Idi Amin……a Man of His Time. Not a Cunt?

All you Senior Citizens (old bastards) must remember good old Idi. A cunt who served in the British army for five minutes and when he became President (murdering dictator) of Uganda awarded himself the Victoria Cross as well as every other medal available to the British soldier.

He also, famously, offered to send food parcels to starving Britain while his own people were scavenging for scraps on rubbish dumps with their arses hanging out of their trousers.

And of course, the racist cunt threw all the Asians out of Uganda which is how we ended up with the recently retired Home Secretary, Priti Useless and the well known race baiter, Yasmin Alibhai Brown, among many other fucking cunts.

Good old Idi, how we used to laugh at him, we’ll never see his like again.

Except we will and we do. The difference is we are not allowed to laugh at him or slag him off because of the colour of his skin. Idi would be a hero today in the eyes of the Guardianistas and the BBC. How times change eh?

As Alf would have said….”innit fair eh? innit bleedin’ fair.”

The Guardian

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

(In the eyes of the Left Idi may no longer be considered a cunt but more of a victim of British Colonialism etc. – Day Admin)


118 thoughts on “Idi Amin……a Man of His Time. Not a Cunt?

  1. I’ve got one thing to thank him for. One of the families he threw out of Uganda came to England and I had erm an affair with their daughter. Remember it well.

  2. Would have been a right old giggle if he was still with us and invited to her Maj’s funeral yesterday!

  3. My grandad would roar with laughter when Idi was on the news in the 70s.
    Thought he was the funniest bloke ever .

    If Idi had gone on Opportunity Knocks he’d of won by a landslide.

    Fed people to crocodiles, he was a army boxing champion,
    And when retired ate 30 oranges a day .

    Right character.

    Can’t help but smile at the daft cunt,
    Like a gorilla dressed as a general,
    He cheered up my grandad and thats all that matters to me.

    He killed thousands of people, but to be honest,
    I don’t give a fuck about them.😁

      • Ursus or Urko as well depending on which film or tv series you preferred 😂
        Ook! And indeed, eek!

      • I re-watched, Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) the first sequel to the 1968 original and man, is it a weird, depressing movie. Especially in the current climate of a mad cunt with nukes on the political prowl.

        The third sequel, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972) is even more disturbing. That’s the one where it shows you how the apes evolved into being what they became. Ricardo Montalban is in it as the “creator” of the super-apes! The version available now is uncensored, violent and plays like a wild fucking “kids’ movie”.

        Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972, 88 minutes, 1080p)

      • Only the first two with Charlton Heston are really worth watching. Escape was hopelessly contrived and depended on the ability of three apes from a pre industrial theocratic society being able to locate Heston’s sunken spaceship, then raise several tons of flooded ship from a lake, dry it out, get it working, figure out how to fly it (presumably there was an instruction manual on board 😂) Then travel back through the same time warp thingy to present day Earth.
        Conquest and Battle are early examples of liberal “white man bad” Hollywood hand wringing although Conquest does at least have some decent scenes of mayhem.
        The short lived TV series was better and all of them still shit over Tim Burton’s travesty. Burton himself admitted that he deliberately made a bad film so that he wouldn’t be asked to direct a sequel…

  4. Amin’s violence was borne out of paranoia of enemies, both real and imagined. Bu he took sadistic pleasure in beating and torturing his captured enemies and keeping their heads in a freezer, possibly inspiring Jeffrey Dahmer.

    But who can fully detest a man who played the accordion…

    He should have gone on Opportunity Knocks…

    “Mr Hughie, I play you a tune now. I call it, The Crunching of My Enemies Bones Makes Me Feel So Happy!”

  5. He was a cannibal too. He used to keep the remains of his victims in his fridge to be cooked for his delectation. Apparently he was rather partial to human liver.

    Alan Coren used to write an hilarious monthly article in Punch called ‘From Our Ugandan Correspondent’. Of course it wouldn’t see the light of day now – racist innit.

    • “But I sweat like a REAL MAN, unlike your silly prince who has cheeldren that look like Cabbage Patch Dolls!”

      • Blair hasn’t met a dictator he didn’t like.

        Gadaffi, al-Assad, Nazarbayev…he ain’t fussy if you’ve got the reddies

    • The quality of Uganda coffee was excellent under Amin. These days, it has coffee wilt. This fact exonerates him in the historical record. 😉

      • African coffees seem excellent in general l’ve always found.Kenyan Peaberry is my own choice these days.I dabbled for a time with some good Peruvian Yaenesha but it’s gotten too hard to find lately although l found it even better to my buds than even Blue-Mountain, which could be modified these days, given the ridiculous pricing levels.
        Never ventured into Ugandan variants but Vietnam still producing some fine beanage.Anything but Costa or Starby for this yeoman.

      • That Peabody coffee?
        It’s from the distilled tears of children that are ritually fed to demons from the lower dimensions.

  6. I used to do some work for a chap who was one of the Ugandan asians booted out by Uncle Idi.
    He told me that the porky bastard would tour towns and villages in a jeep followed by a pair of 6×6 army trucks full of troops.
    In the back of the jeep was a big set of scales.
    Everywhere he stopped, he would sit in one side of the scales and the locals would have to match his weight in money, valuables and other tributes.
    As long as they managed that, the soldiers stayed in the trucks…

    P.S. I’m not trying to give Fiddler any ideas of course 😁

  7. He had star quality.
    Firm but fair .

    He repeatedly caught VD in his lust for life.
    A lady’s man.

    He didn’t go in for veganism,
    Far from it!

    And fed starving crocodiles.

    To me he comes across as a African George Best or Sean Connery.

    I think history will prove him to be one of the best statesmen Africa has produced?

    Better than that jailbird dosser Mandela!
    The Scruffy old cunt.

  8. Chucking the industrious, hard-working Asians out of the country ended up being a monumental own goal. The Africans took over running everything and, surprise surprise, the country went down the shitter. The stupid cunt should have kept the Asians and chucked the Afros out.

    • I was about to say we would have ended up with the exiled Africans but 50 years on we are swarming with the cunts anyway.

    • Well, Idi said that ALLAH himself told him to chuck the “bloodsuckers” out, so who’s to argue with that? LOL!

    • In the mid 70s we got a sihk family on our council estate fleeing from Idi.
      They stood out like a sore thumb,
      And got plenty of ain’t arf hot mum jokes aimed at them,
      But in a gentle teasing sort of way.
      Mostly people were just curious.
      Apart from the Trots (Carribbean) they were the only family who weren’t white British.

      I went to school with the youngest daughter.
      Same age .
      She’s got some posh job an lives in London now.

      Someone said she was on Facebook saying
      About her traumatic childhood blighted by racism in the North.
      The bullshitter cunt.

      No mention of the racism in Uganda at the hands of Africans though…

      • I was mates with a lad who’s family had fled Uganda too Miserable.

        His dad was a bit of an entrepreneur and owed a Mercedes a nice detached house and his own business.

        He didn’t get any racism when he moved to our school, in fact we bonded over our mutual loathing of Pakis.

      • Aaaahhh! That’s unreal, Mis. She had a great life in your town, Mis, I bet, now she’s playing the victim card.

        Fuck me, Sikhs are hard fuckers, they take no shit, they beat up Muslims who cause trouble. Violently anti-peadough mentality. I think there’s some Sikh guy in England who heads an anti-peadough group.

      • I remember her older brother was obcessed with Bruce Lee Lecunt,
        But then most lads were around the time.

        Kung Fu experts the length and breadth of the British isles wasn’t there?😁

        But think she’s a ungrateful cunt to say about racism when they got booted out of Uganda and had a home provided, kids schooled etc here .

        Idi should of thrown the little cunt to the crocs.

      • Bit like Lulu Hamilton who wants us to believe that Hertfordshire in the 90s was a hotbed of daily racial abuse for him .

        The last of my schooling was done in the early 90s and we had a number of mixed race, Asian and black kids in the school.

        I struggle to remember any racism , genuinely can’t recall any. On the whole we are a pretty accepting bunch in the UK. I just don’t buy this whole racist country schtick from these cunts.

        My wife is much blacker than Hamilton, grew up in the 70s and 80s and never really had much to speak about.

        He’s a total lying cunt. Just like Lineker.

      • I was born in 1980, but even in the late 80s, the Bruce Lee reverence was strong. People back then were still adamant that he faked his own death. But died the way Tom Petty died, accidental overdose of out-of-date Imodium. Tragic.

  9. Pity we can’t chuck out the Asians, starting with that fucking mob in Leicester

    Never seen a good African leader, all corrupt cunts, any honest ones wouldn’t last five minutes 😂

    • A lot of the Ugandan Asians came to Leicester and did very well building up businesses. I think they were attracted here after the council put adverts up telling them not to. They were generally no bother. A lot of the other peacefuls who have arrived are another matter. And now the Labour Council bends over backwards fior them.

  10. Didn’t he send Her late Majesty a telegram, offering his….ahem….services, if she ever wanted a “real man”?
    His son is David Lammy……..

  11. Of course, as a Scot, I am duty and honour-bound to cherish Idi Amin as the last King of Scotland.

    I’ll never forgot the the time at the 1975 Highland Games where he tossed a caber with such force that it crashed into Buckingham Palace and killed three corgis. Or the time he used royal privilege to come on in the 1973 Scottish Cup Final for Rangers and set up Tom Forsyth’s 60th-minute winning goal. But his best moment as King of Scotland was when King Idi banned heroin from Scotland and inaugurated the current era of the Scottish utopia, free from junkies and jakey bastards.

    • Pity he’s gone. A lunatic genocidal khun with the IQ of a cucumber would be quite an improvement over wee Jimmie.

      Better looking too.

      • He’d get my vote too the fine young cannibal.

        He could of done stand up comedy too,
        Much funnier than Lenny Henry.

  12. You know what will happen when Labour get in power. Lammy will assassinate Dame Kweer Starmonkey and dig out uncle idi’s uniform and become our new el-presidentes.

    You can see the likeness between these two fat fucking baboons already….
    You just watch, David-idi-Lammy and his Labour Party of goons deporting pâkís, ràping white chicks, stealing Honkys wealth, and ruling Britain like good old Rocket man Kim does in North Korea………

  13. Idi is revered in almost every Asian Home as a God like Figure, who gave a never ending meal ticket to so many.and a free entry to the United Kingdom for Spongers of the sandled variety.
    No other President in the history of the world has been able to change the face of the earth so dramatically, and without a shot fired !

    Idi Amin, a black African Despot of the type that we so desperately need in our Palace of Westminster. ( Oh wait…..they are )

  14. The title of the film ‘The last king of Scotland’, was always meant to be a sarcastic reference.
    No doubt some lefty graduates at the bbc won’t get the joke and will be feverishly producing a documentary investigating if he actually was.
    Why not? According to them, black people have been ever present, in large numbers, in every facet of British history since the Bronze Age.

  15. Idi Amin, Ali Akbar Rafsanjani, Uhuru Kenyatta and Emperor Akihito all sat around a table when one of them says….
    Hasn’t that Ian Smith got a funny name!

  16. A strong leader like Idi is just the medicine for these times .

    No fuckin dinghies if Mr Amin was running things.

    And Labour Pansy Kier Starmer wouldn’t be so cocky at the dinner party when the main course is Angie Rayner’s Liver.

  17. One of the major perks of being a bonkers dictator is you can ban flip-flops. In fact he hated said footwear so much that if he caught someone wearing them they would be made to eat em. Quite right too.

    “He once rounded up hundreds of flip-flop wearers in the streets and forced them to either eat their footwear in front of him or be shot to death by his death squad.”

    Along with Queen Elizabeth II, we will not see his like again.

    • The late Kim Jong Il was a hilarious mental too. According to legend he could walk at three weeks old, talk at eight weeks, shot a 38-under par round in golf including 11 holes-in-one and invented the hamburger.

      In your face Idi!

    • I hate flipflops too!

      This guy just keeps on getting better.

      Well done Mr Dada Amin 👋👋

  18. The old black fucker was of course a cunt. A murderous, erratic, cannibal and despot and my least favourite of the Black and White Minstrels.

    He bought some Russian hardware, they showed his men how to use it, they were killed and he ate their livers. He was mental.

  19. He always wore Israeli parachute wings on his tunic, although he never actually jumped. Probably too scared it wouldn’t hold his weight. Fat syphilitic cunt.

  20. OI! I never put “not a cunt?” In my title. A little journalistic licence there.
    Mind you, Admin is right. Any problems in Africa are down to colonialism. Yes, it is all wicked whitey’s fault of course.
    That doesn’t stop Whitey’s “victims” climbing over each other to get to Whitey’s wicked country though does it?

  21. How Lammy will dress if if becomes Prime minister. Kick all the whites out and let the blacks kill themselves.

  22. This is one of those great posts than encourages everyone’s imagination to go bonkers.
    Unless of course it’s all true.

  23. He had a full metal jacket! Along with the V.C. he awarded himself. Was the first father known, that send his daughters 20 miles to fetch water, before they went to school, hopefully before the local wildlife had pissed in it. A good exercise routine I guess.

  24. This mongol amin has to be related to the Tennis players williams for sure. But then again they all look the same to me.

  25. Mr Most High President Field Marshal/Admiral of the Fleet Air Marshal Lord of the four winds, Master of the 7 seas Titan of the oceans Beast master Death to critics recycler of humans have you got the £5 I lent you at Catterick? You tight bastard.

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