American Sitcoms

A cunting for American Comedy programmes.

Not stand-up – American stand-up comedians are some of the best – but their sitcoms and late night talk shows are formulaic bilge.

Why is it that the major networks can only take chances with offensive humour and surrealism in animated programmes such as South park, Ren and Stimpy and Family Guy, while much of the live action stuff is safe, moronic pap?

I’ve tried watching the US version of the Office. it’s terrible. The UK version is overrated but still watchable. it’s a very good first series from a new writer. The American version can’t restrain itself the way the British version did.

I get recommended a lot of these comedies by fellow Gen X/millennial contemporaries; My Name Is Earl, Arrested Development, The Big Bang Theory, it’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Curb your Enthusiasm – they all fell flat.

For most of its run Curb is just the same episode in different clothes. The only high point was perhaps Larry David having to perform The Producers – but a lot of it made my eyes roll; the punchline is never worth the laboured set-up and is always based around Jewish neuroticism and the taboos of middle-class California, which seem to be fucking everything.

What a stifling and boring cunthole of a society. A lot of these taboos that Larry blunders through are much more aggressively and deftly handled by stand ups like George Carlin, Denis Leary and Bill Burr.

The less said about the man-children of The Big Bang Theory the better. It is, as a friend pointed out, Nerd Blackface, and the only character who is allowed to develop is the audience surrogate Penny.

I think the only live action American comedy i ever found funny was Third Rock from the Sun, mainly because of John Lithgow. What a shame NBC destroyed it by moving it around the schedules unannounced, prompting Lithgow to thank them at an award ceremony for ‘killing our show’.

Saving the worst until last, there are the late night talk shows, a dead format hosted by cunts called Jimmy saying ‘Orange Man Bad’, all desperate to convince themselves and their otarine audiences barking and clapping their mindless approval, that Trump colluded with Russia and children are being mistreated by border police.

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  1. The problem with Yank telly is there’s way too much of it and 98% of it is utter crap. However, the other 2% is stellar quality.

    I think this also applies to their sitcoms. I loved Seinfeld, but haven’t watched it for years due to Julia Louis-Dreyfus mouthing off. Lefty cow.

    For me though, a US sitcom which is funnier than Seinfeld is Rules of Engagement. David Spade stars alongside Patrick Warburton and the lesser known Oliver Hudson. Eye candy provided by the voluptuous Megyn Price:–megyn-price-engagement.jpg

    and the balls deep shaggable Bianca Kajlich:–bianca-kajlich-beauty-skin.jpg

    You’re welcome.

    • I watched that series through twice. Loved it. Patrick Warburton is a great addition to any show IMO.
      Good call. Forgot about that one.

      • Ha! You are correct, MC. I have all the DVDs and watch them over and over. I practically know every line. I just adore that show.

        Patrick Warburton has one of those faces that makes me laugh. Especially when he does that squint face to show either confusion or WTF? It’s priceless. Whenever I watch an episode, I always go back and forth over who I’d rather shag – Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) or Audrey (Megyn Price). Choices…choices…

        The Mannequin Headball episode is as good as sitcom comedy gets. Just classic.

        Glad you enjoy it too. I feel they could have made another 100 episodes.

        Russell: You know how you’re always telling me not to mess with Timmy?
        Adam: Yeah.
        Russell: I went a different way.


  2. Anyone remember that American ‘comedy’ with that irritating as fuck dark personage who was supposed to be a kid, when he was about 25? The cunt that said shite like ‘Watcha talkin bout, Willis?’

    What a cunt.

  3. I rather liked Seinfeld. Especially Cosmo Kramer.

    As a young child I thought this episode of Cosby show was funny.

    I also thought Beavis and Butthead and Southpark was funny.
    Ren and Stimpy was bizarre but funny at times. I’m sure that John K. who created it ended up being a borderline n0n<e though. Some weird shit about him going awol with a teenager.

      • That is the face of evil though, right?

        I think even Damian would shit himself seeing that sour faced window licker coming at him.

    • Joanie Collins and Linda ‘I would have’ Evans in a mud fight.

      Michael ‘Robin Hood’ Praed’s wedding getting ambushed by terrorists and no cunt dies.

      Joan’s toyboy, Dex Dexter, who acted like an android with constipation,

      The ‘sensitive’ story of the ‘gay’ Stephen Carrington.

      Blake Carrington’s wig changing hue every week.

      Blake’s many out of nowhere long lost relatives. Like dark personage, Domenique Devareaux, who was his ‘siister’.

      Funny as fuck. Oh, and some top totty too… Jennifer Beals, Heather Locklear, the aforementioned Miss Evans, Emma Samms, Pamela Sue Thingy..

      • The milfmongous Stephanie Beacham too.

        And when raging poof and Warhol bitch, Helmut Berger played a Kraut lothario. Absolutely hilarious.

    • No, Dallas surely? Larry Hagman was a fabulous dry comedian
      “Sue Ellen, you’re nothing but a drunk and an unfit mother”
      Ironic on multiple levels, but hilarious nevertheless.

  4. And although it wan’t a sitcom as such, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In used to make me laugh years ago. It probably wouldn’t now. But a young Goldie Hawn was a very fine piece indeed. Hawn by name. Horn by nature…

    British doll, Judy Carne was sexy and all….

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