Controversial Sale of Hitler Memorabilia

One of Adolf Hitler’s watches has just sold for 1.1 million $ in a U.S. auction. So that’s all ‘done and dusted’ you might think. Not so!

It was a controversial sale, apparently and the Jews are not very happy!

Hitler’s paintings never really fetched anywhere near that figure, so I guess it’s about the amount that the watch sold for, that has really pissed them off. If some cunt wants to buy it, surely it’s up to them.

I can see why the winner of the auction, has remained anonymous, as he, she or it, don’t want Swastikas daubed all over their frond door overnight. I don’t for one minute think that there are any golf balls still kicking around in ‘that’ bunker? …….. Or are there?

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Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

83 thoughts on “Controversial Sale of Hitler Memorabilia

  1. Tactless and tasteless but I I happened across a watch owned by Adolf and some cunt was prepared to give me $1.1m for it, it’d be leaving my ownership quicker that shit from a goose.

  2. Those Jews are terrible ones for bearing a grudge..we forgave them for killing The Baby Jesus so perhaps they should let bygones be bygones too.

    • Exactly! The Red Sea pedestrians are always playing the victim as well as being dirty, underhanded sneaky cunts! Anything to do with money, and the hook-nosed cunts are right in there. Take Judas, for example. Wasn’t interested in giving up one of his mates until they dangled the 30 pieces of silver. Not only that, his uncle Hymie sold the Romans the cross at wholesale and the crown of thorns was supplied by Solomons of Jerusalem, ‘Milliners to the soon to be crucified’. Cunts, the lot of them!

      • Just to let you know Foghorn, I’m selling your recently removed foreskin on my market stall, as a leather wallet. I don’t think I’ll make much profit though, due to its miniscule size.

  3. Years ago, Hitler’s binoculars he used at Berchtesgaden went up for auction. An anonymous bid of $44,000 won them. Didn’t cause a stir.

    In the early days of Ebay, the amount of Nazi memorabilia was staggering. That came to an end. Not sure where you go now to get authentic gear now.

    I own Jeffrey Dahmer’s fridge. It’s haunted. Every time I open it, a cold air comes out of it. Derek Acorah spent the night in my Jeffrey Dahmer fridge. That’s how he died. Spooky.

      • And to think, some lucky beggar in Paraguay has Hitler’s SKULL. He probably runs some sort of underground shrine for neo-Nazis from California, Croatia and the glorious Azov battalion in Ukraine. Every April 20th, there’s an epic torchlight pilgrimage to the shrine, Wagner blaring, and it all culminates in a giant circle-jerk over Hitler’s skull.

      • Hitler’s skull…..

        It’s like the fucking Sunday sport.

    • If you’re passing by that part of the world Berchtesgaden is well worth a visit. I went there 20 years ago the actual Eagles nest had been flattened (by the Americans??) but the outlines of the various buildings could be seen. I understand that some of it has now been restored. Most interesting was the town hall who’s entrance room was hung out with Germanic flags, it was like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. You just felt that Naziism was alive and well in that corner of Germany.

  4. The next question is how long before Churchill memorabilia goes the same way because of the woke brigade?

    I think it’s all part of history. I’ve visited places that are famous because of the Churchill connection and they are rammed full of artefacts from the time that brings history alive. I’ve also visited a couple of locations connected with Hitler and they are just bare rooms, devoid of any history, because German law forbids ownership and display of such items. When I visited Hitler’s Eagles Nest (named as such by the Yanks – it was actually built as a tea room high in a mountain with no obvious access to show off Germany’s engineering prowess) it was bland and characterless and, I thought, robbed visitors of the experience they should have had from their visit. The cafe was busy. The locals call it MacDonalds!

    • Were you the ‘anonymous UK telephone bidder’ who brought Eva Braun’s knickers for £3700 Cuntstable in the story linked below the article?

      • Are you sure you are wearing the correct pair, C.C? Ava Braun, married Adolf in the last days of the war. Their initials on the said garment, will be the same. Check for historic, unsightly smells, if there are any left!

  5. The BBC article

    ‘Adolf Hitler led Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945, orchestrating the systematic murder of as many as 11 million people – six million of whom were killed because they were Jewish’

    Why are the upset about Hitlers watch, it an object previously owned by a notorious historical figure, I don’t get it.

    • Good old BBC. ‘Facts’ obtained from a Wikipedia page by some early 20s graduate. As David Irving pointed out, nobody has ever found a document relating to the Final Solution that can be traced back to Hitler. He may well have been aware of it, no doubt, but it was ‘orchestrated’ by the SS.

      • David Irving? Hmmmm.
        There’s enough in Mein Kampf to see his thoughts on the matter.
        Then there is Hitlers obsession with micromanaging, nothing was built or done without his approval.
        Over 45000 camps, from concentration, to forced Labour, as German industry was heavily reliant on slave and forced labour.
        He knew alright. He wasn’t at Wansee, but had delegated the task to those that were.
        He knew. They all knew.

      • He was a regular on my deadpool before I couldn’t be arsed anymore.
        Afternoon RTC. 🙂

      • Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending him. He knew alright. And as you say, he’d delegate so someone else had their monicker on the documents.
        Irving was a trouble making old bugger, but he got his comeuppance in the end.

      • In fairness Monty, he does have an incredible amount of original documentation from the reich, it’s what he chose to do with it that defined him as a cunt. Some of the quotes from this material in his books have the odd word or phrase changed from the original text, giving it a totally different outcome, so he could claim the shit he did.
        The cunt.

    • I suppose if you have the knowledge to translate from a foreign text, you can twist things to suit. A bit like people do with the bible or the Koran.

  6. I read somewhere that it is of dubious provenance, so it might be a total waste of cash.
    Historical artefact or Nazi fanboy keepsake? Context is everything.

    Far worse are those cosplay SS, dressing up as Hitlers mass murderers in the guise of ‘reenactment’. When asked why they would dress up as some of the most despicable people of the 20th century, they inevitably reply that they do not represent the political ideology or their crimes, but explore the soldiers experience. That like dressing up as Peter Sutcliffe and saying their only representing the lorry driver, not the murderer.
    Sad cunts.

      • I cant eat a kitkat without thinking of the Four Tops,
        Or a flame grilled whopper without thinking of Anne Heche.

    • Sometimes for special events the Dr Shipman costume comes out.
      Nice leather Gladstone bag full of pre loaded syringes, loads of new will forms space for loose jewellery get in
      Not surprised Adolf’s watch made that amount most things relating to the higher echelons of the third reich make silly money. So what, doubt if his watch committed any atrocities. Wait till Mao’s technical quick release underpants come on the market.

  7. Sometimes it ceases to amaze me! A pair of Ava Braun’s silk knickers previously went for $3700. & that Marradona top $8M.

  8. Aren’t original VW Beetle’s classed as Hitler memorabilia?, they were very popular with lefties and hippies at one time!

  9. I suspect the people who find this controversial would be quite happy to flog Ghengis Khan or Josef Stalins personal possessions if they happened to possess them.

  10. And, Hugo Boss didn’t design any Nazi uniforms, but his factories made plenty of them. Don’t be a dull cunt like me and blurt out that pearler in more knowledgeable company…..😂

  11. I have a Nazi armband and an SS dagger, both of which my dad brought back from the war. The armband has flecks of (presumably) Nazi blood on it. Nice.

    • My ex father in law gave me a blood stained swastika armband that his uncle picked up in Normandy, but the ex wife took it back when she left.
      That’s the difference between a battlefield relic bequeathed by a participant and a cock tuggers auction bought wank bank material.
      Stuff like that should be in museums.

      • I still have my great uncles war medals, two of which were presented to him by Admiral Doenitz. I think he must have been an electrician during the war, as his collar badges look a bit like lightning bolts!

  12. I’ve got a signed letter and photo of Reggie Kray. It doesn’t mean I want to go out and demand protection money from the local church coffee mornings. It’s history, I’m fascinated by a way of life that I would never dream or want to be involved in. I read a lot about the Nazi’s, doesn’t mean I want goose step around Sheffield. It’s about learning from history and not making the same mistakes. The more dangerous people are the woke left who want to re-write the past and mould the future to their own narrative.

  13. My late grandfather gave me a pair of Hitlers shit stained underpants, retrieved in the rubble of the Fuhrer Bunker. I am told that they are worth a lot of money but so far I have had no takers.

    So..if anyone is interested, I’ll sell to an ISAC member at a knock down price of £5. (Eva Brauns knickers are a little more. Open to offers )

    • Your right!
      He was a vegetarian.

      I think In years to come, Linda mcCartney will rightfully be seen as worse than Hitler.

      • Her ‘sausages’ were.

        Cardboard texture, smell of arsecheese…made it impossible for me to be a vegetarian.

        If eating meat is cruel, then the majority of animals are cruel. They eat the faces off other animals while they’re still alive.

        If a cow could eat you, it would.

        Get to fuck.

  14. Can we ban all stuff from dictators?
    Ban the Asians sent here by Idi Amin.
    You had to hand it to the fat black bastard though, he deported the worthless cunts without a second thought.

  15. Puffs watch that.
    Fuckin rubbish.

    You dont have to be a nazi to want to own a piece of history.

    Bonnie & clydes bullet riddled car,
    A nazi dagger,
    A japanese officers ww2 sword,
    Bit macabre
    Lot interesting.

    Ive got a ww2 machete,
    Crocodile stamped on it, anzac?
    But im willing to swap for a nazi dagger?
    Or a Black September balaclava😁

    • Maos chopsticks?
      Whod want their shite!
      As dictators go theyre bland.

      Id like Idi Amins hat,
      Or that leopard skin hat that mobutu seko wore,
      Pull the chicks that .

      • They inherited them.
        Idi was a distant relative,
        The scottish side of the family.

      • I would like Bocassa’s fridge – you may remember he was the ex- dictator of the “Central African Empire”. I would pay more for his fridge if it still contained the human remains the UN found in there. Bocassa claimed he had come to fix the little light inside the fridge and must have got stuck in there.

      • I like Fidel Castro’s khaki field cap.

        Simple yet stylish with the wearer at ease when ordering the execution of political opponents or embezzling billions in foreign aid.

  16. One of the most valuable watches is the Rolex GMT worn by Che Guevara when he was shot. It’s still in the possession of the CIA man who was, coincidentally, there at the time.

  17. I wonder how much Anthony Blair’s used, soiled panties would fetch at auction?. Peter “Goebells” Mandelson must have a whole wardrobe of them.

  18. Just picked up a deceased Normandy veterans war souvenirs. Nazi staff car pennant, propaganda leaflets dropped by both sides plus lots of other bits. Photos of his unit and the old fella even wrote his experiences up before he died.
    Will be donating the collection to a regimental museum. Items on thier own are just that,but the history of thier capture is where the real value rests.

  19. I find this nom painful,I was in the market for a new watch and thought my bid of £10.50 was a sure winner!

    I realised I might not win when a pair of Eva’s knickers went for £3500. Oh well such is life.

    I might get lucky and win Joe Bidens watch in the next auction, apparently it’s not very reliable and sometimes runs backwards but it does have a cycling timer.

  20. I’d like an Iron Cross to wear with the rest of my medals. Go well with the NHS logo on my uniform! (Medals only worn at funerals and the ribbons on Remembrance Sunday).

  21. Old Mr. Goldberg. Who lives next door but one, always used to go on about The War. He said he’d been on some kind of production line, in Poland.
    He’d got a tattoo while he was there, but it wasn’t up to much, just a collection of numbers. Shit really.
    I don’t know why he didn’t have something a bit better.
    Even if it was only ‘ Mother ‘
    Anyway, for his 101st birthday, seeing he was keen on WW2. We bought him some wine.
    Never even said thank you.
    The cunt.
    Get To Fuck.

  22. I have an old tin of Tesco baked beans that Jeremy Corbyn slurped from. I wonder if he shared it with Flabbot over a candle?

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