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Among the many accusations made against former president Donald Trump since he left office are that he fraudulently inflated the value of business assets to obtain favourable loans, he deflated the value of other assets to reduce taxes, he attempted to coerce officials to alter election results in his favour and incited the attack on the Capitol Building to prevent the transfer of power following his election defeat.

As if all that wasn’t enough, he is now accused of stealing sensitive documents from the national archives and hiding them at his home in Florida.

The former president has a perfectly credible explanation for this. First of all, he didn’t take any documents. And if he did, he gave them back, and if he didn’t give them back it was because they belonged to him, and if they didn’t belong to him it was alright because they were declassified, and if they weren’t declassified they were planted by the FBI.

As a former president who had the election stolen from him he should be given the benefit of the doubt. Anyone who won’t accept his explanation has to be an unamerican child-molesting devil-worshipping democrat.

True patriots who wish to help fund his legal team to fight the various false allegations made against him, and make America great again, can donate by cash, card or cheque. Thank you.

What actually happened was, multiple requests were made for the return of the missing documents. Some were handed over but despite further requests, Trump’s lawyers insisted that was all he had. After months of prevarication a judge signed a search warrant and the FBI retrieved the remaining documents from Trump’s home.

The fact that he took the documents, and shouldn’t have, is inescapable. The question is, why did he take them in the first place? Not even Donald Trump could seriously imagine that they had somehow become his own personal property. Apart from their monetary value, the obvious reason is leverage – ‘you see your way to dropping any criminal charges against me and I’ll see these things don’t fall into the wrong hands’.

Is there anyone who still thinks Trump puts his country first? One way of making America great again would be to have the Orange Man measured for an orange suit.

Nominated by: Allan

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  1. Three times this morning I have attempted to post a detailed response. And three times those attempts have vanished.

    So I’ll say simply this; This liberal wet dream is about the Mar a Largo raid that took place on August 8, 2022. The link purporting to support this fantasy was published on September 14, 2020…almost 2 years before said raid took place. Therefore it could not possibly support any of this drivel.

    Some of you seem obsessed with rules…at least when it’s to your advantage. Perhaps you should revisit Rule 1.

    I have much more to say but it appears pointless.

      • Well said Randy!👍

        Rules are like virginity,
        Made to be broken.

        Hey, do you think creepy Joe’s a hologram?
        Some bloke on here reckons he is.

        I think he’s real.
        No one can invent a hologram that bad.

      • I’ll not tell you again, Miserable, his real name is Jake and he got the horn while storming the U.S. Capitol. 😂

        Lady Creampuff thought he was ever so brave.

  2. I for one will not cunt you General, you probably know way more about the freaked out face of America than any cunter on here.
    Having said that, Ye need Trump more than ever now that extreme shit is blocking the toilet and needs a flushing.
    He is the plumber and is expensive but a price worth paying at this stage when one is up to their eyeballs in shite

  3. This is all part of the fascist/Marxist attempted overthrow of democracy by Central governments and their agencies. Firstly, we’ve been watching fake climate science built on lies and propaganda for 40 years. Predictions about disasters caused by climate change have been made one after another after another. Of course, the fake predictions failed to materialise. So what did the corrupt climate lackeys do? They repeated the same fake predictions to a new generation of primed puppets and promoted the same lies and propaganda. As with the fake pandemic the MSM are the tool and their corruption enabled the government scam to be repeated ad nauseum.
    However, one thing we didn’t have until 20 years ago was the Internet, and this is killing the lies. No one needs the BBC or CNN when we can get the truth from independent media, and this was demonstrated by how quickly the fake propaganda about Ukraine crashed and burned. It was the same with the fake pandemic and fake testing methods – lies and propaganda.
    This brings me to the second point. What’s being hidden is the truth about the covid “vaccine” killing more people than the virus itself – another fact covered up by government agencies and censorship.
    Donald Trump is playing the corrupt FBI and CIA like a fiddle. The decision to raid Trump’s Mar-a-Lago House using a corrupt Epstein associated magistrate to issue a warrant was a completely crass move. The question is, what were they looking for? Word is leaking out that the FBI, involved in the fake January 6th investigation, were caught on a wiretap discussing assassinating Trump if the Democrats’ January 6th enquiry failed to prevent him from standing for re-election. The FBI also had a fake warrant to open Trump’s safe but when they did it was completely empty. At the time Trump was under protection in Trump Tower.
    However the blowback for this FBI raid is already building up with senior Democrats criticising the action and calling it corruption to attack Trump for a few unimportant documents wanted for the State archives. If there was anything it certainly wouldn’t be in Trump’s safe in Mar-a-Lago. The Democrats are desperate to stop Trump standing for election in 2024 and this corrupt action will rebound on them because, make no mistake, it confirms their corruption to a shocked America.

  4. The response to this nomination has been pretty much what you’d expect. Those who portray themselves as Trump supporters should try to address the matter in hand and come up with one logical valid reason why he shouldn’t be prosecuted. Those documents were supposed to be locked away in a secure federal facility with access to them severely restricted. That’s why they call them secret. Have copies been made? Have any of them been destroyed? Shouldn’t anyone care?

    Attorney General Merrick Garland said “No person is above the law in this country” but the ‘Trump can do no wrong’ brigade continue to rack their brains to think of excuses for his illegal activities. Trump himself is quoted as saying this about his followers – “I could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot someone and they’d still love me.” And that’s the problem, some of the daft bastards would. They don’t see anything wrong with the actions of his mob on January 6th. Deluded nutcases attacking people in the name of Islam are called fit to burn, but deluded nutcases attacking people in the name of Trump, well now that’s something completely different. The constitution and the rule of law go right out the window as far as they’re concerned.

    Trump even sent a message through an intermediary to Garland which said “The country is on fire. What can I do to reduce the heat?” What he meant was, ‘I can turn it down or I can turn it up. Which would you prefer?’ He got his Republican Senator chum Lindsey Graham to talk on tv about ‘riots in the streets’ if Trump is prosecuted. He’s got past the point of trying to justify his actions. There is no justification.

    • Trump is playing a better game than the defense left, he is Quarterback for American offence beliefs and he knows how to use it “He got legs and He knows how to use em”
      For what America has come up with for their highest office in the last 50 plus years, is that he doesn’t sit with the cozy cunts and i like that.
      Fuck em, the elite established crooks, as i would vote for this true Trumpian and dishonest crook everytime before the weasels that cunt us over all the time

    • I think what cunters are asking for is consistency. Other politicians have done this sort of thing and been left alone, and that smacks of double standards.

  5. If only we had leaders like Trump. Can’t we get him British citizenship and installed as PM. We need someone like him who takes no shit and would crush the woke Marxist left including those cunts in the civil service who think they run the country.

  6. With the credibility of this “cunting” in tatters and the tide of IsaC opinion clearly against it, the cunter’s pitiful attempt to reclaim the high ground is just as flawed as the original.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano is a disgraced former FOX News commentator. He was forced to resign over allegation of sexual misconduct. He is a known Trump hater who argued that after impeachment Trump should be convicted by the Senate.

    He was a New York state judge and not a federal court judge. His expertise is therefore, limited to matters of New York state law. The supporting link is another op ed based on his dislike of Trump and not supported by the facts.

    Here is an article in the liberal rag; The Hill. It was written by 2 former federal prosecutors who own their own law firm and actively practice Federal law. Ir is also an opinion but an informed and expert one:

    (I had to copy this link by hand so if it doesn’t work I’ll repost.)

      • Why is the credibility in tatters G Cunt?
        Most agree with the Trumpian stance on bullshit even though the paradox is that Trump is champion of bullshit.
        Id have him any day over those lame ducks that present themselves as politicians and have the cheek to collect a pay check. Shower of cunts the lot

      • Hey mecuntry,

        This bit of liberal propaganda should never have seen the light of day on this august body.

        The credibility of this cunting is in tatters. It is a series of unsupported allegations with an outdated op ed masquerading as factual support. Much that was written in the supporting op ed has been discredited or proven untrue.

        Trump’s home was raided by the FBI. That’s true. But nothing else the government, Merrick Garland or Joe Biden…let alone the MSM can be taken at face value.

        These are the same people who pushed the now discredited Steele Dossier. The same people who falsified warrants and lied to the FISA court in an attempt to convict Carter Page. These are the same people who pushed the Russian collusion hoax and 2 bogus Impeachments.

        These are the same people who declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the same thing they accuse Trump of. These are the same people covering up for Hunter Biden and ignoring the decades-long reign of the Biden Crime Family.

        And you want to believe their bullshit now?

        Fuck them and the donkeys* (read jackasses) they road in on.

        (*The donkey is the traditional symbol of the Democrat Party in America.)

      • The same people who produced Christine Blasey Ford to block the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS.

      • Oh and another thing, the nation of America should be ashamed of its self for treating its highest office with absolute bile from the first Trumpian day as President.
        Pikey”s the lot of yese , for allowing it to happen non stop.
        He told America the truth that some could not bear and look at America know

    • I would also like to point out that the cunter stated , Trump made an offer to Merrick Garland regarding what he could do to reduce the tension in the country as a result of this raid.

      The cunter professes to know Trump’s true intention and rather than take it as a good faith offer he chose to portray it…as did many in the MSM…as a thinly veiled threat.

      It seems that libtards know nothing while professing to know everything.

  7. On a lighter note, Tarot by Janine, who was kicked off YouTube for a while but is back whackier than ever, thinks there are multiple Trumps. Sometimes you see the real Trump at a rally, sometimes you don’t, apparently.

    She says Trump meets with The Alliance/White Hats and other off-worlders on the Moon, Venus and maybe Jupiter or Mars. JFK attends these meetings as well. If Trump has all that going on a few dusty old documents must be the least of his worries.

    • Hey C-ologist,

      Love it!

      I’m not sure what planet(s) they meet on but I heard Jim Morrison is there too.

    • Would that be the Canadian girl ‘with ravens’ Cuntologist ?.Bailed on her yonks ago as well as ‘Esoteric Atlanta’…fruit loops all and there’s plenty of em-Lynne Rondell (channelling Lord Ashtar) no less.Then the legions of…’those in the know’.merchants .Parkes,Jaco.’Dr’ Charlie Ward ffs,a whole plethora of hopeium dealers running,and troughing it like Gloucester-Old-Spots,running amock.”Trumps got this”,He plays 5d chess” blarzy blah.

      I’m at the stage where i’m seeing the wheat from the chaff these days while increasingly embracing the more… esoteric concepts of…say.. galactic races working for and against earths collective populace at this point; with a long mooted dimensional shift gathering traction of us and our planet into a more high-vibrational frequency than the current, very negative ,and extremely low 3D vibration we have been yoked to for many centuries.This could be a reflection of early years exposure via my dalliances with exotic substances to a small degree.Neuroplasticity being a thing.

      When you start understanding the dense prose of wordsmiths such as ‘Les-Visibles’ on Truthseeker or gab sites you know there’s a quantum shift of consciousness in operation lol.

      Some…,millions, buy into the bloke on a throne concept with blind faith, to this day, so why is it frowned upon that there may be highly evolved galactic races such as Pleadian,Arcauturians or Lyrans existing in the cosmic realm alongside us ? lt kind of stacks up the more it’s dug into l reckon.

      Black-Eyes on youtube is interesting.I mute the sound and shuffle the text tbh but there’s some good information to hand appropo…cosmic shifts and our suns current,insane CME activity.

      • Yes that’s her! Somewhere between grifter and mental.

        I listen to the likes of her because some of the claims are just outrageous and quite amusing e.g. JFK regularly goes to Venus to meet with The Alliance.

  8. I haven’t followed the Trump goings on through the MSM, mainly because the majority of it is errant, anti-Trump bullshittery. For example, Tom Bradby.

    However, what is inarguable is the never ending effort the Demonrats are willing to make to to hang shit on Trump. They haven’t yet succeeded despite enormous efforts. Hmm, gets you thinking.

  9. Trump is a boorish, crooked, narcissistic bullshitter of the highest order. Anyone who can unite the MSM, FBI, DNC, DOJ and hundreds of other acronyms in a hysterical dishonest campaign to remove/prevent him from being POTUS is clearly doing something right though. My happiest political memory (apart from BREXIT obviously) is his triumph over Clinton and the establishment in 2016. I still occasionally break into hysterical laughter when “Madame President” pops into my head. Got my popcorn and beer for the 2024 campaign. The fact that the BBC despise him is enough to get my vote.

    All aboard the Trump train! Drain the swamp! BUILD THE WALL!!!

  10. Fuck Trump, he’s a total cunt.

    Look out my fellow cunters it’s 9/11 day and all about the yanks.

    FUCK off.

  11. My opinion for what it’s worth. Trump was elected president much to the disbelief of the Democrats, must have taken 10 years of Hilary’s life. Obviously the whole system against him from day one. To me he appeared a much better prospect than any of the other contenders for President. The biggest problem with all the lefty, liberal wankers was he was a bit off of the accepted narrative therefore he was crucified via the media.
    I am also of the opinion that President Biden is some sort of resurrected man most likely achieved by some sort of esoteric Aztec magic. Either that or he’s asleep all the time or really demised.

  12. Trumpton made me laugh with his comments and was making a mockery of the hamshanks into the bargain, which suited me right down to the ground. Now you have a senile old comic carrying on the good work.

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