Airport Passenger Drop Off Fees

This may be old news to some, but I’ve literally just seen a ‘news’ story on the Sly News website. It’s one of those stories that you (well, me at least) immediately assume it’s made up because it’s so preposterous that it can’t possibly be true.

It is. I can barely fucking believe it. UK airports charging to drop passengers off. I’m not making this up:

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Something which has been perfectly normal for decades, dropping friends and family off at the airport, now incurs a charge for doing so. This is insane! What’s next? Charging you for entering the terminal building? Season ticket for using the moving walkway? Checking in fee? Maybe we should apply this insanity further afield. Perhaps the local council charging passengers for waiting at a bus stop?

The air transportation business is out of control. Remember the massive hike in oil prices a few years ago and all the airlines were whining about fuel costs. Ticket prices were jacked up and stayed there. Then they started charging for carrying your luggage. I mean, how dare you go on holiday with a suitcase? Some cunt Chancellor introduced an airport tax too. For the audacity of leaving the country, you’re effectively fined. How is any of this shit legal?

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41 thoughts on “Airport Passenger Drop Off Fees

  1. Came through gatwick last week and the cunts there are at it too. Pulled up outside the Premier Inn and walked through by the side of the car park to avoid paying.

    Taking the fucking piss…

    • Be very careful Dioclese, I have collected a friend from the hotel twice and been charged. You have to go into the hotel reception and enter you reg. number on their i-pad thingy…

  2. You’ve got the ragheads to blame for this, when the malcontent cunts ram raided Glasgow airport.
    ….and yet the enemy is still within. Lessons will be learned.
    The problem is the people calling the shots learn much more slowly than the rest of us.
    That said, it doesn’t take much for anyone to find a reason to charge more money. At Birmingham airport you were forced to use the car park instead of dropping your family off right outside the terminal.

  3. £7.50 at Stansted. And there’s a whole plethora of “extras” one can pay for just to get the service you should be entitled to anyway. Absolute cunts. And owned by foreigners I believe.

  4. Although irritating, at least it means that I’m less likely to have to dodge through groups of tearful Cunts blocking the way while saying their “Goodbyes”…the way some of the Cunts wail on,you’d be forgiven for thinking that they were about to get on the train to Auschwitz…although I suppose a flight on Ryan Air is a close second.

    • Especially in the UK, by fat, lazy, ignorant, arrogant cunts! What, you think because you work at an airport you’re special? You are indeed, special fucking needs, mostly.

  5. Leeds Bradford has always done this, well, for as long as I can remember anyway. It used to be £2.50 but then crept up to £3, I think it’s around a fiver now, haven’t been for ages because the airport is wank and usually a circus, makes going on holiday more stressful. Airports are just robbing cunts in general though, if they scrapped this charge they’d just put it on top of their already overly expensive drinks and sandwiches.

  6. ‘No Stopping’, the sign says on the road past our local airport. ‘CCTV Monitored’. Well, do what I did – keep moving at slow walking pace whilst my mate and his wife walked behind and got their luggage out. Shut the tailgate and I carried on driving away! No fine, and Id love to have witnessed the chat about it in the Stasi’s office.

      • Ha! No, but I had a pop at one of the security staff when I got called to a cardiac arrest there, (probably saw the food prices), and he wasn’t going to let us through the raised bollards until he’d ‘Done some checks’, the dull cunt. A real copper, with a gun, witnessed, or rather overheard me giving him some feedback, came over and gave the security wallah some of his own feedback, and ordered him to lower the bollards. Job wasn’t as given, but, Captain Fuckwit didn’t know that.

      • I did inform Despatch that we were delayed by him, in front of him, but, the copper was giving him some robust feedback, that’s for sure.

    • Fucking Hell… Do you just push the patient in their wheelchair out of the back door of your ambulance as you screech past their drop-off at ninety m.p.h. on the way to another call-out ?

      ” There ya go,luv….try and steer for the privet-hedge…it’ll act as an arrestor-wire…and remember to keep a tight hold of yer false teeth”….as you launch them like a geriatric bouncing bomb out of the back doors.

      🙂 .


      • Tell you what, Dick, it’s a way to free up ambulances for another call and it’d mean I won’t have to sit with them, queing for hours on end, either, feigning interest. I’ll suggest it, later!!

        Morning, Dick, everyone.

  7. Proper enraging. Greedy bastards gouging people with no other option due to the shit public transport options. Greed made worse by the fact that the airport owners, CAA, is Spanish owned (whose bid was subsidised by British taxpayers to out bid a British offer thanks to EU law – but thats a cunting for another day), trying to justify it by whining about lost revenue from Covid. Fuck them, the greedy cunts.

  8. I can’t think of a more dreadful experience than that created by the cunts that own Manchester airport..and I haven’t been abroad since the Bat Flu..

    It must fucking galling now.

    If it’s not the prices for total shit service then it’s the security procedures,kindly brought to us by Paki terrorism.

    Fuck that.

  9. Disgusting 🤮 yet the impoverished dagos at fuertventura airport charge nothing and are happy to see you.

  10. Always been robbing bastards at airports.

    I used to smoke years ago and recall them taking my lighter off me before entering the gates/shops area. They still had smoking rooms then at Manchester Airport and they said you could buy a lighter from the shops inside. Seemed to defeat any purpose to me, but fuck it. I needed a smoke.

    Found a newsagents in the airport selling them. More or less the same 10p lighter I got from a local shop was now £1.50, the robbing bastards.

    Want a meal and a beer?

    Sell a kidney and remortgage your house first.

  11. I don’t know who are worse though, cinemas or airports.

    The local cinema when I was a lad deliberately put the heating up to Sahara desert at noon levels for the trailers. Then, they’d wheel out the trolley full of pop and snacks (just after an advert showing fizzy pop being poured into a glass of ice).

    There’d then be a fucking stampede for the trolley, the likes of which the Ethiopians didn’t see when the (few) food trucks came.

    When you’re dying of thirst, £3 for a can of Coke seems a good deal at the time, when they were 30p in the shops . In fact, it was only half a can because they poured it into a plastic cup filled with ice.

    Is the catering at cinemas and airports managed by the same firm?

    Robbing Bastards Inc.

  12. Not just UK airports but also in Spain.

    I dropped off Mrs Cunter last week.
    You get 10 minutes free of charge but I has to help her carry her enormous fucking bag to the door of the terminal.

    After your 10 minutes is up you get charged 1 euro per minute.

    If you really want to fuck someone up who has upset you, borrow their car and leave it in the departure drop off zone.

    All airports and the people that work in them are cunts.

  13. Try going to Luton, not the most desirable surroundings but you can’t drive anywhere near before you are in a charge zone. You’ll see folks with cases walking for miles yet the queue is huge
    I would rather let the train take the strain as advertised by sir Jimmy Saville because British rail wanted somebody the public trusted

  14. Try a cruise. Fuck me, the apothesis of efficiency and good service. The cunts who run airports should be made to learn from cruise staff. People that are pleased to see you, help you and remember they’re there to serve you, not that they’re doing you a favour by doing their job. Time from arriving, luggage drop off, security checks etc to embarking? Twenty-fucking-minutes. With exceptional staff. All of them.

    “This way, sir”


    • Totally agree, DCI.

      Mrs Yank and I sail with Celebrity Cruises, suite class of course. We’re treated like royalty. It’s lovely. The staff are top notch as are the prices, but it’s our one expensive guilty pleasure.

  15. I count myself very lucky to have experienced the golden age of air travel. In 1963 we had a family holiday in Malta, flying from Heathrow on a BEA Elizabethan, refuelling in Sardinia.
    You were treated like royalty from start to finish by the kind, polite, smartly-dressed crew. One of the trolly dollies took a shine to my 2 year-old kid brother who was taken up to the cockpit to meet the pilot, co-pilot and navigator. They gave him a big bag of sweets to bring back and share with the rest of us.
    Imagine that happening nowadays? I’d rather travel by cattle truck.

    • First time I experienced this kind of extra charge was at Bangkok airport about twenty five years ago. Can’t remember how many Baht they charged but it amounted to a few quid, and they were calling it ‘departure tax’ or something similar. You paid it or you didn’t leave. It really didn’t come as any surprise after two weeks of having the Thais try every trick in the book to get extra money out of me. And an attempted mugging. Didn’t go again.

    • i remember similar treatment 60 years ago going to the channel islands, the airhostess gave my sister an airhostess hat and badge, she was thrilled and we all got sweets, barleysugar

  16. Unfortunately this practice has been in place certainly in the SE for a few years now. I was brought in to alleviate idiots parking in the drop off areas and leaving their cars there for an hour or so whilst waving their loved ones off on a journey- thus avoiding car parking fees, and causing congestion because no other cunt could park and just drop someone off.

    As usual it is the ignorant, entitled cunting minority who ruin it for the more considerate.

  17. At least the airports can claim it is their private land perhaps before ripping you off. Oxford Council are now saying they’ll be restricting access to public roads, you know, the ones we’ve paid for.

    • I get heated seats for free in my 18 year old Nissan 4×4. The switch no longer operates and I can’t turn it off. Rather warm in summer.

  18. the idea is to stop us prebs moving about, the cunts at WEF aka Jews, will enforce their credit score system soon, complain about mudslimes grooming your 5 year old daughter and you’ll lose your right to travel on a fuckin train or buy bread.. Warm the ovens up.

  19. I spent all night in a McDonald’s car park near Stanstead waiting for a delayed flight in rather than paying their scandalous fee.

    The queue for the drive through kept me amused as arguments and fights broke out between Essex “diners” who didn’t think they were getting served quickly enough. Is there life on Mars?

    I was also worried I’d get fined through cctv but it hasn’t happened (yet).

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