Olena Zelenska

(“Portrait of Bravery” – Olena on the frontline fighting the Russkies – Day Admin)

A diplomatic cunting is due to the “First Lady” of Ukraine, who, in typical Marie Antioinette fashion, has told those of us in the UK who will be bankrupted paying for warming our homes this winter, to in effect, pay up and look big. In a lecture (or is it an interview?) on the BBC she reminds us that while we are merely being taken to the cleaners “her” people are dying:

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We have got ourselves involved in a long running war, which might well drag on for years, but never mind, it is a price (for us) that is well worth paying (for her).

I didn’t think Eastern ex Communist countries believed in that “First Lady” bollocks? Even Britain never gave that vision of loveliness Cherie Blair that honour.however much she and camp Anthony thought she believed she did.

I get the impression this woman is taking th piss. In turn, I invite her to piss off.

Nominated by: W. C., Boggs

and seconded by : Country cunt

I would like to second this. I have had my piss boiled by this self entitled cunt. Apparently we in the UK are counting pennies, while they count the dead. Fair enough but it’s hardly fucking pennies is it? It’s thousands per person, mostly nothing to to with Ukraine.

However it’s an insult given how much we have given, and are giving to them. All while we face a winter of shit. No country had done more after the yanks to help them; yet not a mention of the European twats giving sweet fa.

So if you think pennies are worthless, than fuck off because I’m done giving a shiny shit. All this while our old folks ect die in cold this winter. Get to fuck!

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  1. I’m going against the flow here.
    Russia and Putrid are long overdue for being brought down a peg or two.
    Working on the principle of my enemy’s enemy, is my friend.

  2. I dunno much about the rights and wrongs of the war in Ukraine but I’d fuck the shit outta her colon, that’s for sure.

  3. Well overrated, this Zelenska brass…
    Nowhere near as tasty as the delicious Carla Bruni. Now there is one First Lady I’d have loved to have got my clutches on…

  4. Is this a pissing contest?
    My countries pain is greater than yours?
    It’s all relative. My grief over the death of my cat is just as relevant as yours, you daft twat.
    Go and roll some bandages.
    Make some tea, two sugars!

  5. I disagree with this nomination.

    I have no wish to see my country turned into radioactive ash by that cunt Putin. Ukrainian first, who’s next?

  6. I’m expecting someone to use the old communist motto of “if you are cold, then you must work harder comrade.” any time soon.

    All very Soviet Union under Stalin.

    Here’s a Russian joke for you.

    3 prisoners in the gulag.
    Prisoner 3 to Prisoner 1: Why are you here comrade?
    Prisoner 1: I spoke badly of tovarisch Zmetkayov

    Prisoner 3 to Prisoner 2: Why are you here comrade?
    Prisoner 2: I spoke well of tovarisch Zmetkayov

    Prisoner 1 to Prisoner 3: Why are you here comrade?
    Prisoner 3: Don’t you recognise me? I am tovarisch Zmetkayov

  7. And when the UK was going at it with Hitler, did these Soviet cunts help us out? Did they fuck. The cunts only got involved when Hitler decided to invade them in 1941. So, they can sod off.

    And if I see one more trendy yellow and blue flag…. It’s attention seeking virtue signaling bollocks. The latest woke cunt craze after Chiggen Floyd and BLM. There were no flags out for other countries who have suffered in times of war. So, why this lot? It’s a load of lemmings off a cliff point scoring look at me shit.

  8. Who do you support the Ukrainian nazis or Russians? The answer is neither so both countries can kill themselves

    • Dead right. If Putin had decided to invade Britain, France, Holland or anywhere else instead of Ukraine. Would the Ukraine have lifted a finger or given a toss? I doubt it very much. And Zelensky and his slapper certainly wouldn’t give a shit.

      Fuck ’em…

  9. Appeasement is alive and well in the western world. I always wondered what sort of small minded selfish cunt would support appeasement, like there was in a small amount during the late 30s, but here it is, writ large.

    I would have thought those who are obsessed with immigration and all things dinghy would have tipped the hat to the Ukrainians for standing and fighting for the freedom of their country, instead of fleeing for an easy life? No pleasing that type.

    As for the tinfoilers, it’s as you would expect. They pump so much anti western propaganda into their simple heads, they side with anyone who takes a pop at democracy.

    And of course Trump wouldn’t have let it happen. He would have actively encouraged his ‘smart, strong’ pal Vlad to take what he pleased, with maybe a caveat to knock up a gaudy Trump tower here and there.
    Don’t forget, the orange prick wanted to leave NATO, sending his pea dough pal, who definitely doesn’t have video of slappers pissing on him, a free pass to fuck over all the ex soviet states that would rather die than be under their jackboots again.

    • Bang on target, sir. Strongly agree. Best I leave it at that, liable to break site rules otherwise.

    • In relation to your first paragraph – have you any children? Do you have a family to support or a business that you would wish to see survive in the face of potentially crippling energy costs or potential food shortages?
      Also – I’m sure Mr and Mrs Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian military would happily welcome some more willing fighters from the UK to pop themselves over there and take up arms in the good fight.
      Certainly beats sitting at home accusing every cunt of appeasement.

      In relation to your second paragraph
      Should Ukraine eventually win their war against the Russian invading force and get to join the EU etc then they will more than likely find themselves inevitably invaded for a second time.
      Except this time it’ll be huge quotas of 3rd world detritus and this time they will not resist or be allowed to resist. Not unlike the nations of western Europe.

      In relation to your third paragraph – objecting to this war, objecting to ones taxes for example being spunked against the wall in the aim of prolonging this conflict or even being slightly suspicious of UK government interests does not constitute the wearing of a tin foil hat.

      In relation to your final paragraph – was it not Donald Trump in his typically bombastic bluffing style who raised the issue that not enough member states were investing in defence spending and were basically expecting Uncle Sam to foot the bill and ride to the rescue should a cunt like Putin or Xi Ping Pong start sabre rattling.

      • I have my opinions, aren’t they valid?
        I know they seem to go against the flow here, but isn’t that allowed anymore?
        I might use strong language to express them, but it’s mild in comparison to what has been said here against Ukraine.
        I try to base my opinions on verifiable facts, or as near as can be verified, sorry if this conflicts with hearsay and hyperbole.
        I don’t have children, but my job is very much in the balance, and that pays my mortgage so, no job, no home.
        I’m not a warmonger or a political shill, and hope this conflict will come to a swift conclusion, with the minimum loss of life and property.
        All it would take would be for Russia to go home.
        Tell them, not me.

      • What the fuck does having no children have to do with the matter? I have a daughter and two grandchildren, does that make my opinion more or less valid than someone who has no offspring? If our country was invaded would you assume the only people to fight for our freedom would be the childless?
        Fuck me, talk about crooked thinking.

      • Crooked thinking?
        It was a fucking question.

        Were you as morally outraged when the US and UK invaded Afghanistan and Iraq?
        Millions dead based on fucking lies.
        Or were they an acceptable invasion?

      • I’d like to add that I want this war over as much as the next sane person.

        With regards to “Czechoslovakia 1936” I would argue that the Russia of 2022 lacks the military equipment, the personnel or the youthful demographics to harbour ambitions anything like what Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists had.

      • No-one is really on the side of the Russians on here. We’re just had enough of Western ‘interventions’ over the years.

        But ‘Nato has kept the peace in Europe since the war’ the Supernormie responds.

        Well maybe it did. It triumphed winning the Cold War.

        But that wasb ages ago and for years there have been catastrophic interventions by the West/NATO in different countries.

        The Supernormie wants the Cold War back in a sense.

        Or he never got over the end of it.

        He cannot adjust to new circumstances.

        He likes a binary world. Its easier to understand. No subtlties.

      • Miles, I don’t know what supernormie means, but judging by the tone of your comment it’s an insult or belittling at least.
        it comes across as one of those insults that halfwits make when you challenge their flawed logic with information either beyond their reasoning, or is so contrary to their ill-informed opinion that they have to dismiss it rather than accept that they may not be right, or have based their opinion on other opinions that suit their morals/narrative/persecution complex.
        Zero fucks.

      • Yes I note that the two SupeDuperrnormies on here Gustick and his sidekick RT are both confirmed atheists.

        There is a connection here. Namely only material things exists in their phosophy.

        They are therefore condemned to a mono -materalist ‘groove’ of thought. that just goes round and round.

        They cannot accept anything outside of it. They therefore lack IMAGINATION.

        We who are not shackled by such a philosophy can and do try to think of new ways of approaching problems.

        Just worth noting that.

      • Take The West supporting Ukraine militarily. The Supernormie says that Ukraine is fighting for it independence. We must help.

        Now an Abnormie thinker such as myself thinks ‘but will that just prolong the war?’ Arent we just ‘putting fuel on the fire’.

        A legitimate question.

        But the Supernormie (America good Russia bad) just sees that as appeasement.

        ‘Youre either for us or youre against us’ is very much part of their thinking.

      • Being a musician and dabble with photography and art in my spare time, imagination is something I’m not short of.
        Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be retarded though, and disregarding verifiable information in favour of nonsense theories is the realm of the idiot.
        Or religious fools.
        I didn’t want to bring theology into it but you started with the atheist slur.
        Stick to Chesterton and dancing suns.

      • Miles, stop digging, you’re making a bigger fool of yourself.
        Ukraine isn’t fighting for ‘independence’ it is fighting of an invasion from a hostile nation.
        for fucks sake

      • Am I normie?

        hmmm I would say yes on some matters and no on others.

        By the way I’m agnostic Miles, so not sure whether that means I lack IMAGINATION or not.😉

        Some things I feel cannot be explained adequately by science or religion.

        I’ve never really been able to reconcile or accept certain things when it comes to religion. Blind faith for instance.

        To refer to your earlier comment:

        ‘Youre either for us or you’re against us’ is very much part of their thinking.

        Are you not guilty of this too?

        I get the impression that you like to play devil’s advocate on certain matters and adopt the contrarian position. A bit like Morrissey. 😉

      • It will be interesting when China invades Taiwan (notice I said when rather than if) what certain position certain members of this site will take should Taiwan try to resist and fight for it’s own people and freedom.

        Especially if NATO or the UN decide to get involved. I’m not entirely convinced they will. Certain people (Biden, Pelosi to name but two) have too much of a vested interest in China.

      • @HJ
        Not sure what the invasion of Iraq has to do with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but yes, I was 100% against it.
        Bush invading Iraq because Saddam said nasty things about his daddy and Blair going along with it because he thought it would be his Falklands moment. Bush’s and Blair’s mothers suck cocks in Hell.

      • I agree MJB, i was also against Afghanistan and Iraq, then and now.
        However, the whataboutery being used to excuse Russia for their invasion speaks volumes.
        As does the lack of interest in any of the acts of murder, warmongering, and skullduggery that they have committed over the last 25 years of Putins reign.
        But hey, tell that stupid bitch to fuck up about the mass graves, what does she care?

  10. They just stuffed some shopping bags in-between two pillars in her mansion, they aint fucking fooling anyone. Send the cunt to the front like with a shovel and a colander on her head see how brave she is after.

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