Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney is a prick and not a cunt.

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Being gay is one thing. Being a queer male trans-something is quite another thing.

One more cunt doing the same shit.

If you are male and fancy birds, you’re a fella.

If you are male and gay, there is no need to behave like a woman.

I fucking tire of this shit. If you are going to do it, do it like these cunts.

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Nominated by: Dark key cunt

65 thoughts on “Dylan Mulvaney

  1. That you tube comes from the show “An Evening With Starmer And Mandy” live from the Queens Theatre.

  2. Mental illness – nothing more.

    This freak belongs in a secure facility where he is unable to pollute the minds of the far too easily influenced.

    What a mincing great faggit.

  3. With a name like that, he sounds like (sorry, ‘loike’) he belongs in the previous nom.

  4. You go girl!!
    Flop out your cock and dangling bollocks and tell the world

    “I’m a woman!!”

    Some might think your just a fucked in the head,
    Sexually deviant, attention seeker Dylan.

    Not me.

    I think your a figure of fun to be mocked and sneered at.

  5. Dame Hilda Bracket bears a remarkable resemblance to our own General Cuntster. I wonder if the two might be related?

    • that Ena Sharples was a bit dodgy, sure there was an adam’s apple somewhere under that Littlewoods cardigan

    • The whole trans hysteria is a storm in a teacup compared to all the other shit going on these days: obesity epidemic, diabetes epidemic, heart disease epidemic, child suicide, drug addiction/drug deaths. It’s a distraction/disruption tactic to keep us focused on something meaningless that will fizzle out soon.

      • so is the constant royal shit, the latest is photos of markle partying with randy andy on a yacht before she met hawwwwy, who she says she’d never heard of, , but photoshop is so good thesedays you can’t trust your own eyes anymore…media is one massive distraction and no real news at all

    • You aint wrong there. We may mock his outrageous macho posturing (my personal favourite example being shirtless pics posing bare chested whilst brandishing a fish holding a fishing rod like no angler on the planet) BUT he would not stand for any of this gender bollocks infecting his turf.

  6. I think we need a secure facility to lock these fuckers up and not let them have access to (antisocial) media. A daily kick in the meat and two veg daily would work wonders. If not oven the wankers, or send them to Ukraine as cannon fodder.

    • ukraine them, seen a few vids of ruskies getting caught in ukraine, having their dik and bollox sliced off and then tied to lamposts to bleed to death…funny seeing old ukraine women pulling shopping trollies walking past and taking no notice of the bodies at all, one had his hands and feet missing and i wonder where these ukraine OAPs are getting their pet food thesedays

  7. Bit full of itself isn’t it? Plus, no matter how much make up, fake hair and shite dress sense they throw at themselves, these blokes never look like real wimmin.

    • Indeed. The late Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough as Cissie & Ada or Terry Jones hamming it up to the max with the rest of the Monty Python team as the Pepperpots made for more convincing women. Can the mentals be that delusional and really believe they look, walk, talk and behave anything remotely like a real woman or are they just seeking attention be it good or, almost always, bad?

      • We had Lily Savage and Paul O’Grady as a gay man done up as a comical OTT woman said some INSANE SHIT on stage and TV. All this trans stuff is nothing new, it’s just being pushed HARD by the libtard cretins in the mainstream media in the past five years. To be outraged by it all is to play into their desperate, crappy game.

    • i’d agree 100% until I saw tranni DJ stephanie Hirst and i admit i couldn’t tell it was a geezer

  8. I cannot imagine how many pints you would have to consume to mistake that thing as a female, doubt Oliver Reed could have drank the amount needed

    • dear old olly, he wasn’t fussy, hole in a fence, dog’s eye, enough booze and he’d have given it a shot

  9. This cunt is just taking the piss, Eddie Izzard on steroids.

    TikTok is the modern equivalent of Ridley’s believe it or not, a complete freak show 😂

  10. Each to their own and what people do in the privacy of their own homes is up to them.
    However we increasingly see these fucking idiots mincing around on social media and on our TV sets trying to normalise this fucking madness in the name of progression.
    To make matters worse our children are exposed to deviants like the cretin in the nom, and young minds as we all know are easily influenced and therefore manipulated.

    Western society is very sick indeed when a grown-ass man who dresses up as a woman with a clear mental illness to boot is accepted and championed yet traditional masculine role models are sneered at and called ‘Toxic’.

    If this utter lunacy is allowed to continue the west will fall very quickly indeed…….

    • i truly believe that is the actual plan, bringing down the west, klaus the mighty ming seems very keen on the idea, to instil order out of chaos first you must create chaos…klaus the german’s stormtroopers by 2030

  11. Thank fuck I’m too lazy to click the links,I’ve had quite enough mentally deranged cunts leering at me from the idiot box or the Korean spy phone to last a lifetime.

    Why can’t they at least be locked up in secure units (preferably in Egypt) and totally forgotten about?

    If that catastrophic dolt Liz Truss wants to win an election then doing away with Mentals is a sure fire vote winner.

    Fucking cunts.

    • Quite right Uncle Terry.

      Although call me Colombo but I suspect our thinning haired PM is none other than Tim Brook Taylor in drag?

      Tranny’s are every where.

      But they can’t ‘act’ like real women.

      Don’t go bingo
      Or knit
      Or tidy up
      Or peel spuds.

      Just the makeup and fuckin moaning.

    • There was a picture of youngish Earl Grovenor, with an inflatable thing that looked like Truss. Or maybe a post-op Bojo. Very worrying. Truss also looks a bit ET.

    • It was Thatcher’s fault when she closed the madhouses and created that, “care in the community” pish. Now the schizos walk among us. One guy tried to sell me one of those caterpillar cakes last week. He was… gone, just gone, bothering everyone, making zero sense.

      • 😁😁
        That’s the cake that got Boris in trouble!

        How much was he asking for it LeCunt?

      • snake cake would be better, more slices and its sounds catchy, the fags on tv could do a snake cake bake

    • according to best gore machette is number one, dismemberment and head removal being favourite, personally i prefer tower divers, if they can get a back flip in before their flipflops fly off then i award them points

  12. Dont know who this cunt is and no intention of finding out. Mental illness now trumps biology.

  13. This cunt’s website is puke inducing 🤮.
    He looks as much like a woman as my fat hairy arse. The wanker claims to have 7 million “followers”. How can that be? Is the world going fucking mad? How can 7 million cunts have any interest in this pile of fucked up dog shit?
    The only follower this twat should have is a bloke with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. Total cunt.

    • If there was a cunt who told it like it is ok TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, he’d get 70 million followers.

      Problem is, such types get banned quite quickly by the lefty pricks who run these websites. Or worse still, end up getting their doors kicked in at 3am (oo-er).

      The fucking shithouses.

    • some cunt on youturd has a short video of him in a mini dress dancing with his mother who’s a lesbo double for elaine degenerate, the mother is so proud her son turned out to be a filthy degenerate no double an aspiring peedo too…point being it has millions of views all praising them and loving men in frocks..reminds me of that blk freaky fago in 5th element…can’t wait for putin to set off some fireworks lets tear this shit down lets see how long these wankers last in the real world scavanging for food in a mini dress

      • I suspect these views and likes etc are duplicates and or fraudulent. The fellow degenerates repeatedly beefing up the numbers to show support. Probably being fixed by the cunts at YouTube, Tik Tok, etc as well. All about perception and they know it.
        I don’t believe there is that much real support for such cuntfoolery.

  14. It always makes me wonder where people find this garbage.
    Like life hasn’t enough shit going on, they have to look for new shit to be outraged by.

    • Yes, you can’t help wondering how much of this shit will still be going on when the gas and electric bills go up even more, or how much (hopefully little) tolerance people will then have for it

      • Not to worry, I’m sure resourceful cunters will always be able to find people and things to get infuriated about.

  15. This site should be made compulsory for the education of the young.
    Fuck me it has saved me untold misery and hyper blood pressure by alerting me to these absolute abominations of supposedly human beings, I can then avoid the shite sniffers and terminally aggrieved bastards that populate the internet.
    When we were young you knew there were weirdos and oddballs about and you learnt to steer clear now everytime you get on web there is a torrent of them invading and polluting your life. Bet Mr Berners Lee is regretting that initially good idea of inventing the net, if he doesn’t I fucking am.

  16. Most h0m0 males behave in feminine ways. That’s interesting because I thought h0m0z were attracted to men and male characteristics. The who thing from start to finish is mental.
    Does anyone know the US TV show M*A*S*H?
    Remember The character Max Klinger? He dressed like a woman to get an insanity discharge from the Army. Fast forward to now….
    What a fucking shame.

    • Meat Curtains @

      M.A.S.H. was very popular here in the UK too.
      Nowadays Max Klinger would be fast tracked to general.

      • Gays are attracted to manliness .

        They swoon in my presence and have to be revived with essence of violets on a handkerchief.

        I’m so attractive to ducky types with my overt machismo and rugged good looks that Stonewall took out legal action to stop me driving within 5mile of a pride parade in case it caused a riot.

        Testosterone see?
        I register off the charts.
        According to the readings I’m somewhere between neanderthal man and a polar bear.

        I go near a pride event?
        They’ll swarm out like camp wasps

        ‘yoohoo hello ducky darling!
        Can I squeeze your bicep?”

        Civil unrest.

        That Peter Tatchell wrote to me explaining his actions.
        Trying to chat me up.

      • never was quite sure about hot lips, i was always looking for her adam’s apple

  17. “The west has attacked traditional values of religion and family. Do we want that here in Russia? Parent no.1 2 or 3 instead of mother or father. The west has gone mad.
    Encouraging sex changes for children? No we have our own future.
    Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
    V Putin

  18. Thinks it’s a woman there’s one of these cunts struts around Brixton looks like Andre the giant with tits but no sought one of the local homeboys is fucking it

  19. I thought that Eddie the cunt izzard was just a part-time drag act, but apparently he’s a real female with a female penis who fancies females….so basically a fat perverted bloke in a frock who wants to fuk girls whilst wearing lipstick while fuckin up womens jobs…fire up the ovens

    • At least Eddie didn’t have to change his name when he decided he is now a woman.
      Hopefully this trans self idenitying rubbish is a fad and will eventually go the way of all fads – back of the kitchen junk drawer, behind the tamagotchi.

  20. I call these deviants all the sad names under the Sun, except for the stolen yankie version for happiness.

  21. Narcissism and misogyny in one ‘brave’ character.

    Fuck liberals. They do it to themselves.

  22. This fuckin dunce wants locking up, if you can’t decide if you’re a man or woman then all your other life decisions should be held to account. Bring back the Victorian insane asylum’s for this type of deluded Cunt.!

  23. My tooth is killing me and I am counting down the seconds till the dentist’s phone lines open. Though in great pain and full of self pity and woe this fuckwit is a cunt.

  24. This is a tricky one for me beucase if it is gay then it likes to pork men and equally men like porking men; not men who look like women otherwise they’d fuck women, surely?


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