The Price of Veganism by Vegans (3)

There are vegans who think that by not eating meat or other animal products they are being active in saving animals.

The opposite is true.

Without people eating animals those animals would no longer exist.
Farmers would not keep pigs, chickens, cows and sheep just to look at them.
They wouldn’t bother feeding them.
They would turn the pasture areas of their farms over to crops to feed the increasing number of vegans.

The only way that anyone would be able to see a farm animal would be by going to a zoo.
But of course, zoos are cruel places.

To add credibility to their ridiculous dietary fad vegans now claim that they are saving the planet.
Perhaps they think that their fruit and vegetables are grown and harvested by happy country folk who enjoy working in fields, singing songs while they toil away and having a lovely outdoor picnic at the end of the day.

The motorway through Almería is not a pleasant drive.
The E15 A7 is the Autovía de Mediterráneo.
It is a long road.

There are parts of it where the scenery is spectacular.
The mountains, valleys and viaducts.
But for the most part the view is quite depressing.
From the city of Cartagena in the Murcia region to the province of Málaga in Andalucía there is an almost continuous vista of plastic greenhouses.

For hundreds of kilometres there are hundreds of thousands of huge greenhouses spread from the coast to the foothills of the mountains.

On some stretches of the motorway that is all you can see.
Some of these greenhouses are bigger than football pitches.
Many millions of square meters of plastic.

This plastic does not serve its purpose for long.
It needs to be replaced, especially after storm damage.
Hundreds of square acres of the stuff has to be dumped every year.

Between and around these hideous structures you can see old, derelict caravans which house the greenhouse workers.
For the most part foreign immigrants working illegally for starvation wages.

Some call this vast area The Salad Bowl of Spain.
It’s more like a toilet bowl in my opinion.

That is the price that must be paid to have some smug, pasty faced vegan put an avocado on his plate in the middle of winter.

Nominated by: The Artful Cunter

64 thoughts on “The Price of Veganism by Vegans (3)

  1. I think vegans and fellow travellers would say they’re saving existing animals from a life of cruelty and slaughter.
    I doubt very much that they’re concerned with saving animals yet unborn.

    • Well written nom👍

      Vegans tend to be younger people, idealistic, from urban areas.

      They have a idealistic view of the countryside.
      They don’t realise that it’s a industrial endeavour,
      They think it’s all picked wild from hedgerows.

      If they want organic veg and fruit why not get a allotment?
      Or pool resources with other lettuce fondlers and buy land?
      A anemic collective.

    • Well said MJB.

      There is an argument that a life which lasts only a few months and involves close captivity and being force fed on crap designed to fatten them up and then being hauled off to a cruel death is no life at all.

      Cows would still be bred for milk and sheep for wool. That’s about it.

      The zoo argument is weak as we are talking about farm and not wild animals.

      Just saying.

      • Cows milk is apparently unacceptable to vegans. They need almond milk shipped at vast environmental cost from california. Wool is also unacceptable to them too as it involves ‘suffering’.

  2. It’s not just vegans who expect to have fruit and veg in the supermarket all year round, even when out of season. I do the cooking in our house and try to use only what I can grow on the allotment. So for the next 6 months it’s going to be leeks, swedes and parsnips. I can’t understand why Mrs Twatt is such a miserable bitch at meal times.

  3. Still too many humans.

    Their dietary choices are quite immaterial.

    Having said that,the creeping propaganda extolling the virtues of a meat free diet is the work of outright cunts.

    Meat is good and vegans are not.

  4. Fucking vegans. Haven’t they heard avocados are now the ‘green gold’ of Mexico leading to murder, exploitation, kidnapping and corruption by drug cartels? Still, at least some wanker with a top knot can have his avocado on toast in the morning, who gives a flying fuck?

    I Saw this pearler from New Zealand which sums up the whole climate change house of cards.


  5. Agree……to farmers animals are a ‘crop’ Food producing farm animals only exist because of demand. If we all went fucking vegan, then you aren’t going to see herds of cows sweeping majestically across the plains of Torquay?

    No…they just won’t be bred. So, as a direct result of not eating meat, you are actually contributing to the extinction of the majority of currently recognised farm animals

    Stupid cunts

  6. Wimmin vegans outnumber men vegans about 4/1
    I have lots of these uninteresting titbits, stand by for the next one soon.

      • No way a vegan can get a chubby, all that blood flowing downstairs would lead to a blackout.

        And the men are just as bad.

  7. Looking at that header pic of plastic greenhouses stretching for miles and miles. Add to that vistas of solar panels occupying land formerly owned by farmers, then add those fucking windmill things dotted all over the place on land and sea. The end result will be a a countryside full of non-recyclable ugly plastic that will have to be landfilled at some point, to be replaced with the same shite. And for what purpose?

    Imagine if they built plastic greenhouses in Islington, Chelsea and Kensington instead of housing. I bet those vegan NIMBY cunts would soon be up in arms!

    High Street vegans live in a world of denial – they want to let the social media world know how virtuous they are, but don’t want to see the consequences.

    Just like Greta Thundercunt and her drive to get rid of petrol cars with electric, while choosing to forget how those 10-ton batteries are manufactured by exploiting raw natural materials and using child slave labour to achieve it.

    But she never mentions that side of the coin because she’s a cunt, as are self-righteous vegans.

  8. ‘Farmers would not keep pigs, chickens, cows and sheep just to look at them.’

    Mr Fiddler does. I saw him when I sneaked up there one time.

    There he was in his field surrounded by ‘pigs, chickens, cows and sheep just looking at them.’

    Lasciviously I might add.

  9. Why not just farm vegans, although they probably taste of all the shit they eat.
    Fields with Tarquins and Jemimas roaming freely . We could milk the Jemimas with big norks, and make jumpers from Tarquins top knots.

    • Ive made a effort to placate the lettuce Nazis.

      Wafer thin ham.

      But nowts good enough for these cunts,
      They want full capitulation.

      No dissent will be tolerated.

      Do they have chip pans?
      Genuinely puzzled how they survive.

  10. Great nom, Vegans along with other alternative lifestyle preachers are deluded beyond reason. there passed the point of saving them from themselves.
    When and if they get their way, you can say goodbye too future generations who will be sickly, milkey pale complexions and vulnerable to every fucking germ and virus because of the lack of resistance they have created to their immune defence.
    Zinc is key to a robust immune defence and things like lambs liver contain the highest levels as does red meats etc
    So they will bear weaker and weaker offspring until there all fucked and they want to bring all of us with them on this fairytale horror show.
    Zinc about it vegan fairies.

      • he, he, he MNC
        They’re not Zinking rationally for future generations.
        Id love too run a cafe or restaurant.
        The sign on the door would read
        “Offal an Steak No Vegetables Allowed”
        id be packed week in week out and wouldn’t have to listen to a single pretentious cunt looking for vegan menu

  11. Without beautiful sheep, lusty, red-blooded Welshmen would have no romantic outlets to satisfy their bestial lust and would turn to homösexuality and probably cannibalism.

  12. Vegans are fucking idiots. They are generally brainwashed lefty middle-class twats with useless degrees in Sociology and other pointless Human sciences like Gender ‘Bender’ studies who listen to vermin like James O’Shithead on LBC and cast scorn on normal cunts who work hard, love their kids, have normal jobs, keep the economy going and occasionally enjoy a Big-Mac.

    Vegan food demands mean more damage to the climate. Getting fresh produce from the fields in New Zealand to the tables of Britain involves a shit-load of aviation fuel.

    The Vegan’s forget meat consumed in Britain is 90% reared and sourced in a 100 mile radius of where it is eaten meaning a very small carbon footprint. Since the foot & mouth crisis of the early 2000’s the UK meat industry is one of the cleanest and greenest industries in Europe if not the world.

    Vegans are twats and their ideology is Marxist and they are generally pawns of the WEF wankers who’d happily see the bulk of humanity in chains eating insects.

    Vegans can all fuck themselves. I’m off to Tesco’s for a nice 10oz steak and a bottle of decent Red.

  13. I bet vegetarians will get pissed off the with the vegans just as much as the rest of us.
    And will this also mean the end of fast food joints and restaurants? No more Big Macs, Tika Masalas, spag bols etc? How will the Indian and Chinese communities react to be told “no more meat!”?
    I also wonder if vegans will have the bottle to confront our foreign friends suggesting that halal/kosha methods must also end in order to save the planet.
    They might even move on to telling carnivorous animals not to eat other animals…
    “Excuse me Mr/Miss/They/Them Lion. Could you please stop hunting and killing zebra and antelope etc. Not only is it distressing and in a way also rather racist. But you’re also killing the planet. Thank you. Umm, why are you looking at me like that? Err… could you stop chasing me, I’m only a vegan….HELP!!!!”

  14. I’ve nothing against vegans/vegetarians. Eat what you want, it’s your choice.
    Just stop trying to foist your choice on me, and I, in turn, will not forcefeed you a pork chop, bone included.

  15. Vegans, climate change fanatics, SJWs, BLM twats, gender neutrals and assorted poofs and lezzas…….all the same attention seeking middle class cunts with too much time on their hands.
    Don’t underestimate their power and influence though or you’ll be eating vegan soup in a concentration camp just outside Brighton.
    Work sets you free!

    • These cunts are determined to throw the menial uneducated white working classes back into the Stone Age and the era of Fred Flintstone

      Yabba Dabba Fuck Off!

  16. I’ve just looked on Google maps at Almeria.
    It’s fucking huge ( said no one ever to me ) !!!
    I was looking at the right of it and then looked the other way.
    Oh my. Take a look if you can it’s amazing if you can call it that.
    Great nom for just alerting me to this.

    • Fly to Madrid and look out the window in the last 30 minutes of the flight
      It is on a gigantic scale, a sea of plastic coverings from mountain to valleys for the veggies.
      Ban oil say the new green agenda and you have mountains of rotten dried up veg. there’re fucking cracked and have no understanding how things work.

    • I holiday alot in Almeria and on coming Into land at the Airport all that can be seen for miles left and right of the aircraft are these Poly-tunnels.
      It really is crazy to see and just how big the industry is.

  17. Turning land to vegetable production kills millions of organisms per acre. Insects, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Also native flora. Grazing land is much more animal and plant friendly.
    Have no problem with people being vegan but the cunts push and sometimes impose their views on others. Never met one who wasnt a cunt.

    • We’ve got one where I work.

      Fat and overweight with massive tits so saggy she wears knee pads to prevent damage.

      Never misses an opportunity to proclaim ‘I’m vegan’…..

      I mentioned in passing to her the other day, what with all the fields being covered with solar farms and all, to generate green electricity for battery cars, that there’s going to be no more land available to support veganism and that HMG are going to outlaw it as part of their levelling up agenda. Her head swivelling was a sight to behold.

  18. If they just ate what they wanted then fair enough. Then they started with the ‘meat is murder’ placards in town. ( I had a full rant at them on Regents Street once after a few beers down the Smoke). Now they have started blockading food manufacturers and supermarket aisles. Wankers.

  19. I fuckin despise vegan cunts.
    If animals were not meant to be eaten they would not be made out of steaks and chops!!!!
    l also like to pour cans of oil into the local stream and throw plastic netting into ponds because of Greta Thunbergs mongy face.

    trees can fuck off aswell

  20. I once had to endure a tedious lecture on climate change, the end of which this tiresome Doris came out with the statement “of course, if everyone in the world was a vegetarian there would not be a problem” my hand shot up and she smiles and says ” yes, gentleman at the back” says I “could you let me know what plans you have for people such as the Inuit or the Massai, do you intend to air lift lettuce or just herd them into camps”?
    I’m still waiting for an answer

  21. On a side note, anyone notice that fruit labelled Produce of Spain is completely bland? All that effort, plastic and fuel to get it here, all for nothing.

    I grew tomatoes this year; they were delicious and totally different to what you get at the supermarket. What do they do them to get them so bland?

    • I think that the reasons are that firstly quantity is more important than quality here.

      It is almost impossible not to be able to grow fruit and vegetables.

      When you watch the TV programmes where people want to buy a home in Spain they often say that they want their own vegetable plot and lots of fruit trees.

      They don’t realise that you can go to any non tourist market and buy a carrier bag full of vegetables for a euro.

      If you go directly to the farms you can be given more than you can carry of fruit and vegetables that are marked or misshapen for free.

      They don’t have any idea of how much a fruit tree will yield.
      One lemon tree will give you thousands of lemons, what the fuck are you supposed to do with them?

      You can bag up a hundred lemons and take them to a local bar, but many people do that and the bar owners will just chuck them out anyway.

      City streets are often lined with orange trees.
      They are never looked after and never watered, but they are always full of oranges.

      In many residential areas home owners will leave boxes of fruit outside of their homes.
      Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, every fruit you can think of.
      Just take what you want.

      Secondly, despite how much produce is available, Spanish people are not really into vegetables.
      When ordering a meal in a restaurant you will rarely get more than a few strips of peppers or a few vine tomatoes to accompany your main dish.

      The farmers here are just concerned with extremely high yield crops for the export market.

      I was with a guy a few weeks ago who lived in the hills inland Andalucía.
      He had lots of land and many thousands of mango trees producing the famous purple Málaga mangoes.
      Millions of mangoes every fucking harvest.

      I asked what he does with them.
      He told me that the local farmers come and pick them when ripe.
      He doesn’t get paid for the crop, they just leave him as many as he wants for his own needs.

      About half a dozen on average he said.

      Never grow fruit and vegetables here.
      You will get fucking swamped in the stuff.

      • Very informative.

        I bet the stuff growing in the streets and private gardens over there tastes better than what they’re growing commercially in the giant hankies.

  22. Clueless vegan do-gooders are as bad as clueless environmentalist do-gooders.

    Much like environmentalists who lobby to prevent annual bushland burn-backs thus causing even worse fires like the ones in Australia a couple of years ago, or who lobby to prevent river dredging, thus causing worse flooding.

    An old mate of mine who’s worked in abattoirs for years had an argument with a vegan and my mate had to explain crop rotation and that animals are used to re-fertilize land with their shit and that if bovines were allowed to become wild again then lots or bulls would gore each other to death for mating rights.

    Apparently the smug vegan didn’t have an answer because it turns out animals can be cunts to each other too.

  23. From the various people i happened to have lived with over the long course of my life, ive noticed that the smell of faeces and farts of those who are vegetarian or eat lots of vegetables are much, much worse than those of meat eaters. This would seem to be some natural sign or warning surely?

    • They might be bad but i’ve worked with builders who eat and drink nothing but pepperamis and Red Bull all week (and haven’t eaten anything green since leaving home) and it smells like the dead.

  24. Vegans and vegetarians, beware of broadcasting what you eat, in case you might be stripped of your clothing, that’s most likely to have come from some animal or other.

  25. So, existing in captivity for the purpose of (let’s be honest, needlessly) being slaughtered is preferable that not existing at all? In your opinion. Therein lies the problem. Humanity is a cunt, as are you, in my humble opinion OP.

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