Happy Families

This has been nominated before.
I have nominated myself once before.
However, I need to nominate the subject again.
I feel so much better for getting it off my chest.

I have three children.
Two girls and a boy.
Apart from issues that crop up, the girls are great.
The boy is not.
At 18, and wanting to be treated like an adult, he is a class one, five star, cunt.
He isn’t even biologically mine anyway.
And I am fucking glad of it.
I have told his mother I don’t want to be referred to ever as his dad.
I want to smack the living shit out if him until there is nothing left but a red smear.
The house would be peaceful if he just fucking moved out like he keeps saying.
He earns several hundred pounds a week and moans about paying 25 a week keep.
He is ignorant, obnoxious, self cantered, arrogant and sociopathic.
His girlfriend has dumped him once because of his moods.
The lads at his workplace treat him like shit because, guess what, he treats them like shit.
But boo hoo, he hates his workplace because of it and wants to leave.
You reap what you sow you waste if fucking dna.
It has got to this as she would never let me set punishments and is soft with him.
The girls tolerate him but don’t like him.
The other half has been told that if he does one more thing to piss me off and gets away with it, we are finished as a family and I am out of here.
My eldest daughter will put me up no problem.
She, in her own words, thinks he is a nob.
O and let’s not forget his fall back position when things aren’t going his way.
“I may as well be dead”
Well fucking go ahead and do it, you cunt.

Nominated by: Andy

78 thoughts on “Happy Families

  1. Fucking hell! What’s that expression?…,,,rolling on the floor laughing! There are millions of blokes all over the country going through the same thing. Well said sir! I wish it were you becoming PM tomorrow.

  2. Why not cut to the chase and grab him him by the collar (rather than round the throat) and threaten to beat his worthless face in in front of his mother and your daughters?
    A short, very sharp shock might give him the kick up the arse he so obviously needs.

    • I realised how that sounds now.
      Yes the eldest was a teenager, but certainly not a cunt.
      The youngest has yet to hit teenage years, and has said she despises things about teenagers such as fashion, the lads wearing all black gang colours, the lads broccoli hairstyle, and girls fish lips.

  3. I’m from a very happy family.
    And my mummy & daddy worship the ground I walk on.

    Although I suspect my kids think I’m a cunt.

  4. I was certainly a cunt as a teenager. My Mom started dating a guy who cared enough to beat the cunt out of me. He was more of a father to me than my bio dad ever was.
    I miss you Kevin.

  5. Trouble is, If you give him the slap he so heartily deserves either your Mrs takes his side, or he gets the rozzers involved seeing as all 18 year olds are fucking snowflakes anyway.
    Instead of taking your concerns as a valid point and moving on and growing the fuck up. Best of luck mate.

    • That is true.

      I am done with him.
      There will come a time when he wants something from me.
      That’s when he will realised that you can’t make decisions to treat people like shit, and then expect them to yield to your requests.
      I am looking forward to hearing his requests, and smugly responding bluntly, with a resounding no.
      If the better half is disgusted with my response, I will play his card, which is.
      “I don’t have to, I can do what I want, leave me be.”
      Another one of his straplines I will turn on him is “that’s my problem in it.”
      Looking forward to paraphrasing the cunt.

      But you know what, I am not his dad, so I don’t owe the cunt anything.

  6. This is where the Peacefuls have got it right, they keep their brats under manners. I was in this KFC once and this Peaceful couple with three kids walk in.
    Now if they were whitey kids they would have been screaming and shouting……I want this, I want that, he’s got more than me, it’s not fair.
    These kids never said a word. They got what they were given and were grateful for it. Quite right too.

    Mind you I noticed they were looking around all the time for a good place to plant a bomb. You can’t have everything I suppose.

  7. Get the cunt to join the Army. It would do him the world of good, gets him out of your hair and he might actually ditch the self loathing, entitled victim millennial cunt attitude he clearly has at present and turn out to be a decent member of society.

    Best wishes matey, it’s clearly is not an easy spot to be in.

    • Thanks Baron.

      A year or so ago he said he was going to join the army.
      My response wasn’t very encouraging or nurturing.
      “You won’t last five minutes.”

  8. I would never look after a kid that wasn’t mine. Fuck that.

    I have been involved with or dated birds in the past, and they then have told me that they have kids. One had two boys. Little bastards, they were. One was a devious, manipulative, shit stirring cunt. The other was a little thug who was addicted to weed. I just thought ‘Fuck this. I am doing one’. And so I did. A bullet well and truly dodged.

    Mrs Norman can’t have kids, but we both don’t want to adopt. It’s not worth the trouble. Kids give you heartache, arse ache, and wallet ache. Sod that.

    • He definitely is a devious, deceitful, shit stirring cunt.

      But you know something?
      I am a clever bastard.
      I can play him at his own game.
      I have learnt how to by working with a lot of cunts in my time.

  9. How sharper than a serpent*s tooth it is to have a thankless child.
    Try that on him and do not respond when he replies, walk away and let him ponder.

    • If a man has a thankless child that is his biologically, he has alas failed as both a father and a man.

      • yes TtCE but the shit the teenagers face today with they’re social medias can lead them astray to unhappiness

      • Sadly, you’re quite correct.
        Who’d have though that someone wouldn’t enjoy posting negativity and spite on the internet?!
        We fucking ❤ it on ISAC!

      • I think IsAC is a bit like other social media but with all the best bits like casual racism, homophobia, sexism, fat shaming etc left in.

    • Spot on.

      It’s not on Instagram, it doesn’t come out of his scally chav friends mouths, and it isn’t in his girlfriends knickers, so he won’t have a clue what I mean.

  10. Sounds like a fucking diamond, if only you could get away with showing this waste of oxygen the four corners of the room of half an hour until his attitude has been suitably adjusted.
    This is the result of no fucker ever displining him, and yes with his may as well be dead bollocks, its very easy to take a step back and say, if going to do it, do it right mother fucker, as no one wants to wipe your arse or blend your food…… Useless cunt, now go cuddle the hair dryer in the bath, dick head…..

  11. He’s 18 – just boot him out. Once he learns to struggle on his own over the winter, he’ll have the epiphany of epiphanies: that life is only worth it when you are taking 100% responsibility for your life. Going from child to adult isn’t easy, isn’t all fun and frolics. But he’ll never learn that sitting at home with his family. British parents needs to get tough with their kids this decade, or we’ll end up with an entire generation of quivering jellyfish who end up in psyche wards.

    • I want him out.
      I have said, he is 18, and is ungrateful.
      It’s clear he hates being at home, so time to get the fuck out.
      I was told by one family member the following.
      “If you make him leave he won’t forgive you or forget.”
      My response.
      “Fucking hope so.”

  12. Sjambok the cunt!

    That’s all for now, more parenting advice is available in my new audiobook, it’s entitled “die you ungrateful cunt”, read by Ezther Ranztan!

  13. £700.00 / wk @ 18 wtf, I’d be happy as a sandboy with that wage packet…. what is he an MP…?

  14. My mother fucked off with a biker when I was 14. My sister managed to teach me the arts of growing up, like running around the garden bare foot in snow drifts wear school uniform, STONED. They were the daze.
    Cunts glued to their phones know fuck all.

    • Tell him to straighten up and fly right or Christopher Biggins is going to come round and bum him.

      • Fucking scares me that. A Biggins punishment bumming,
        Even Sadam would have wound his neck in at the thought of that.

    • There was a mardy looking teenage boy straight out of Central Casting walking ahead of me earlier today, when I was going around the town centre, he was wearing a T-shirt that had ” Disappointment is my Epitaph” on the back of it. I thought you had to be dead to have an epitaph. The silly cunt.

  15. Both parents must be on the same page when training up a child. Disagreement on that front will allow the child to become an intolerable cunt and breed resentment like @Andy has.

  16. Teenagers need hard work straight out of school a nice apprenticeship with a short tempered blacksmith/farrier kept me quiet, ” long days and short nights for young men and young horses ” works a fecking treat.
    My boy came straight out of school with arms like knotted cotton into apprenticeship with my pal few months of burns and blisters and working outside in all weathers took the choppiness out of him.
    Now he represents his country in international competitions for our trade.
    You cannot beat graft for manning up the callow youth.
    Heartily recommend it.

    • He has an apprenticeship.
      Won’t last long.
      In not so many words, one of the bosses has made it clear he wants to kick fuck out of him.

      Be my fucking guest.

      • Seems like the little shit has bunt through all of his bridges and blown nearly all of his chances.

        Tragic, but these twats are all too common in this day and age.

      • He still has his blind and devoted mother, and his superhero, creepy, pervert father in Canada.
        He has latched on to his girlfriends father, who has been informed of what he has like, as well as having local scallies as his role models.
        The particular scallies in question need putting in the back of a van somewhere and told to dig their graves with their bare hands.
        I would pay someone to do that.
        One less problem for me to deal with.

  17. Kick the bastard out.
    London’s burning ( quite right too ).
    My angina is a cunt today.
    Get To Fuck.
    The end.

  18. Sorry to hear you’re having this crap. Some families are terrible, and ones with different parents seem to have more problems. It’s difficult to know how long to put up with this shit as this generation seen happy to linger on in the home until their thirties.

    • Well considered response, So Long.
      Teenagers have a tenancy to think the world revolves around them, and they are the centre of the universe.
      Had the person in question been my child all washing machine, cooking, cleaning for him would be withdrawn, and a deadline set for him to relocate.
      As he’s not, that really makes the family dynamic a problem.
      In this case, I would suggest that mom’s little darling and mom move out.

      • We don’t cook for him.
        He never wants to eat with us and makes a point if it.
        No skin off my nose.
        Buys his own food, which I get great pleasure throwing it out on exactly the best before date, regardless of if it still looks ok to eat.

    • Thanks for the empathy.

      My brother told me a story that it took a violent scare to get his teenage daughter in order.
      His wife didn’t agree with ur, but it had to be done, he said.
      His daughter changed her behaviour.
      She remembers the moment, which I suppose has good and bad results.
      Bad is the memory, but good is the result of the fear it instilled.

  19. The latest from him and his chavvy friends.
    He can’t take any shouty, or hurty words.
    He can’t take any critiscism but dishes it out.
    So how the fuck does he think he can take a few licks by taking up boxing then?!
    Unless he is taking it up to use against me.
    The moment the cunt raises a fist to me, or does anything I deem as threatening, I will get the police involved.
    He already has a record through inappropriate behaviour with girls.
    Off to young offenders prison to get bummed you go, you cunt.

  20. In the next evaluation, youths will be walking round with humpbacks, staring into their iPhones, flicking away with extra large thumbs and hopefully getting ran over by an articulated lorry.

  21. I am in a similar position. Two kids, one teenager, one 22. the teenager is a fucking nightmare, ar home and school. The eldest behaves like a 12 yr old girl.

    I have never seen his mother discipline him, and any attempt to do so by me, no matter how mild, provokes WWIII with the mother .

    If he is not asleep or at ‘work’, he is playing fucking computer games, literally for 10 hours at a time. Pays fuck all, makes a total mess everywhere he goes, doesn’t walk the dog til she shits, then doesn’t clean that. Everytime I go there he:s broken something else: coffee machine, dishwasher, shower, etc.

    He recently told me that I have no authority over him, he doesn’t respect me and I don’t even have a job (I don’t need one, I’m too busy working for myself).

    it’s got to the point where I can stand the sight of him and want him to leave. Fat chance

    If she thinks I’m doing it all again with the other one, think again.

    • If I had money, I would leave and take the youngest with me.

      The way I look at it, if the women in our lives loved us and respected us, we wouldn’t be where we are now.
      In my case, clearly she doesn’t.

      I empathise in solidarity with you Termujin.

      • I have decide today that I am going to leave.
        I am going to secret squirrel money away.
        When I gave enough, and I feel my biological girl will be strong enough, I am fucking gone.
        O, and I have already started acting like a cunt now towards him and the other half.
        I have told them I am taking no more of their shit.
        I am slowly but surely going to return to the man I was before I met her, as I am a fucking shadow of that successful handsome go getter I was back then.

    • Big decisions mate. Your life, and you only get one, so think hard.

      I think that when respect from the woman has gone, there is no getting it back and the game is up.

      Her eldest flat out told me he doesn’t respect me, and no response from mom. I too am considering getting out, which is a shame as we get on fine when not having to piss around with/for/because of her kids.

      Thank goodness they are not mine.

  22. I know somebody in a similar position, but it’s with the mothers’ two daughters from a previous relationship.

    He works 6-7 days a week and buys them everything, treats them to holidays etc, but they are ungrateful and don’t respect him as he’s ‘not their dad’.
    A good example is them wanting takeaway food, which he buys for them. They eat a couple of mouthfuls and when he asks why they’ve left almost a whole container for the flies, they look at him as if he’s mad and say; ‘well I don’t wan’t to get fat!’

    The trouble is as soon as he raises his voice the mother tells him no, they are her daughters and she will deal with them, but never does. The mum is fairly young and a hopeless liberal, so treats the daughters as friends one minute, and babies the next.

    I don’t think they’ve ever been told ‘no’ in their lives.

  23. Mate, I feel your fucking pain. I got 2 step daughters and they are fetid little cunts that honestly need such a tuning it keeps me awake at night.
    Same as you, I try and try to set boundaries and give actions consequences but the Mrs sees disciplining as have raging screaming matches just to have a kiss and make up a few hours later which gives the green light to resume their cunt actions the following day. Don’t even get me started on the money we are spunking away paying for the fucking damage they do to the house and their stuff.
    Teens are wankers one and all, especially when they aint your own.

    • Unkle Terry.
      Do you have a teenage sized oven?

      If Putin invades, hope he takes the teenage cunts first.

      • Teenagers are the new cannon fodder. Just tell the thick cunt, iPhones and computers will defend them from the enemy. I’m already laughing my bollocks at the thought of it.

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