Scottish Cricket is Racist

I had no idea they played cricket in Scotland.

Turns out they do and they play racist cricket, more racist than Yorkshire even. So bad the board have resigned in shame.

One of the boards former members was wringing his heart about the systematic racism and micro-aggressions he had uncovered. He sounded like a guardian reader from London to be fair. This was an interview on Radio 4.

The interview went on for around ten minutes and systemic racism, and bigotry was mentioned many times and his 400 odd examples he had. It was odd because he never gave a specific example.

The above is not the reason for this cunting, it’s merely the trigger. It was the first of two stories about racism, the second being about new regulations to ban misbehaving football fans who make monkey noises etc.

Every fucking day I hear stories about bad white people and this countries indigenous white bigoted plebs.

The media can’t get enough of it, politicians can’t virtue signal enough and can’t make enough laws to tackle the racist indigenous white sub people they have the misfortune to attempt to govern and RE-EDUCATE!

The question I’d like answered by the political class is as follows.

How and when did we get so racist?

Was it when you flooded the county with immigrants without bothering to ask the people of the nation? You changed the demographics and peoples lives, communities and culture overnight.

Was it partly due to people watching their communities disappear to the point they had to move because they couldn’t find anything they recognise as food and had to travel a few miles to meet someone else who spoke English?

Could it have anything to do with services and infrastructure crumbling because the investment needed to support an engineered population explosion was never made?

Could it be that those in Greater London only saw more tax income and lower wages for the plebs as a good thing not giving a thought to those parts of the country whose industry was destroyed by government and the remaining jobs were outsourced to China and the third world?

Could it be you choose to interpret peoples rightful sometimes misplaced resentment over what you’ve done to this country as racism and/or bigotry to beat them even harder?

Will one of our so called leaders answer these questions? Of course they won’t. They would have to admit their part in the destruction of a nation and a culture.

This shit didn’t happen by accident, governments know the impact of mass immigration, failure to integrate etc. it’s all in the history books.

Shortly after all the people of this country sacrificed so much to fight for Britain and our way of life you took a massive shit on us and you’re still shitting.

Please show me the manifestos or policy documents or even a speech where you told us this was what you intended……….

Worst of all you blame us and call us racist.

We call you Cunts.

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80 thoughts on “Scottish Cricket is Racist

  1. I wish people wouldn’t mention Candace Owens. She gives me the massive horn. Wait a minute……is that raaaaaay-sist?

  2. I too had no idea that Scottish people played cricket. Or even football. They’d be better off bowling a haggis at three shortbread biscuit stumps holding up a syringe bails.

  3. Anyone see these supermoons over the last few nights?

    Bloody huge. Last night was the biggest yet and known as a the Sturgeon Moon.

    At first I thought Wee Jimmy Krankie might have stripped off for some Indyref stunt.

  4. I was taught that true racism is what the Nazis did to the Jews, or similar genocides.
    What gets called racism and racist these days is what used to be called discrimination, prejudice or just plain preference.

    Which cunts extrapolated it to this 21st century pile of woke wank?

  5. I said to an Indian kenyan that I was a racist and he was shocked, but I made him feel better when I explained I was very woke and infact was an equal opportunities racist and I fucking hate everyone that comes upon these shores of Albion with intent to defraud our society, feck me my old Grandad Walter would be apoplectic if he knew what would befall his beloved England since he went wrong side of the grass, lucky hes dead, it would have killed him.

  6. Scottish Cricket?! I never even knew it existed.

    File alongside Italian Paratroopers, a Man United title challenge, and Lady Gaga’s tits…

  7. I was talking to a Sri Lankan today and described the Sunak thing as “Tony Blair….long pause…from India” Got a good laugh, and he returned with some trenchant criticism of British politics. All this wokeist/racism bleating ignores the fact that everyone’s a bit racist on the sly, and that anyone who doesn’t read the Guardian is capable of give and take, regardless of ethnicity. Ok, except Nigerians.

      • See Shaun’s comments in DP255 about her heart being kept going for organ doner purposes so he’s pulled DP256.

    • Give and take? Not those Congo Cunts. Three nurses on duty last night in the kidney unit. But those cunts didn’t give them one shred of cooperation or made it easier for them. They never do…

    • Precisely. I am married to a 2nd generation immigrant , her parents are Sierra Leonean. I have over the last 20 years sat in rooms in London where I am the only English white person and have been the butt of some well meaning jokes, albeit by woke standards, pretty racist. Like I give a fuck , great people and my MIL is about the most ‘English’ person you’d ever have met (RIP).

      Even said the British should adopt SL again as it was excellent when she was growing up under their rule as no chopping off of babies’ hands was allowed unlike in the 90s civil war.

  8. These Muslim cunts don’t forgive do they, Salman is near deaths door…

    Perhaps chrisomdom ( apologies for spelling, if wrong) should declare a fatwah on the Muslim…

    Anyone fancy a crusade….🇬🇪

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