Olena Zelenska

(“Portrait of Bravery” – Olena on the frontline fighting the Russkies – Day Admin)

A diplomatic cunting is due to the “First Lady” of Ukraine, who, in typical Marie Antioinette fashion, has told those of us in the UK who will be bankrupted paying for warming our homes this winter, to in effect, pay up and look big. In a lecture (or is it an interview?) on the BBC she reminds us that while we are merely being taken to the cleaners “her” people are dying:

BBC News Link

We have got ourselves involved in a long running war, which might well drag on for years, but never mind, it is a price (for us) that is well worth paying (for her).

I didn’t think Eastern ex Communist countries believed in that “First Lady” bollocks? Even Britain never gave that vision of loveliness Cherie Blair that honour.however much she and camp Anthony thought she believed she did.

I get the impression this woman is taking th piss. In turn, I invite her to piss off.

Nominated by: W. C., Boggs

and seconded by : Country cunt

I would like to second this. I have had my piss boiled by this self entitled cunt. Apparently we in the UK are counting pennies, while they count the dead. Fair enough but it’s hardly fucking pennies is it? It’s thousands per person, mostly nothing to to with Ukraine.

However it’s an insult given how much we have given, and are giving to them. All while we face a winter of shit. No country had done more after the yanks to help them; yet not a mention of the European twats giving sweet fa.

So if you think pennies are worthless, than fuck off because I’m done giving a shiny shit. All this while our old folks ect die in cold this winter. Get to fuck!

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      • Hear, hear. She can come and stay with me in the warmth from my over heated central heating and gas bill, whilst I eat her out, to my hearts content.

  1. I would definitely let her mount the royal, Magnanimous cock, but only if she shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear that dreary Dooshka voice, be it a slav, Ookranian, or Polish cunt. 70,000 of these Cossack gimmigrants we’ve taken in, housed, and given free money to so this elevated whore should shut her Borrsh-hole.

  2. The multi millions in cash aid to Ucrying still has disappeared into officials resting accounts and not a penny has reached the poor or displaced of the region affected, according to reports on the U tube channels of confusion.
    It’s hard to believe anyone or anything in this poxy war.
    Germany is fucked competitively for exports because of the cozy deal they had Russkie cheap gas and minerals.
    Makes one one wonder was this the tactic from the outset by Anglo American interests to collapse the Euro and reap the rewards.
    A Reset indeed.

  3. I hope Ukraine remember the support the UK has extended to them?
    Arms, supplies, medical aid, and shortly to be washing in a tin bath by candle light.

    While I wish them well in the liberation of their country, I’d like to show them the fuckin estimated bill.
    And hope once this is resolved we are the front of the queue in any trade deals, or delivery of grain and fuel.

  4. Dear me.

    Just what we need,another lecture from a foreigner.

    Perhaps if we’d kept out of other countries messes we might have been able to save up enough to provide ourselves with a basic level of energy security.

    Safe to say,if fat cunt Boris tells us rocketing energy costs are the “price we have to pay” to stand against Russian aggression then it’s a fucking lie.

    We are in this swamp because successive governments have stuck their heads in the sand,believing that all Europe will be glad to share it’s energy at any time,to anyone.

    That turned out well.

    I’m sick of hearing about foreign countries and their woes..

    Fuck em.

    The first duty of our government is to provide for the security and prosperity of the population,and never mind elsewhere.

    The cunts need to stop troughing,profiteering and jostling for power and sort the emergencies we face at once.

    Fuck Ukraine.
    Fuck Russia.
    Fuck France.

    Fuck them all,get the oil,coal and gas out of the ground and into our power stations.

    Build what needs building,on a war footing and Fuck the Eco Hippies.

    Crack on.

  5. She would be better just keeping stum, not a good idea to criticise countries who giving lots of support.

    She looks quite fuckable though

  6. never heard of it but it looks like it fuks for money so hope it earns a few quid with a platoon of ruskies

  7. This is the BBC isn’t it? Never miss an opportunity to bash the British. Foreign cunts always come first in their world.

    • “Portrait of Bravery”
      Talk about taking the piss.
      She looks the sort that would hide behind a kid like Martin Sheen’s dodgy politician in “The Dead Zone”
      Bet she’s never been cold in her life…

  8. She looks a bit Helena Bonham-Carter ish for my liking, so not really wank material for me I’m afraid.

  9. I haven’t been following developments in Ukraine very closely as i’ve given up on the media’s ability to tell us what might actually be happening. I don’t really buy the narrative that our energy crisis is ‘because of Russia’.

    Sounds as fake as the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’.

    • Also, she doesn’t look that good. She has a lugubrious mug, and probably spends a lot of time looking out of windows and talking about ducks going to Moscow.

      • if you watch actual true videos on bestgore of the piles of dead ukraines everywhere its obvious the ruskies are winning

    • A fair point.

      Government Green targets.

      Need to get petrol/diesel cars off the road? Set Petrol/diesel prices at an all time high now- blame it on the economy and Russia

      Need to stop using so much gas/electricity? Increase Gas/electric prices to cut use- blame it on Russia

      Need to get all that furlough money back from the plebs? Increase petrol/diesel/gas/electric prices so extra vat can be collected- blame it on Russia.

  10. Energy prices would have rocketted whether we supported Ukraine or not. I dont have a misty eyed regard for Ukranians. They can be as bad as any ex USSR country. Nasty and corrupt. But they have shown Putin up and possibly wrecked his intentions. And given a wake up call to the fucking Krauts. So good on them.
    Olena should keep her gob shut though.

    • Just an observation CC, but is this a tactical withdrawal for a later move,when the harsh winter is in full swing in that region, followed by a major offensive by Russkie, including massively increased air strikes.
      The Ukraine forces were backed by UN forces
      undercover so to speak in that recent surge.

  11. PS

    Energy costs have more to do with a decade of green bullshit making us depndent on external sources, including fucking coal, which we have in abundance and gas&oil, which we should have plenty of.

    • And our failure to invest in nuclear power and fracking. Instead we caved in to the Green lobby at every turn, much of it financed by hostile foreign governments.

  12. “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” (Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 1948)

    Seems Western politicians have at least learned something from the events of 1936 – 1938. I only hope they’ve learned enough and continue to stand firm.

    • We count pennies, they count bodies – I can see her point. The person who’s to blame for the cost of fuel is our very own new prime minister Liz Truss, who’s adamantly refusing to tax the extra profits of the energy companies, for whom it’s christmas every day right now. Which Tory leader said “we’re all in it together”? It was one of the mealy-mouthed cunts.

    • We should have listened to Churchill. He despised the Russians and saw them for what they were, imperialist, arrogant communist bastards. We should have invaded them in 1945 as Churchill wanted too, makes me wonder if the ordinary Russians wouldn’t have objected and would have risen up against Stalin. This isn’t going to end nicely in Ukraine, WW3 will be those other Commie fucks China and North Korea possibly Iran against the free world.

  13. I’ve heard some refer to the Zelenskys as the First Couple of Democracy. More like the First Couple of Kleptocracy if you ask me.

  14. Anyone of you cunts who slag off Ukraine can fuck off and live in the new Soviet Union.
    Remember you will be the first to fall out of window if you posted anything nasty.
    Слава Україні!

    • The bit where you said ‘Ukraine can fuck off” was correct.

      Fuck them, backward savages. It’s none of our concern. Should it become our concern by, say, Russia attacking a Nato country, then by all means nuke Moscow.

      WWII and its prelude is not the only war we can learn from. More recent cluster-fucks such as Korea, Vietnam, Iraq (twice) and Afganistan should have taught the West not to piss around in other people’s countries, usually to maintain American power, because we always lose and the end result is decades of sectarianism, accompanying never-ending violence and further wars.

  15. Zelensky himself is also a cunt. Talks a good fight. Yet, there he is, fucking about being interviewed by Piers Morgan. While his ‘people’ get shelled, shot, and shat on.

    Also, portrait of bravery, my arse. What’s brave about being a gold digger? Because that’s what she is. Most (almost all) Ivan tarts who look like that are either gold diggers or on the game. Some venture into porn as well. Nice sideline there for you, Mrs Z…😉

  16. All Eastern Europeans are cunts. There are loads of them round my way, spouting off in their Dooshka Dooshka lingo. They all chase after the women so they can marry them, get their citizenship, fuck off and leave the slags with a couple of brats we have to pay for. Fuck the lot of them, fucking foreigners.

    • Exactly.Send them scrounging gits back to Eastern Europe.The slow take over of Britain.I despair.

  17. As fine as her words might sound in some quarters, ultimately it isn’t our war. Why should citizens in other countries suffer in a futile gesture of solidarity?
    If it was us who’d been invaded, I’d imagine Ukraine would be one of the last to make a sacrifice for us.
    I’m sorry, but fuck em! If Putin overruns Ukraine and properly threatens the west, then we’ll have the row. Until then, I begrudge every extra penny I’m being shafted for.

  18. Dont we want War Leaders to look like Churchill or Roosevelt.

    Maggie looked the part. Denis by her side.

    But these is like a glamour ‘glamour couple’.

    Old Volodomyr is very careful of how he looks.

    Maybe just jealousy this.

    But it gives the whole War an artificial look.

    Like someone said above I’ve lost all interest in it because I cannot believe the media is not making it up.

  19. I don’t give a fuck whether Russia or Ukraine win….I’m bored of the whole affair and just wish that they’d fucking hurry up. …I want to hear more about the Queen’s funeral arrangements.

    • I’m ashamed a close relative (a gay) has changed his Arsebook profile picture to ERii and ‘announced’ he is ‘flying down for the funeral’.

      Never mentioned her or the royal family in his fucking life until now.

      ‘My husband and I are flying down for the funeral.’

      Like he’s fucking invited!

      He means standing in the rain for 24, hours bursting for a shit with every cunt crammed on the pavement stinking of BO.

      Never mind, he will do his best to film his ugly mug as the Queen’s corpse passes him in the background, while every other vapid cunt around him does the same. Not all will do this, of course. But I bet loads will, the fucking arseholes.

      To be honest, I don’t begrudge those going. At least it shows some level of patriotism.

      It’s just the virtue signalling over it I can’t stand.

      And watch for the selfie cunts! Burn the lot of ’em!

      • Perhaps I’ll run into him down there… I’ll be the one in the Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland costume….hope to fuck the real one doesn’t clock me.

      • To be honest CB it would of been easier to give the masses what they want .

        Plonk the Queen’s corpse on a fuckin stool and let them queue for a photo op.

        Everyone gets what they want .

        Accept me.
        I want a good cowboy film and a pint of bitter

      • You’re not wrong.

        Some may see this as bad taste, but such an idea could solve the economic crisis we’re entering into.

        £10 entry to take a selfie with ERii’s corpse.

        Economic crisis? What fucking crisis?

        This country is full of fucking cunts so let’s at least make use of ’em.

      • Perhaps they’re expecting His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hajj Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of all the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular……he’s always admired the Queen.

      • Actually Cunty bollocks there will, be a whole, load of Coloured folk at the funeral so get your facts right.

        Also stop being a smart arse trying to get past the moderated words list. It ain’t fucking clever and just makes you look a cunt…

  20. If the Bat Munchers invaded Britain, I’m absolutely positive she’d push for her country folk to suffer on our behalf, right?

  21. Our ventriloquist dummy in chief could make one good decision to let the US become the energy supplier for Europe and leave Russia without customers. He won’t. The Donald would.

    • Absolutely spot on MC!

      The US was energy independent under Trump and in fact was exporting energy. Ji Jing Joe sells off our strategic oil reserves to Hunter’s business partners in the Peoples Republic of Corona.

      Also the corrupt media never talks about the extensive ties the Biden Crime Family has to corruption in Ukraine and the real reason it has an interest in this war. i.e. They want fossil fuel shortages to hasten the onset of the Green Revolution.

      • Biden as the alleged leader of the free world is nothing more than a surreal and a sick joke that’s gone badly wrong.

        Still, at least we know what Joe’s favourite ice cream flavour is. (which ironically, is probably the toughest line of questioning that the senile old bastard has faced)

  22. The zlenskies are professional beggers. I dont agree with that cunt Vlad but its their chance to get the bowl out and pass it around, Just do a search on the cunts personal wealth.

    When all this is over one hopes that it wont end up the same as all the other arms beggers the west funded aka Bin Ladin, Hussein and Gaddafi.

    She would suck the chrome off a towball though

    Slava My cock

  23. I keep hearing about corruption in Ukraine.
    And don’t doubt it for a second.

    But show me one country that isn’t corrupt to some degree.

  24. “Portrait of Bravery”

    Get fucked.

    “Portrait of Nuclear weapons grade Cuntishness” would be more appropriate.

    Smoke and mirrors while the most innocent and the most vulnerable members of the public across the western world are played like fucking fiddles.

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