LGBTQ March Becomes a GBTQ March

A cunting for the dubious LGBTQ movement and ‘Pride’ events.

This time, the ‘L’ being told by daft rozzers at Cardiff pride they can’t take part because they might make the trans-folk feel unsafe.

Express Link.

What a load of divisive, exclusive and petty cack LGBTQ and ‘pride’ have become.

Weird, stupid and – in the words of my generation – gaaayyy.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

(The woke will eventually eat itself – Day Admin)

72 thoughts on “LGBTQ March Becomes a GBTQ March

  1. These cunts, along with the BLM and Extinction rebellion fruitloops, and the Glasto-wankers, are the Eloi from HG Wells Time Machine, out and about, stinking up the place with their babyish notions while the sun shines.

    let’s hope the Cost of Living crisis really hits them; that’s when all of the industrious white men who know how things work, understand history and science, and how to fix stuff will be able to exploit them as the morlocks did..

    Weak men (Justin Trudeau, trannies) create hard times, and all that.

    • Abd does Trudeau know his mum was a monumental knickers round her ankles gone down more times than Oldham Atheltic slag?

  2. Hahahaha let the stupid alphabet cunts destroy each other.
    I also can’t wait until their peaceful friends from the desert show their true colours (definitely not rainbow colours) and start launching them off rooftops and showing them what the sharp end of a scimitar looks like around the neck.

    Fucking popcorn time for me cunters!!

  3. I now have the full collection of phobics/phobias now, as well as being a royalist, patriot, an enthusiastic supporter of the old Empire, an avid fan of the military and most things Victorian and a fervent hater of the liberal left and all things woke.
    Am I a loner or is there a hidden population of like minded people somewhere.

    • No you are not alone, there are millions of brits with the same values as you. Problem is due to the woke pathetic media, politicians who are so afraid of offending these minorities, the useless marxist civil service who currently do run the country, the true beliefs and thoughts of the majority are swept under the carpet. Unfortunately the only way your and my values will be upheld in this country is via massive civil unrest and if need be rebellious protest. There was an old saying that us brits were happy to stand in a queue, if we had a restuarant meal that was shit we wouldn’t complain, we were happy to stand aside and let some cunt jump the queue. Well this is what’s happening now but in a totally different context.

      • I couldn’t have put it better myself. When I see half of Pakistan and Somalia in hospital. Getiing everything we had to work for, but they get it for nothing. They also get their way all the time, in case they kick off and staff are afraid of being called ‘racist’. How come we (we as in white and British) have to observe rules about loud equipment and headphones and they don’t? They jump the ambulance queues, while some poor cunt who got out of the clinic way before them is still waiting? Jumping queues is absolutely right…

  4. I’ll die broken hearted that my fellow Britons caved before these filthy perverted vermin and allowed them to live, Oh for a young leader to come with the guts to cut this filth down and make Britain strong again. Our children are being raped & ruined by apes & filthy sodomites from hell. Burn them all.

    • Shouldn’t you be in bed? I cannot comprehend how a religion considers the gayness a mortal sin, but condones sodomising children and farmyard animals.

      Genuine lyrics from the Siouxsie and the Banshees hit single Arabian nights: “Whilst you conquer more orifices, of boys, goats and things.” Keep meaning to call the Drivetime radio show and request that.
      And Warhead by the UK Subs, “There’s a burning sun, and it sets on the Western world, but it rises in the East, and pretty soon it’s gonna burn your temples down.” I should apply to go on popmaster really. The hit parade is all a bit bland nowadays.

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