) contracts, no immigrants will be turned away or deported. It’s too much of a gravy train.

  8. There are two ends to this particular shitty stick.

    Waving millions of foreign cunts in under the guise of cheap labour is having a disastrously corrosive effect on most aspects of our society.

    Then you have our vastly wasteful,bloated welfare system that encourages idleness and deception with millions drawing off it,contributing far less than they should to society,without even mentioning the staggering administration costs as every government that comes to power adds more layers of bureaucracy.

    The softness of our country is an irresistible magnet for the world’s trash.

    The end result is another double ended shitty stick,a country that becomes a third world dump yet also drowning in high taxation.

    Epic C u n t s.

  9. No we need immigration to suppress wages, undermine indigenous workers and change the demographic.

    Do you think all these immigrants come without kids or families? Do you think 10 million immigrants haven’t broken the housing sector, burdened the NHS?

    How many child grooming taxi drivers can we possibly need. Indigenous folk or even long standing immigrants are pushed out of jobs because immigrants living 10 to a house work cheaper than the indigenous can afford to live on.

    Labour want to import voters and the tories want want cheap Labour for greater profits.

    • Plus the knock-on effect of our landscapes being fouled by relentless orange box ‘deveopment..I pine for that Jack Hargreavesian sweet spot of the early 70’s.Corporate evil stalks the land.

      • You have my sympathies Mr Ptarmigan, not that they will pay the rent.

        I’ve long passed the point of trying with these fckrs, they are milking me eye-watering amounts, I’ll fck them any way I can.

  10. Successive Governments and employers are to blame. Governments for not cracking down on employers paying sub standard wages to indigenous British workers. Of course they will employ migrants on cheaper wages if our Governments encourage it. Then not always the idle, but people who have been put out of work and cannot get back in work due to migrants employed on low wages. A vicious cycle. What is the problem of looking after British workers first? Paying a decent wage to encourage them into work in lower skilled jobs? Instead we’re losing our national identity. Towns which are now ghettos. A generation of unskilled, untrained British youth. The untold billions of pounds looking after legal and illegal migrants that could be spent teaching our youth in highly skilled jobs. Looking after our own workers first. What is the problem and issue with that?

    • Even Jeremy Cunt was saying the other day that we meed immos.
      What a vent dummy looking cunt the boy is.

      • We need immos like a hole in the head.

        Please click the link, it’s very good.

        It doesn’t work, never has, never will, and screes the countries they are coming from as well.

        The Gov know this. So why are they doing it?

        They are doing it on purpose, it’s part of their great plan. Traitorous shits.

  11. Yeah, it’s all about short term thinking……..winning the next Election and keeping our noses in the trough. That’s all we’re voting for……which bunch of cunts are sucking up our money for their rich friends.

  12. I remember in the mid eighties. the company I worked for started to reduce the intake of apprentices and relied on thatchers YTS scheme to train them. Unions warned management this was a long term folly. Sure enough 10 years later a shortage of skilled people so, they started to employ any fucker who could hold a screwdriver.
    The last thing You want in a aerospace industry. It cost them though, the amount of scrap items the great unskilled produced was expensive.

    Nowadays high skilled in house training is recognised as the way.

    Not cheap imported shite…

  13. We need immigrants like we need cancerous bollocks.

    Seemed to get along fine till the 1950s?

    Now we are swamped in the filthy cunts.

    Cheap labour.
    Kill em with mould.

  14. The shitty jobs need to go to young people to forge in them a work ethic and drive to move up to better. The immoz aren’t working anyway the parasitic cunts. What the fuck are you talking about?! Why the fuck are they here to begin with? To sponge!
    Ugh! My piss is whistling out of my ears.

  15. At first the immigrants came to work – mills, transport etc. Growing up my town had numerous steelworks, the docks and pits up the valleys. Very few immigrants, not the sort of jobs they filled. Now the industry has gone the immos keep coming. There are no legal fucking jobs for the locals let alone Mbongo, Ali and their bredren.
    The locals now are feckless chavs on benefits. So are the fucking immos except where they are in the black economy paying fuck all in.

  16. Every country requires immigration, although we’ve allowed too many to enter in too short a time. Some fucker has to clean the shit-houses so enter the Polish and Romanian cunts who do cash-in-hand and a bit of burglary to top up their benefits. We needed people to work in shops and drive taxis so enter the South-East Asians cunts who did a bit of grooming in their spare time. We needed barbers, apparently, so enter the Kurds, Iranian, Turkish, and Albanian cunts who make huge amounts pretending to cut hair whilst selling drugs.
    Fuck knows why the Afreecans are here, but there are loads, especially Nigerians. Are we short of rapists?

    • It cannot possibly be logically true that every country needs immigration. Where will the immigrants to those countries that these people are coming from going to come from?

      What we are witnessing is social and racial engineering on a global scale with the aim of a borderless world and a one world government.

      And they are going to get it.

  17. Meh, been mentioned quite a few times already. I can’t get my head around the notion that institutions like the NHS absolutely ‘need’ immigrant staff, as if their mongy offspring, the fruit of marriage to their first-cousin, don’t clog up the system.

    Immos are a net drain on everything, has long been established by studies too numerous to cite.

    I say that as an Immo myself, but I fought for the likes of you, so I’m sound.

  18. Benefit scroungers and immigrants should be made to accept any job that is offered to them.

    If UK citizens don’t then all benefits should be stopped.
    If immigrants refuse work then they should be sent back to where they arrived from.

    But as far as I am aware the UK has always had a reasonable immigration system.
    If workers are needed from abroad then there is a visa that can be applied for and the successful candidates have legal access to the country.

    The dingy invaders have no intention of taking any jobs.

    • None.Spinge sponge sponge.Freebie city.Cunt truffles.Bren gun them when they arrive on the beaches.

  19. It’s not my fckn fault.

    If I was in charge there would be ZERO immigration of any sort, mass deportations, child benefit would be scrapped and dole money would be available only to those who have paid enough tax and limited to 12 months.

    • Agree with most except maybe the last one.My own experience is of over 2 decades of trucking across UK and europe,70 hour weeks,15 hour days,hovering around minimum wage(break out the Stradivarius) and now suffering with chronic pain as the chickens come home to roost from that especially-sometimes,gruelling profession- and yet the DWP don’t recognize chronic pain and am thus ever exposed to ‘sanctions’ for not being perceived as assiduous enough in seeking employment l can’t do (spine disc degradation),although l desperately want to re-train for something such as mobile-security,driving around and checking premises type of thing,but denied unless they can get bigger numbers for the course,which they can’t seem to pull off.

      I hope to return to the road asap,it’s all I’ve known but got tangled in the covid log-jams for treatment…(18 frikin months) for accupuncture that didn’t work entirely due to exceeding my ration and now a 2 year waiting list for further rations,so i’m doing self-imposed 72 hour dry fasts with help from a fab youtube (Dr Mindy Pelz) and fuck me improvements are distinctly manifesting.

      No assistance from NHS by the way which would be bloody useful..You need to know how to monitor blood sugar to play safe…,’we don’t recognise fasting’…”eat more avacados and nuts” is the best their dieticians can offer.The cunts.

      Talking to many Eastern European drivers at my last job,ie the majority,i learned that many countries pay unemployment money at just around the same level as their last wage and gradually taper it down to avoid the lead swinging for a few years but if it’s sickness based unemployment;they recognize the correlations between recovery not exactly being harmonious with abject poverty which is distinctly not the case in Blighty.It must make it so much easier for them to rock up here with that financial top-cover and confidently undermine our indigenous workforce at the same time as earning 4 times the pay chez Krakow,Budapest etc.
      It’s a shit sandwich for sure.

      • Mr Ptarmigan.

        I meant dole, as in unemployed, not sick.

        Employers should pay for their employees, particularly those that have been injured by their occupations.

      • @Termujin

        Yep apologies for not acknowledging those accurate nuances.My angle was that the DWP have long been on full Draconian mode these last few years,all part of the lockstep rollout across the spectrum.You can find yourself between the hardest of rocks and hard places and the distinctions between ‘limited capability’ which is my situation and ‘capability’ has become very tailored to penalizing those that want help back into the workplace such as myself and those who can ‘tell a good story’ to the DWP panel (embelished in many cases).

        As a career trucker,the work wasn’t physically demanding exactly,done my share of that,but a grinding combo of the mental stresses of years of 4am starts,crap food availability,ever increasing psychological pressure,micro managed/hyper monitored time pressure,jammed roads,cameras in cab trained to monitor every move of the drivers eyeball etc,eventually takes a toll on a bod,and an environment that distinctly wasn’t in place when ibecame a driver circa 1990’s.

        The algorithms employed by their health panel has to be seen to be believed.One size fits all apparently.You can lift a hand above your head or carry 2 litres of milk so you’re good to go type of deal.

  20. It’s easy to encourage our own to work, just cut their benefits by 90% and have it paid in vouchers which can’t be exchanged for alcohol or fags

    Fuck them , they are a dead weight around the necks of every tax paying person in this country

  21. GB wouldn’t need any immigrants.

    Just spend the money on good quality training for our youngsters, starting at primary school.

    i.e. reading/ riting/ rithmatic.


  22. I mentioned it yesterday but it has to be said here again. Enoch warned us all about this in the late 60s and he was shut down as a “racist”. We’re “there” now and there’s no way back: the UK “as it was” is lost and becoming a faded memory for most of us.

    • Do you really think he wasn’t doing anything more than playing the role of pressure-valve-release operator to avoid the dangers of a civil uprising ? He was a groomed Oxbridge drone playing a designated role and nothing more.

  23. The UK is now a lost country, drowned under an endless tide of filth from every shit country on the planet. The Govt that you voted for has done nothing to stop them. If Australia can get away with blocking the path of this parasitic horde and get away with it, then the UK can, if it can grow a spine! Herr Shickelgruber had the right idea!

  24. What a load of cliched bollocks, the eastern europeans weasel their way in, Works hard for a couple of years then get entitled and think they are superior to us. I have seen it first hand. I recently left a job because the polish leader and the romanian second in command were lazy and bitched about how hard done by they were for not getting promoted because they weren’t english. They didn’t get promoted because they are useless shits/So don’t promote that bullshit that they work harder than us, Because if you do, it shows you never met them

    • Too true,they say a rising tide lifts all boats as our own vessels sink ever deeper into the clag and taking on water at a rapid rate with C.O.L. My last employer’s car park gleamed with foreign registered beemers and audis nestling alongside clapped out fords and vauxhalls and they weren’t averse to showing photos of the impressive homes they enjoyed back home.

  25. i’m in partial agreement with Lord Fiddler, alhough the corporate class see it as good excuse to lower the working conditions and save ever more money on labour.

    Still, as he says, there are hundreds of thousands of truly work-shy bastards who havenever even looked for work and think it’s only right others should pay for them.

    That many have reached 40 and still think in that way is the fault of our fucked-up liberal society.

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