Taking The Knee [2]

So, as we head into the new EPL season, which kicks off next Saturday with the Charity Shield, we prepare to see all the players once again ‘take the knee’ before kick-off.

This completely pointless, virtue signaling exercise (with its routes in Marxism) has achieved absolutely nothing, other than making a few clowns like Gary Linekar and co feel better about themselves. Even some of the black players want to see it stop now.

We will never completely end racism, just like we will never completely end more serious crimes like rape and murder (we don’t feel the need to take the knee for those).

So we are stuck with taking the stupid, pointless knee in all EPL matches forever it seems, because people will just put up with it for an easy life, they don’t want to be called a racist.

We always have to have the knee accompanied by the pathetic speech from the commentator reminding us why it’s so important (I have to mute the sound).

Correct me if I am wrong but they don’t even take the knee in the USA anymore in any of their sports.

Keep your stupid, fucking ‘woke’ politics out of sports and end this taking of the knee nonsense once and for all

Nominated by: Jimmy Jump

109 thoughts on “Taking The Knee [2]

  1. If taking the knee is about tackling racism and calling out discrimination whenever we see it in society, then why won’t Jamal Linker name names and tell us all who the players were that racially abused him as a player?

    Oh that’s right, its fairy tale sob story manufactured for the mongs on Twitter and the fart sniffing Guardianistas of Hampstead.

  2. Take the knee then the other knee, then while the bastard is writhing in agony on the ground, administer the coup de grace.
    A fitting commencement to any sporting spectacle.
    Give the wokies something genuine to snivel about.
    I live in a town with a castle (now ruined, admittedly) and this edifice is a constant reminder that our ancestors were all slaves to some rich bastard in the past.
    Will any arrogant, ignorant dinghy lipped cunt “take the knee” to respect me and the struggles of my forebears?
    Of course not.
    And anyone who truly regards themselves as English would refuse to do likewise.
    I personally wouldn’t drop to my knees if Queen Lizzie herself tottered into my personal space.

    • HtB@ – Afternoon HtB, not sure – but the “English” nazis did.
      And will someone PLEASE find out who is spraying all the “Pride” flags in my local town with black spray paint spelling out “P**do Cunts!” – local Police Officers Stan and Laurel are baffled as to the identity of the mystery vigilante! 😀

  3. How about these cunts take a good knee to the face!!!

    Anyone taking the knee deserves to be Rodney Kinged to a fuck by mre awesome cos!

    Support nightsticks and tasers and excessive force towards these drug dealings cunts.


    • Knowing what both the US and UK police are like, those tasers, nightsticks etc. are never limited to the drug dealing cunts. In the case of the UK it’s more likely to be an old gent defending his home from the drug dealers who gets the beating or at least intimidation.

  4. I will stick to my local non league team..
    Have a pint on the terrace..no play acting or diving..swear and curse without someone taking offence..roll on Saturday..

  5. Guess what team started this shit in the UK? After Georgie viciously attacked Dezza Chauvin’s knee with his neck, this particular team decided to do a virtue signal take the knee photoshoot.

    Have you guessed the team yet?

    The fucking Scouse cunts, Liverpool.

    Who else?

  6. When this shit started in the Premier League, they said it was just for 8 games.

    I said at the time, it would never end because no team would want to be first to stop, because they’re thick, virtue signalling cunts.

    I was told I was being ‘ridiculous’.

    And here we are over 2 years later.

    Btw, even if Bournemouth stop, I doubt many others will. Teams are full of chippy cunts who believe all this shite. Just takes one tree swinger to object and the majority will cave in.

  7. Anyone who is a professional footballer is a cunt, anyone who pays to watch them dance and prance is a cunt and anyone who is employed doing anything remotely to do with football is also a cunt. Oh, I almost forgot, anyone who watches on TV or listens on the radio is also a cunt along with anyone who read Roy of the Rovers in comics. Cunts all round I would say!

  8. I’m not actually gay but if any of these cunts knelt down in front of me I’ll fucking bu££er them……with a mediaeval spiked club.

  9. I’m all for getting racism out of sport, but this taking the knee shit won’t do that. No crass cunt in the stands will be baptized into human harmoniousness by that gesture. It’s just sad cunts online who get a kick out of typing forbidden words onto their screen. There’s black players in all the big teams now, it isn’t 1977 anymore. Thing is, these idiots cheer when a black player scores, helps the team win cups, but as soon as the team fails, the racism comes out. It’s just a scream of frustration from people with nothing else in their lives.

      • It’s mainly white boys from shitty areas of Britain whose parents made a cunt of bringing them up. Racism in football was on the verge of dying out until social media came along and created an area for the gender, race, culture, ideology wars. The internet wasn’t meant to be for these idiots. It’s meant to be a fun place not a battleground of hills not worth dying on.

  10. One of the many reasons I’ve called it a day on the once great sport that was football, look back and it all started when the Darker type started to show up along with lightweight Foreigners, I remember the rule only two per team, what came with them was theatrical cheating, now I bet it’s a lower percentage of white U.K players that grace the Premier league, I don’t hear that demographic crying that they are under represented.! I thought I’d watch a different sport so started to watch my local cricket team then up rock a team full of Asian’s who a few weeks after our bad tempered game make the papers after a full Paga ensued because allegedly one of the sand N!!gers took umbridge about being called a cheating P@k!, within 10 mins the ground was swarming with Taxis offering backup! I will say again that this country is as soft as a Seaside Donkey, we have become a laughingstock.!

  11. @Bosshog.

    I’m surprised this cheating bunch of cunts parking Stanley cricket team you recently encountered, haven’t cried islamophobia, been taken into the bosom of the mainstream media, had your club sanctioned and had every lie they’ve told, believed, without question.
    Considering the recent tales of woe of another sneaky parking Stanley cunt who’s been in the news recently delivering his one version of the truth – anything is possible in racist Britain.

    • HJ@ Evening HJ – our kid was visited by the police recently after beating the tar out of 5 carpet riders who decided to call round and try and intimidate him.
      Knowing our kid as I do I almost felt sorry for them.

  12. Absolutely zero point in this pile of shite
    Taking the Fanee would be far better though I doubt any of the current players could find one

  13. And that imbecilic grunting fuck, Patrick Viera, is going on about how it’s important that people still take the knee….

    What a total cunt.

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