Idi Amin……a Man of His Time. Not a Cunt?

All you Senior Citizens (old bastards) must remember good old Idi. A cunt who served in the British army for five minutes and when he became President (murdering dictator) of Uganda awarded himself the Victoria Cross as well as every other medal available to the British soldier.

He also, famously, offered to send food parcels to starving Britain while his own people were scavenging for scraps on rubbish dumps with their arses hanging out of their trousers.

And of course, the racist cunt threw all the Asians out of Uganda which is how we ended up with the recently retired Home Secretary, Priti Useless and the well known race baiter, Yasmin Alibhai Brown, among many other fucking cunts.

Good old Idi, how we used to laugh at him, we’ll never see his like again.

Except we will and we do. The difference is we are not allowed to laugh at him or slag him off because of the colour of his skin. Idi would be a hero today in the eyes of the Guardianistas and the BBC. How times change eh?

As Alf would have said….”innit fair eh? innit bleedin’ fair.”

The Guardian

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

(In the eyes of the Left Idi may no longer be considered a cunt but more of a victim of British Colonialism etc. – Day Admin)


118 thoughts on “Idi Amin……a Man of His Time. Not a Cunt?

  1. Creepy Joe Bidet has just told the UK to get fucked for a trade deal.

    Thatcher mark 2 Liz Truss responded by looking sad.

    Idi would of personally phoned Joe and said,

    “That oirland you like so much?
    We’re invading tomorrow.
    Casualties are going to be very high.
    RAF goes in first,
    Carpet bombing .
    Them boots on the ground.
    I’m going to tell them it’s you fault.”

    Trade deal .

    You need big bollocks in geopolitical dealings.

    If that fails, televised Idi sitting down eating Mary Lou mcdonalds arse cheek.

    Hearts and minds baby hearts an minds😄

    • Did you see his motorcade taking the old drooler to HM’s funeral?
      Carbon footprint or what?
      Oh I forgot. That only applies to the plebs…

    • Miserable,
      Biden is so old & decrepit, Truss should just go back 10 mins later with a deal for signing – the old fart will have forgotten he turned her down before.

      What the hell do we want to buy from the yanks anyway ?

      Gas guzzling Hummers ? No, we drank Greta’s coolade

      Arms & Missiles ? No, 3 stingers & our defence budget is spent (we couldn’t even afford Lee Enfield rifles for the guards in Westminster hall – They had long toothpicks & short trousers)

      Maybe we’re gonna buy shipping containers full of fried Chiggun for all the Albanians coming over for the Great British Benefits Giveaway ?

      Anyway, Idi was a mad bastard but colorful & ecentric – a bit like Gaddafi, before his people had enough & used him as a Pinyata.

      Oh, BTW, Yasmin Alibhaba Brown is a fucking disease, escaped from a Petri dish – vile hideous hag it is

  2. “Ruthless dictator whose rise to power was facilitated by the British colonial authorities, he went on to devastate Uganda”

    Get a load of that biased ‘colonial’ bile in the Guardian headline; ffs what utter cunts.

    • I know, what a load of shite. Amin overthrew the elected government of Milton Obote and declared himself president of Uganda, then started killing anyone who sneezed. Who the fuck still buys the Guardian?
      Never seen a reader up here in Scotland.

      • The Guardian seem to me to be propped up by donations and beg for donations, the useless cunts.

        You’re up in Scotland Le Cunt. My family are all Scots – I was born in London though – my parents ’emigrated’ in the 60s.

        I’m thinking of buying a place up there. I could get a lovely remote farmhouse up there with an acre of land or so, but hubby hates Sturgeon, as I do, and thinks Scotland is ‘at risk’ of being concreted over and taken over by her Indie imbeciles.

  3. After his token casting in some Lord of the Rings re-hash shite, I though that was Lenny Henry in another re-make, possibly as the Duke of Wellington or Nelson.

    Vice Admiral: My lord, it appears the French have been defeated. This sublime victory at Waterloo will go down in history.

    Nelson: Oi reclon it’s a victory fors all black mens and women. Ga-danga, ga-danga!

  4. 6 foot 3 inch & built like the proverbial barn door. Just like Robert Maxwell. (Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hock) A big pair of cunts that who would back in the day wanna mess with. Maxwell loved money, (that figures) & Idi started out as a cook (I guess that figures as well!)

  5. I remember before the world went daft. Armin informing HMG that, due to their continued imperialist attitude he would be instructing the Ugandan postal service to remove her majesty’s portrait from all stamps. The commonwealth and foreign office responded thus; while HMG very much regrets your decision we feel we must issue a measured response. Therefore we have instructed Messrs R & Robinson to remove your portrait from their jam!
    True story that.

    • That reminds me of “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”.

      Chief! Chief! Give me the fucking ball Chief!

  6. We had a young Ugandan Asian lad worked with us, the cunt was that used to being waited on hand and foot by blackies in Uganda that he wouldn’t lift a finger to do the manual part of the job.

    Needless to say a bit of northern Arse kicking and racial abuse soon sorted the twat out…

  7. Well he’s gone now.

    No more terrified correspondents reporting from Uganda.

    No more boastful interviews from Kampala.

    Rest in peace Big idi-ot.
    Thanks for the laughs.
    I like to think of him feeding the crocodiles in paradise,
    A angels head for his dinner.

    They don’t make despots like Idi anymore.
    I’m having a orange in his memory.

  8. Can I blame Idi for the Pakbo woman who disturbed my entire four hours of dialysis today, by yaddering her fucking language into her bastard phone all evening?

    Nah, I’ll blame Satan Blair instead. The fucking cunt.

  9. Not completely off topic as we’re discussing a nut job; programme on the BBC just ended concerning teenagers with “mental elf” problems. Two girls featured, both with names I never heard before and could not spell, one with metal fixed all over her face, the other with bright pink hair. The metal face plans to train in psychology, appropriate I guess, the pink one demands to be referred to as “they” which the NHS psychiatrists and the BBC go along with unquestioningly and she is not embarrassed to say that at the age of sixteen her parents arrange a baby sitter for her when they go out.

    FFS, I despair.

    • And after the credits roll of course, you are offered a telephone number if you feel you need support.

      I think I’ll have to ring it.

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