LGBTQ March Becomes a GBTQ March

A cunting for the dubious LGBTQ movement and ‘Pride’ events.

This time, the ‘L’ being told by daft rozzers at Cardiff pride they can’t take part because they might make the trans-folk feel unsafe.

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What a load of divisive, exclusive and petty cack LGBTQ and ‘pride’ have become.

Weird, stupid and – in the words of my generation – gaaayyy.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

(The woke will eventually eat itself – Day Admin)

72 thoughts on “LGBTQ March Becomes a GBTQ March

  1. This is the Woke world in a nutshell. Every fucker wants to be the number one victim……to get the most sympathy and the most attention. It’s fucking pitiful, pathetic and just about sums up what this country has become.
    By my calculations the Peaceful trannies should be top of the tree but I imagine they keep that p**version strictly to themselves. The Peacefuls don’t fuck about when it comes to that kind of nonsense.

  2. The left will eat itself. Lovely stuff. Woke War. That’s what’s I like to see…

    And – let’s be honest – the dykes haven’t been included in this shit for a long time. Every bit of rainbow propaganda we see on the high street or in the media is usually for the benefit of bottybashers. Same with TV and adverts. Gays and Trannies are now well above the lesbians in the woke pecking order.

    • Yeah, that’s why the left and LGBTQ+ brigade never worried me, as I knew in by balls and bones that they would destroy themselves as we passed the popcorn.

  3. Nice cunting Cuntamus.
    I nearly choked on my pint laughing.
    Well, who’da thunk it? A bunch of irritating protesters, who needn’t protest at all as they’ve already got the rights they’re protesting for, getting told to fuck off so that someone else can protest for the rights they already have.
    It would have been better if these freaks had been wound up into attacking each other, I’d have paid for the DVD.

  4. I thought Pride was all about bumming and rug munching, looks like it’s become a pillow fight between girls who like girls and the boys who want to be girls, how sweet 😂

  5. A bunch of unfuckable ugly women intimidating a bunch of men pretending to be unfuckable ugly women.

    Pride March should be renamed ‘Cardiff Clown World’ – let the fuckers cannibalise each other over hurty words and pronouns. It’s good to know that there is no crime being committed in Cardiff so the police can pander to these degenerates.

    • Some of those nasty-faced ladies who munch swagger like lorry drivers. There’s only one thing uglier than a todger-dodger gush-guzzler: a todger-dodger gush-guzzler from Cardiff.

  6. Trannies felt threatened by rug munchers? Are trannies further up the victim ladder than dinghy riding illegal’s, have peacefulls been displaced from pole position? Charles will have his work cut out attempting to get down with all this fuckwittery.
    Just hope his predilection for things peaceful does not create an even bigger shitstorm

  7. There was a certain inevitability that this internecine one-upmanship would happen.

    The Alphabets originally set their targets on Straights, but now they’re pointing fingers at lezzers (see what I did there?). Give it a few months and Gays will be in the firing line.

    We knew that was going to happen as soon as transwomen started shoulder-barging their way into wimminz sports events with little or no protest from straight wimminz/feminists. These very same feminists who were so outraged at straight men and all that sexism/misogynism bollocks back in the day, now find themselves shit-scared to criticise the transformers for fear of being cancelled.

    Therefore the wimminz are now strangely quiet and just roll over and let the transformers take over the number one spot. Thus making feminists complete and utter cunts in their own hypocritical way.

    straight men/women have been silenced
    lesbians have been silenced
    Bisexuals will sooner or later be silenced
    Gay are next
    Transformers will rule one day, thus making a mockery of LGBTQ+

  8. The NHS should cancel all operations and divert the funds to trying to find a cure for The Gayness…c’mon Great British Eggheads,you led the way in finding an effective and safe vaccine for The Covid…now it’s time to cure the Whoopsies and Mentals.

  9. I saw this incident on the news.

    The fishsuppers were marching with a banner,
    Saying tuppence slogans.

    A trannie approached kicking off.
    Quite aggressive.

    A fishsupper was arguing back an the tranny get hysterical.
    The police intervened and then asked the fishsuppers to leave.

    Tranny’s are always on the edge of hysteria,
    A good hard punch to the throat is what I’d recommend.
    It’s proven to help calm down people who are a bit puddled ,
    A natural remedy.

    Anyway let them sort it out themselves,
    All are a unnatural with no place in god’s kingdom.🙂

  10. I couldn’t make head nor tail of what is going on or what these demented fuckers are up to..

    But as long as the freak show is cannibalising itself I’ll raise a glass to it.

    Anyhow it seems that 100 years of activism has been for naught,the men (? ) won again..mental men in dresses.

    Fucking brilliant.

    • Eventually I assume some sort of degenerate Darwinism will group of mental cunts will crush the less developed mentals completely..

      Then we’ll know exactly who needs the quickest oven trip.

  11. Could do with munching on a lettuce, gherkin, bacon and tomato butty, topped with a quails egg, slapped between 2 mothers pride dockers wedges. Later it will be flushed down the bog, putting paid to all the deviants, who will have to start all over again.

  12. Surely we Brits have got an uninhabited barren windswept rock a relic of our Glorious Empire where we could dump the deviants and let them get on with it, Botty Banger island, obviously it would need a natural spring of lube gushing forth.

  13. I suppose it was inevitable the lesbians and gays became the new heterosexuals in this twisted world. Transbummers are top of the food chain now.
    And you better not have a problem with it..

  14. Transreality at its finest!

    What was the real issue here? We can’t be sure but could it be that the faux women were not intimidated by any real threat to their physical safety but are intimated by the existence of real women lesbian or not?

    Even the butchest lesbian is a woman and anyone who has or had a penis knows deep down the butch lesbian is a real woman and they are not.

    It’s a bit like getting a spray tan and declaring yourself black, you might fool yourself that you are indeed black in your room in front of the mirror in low light but the last thing you want to be confronted with is real black people, they are going to remind you that you are a fraud even if they don’t tell you you’re a fucking cracker with a spray tan and a bad perm, in reality they will probably wonder why the scouse cracker who’s obviously just returned from a week in Benidorm decided to show up at your blues party.

    There’s no such thing as trans gold a rock sprayed good is a rock and the same goes for men who want to fool themselves into believing they are women.

    So it begins ladies, for the trans illusion to work real women have to be pushed into the background and out of sight.

    I’m not transphobic I just don’t believe a man can be a woman but the insight here is deep down inside a faux woman doesn’t believe it either. The delicious irony here is that a bloke in a skirt is currently the top trump and a hundred years of feminist struggle is destroyed by a bloke in a dress.

    If we want a better more inclusive society it has to be built on the solid foundations of realty and not on the quicksand of mental illness.

    The trans movement has long claimed to stand for individual freedom and equality but it’s plain to see it would happily eradicate 50% of the population in order to avoid being confronted with real women.

  15. It amuses me that they are all lumped together. I imagine most of the fuckers would rather be themselves. Labels though. Like BAME which lumps Indians and Chinese in with the dregs of Islam and Africa and the Caribbean.

    • Noswaith dda, Cuntstable. I’ve read that the Senedd Cymru are campagning to get a ‘W’ added onto the end of ‘LGBTQ’ for the benefit of lusty wool-worshippers!

      • I always thought that Dripford looked like either of The Two Ladies of Llangollen.
        Charlotte Church gives me the ‘orn massively.
        Cardiff USED to have bangin hot WPOs on horseback, but haven’ t seen them for a good few years now… Some of the ones on foot weren’t bad, either. A high %age of blondes.

  16. Being proud is nothing at all to do with pride
    Pride is actually known as hubris or futility. To many it is considered the original and worst of the seven deadly sins, and even purported as the most demonic. This version of Pride is seen as the opposite of Humility. So it’s therefore seen as a dangerously corrupt selfishness, putting personal desires, urges, wants, and whims before the welfare of others. And Dante’s actual definition of pride was “love of self-perverted to hatred and contempt for one’s neighbour”.
    By some accounts it can be found that in certain pathological cases, it is defined as an irrational belief that one is essentially better, superior, or more important than others, despising their merits, and excessively admiring oneself as god-like, refusing to acknowledge one’s limits, faults, or wrongs.
    We think they stole the word pride. But on second thoughts it’s highly fitting

  17. Trannies are misogynists.
    Fire it at the cunts any time you can.

    And also trannie sympathsiers like Daniel Twatcliffe and Emma Twatson should also be branded as woman haters.

    That’s now got me thinking about JK Rowling’s magnificent whammers….

    • JK is my favourite transphobe.

      I’d side with anyone with tits like that on any subject.

      A page 3 shoot would go a long way to getting her back in everyone’s good books!

      She should challenge the trannies to a wet T-shirt contest.

      I’ll happily be a impartial judge.

      • Indeed, I’ll even offer to create the ‘soapy batter’ to lather her up for the wet t shirt contest.

    • To be fair though, if Rowling hadn’t fallen foul of the tran§bumder freaks, we’d still be (justifiably) calling her a cunt for being a feminist and an immigrant lover…

      • Aye she was a man hating feminazi woke cunt, but they came for her too. My heart bleeds.

        I wonder if she burned her bra in the 80s when she was a raving feminist?

        I bet the fire is still burning, size of those funbags.

    • Twatcliffe & Twatson… brilliant!
      Sounds like one of those made-up / hipster-ish company names, possibly for some poncey ice-cream, or ropey togs.

  18. I love it.

    Feminism has meant that men ‘can be women’ and get paid for beating real women up in boxing rings. Or that rapists can now get access to women’s prisons and rape female inmates.

    Or that a tranny freak can tell your daughter to cut her tits off, stick on a fake nob and live ‘as a man’.

    Well fucking done lol.

      • Lucky you clarified that so swiftly, CB!
        I was worried you might prance up and down with a vacuum cleaner dressed up like Freddie Mercury in ‘I Want to Break Free’.

  19. Once again women have shot their selves in the foot.
    They have supported these frock wearing degenerates, who are now pissing on them from a great height.
    When will you ever learn?

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