Fly Tippers (2)

Well done to the council who successfully prosecuted these carbuncles on the arse of humanity.

It’s a peeve of mine, from people who leave dog shit on the pavement or verge, those who put their broken vacuum cleaner on the side of the road, the knobend who trims his overgrown shrubbery, then leave the clippings to rot away on the footpath.

Who the fuck do they think is going to clean it up?

Who ends up paying for the clean up? Well, you and me, of course.

Makes my blood boil, it really does.

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

65 thoughts on “Fly Tippers (2)

  1. Utter scum. Imprison the cunts.
    Have to note though council red tape at recycling tips is bullshit.

    Need to make an appointment. Utter bullshit cunts also.

    • I was initially irritated by having to make an appointment, but in the two trips since, the waiting time is down to about 10 mins (from an hour).
      My local recycling centre even has a furnace into which I can chuck all the carpet-wrapped prostitutes I’ve gotten a little over-enthusiastic with.

    • fuck recycling, the council landfill the lot anyway i’ve seen them do it and that plastic and glass shit ppl put outside their houses in seperate little boxes…all goes in the same wagon then landfilled, recyclers are fukin braindead egits with no eyes

  2. Lazy scruffy bastard’s.
    To tip that above would of cost £150-200.
    They ended up paying two grand in fines & costs.

    I’m all for them being prosecuted.
    They’re taking work away from legitimate traders (me) and it’s a hazard to people and wildlife.

    In fact go full Sharia on the dirty bastard’s
    Chop their hands off

    • Morning MNC, feeling better?
      I recently read a World Health Organisation report by none other than Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus which stated that it was impossible for bearded men over 6’2″ to contract Covid-19 by any means other than homosexual activity in local parks.
      Actually, that might’ve been Monkeypox.

      • I caught it from a infected french Fancy.

        My throat is fucked this morning.

        How’s the whip round coming along?😁

      • @MNC

        The latest tally is…err…

        2 pale ale bottle caps (used)
        a toilet roll tube
        empty packet of cheese and onion crisps
        a piece of cheese
        and a book called “Katie Price:my life”

      • Wow.
        That’s way more than I expected Techno!
        Generosity is ISACs forte😄

      • Well it’s official, MNC. I’m the only superhero on here (immune to bat flu). The only two people I know who haven’t had it are the Mrs and myself.

        Obviously, it’s because I filled her with my magic jizz.

        The Lancet will do articles on me being a medical miracle soon. “‘Superhero’ jism and its impact on Covid Immunity’ by Dr Bollocks, PhD, FRCS, MFI, DFS, GTF.

        No, you can’t have any.

        £300 a pop. Sexy ladies 18-35 only.

        You should be ashamed of yourself, pretending to be a superhero like me, MNC.

      • I’m gutted CB I genuinely thought I was immune.

        Next it’ll be I’m not impervious to lion attacks.

        It comes as a crisis of faith to realise your like everyone else.
        Boringly normal.

        All this time I’ve looked down on the sickly and the weak ,
        Considered them wankers to be honest.
        Now I’m in that club and I’m not impressed 😩

      • Even had somebody cough in my face when talking a few months back. Got spittle on my face. His Mrs got him to do a covid test that night because he kept coughing. He called me laughing that night and said he’s got bat flu.

        Fuck all happened to me, tested myself a few times that week just out of curiosity. Nada.

        In all seriousness, I’m sure I’ll catch it at some point.

        If not, I’m writing to the WHO (didn’t know Roger Daltrey was a science cunt) and telling them about my magic jizz. Maybe I can flog it to ‘Big Pharma’?

        Million dollar wanks.

        I’ll be fucking minted by tea time.

  3. No big surprise when councils make it so difficult for people to take their stuff to the recycling centres.

    Some insist on booked appointments.
    some insist on certain types of rubbish
    Some won’t take trade rubbish, or if they do it has to be of a certain type.
    Some won’t take rubbish from people in neighbouring districts (I used to live 1 mile from the Birmingham boundary in Bromsgrove. But I wasn’t allowed to use the nearest Birmingham RC 1.5 miles away. Instead I had to trek 7 miles to the other side of Bromsgrove and use that!)

    These box-ticking council cunts bang on about going green, but don’t practice what they preach due to all the red tape they produce with what can and can’t be recycled. And then they come over all surprised with the sudden rise in fly tipping – which was at its peak during the pandemic and lockdowns.

    • Bromsgrove, that’s in Worcestershire isn’t it? Couldn’t you have just dumped the rubbish behind some conveniently situated bikesheds?

      • By a dusty, unused boxing ring, frequented by a lone figure clad in a dressing gown with the legend ‘The Worcestershire Warrior’ on the back, shadow boxing, accompanied by the ‘Rocky’ theme tune. Waiting, just waiting for someone, a keyboard coward, to turn up.

        But no one ever does.

  4. Absolute Cunts.
    Anyone caught fly tipping should be blinded with a hot needle.
    Then they’d never be able to watch another performance of Riverdance again, nor watch their pints of Guiness poured, nor browse Autotrader for caravans, nor ever even see the colour green ever again. Ever.
    So they would have to content themselves living in a world of darkness, with only the sound of the fiddle and the hornpipes to accompany them on their long, dark years as they reflected on their contempt and crimes against society and the countryside.

  5. I keep seeing fridges left out near back gates for the scrap metal lads.

    But they won’t touch them.

    They’ll be refused to wegh in and charged the cost of disposing of it.
    Due to the gases in a fridge the council charge through the nose for their disposal.

    Why they’re the most flytipped item.

    • take the cfc bottle out of them, and wrap that in a black sack and put it in nextdoors wheelie bin, then smash the fridge flat as poss and put it out for the pikeys to collect

  6. I agree that flytippers (normally gyppo type filth) are utter cunts and should have their dicks removed as punishment.

    The real scum is the council pricks who make it that near impossible to recycle or go to the tip meaning that the lazy scum in our society will always dump waste and fly-tip.

    My last trip to the tip entailed booking a slot 2 weeks prior, on the internet and then itemising all of the waste. The queues at the tip were just as bad despite booking and the staff at the tip were clearly trained by SS Nazí’s as their attitude and demeanor made the experience that bad I’d rather go as a ‘special guest’ to a pool party organised by Michael Barrymore……..

  7. Good nom and a personal bugbear.

    The people who behave like this have no shame and obviously feel little, if any connection at all to their surroundings.

    Lazy scruffy bastards.

    Oven for the crap they’ve dumped and make sure to throw those cunts responsible in with it.

    Good Morning

  8. Before I started reading the link in detail as soon as it mentioned Yorkshire I assumed Pakis would be involved.

    Voila! My prejudice against these rats was confirmed.

    Mind you,they are a filthy bunch so this sort of behaviour most be their rotten version of gardening.

    It’s a cunt’s trick however does it,those caught at it should be flayed.

    • At a local beauty spot some cunts dumped two dozen tyres amongst the fir trees..

      And within a week a full settee and armchairs appeared tipped over a wall into a farmer’s field.

      PS:at no point did I spot a giant bearded flasher,thank fuck.

    • Christ on a bike my spelling is atrocious this morning.

      No scotch with breakfast today.

  9. Just shoot the whole family of cunts. Fuck me I have heard more believable stories on Jacanory when I was a kid. Oh and demolish the mosques the cunts go to too.

  10. Some councils had annual free collections of bulky items but abandoned the service to ‘save money’. The dozy twats now spend far more on sorting out the increased incidence of fly tipping.

  11. I had a dozen bags of hardcore (fireplace) and took half to the tip with other stuff. The hardcore dumpster there had a notice on it saying “3 bags per month only”, needless to say I ignored this cuntishness due to a sudden bout of illiteracy. There is no excuse for fly tipping, it makes you a cunt – period, but having to take out a second mortgage to get an on road skip? It’s a bit like the painter that’ll work of a ladder rather than scaff.

    • I once put a 10×12 foot shed roof in my household waste bin, over a period of weeks, obviously.
      Fuck a bunch of skip hire companies!

  12. Who would look at a shitty, ripped, stained second-hand sofa outside a house whose bugs had been semi-drowned by rain, and think, “ah sure, oi’ll have dat”? We have imported third-world filth and that is what we’ll become. Plenty more Afreekans, arabs, Dooshkas, Chînks, and rats from Paxtan on the way here so expect our streets to resemble Indian bazaars more.

  13. Since getting cooler, flies have stopped shitting on my food and haven’t had to report them to the council.

  14. Maybe it’s the way it’s reported, but whenever they show who’s doing this it’s usually the same types.

    ‘Travelling’ types and carpet kissers.

    In normal circumstances, I’d string the cunts doing this up, no matter who they are.

    But in a few months we might all be taking a wheelbarrow full of notes to buy a loaf.

    If that happens, I could understand people fly tipping.

    No cunt will have the money to pay for proper tipping.

    We might need our money to pay the fence in the local to do our ‘shopping’ for us by then.

    I’m not burning Guy Fawkes on bonfire night anymore. The guy will sit on a fucking throne watching, whilst I burn effigies of those whom I shall not name, because we don’t have free speech anymore.

    • Morning CB…fingers crossed for some more Grenfell-type herd-thinning when they try and have an indoor camp fire in a miserable tower block!

      • Morning TtCE

        Yes, I think we may resort to cannibalism. Some might say that some types will do this well before others, but of course I would never suggest such a thing

    • Well said cuntybollocks. The wheelbarrow brought back nostalgic memories, wondering if it’s the same one Wilfred Pickles used on “Have a Go”! when full thruppenny bits and tanners.

    • true, tendring council charge £30 per item, so a table & 4 chairs is £150 to get taken away, they don’t take fridges or any electric appliances, timber or mattresses beds or hardcore…so basically fuk all, i wonder why tables and chairs aren’t classed as timber…but then i realised i don’t really give a fuk anyway…burn it all

  15. I hear rural Northumbria is a nice place to flytip?
    Not many cameras,
    I sometimes go there during hot dry summers to start grass fires.

    • Funnily enough, I got chatting to a travelling type recently and he just happened to be ‘king of the gypies’. He said he was the ‘king’ of the largest travelling community in Western Europe. Seemed amiable enough, although I kept my hand in my pocket and on my wallet throughout.

      He was saying that his tribe are victims of discrimination and he was still looking for an area kind towards his brethren.

      Obviously, I pointed him in the direction of Northumbria too. His rosy little face lit up, when I told him about the local philanthropic land owner who would welcome him and his 8,000 strong travelling community with open arms.

      His last words as the mile long convoy of caravans and horses left this morning were, “Fiddler Towers, here we come!”

    • the moors are better, you can bury as many kids there as you like and the plod never find them

  16. The link in the nom says the dopey cunts were thick enough to leave their company name / address on some of the litter.

    Here we are ↓

    May I suggest a 1-star review-bombing for this company on Trust Pilot (a la Jaki’s Fish & Chip Shop in Scotland, which has recently attracted some ‘lively’ reviews)

    Some suggestions to get started:
    Pubes on my “Bedouin Black prayer mat” (£49.99)
    Wall’s Sausages in “My Perfect Eid Mubarak Gift Box Premium” (£35)
    Fly-tipped Waste in my “Premium Organic Ajwa” (yours for £10)

    Feel free to add more…

    • i can’t understand how that jock read the room so wrong, millions laying flowers cos they like royals for some bizarre reason and she trots out a bottle of bolly doing a david icke reptilian infront of her chippy…unlike randy andy i bet she’s sweating now

      • Agreed. But aside from Jaki … There’s another demographic this Nom points to that could do with a bit of education on English values.

  17. We’ve got a large community of “house travellers ” round here and some of em are good people but some cant leave the old ways alone.
    Always seeing transit pickups loaded with leylandii trimmings driving out to a few favourite rural spots to off load the stuff Moosh!

    • on the plus side you only have to put a broken microwave and the council won’t take it then put it the end of your drive and a pikey will have it away within the hour…once they’ve gutted all their metals and left the plastic shit in some field the council have to clean it up anyway and it takes them longer…councils never learn

  18. I have to drive through the shit hole that is Fir Vale in Sheffield every morning and evening to and from work. Bags of food waste, dog shit, human shit, settees, litter, clothes strewn across the pavements. Rats the size of cats are a normal site. The lefty woke thick as shit Labour council now clean up this mess every morning. Instead of letting them wallow in their own filth. My council tax goes up every year to pay for this. As you may have guessed, Fir Vale is Roma Gypo central. What a benefit they are to us all. Diversity is our strength 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Fucking hate flytippers, I was out on the bike last week on top of some absolutely stunning mountain that has a resevior at the base, stunning views, except from some low life peice of pikey shit has backed his tipper up to the edge of the road and dumped his load down the side of the mountain.
    May the fleas of a thousand stray cats infest his sweaty crotch and all his familys, what a cunt…..

    • I promise you place him on bunk beds.

      I believe Barry Manilow asks his nose each night, which side of the double bed does it wish to lie on.

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