Oxford University Students

This one looks like piss take but seemingly is true:

”Oxford University students fear freshers’ fair stalls may be too triggering for some”

”Oxford University’s student union has said it will place “trigger warnings” on freshers’ fair stalls which students could find distressing.”

Fair stalls? Distressing?

Apparently an Anti Abortion stall can make them go all vapoured and unnecessary. Likewise some fucker wearing a blue rosette. There will be recovery spaces for those affected.

”In a message posted on social media, the student union said it was not able to ban any society from having a stall at the fair because of UK freedom of speech legislation.”

Were it not for these Nazi free speech rules the students Union would only allow favoured causes – Trannies, oppressed blacks, muslim clerics, vegans and artisan quinoa sandwich stalls.

Oxford is supposed to take the cleverest students. And turn them into cissified halfwits.

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63 thoughts on “Oxford University Students

  1. I think it’s a pre-emptive strike by the Student Union, just in case any little precious flower complains about anything.
    And if they’re super smart, as they supposedly are, they will put “trigger” notices on EVERY stall.

  2. I remember freshers week in the early 70’s. One piss up after another, the only trigger was not to disgrace yourself and throw up.
    Soft cunts.

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