ITV Hub (4)

A cunting for ITV hub.

I never had to sign into this service before, but it’s free, so why not.
Ahah! Something different. You can now pay every month to have the adverts removed.
And God help if you don’t.

If you’ve missed an episode of a series you’ve been watching, you can get it on catchup, but be prepared to be bombarded by more adverts than you ever thought could possibly be shoehorned into a program.

All of which are full of non-whites, except two insurance ones which have those irritating meerkats, and the fat squawking Welsh cunt.

I imagine immigrants don’t bother with insurance anyhow, so they’re the only adverts without them in it.

I am not able to fast forward this interminable shit either, but piss boiling as it is, I will not be forced into parting with even more money, when the cunts have already been paid by the companies that are trying to peddle their fucking rubbish to us.

I don’t have a link for this nom, but if you use ITV catchup, you’re going to find out anyway.

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

(Looks like Hub might be dumped soon: Day Admin – South Wales News Link )

64 thoughts on “ITV Hub (4)

    • Totally agree Barry. Made me realise what a major fucking irritant the adverts are. For years now I’ve wondered who buys the shit they advertise and how did the adverts survive the introduction of the mute button. Most of the adverts are so insultingly stupid they cause me to look for an alternative supplier of such goods or services.

    • Ame on the radio last week
      BUT the cunts have applied to lengthen the time adverts are shown.

  1. I haven’t watched anything on ITV in years.
    It’s fuckin shite.
    Even worse than the BBC.

    Just hours of thick celeb cunts, game shows, and soap operas.

    The adverts are probably better than the shows.

  2. Was away on holiday last week, and the house we rented only had netflix, etc. and itv hub – you’re right. It was absolute fucking torture. I stopped watching it after a particularly puke making advert that had a white bloke and a black bloke holding hands across a table. FFS. I’m surprised I didn’t rip it off the wall and lob it in the garden.

    • I saw one worse once where a white guy sucked crisps flavouring off of black man’s finger or fingers. Everyone involved in such productions should be lined up in front of a firing squad.

      Disgusting cunts.

      • New viagra advert shows mainly heterosexual couples, but they had to shoehorn in a pair of bearded gays at the end.
        Pardon the pun, but we could all see that coming.

      • He looks as daft as arseholes, silly old twat, looks like the type that wears those Cossak style Russian hats in winter and says “after you” to every od hag getting on the bus, ensuring he will have to stand, looking down some tarts decolletage

      • MJB@

        Is that a bloke or a lezza?
        Don’t mean the gap toothed fat Welsh cunt with thinning hair,
        The one narrating.
        Genuinely puzzled,
        Seen it before and couldn’t decide.

      • @MNC
        A bloke. Has to be. Seen the advert on telly loads of times, it’s a dippy bloke, am sure of it.
        Probably the weirdest advert I’ve ever seen. Last thing I’d ever do is entrust Mrs Bottle’s jewellery to them cunts.

      • And the same twat also does security system adverts, the ones that people like to boast about to their neighbours in hyacinth bucketland .

      • Derek his character is called..talks to his barmy old goat of a neighbour.. wants a new pair of binoculars (why?)…has the sun life phone number stored in his phone for new recruits..makes jam out of mashed vegetables grown in his garden. The typical chap next door.

    • Silly old cunt, should be fucking his blonde milfy missus silly instead of lecturing us on the ‘benefit’ of Pure Cremation.

      Pure Wankery.

  3. If I’m watching catch-up and can’t flick to GBN whilst the adverts are on, I just mute the fucking stuff until they’ve finished. There might still be be mixed race queers on the screen, but I don’t have to listen to the cnuts …

  4. The sheer amount of advertising on TV and the interweb is making the whole medium self defeating. Nobody can stand adverts anymore due to the constant bombardment, and that’s before we even get to the ethnic overload.
    Business has always seen it as a necessary expense. Get your product noticed.
    But more and more people are using adverts as a guide of who’s products or services they should boycott.
    I know I certainly do.
    The advertising game will destroy itself one day. I sincerely hope so anyway.

    • Not seen a tv screen for over a decade.Books,guitar,web suffice.What frickin use do they serve l ask? Almost the same deal as drugs.Technodelic monstrosity casting scrying spells and establishment shinola.Work of Beelzebub imho.

  5. They are all Super Cunts.

    They know the adverts are unbelievably annoying so monetise the situation..

    “Ad free” for a tenner a month?

    Fuck off cunts,how about we don’t bother watching your shit ever again instead?

    • I was going to mention Britbox and paying twice for the same shit but I knew it would bring on a fit of apoplexy so I didn’t bother.

      The Fucking Shit Weasel Cunts!

    • I would happily pay for schofield to jump the queue for a lion mauling..
      But I would feel for the lion getting HIV

    • Haven’t you heard, Philip Schofield has a new name. China have rolled him out as one of their new international correspondents.

      He’s now known as: Jung de Que

    • Thanks Mis! In the previous nom about the guy climbing the Shard I posted an entry defending risk taking. That link you supplied has demolished my case.

      • Morning Arfur, 👍

        No, I think if anything it supports it!

        He made good TV, furthering his career,
        Acquired some scars to show off,
        If anything he’s living proof that fortune favours the bold!

  6. If you’re watching ITV Hub on a laptop etc, it won’t let you escape the ads by opening a new page (say this one), incensingly, the ads stop until you’re forced to return to the ITV Hub page. BUT … if you open a new page “in a new window”, (usually available via a ‘left-click’ of the ‘mouse’ or similar) you can read said new page to your heart’s content, with volume turned down for 3 mins, whatever, without having to endure the drivelling eyeball assault, thus getting round the problem, to an extent. Still a fucking pain in the arse though.

    PS I use a Mac, not sure this function is available on Windows, but worth looking into ..

  7. Why bother?
    Nothing on telly but shite and repeats of shite from what I can ascertain.
    Only see it when we visit me old Dad and after five minutes I want to chuck a brick through the fucking screen…

  8. Ironically all the tv shopping channels, which are just one long advert for something or other were all closed.

    Prior to yesterday, I have noted they have even started putting advert breaks between the ‘adverts’

    …rest assured I am not a tv shopping cunt who purchases tat, but someone who is into watches and I get some weird pleasure watching them sell Chinese 25 quid watches for several hundred quid to mugs…. which are- amongst other things- described as heirlooms and should be insured.


  9. The last advent I watched was the Esso sign means happy motoring one with the cartoon black bloke. Avoided them ever since by simply watching everything delayed. I always feel chuffed when knowing there’s going to be a break and move it on 5 minutes, then almost orgasm when I’ve got it spot on and the interrupted programme is just about to start again.

  10. It speaks volumes for a channel and it’s Hub that employs Cunt and Dick as prime time “entertainment”, not to mention wall-to-wall ethic adverts.

  11. I avoid ads like the plague by having the pleasure of recording films on to my hard drive, then remove the blasted things and later have the enjoyment of viewing them as they were intended.

    • I applaud myself after removing the excrement in my films without spotting the join, just like the old cinema projectionist.

  12. In the not too distant future, I can see Sky and other cunts modifying their boxes to prevent you whizzing through adds when paused or recorded. Unless you pay extra each month for the luxury of removing the restriction.
    It’s gonna fucking happen.

  13. Watch very little live TV. BBC also has a con where you pay for what you have already paid for.
    Somefucker should investigate racial and sexual discrimination in the world of advertising.

  14. Back when I was young you could just about nip out for a piss during the advert breaks…now you can check your phone whilst having a dump they are so long.

    Always used to be no longer than 2 minutes in any 15 minute period (not my dumps- the advert breaks)

  15. On a similar theme, I used to champion the “Youtube Vanced” app (Youtube with no ads) but Youtube has finally succeeded in getting a court to shut it down.
    Never fear though, there’s a new, almost as good app called “Newpipe” which is, again, Youtube with no ads.

    • Jolly good show Thomas.

      The ingenious ad blockers for Youtube (and everything else on a laptop etc) are simply magic.

      That it evidently annoys the insipid cunts at Google is a bonus.

  16. Adverts have gone downhill since they stopped the ones that featured people in blackface advertising PG Tips…….

    • I wonder if the new monkeys don’t get paid either and that’s why there’s so many of them.

  17. It was only a short while ago when Walter Presents box sets of foreign language thrillers, where shown without the demons on catch-up. Now they’ve wormed their way in. Thinking of kicking it all into touch and begin rewatching all my old stuff. I’m old enough now to have forgotten what a pleasure it was.

  18. Spot on cunting. The ITV hub app was installed then uninstalled later the same day. Totally unwatchable with the ludicrous amount of ads. Not just crap ads but exactly the same cunting ads on every single break. Get ter fuck!

  19. I posted earlier that ITV was the McDonalds of TV channels……..then I remembered ITVBe………….one quick look at the tv schedules for that channel and you very quickly realise why we are now a cesspit of lowest common denominator society.

    ….and tomorrows politicians and captains of industry aspire to appear on their shows.

    Fuck sake.

  20. I went to ITV Hub expecting it to be like Porn Hub, but perhaps standing for
    Inter-racial Transgender Violence Hub. You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered there were no videos of chicks with dicks of the Negro-persuasion raping each other.

    Thankfully, my demented urges were fulfilled after contacting the local council.

  21. I switched off terrestrial TV years ago, ITV, Channel 4 along with the bum boys corporation (BBC) are all shitfests and they all promote anti Britishness, Effnick good-Honky man bad in varying degrees. (Some overtly some covertly)
    Their bias on political issues (Brexit) is beyond a joke and their presenters tend to be closet nónces, hard core commies, anti British eff-nicks or anti English Jocks.

    Ultimately they can all fuck off as I wouldn’t waste my time watching the shit cunts. I certainly would never pay.

    Suck my balls ITV (1,2,3 and 4). Your SHIT

  22. Talking of ITV , massively happy to see Schofield get outwitted by intellectual heavyweight, David Beckham in the “man of the people” battle this week.

    Only cost Beckham 13 hours of his life and he’s back as a national treasure all of a sudden. First time since 1998 that most people haven’t thought he was a cunt. Tremendous bit of positive propaganda from Beckham.

    Schofield is finished, his whole viewership consists of old duffers that love the Royal Family.

    Apparently they’ve tried to pass it off as them being there on behalf of the press but there were no film cameras allowed so the cunt is lying out of his now well reamed arsehole.

  23. When it became obvious that the beeb were becoming bosom pals with the blacks, I wanted it confirmed with what is also happening on other channels, that the coloureds are shooting themselves in the foot when appearing in dramas connected to murder, because they will no longer be the guilty party. After watching Shetland it confirmed the issue. The two blackies in the programme were made to appear to have a guilty conscience, turned out the opposite. Not true to life then. In future when watching dramas to do with crime, always check the cast list. If you see an chimney sweeps, avoid it at all costs.

  24. Three most irritating adverts at the moment:

    The gold advert already mentioned above.
    Lumbers Jewelers, featuring some soppy drippy love song, sounds like it’s being sung by a kid.
    Domes resorts, featuring an irritating loud drumbeat soundtrack.

    The mute button on my remote will soon be worn out.

  25. Adverts today are a pile of woke pc shite.

    White tart with black cunt

    Black tart with white cunt

    Two white cunts with chocolate coloured kids.

    Two White cunts with one White kid and one little black cunt.

    Two poofs

    Two lesbo’s

    What is the fuckin world coming to?

    But what really boils my piss is when I see and hear that effeminate, queue jumping, squeaky voiced pile of shit, Schofield.
    This cunt really is the festering turd at the bottom of the pile. He or rather it is a fuckin cunt, if I could think if anything worse to describe it I would. Even when you turn the telly off the cunt is advertising on the fuckin radio. CUNT, BASTARD, SHITHEAD, LIMP WRISTED PATHETIC ARSE HOLE, FUCK OFF SCHOFIELD YOU CUNT.

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