Non-Inclusive Rugby Shirt Design Decision

Not so much a cunting as a celebration of a fight back against woke bullshit:

”Historic pride jersey sparks player boycott in Australia.”

Yes at last some fucker has said enough is enough of this Pride bollocks being rammed down our throats.

Seven players in Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL) will boycott a key match over their team’s decision to wear a pride jersey.”

On Thursday, the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles will become the first team in the competition ever to don a kit which promotes LGBT inclusivity in the sport.
But players weren’t consulted and some object to the move on religious and cultural grounds.”

Good on them. We have gone from acceptance of a natural deviation to promoting it as something to be proud of. And to aspire to.

So where is the left handed pride? Ginger pride? And sooner or later Pee Doh Pride?

Israel Folau ( an excellent player) lost his career because, as a fundamental Christian, he disapproved of this bullshit. He didn’t advocate throwing off buildings but said they would rot in hell. His beliefs. Which should be accepted.

It is time that those of us who are sick of this shit, whatever our beliefs, had a voice.
Josh Aloiai, Jason Saab, Christian Tuipulotu, Josh Schuster, Haumole Olakau’atu, Tolu Koula and Toafofoa Sipley. Take a bow.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

And making a fist of it with a second is: getfuckedwokecunts


This brainwashing shit needs to die. It is a cunt of titanic magnitude, until pepo start the somali style fight back on this or the peacefuls Galileo experiments it will swamp and destroy society.

Zero tolerance for this abject filth pushed by woke cunts who seem to control everything. A media cull, a politician cull, a UN cull, an EU cull, take back control and dont accept it. I’d sort all this shit out in seconds as PM. I’d hire people who can do the job and have the qualifications. Skin colour, sexuality wtf that got to do with ability, jog on cunt.

I’d label people who prevented you from buying meat or blocking you to go to work as terrorists. Round them all up and ask the public what they want done. I’d cease all their assets and the organisers and pass that money on to the inconvenienced. Then these people will be employed in an abattoir for their crimes, or fix all the pot holes and road maintenance.

I will simply inconvenience them by the time they inconvenienced others, total it up and multiply by 20 the time. There will be warnings to any ‘unlicensed protests’, ensuring the right to protest is upheld; but the state will not bear the cost of idiots. If it does then those funds will be worked off by those cunts and not the taxes. There will be no compulsory teaching of faggotory to groom youngsters. If there is they will be handed over to Galileo experimenters. It’s about time control was taken back and Cromwell the 2nd turned up.

Also tourist attraction will be to pay for testing of ordnance at the coast £50-£100 a head to shoot at illegal gimmegrant ferry companies. I’d heavily advertise in the USA these holidays as they have the lowest accuracy rate and highest ammo consumption.

Strong Policies for a happier country.

82 thoughts on “Non-Inclusive Rugby Shirt Design Decision

  1. Good for them👍

    While I dont hate the friends of Dorothy or fish suppers,
    Id object to being a billboard for their political bullshit.

    As for trannies well im not keen on them,
    The puddled cunts.

    • They should do it properly (if they are going to do it at all), on the shirt a picture of big bearded prop bent over in the scrum position, shorts round the ankles and a big second row with his cock rammed right up the props arse…..

      That’ll get em talking’

  2. I have a gay mate, all he wants is a quiet life and to get on with normal shit like work and paying his mortgage and bill. He fucking hates this lbtqgxcunt shite, and ant form of limelight. I get pissed off with other cunts promoting what’s not there to promote.

    • Agree- this pride march bollox you see on a regualr basis, seems to be more of an excuse for limp wristed wankers to dress up and shout ‘look at me’ whilst indulging in easy casual sex with fellow ‘look at me’ cunts, rather than just getting on with their lives in a normal, private way like hetrosexuals do.

    • Same same. They homosexualists that I know are hard to distinguish from the real thing and don’t subscribe to any of this “ooh, look at me mincing around on a fucking parade’ camp!

  3. …or a couple of lezzers. Blonde, slim, buxom…preferably sisters giving each other an anal fisting.

    Would get me talking

  4. Fair play to those fellas. I do fear for their future prospects though. As soon as other sponsors start to shit themselves after a few twitter posts, they might start pulling their money out. That will mean curtains for the blokes. Hopefully I’m wrong though,
    On another note, I see it looks like the knee bending bollox on the prem is in the way out.

    • Not sure about the kneeling bullshit stopping. Match Of The Day, on the opening day, showed two teams doing it. Fuck knows about other teams, and I can’t remember which teams it was.

      The cunts.

      • Apparently its going to be a few times a season, opening day, cup finals and Boxing Day for some bizarre reason. Still not going to watch the cunts though. The only positive thing to happen is that Gary Lineker now feels comfortable enough to come out as a black man after years of living in the shadows.

      • Ah. That famous celebration of BLM – Christmas. Fair play to ‘Schwartzer’ Lineker, though. How brave.

  5. The Twitter mongs cannot even get their facts right after accusing the players of hypocrisy because the club shirt also features sponsors of a brewery and betting company. These are CHRISTIAN players arsewipes, not Muslims. No one is going to be stoned to death on Sunday for having a flutter on the 17:10 at Lingfield.

    • Before long, they’ll start dyeing the horses’ manes in LGBTQ+P colours, LL.
      Then paint rainbow shit on the poor buggers’ hooves.
      It’s bad enough horses are forced to do dressage which is, quite simply, forced gay equine mincing.

      • I don’t doubt Mr Cunt Engine. The hijab wearing jockey from a few years ago at Goodwood sent Dick Fiddler into a coughing fit. Fuck knows what rainbow horses will do.

      • I’m already 80 years too late, LL…I forgot about ‘The Horse of Many Colors’ from the Wizard of Oz.

      • Ha ha! You’re dead! He’ll hire The Worcestershire Warrior to track you down and give you a panneling, behind the bike sheds!

      • DCI.
        Because they never turn up he’ll drive to MNCs patch, with a bike shed on the back of his flat bed.

      • @MNC…..Expect to hear the revving of a Hilux,the splintering of your artisan-made,country-cream gate, the baying of the Hounds and the tootling of my little hunting-horn in your very near future.

        If MNC has scarpered Dick, fear not. The ISAC GPS tracker will be activated on your behalf and his location texted to you. – NA.

      • Admin@

        Cheques in the post.

        That gorgeous artisan made gate using sustainable hardwood and Farrow and ball paint means the world to me.

        The only way im better than my neighbours .
        I sneer at their gates.
        Stand and look shaking my head and tutting.🙂

    • @LL. And you know whose fault they’re Christians don’t you? Correctamundo, as usual (at least according to the liberal lefties) it was the racist white colonialists who introduced Christianity to the Pasifika peoples. Had the missionaries left them to their own beliefs it’s claimed they’d have been happy bümming each other senseless as such behaviour was considered normal. Just as cannibalism was. Damn those do gooders from Europe interfering in the islanders culture, eh?

      • Isn’t Dame Tom Daley on some mission hunting down homophobia in the former British Empire? You’re not going to find it up some Fijian rugby players hairy arse crack Tom.

      • Daley is going around telling them are ‘wrong’ and his view on life is ‘right’

        …some kind of ‘cleansing’ in his mind.

        Thin end of the wedge IMO.

      • Thing is Moggie, at least in the North West, it seems like its nearly every other feckin weekend that one town or another has a whoopsie festival. Without checking all the Gtr Manchester boroughs I think since the back end (unfortunate turn of phrase I know) June there have already been pride events in at least Rochdale, Oldham and Stockport, Bolton had one last week, Wigan has one tomorrow, Manchester in a fortnight. No doubt the same færies attend each one hoping to pair off with another monkeypox candidate to fornicate freely until the vaseline runs out. I don’t think they could try any harder without their jacksies suffering friction burns.
        As others have said before, how long is Pride month supposed to be for.

      • Absolutely DD this one is Prestwich and I either stay in or find somewhere devoid of these cunts.
        I’ve lived here 42 years and only know of 3 outwardly gay locals so why are they trying to promote this shite. Of course there will be others flocking in from miles around, New Mills I believe.

      • I’ve lived in Rochdale and it seems a strange place for a Pride parade. Perhaps the peacefuls figure the more gays there are the less competition there is for 12 year old white girls.

    • Christ on a crutch, so that’s June, most of July and now taking over August as well. Are the rest of us allowed any respite from this?

  6. I think these blokes will be finished before very long. The poof brigade are well funded and organised. They will bring pressure on corporate sponsors and the rugby authorities and, as we’ve seen so many times before, they will fold like a house of cards. The poofs are like women…….once slighted they never ever forget.

    • …a womans though is nigh on compulsory in my view……especially if she want you to pay for her hair and nails at the weekend.

  7. Gays got what they wanted. In the UK, they can bum 16 year old lads legally. They can get married. Say a word out of place to them and the full force of the law can come down on you.

    This meant Stonewall and other gayness charities had fuck all to ask for.

    They’d al/ have to get real jobs.

    “Unless…hmmm how about adding a ‘T’ to ‘LGB’?

    Genius! Quentin, tell the Carphone Warehouse to fuck off , we’re back on the gravy train!”

    The worry is that once the ‘T’ is fully accepted, what will Stonewall et al try to add then?

    I think we can make a good guess.

  8. I guessed the Aussies would be first to reject the woke bullshit.
    Straight talking, and to the point.
    Should really be a model for any society. Let’s hope this is a catalyst for the rest of the English speaking world.
    I’m not going to hold my breath mind.

    • Unlikely to be Bruce & Sheila for at least the next 3 years as they’ve just voted the wokey Labor party in. Expect much political pressure behind the scenes from them to force punishment on the 7 players and make the whole NRL have a pride round next year. Participation by all players will be compulsory at the risk of them having their contracts cancelled if they fail to do so with teams barred from government / council owned grounds.

      • Sadly Mr Dribbler I think you are bang on the money here. That’s exactly what will happen. Normally the wokies would be crying about any action against effnicks but the bummers outrank them in the hierarchy of victimhood so they are fucked.

  9. I thought compelled speech was more or less illegal?

    Surely companies can’t force compelled actions which are nothing to do with the job itself?

    Wave a flag for the bummers? How about you wave a flag for the skin off my shite?

    • In for a penny
      In for a pound

      They need to stick to their position.
      No apology
      No backtracking
      No buckling under threats.

      Do that, play the race card a bit,
      Should be ok.
      I hope anyway.

      Dont like this mob bullying shite😡

      Even if it was something I agreed with,
      Brexit or the right to have fish n chips for breakfast,
      Doesnt matter.
      Id reject it.

      Its not fair play.

      • Indeed MNC. I’d say I have a disability. I’d claim tourette’s (a disability makes you untouchable) and call the CEO a shit munching spider monkey molester. Then, as they force me to stand with a rainbow flag in front of Dame Elton and other bumchums, I’d shout “Fucking degenerate pooftahs! Satan awaits!” over and over.

        I doubt I’d be asked again.

      • Thats the spirit CB.
        Id make myself the person they dont want wearing the advertising.

        Make yourself a toxic brand.
        Say your the reincarnation of Allah.

        No fuckin way theyre putting you in a pro bummery tshirt.

  10. No great surprise to me that the fightback would begin with rugby players…rugby players ( Union not league,obviously) tend to be a better class of sportsman..not chippy got-nowts….No great surprise that they are also religious..whether you like it or not, non-religious types are usually perverts with no moral compass.

  11. No great surprise to me that the fightback would begin with rugby players…rugby players ( Union not league,obviously) tend to be a better class of sportsman..not chippy got-nowts….No great surprise that they are also religious..whether you like it or not, non-religious types are usually sexual-weirdos with no moral compass.

      • LOL….I’m deeply wounded,Mr.Dribbler…..cut to the very quick.

        I shall pray for your Soul…perhaps you can help yourself by confessing your sins and appealing for forgiveness at your local Church.

      • Fucking right..the Reverent Ian Paisley wouldn’t have been seen dead in a “Pride” rugby shirt…but he might well have been seen horsewhipping the Heathen-Homos

      • He’d be my Archbishop of Cunterbury.

        First day on the job, he’d nut that Welby cunt, then kick all the lady vicars in the cunt and tell them to put the kettle on.

        By tea time, he’d have vile blasphemers drowned in buckets in front of their crying children.

        And if a tranny ever tried to give him any shite, he’d stick an axe through the cunt’s head and send his mum the video.

      • Short of you being a resident of the sex-offenders’ wing at Rampton,you’ll be lucky to outperv some of the degenerates on this site,C.C.

        The Devil is stoking the fires and heating the poker waiting on the arrival of one or two Posters on this site…even I cannot find mercy and forgiveness for them.

      • I’m hoping that once I take off the lingerie and the ball gag out of my mouth, god will give me a pass

  12. Personally, I don’t care if you’re a poo-pusher or normal. Lots of great artists (Freddie Mercury, Bowie) and lots who aren’t (Kevin Spacey, Craig David, Travolta, Cruise) are turd-nudgers. However, this pride flag is everywhere and it’s virtue-signalling at its best.  Along with all politics (Feed the schoolkids, the BLM racisists, poppies), it doesn’t belong in sport, even a homoerotic game like “rugger” which is chock full of Sphincter-Squirrels.

    Nonetheless, thst Israel Folau is a weirdo and was well-cunted here:
    Besides commenting on homós, he’s also attacked atheists, drinking alcohol, telling lies (?), and “fornicating”. He sounds like atn anti-free speech, fundamentalist, wingnut cunt.

  13. No fan of this pride crap, I don’t care who fucks who, but I really don’t want to hear about it.
    On the subject of sports clothing brainwashing, I wish people would get as upset about the fucking betting/gambling logos that seem to be on every fucking thing. If I had kids I wouldn’t know which would be worse, them tasting dicks, or pissing their cash away on accas and other mong betting shit.

    • Good Evening GJ.

      That’s a good point.

      The fact that these ubiquitous betting companies now have to pay some kind of half hearted lip service to “betting responsibly” or have introduced slogans such as “when the fun stops – Stop” during their countless adverts, is a probably a glimpse into how deep this gambling addiction rabbit hole is for far too many people.

      • Evening HJ.
        It’s everywhere, TV, radio, all social media platforms, printed press, you can’t move for it.
        Bingo, slots, roulette, there’s a multitude of ways to fritter your hard earned (or benefit) cash away.
        That broad who took home 375 million quid a year, and the cunts like her are the only winners, and they couldn’t give a fuck for responsible gambling

  14. In most jobs these days it is a contractual obligation to support Diversity, inclusion and of course shit doctors. Failure in any way leads to final written warning and /or Dismissal. ( Try getting a Public Sector Job if you can/wont support the sport of cock sucking !)

    • No wonder we don’t get anything done in this fucking country. Too many people in employment having to think too much before eductation/instructing/training/advising/serving someone so they don’t fucking offend anything or anyone. Too many hoops to jump, too many boxes to tick, and too much time spent doing it decreased production and efficiency.

    • I was asked to do a training course on Unconscious Bias.

      I refused saying I don’t have any 😀

      HR then said, that’s the whole point, it’s unconscious.

      My comeback was then , if I don’t know if I have any UB then you can possibly know so won’t be doing the training ta very much you thick cunts

  15. I suspect that the players objected to being forced out of the closet. Rugby is the homoerotic sport for closet cases after all.

  16. i played rugby (union) from young, under tens and beyond all the way to the real mans game and i was a scrum half so the showers after training and matches wasnt much fun for me little dick.
    but in my experience it was that the bigger cunts remained friends of mine for ever.
    It might appear homo but that is not the reality as in you expose yourself fully on and off the pitch and
    the best team sport ever invented for the bold and the brave and the crushing hits that’s par for the course.
    Our own IRFU also has stated the same , your either a man or a woman on the birth certificate and fuck yourself otherwise

  17. Trying to put Gay Pride on sportsmen renowned for beer swilling, shagging slag birds, fighting in pubs, kicking the shit out of each other was never a good idea.

    It shows just how silly the left wing gay rights agenda is getting. They’ve become the new Nazis by pushing their idealogy on folk, and institutions who just don’t give a flying fuck about who they shag.

    • Put the fuckin tshirts on.
      Go out in them.
      Then as the team lines up rip them off, spit on them,
      Stamp on them
      And give a nazi salute and as one all walk off .

      Sorted .

  18. Rainbows everywhere and they have the other colours added. Really could not give a fuck about lbghjiutrescv issues as long as the brown arts are not compulsory, no diddle the little and leave me the fuck alone. I ain’t promoting or encouraging something that I believe is a mental illness. Straightforward poovery and bean flicking no problem with that, I think that’s genetic cannot be helped, all this other fucking rubbish is mental elf innit. Treatments not appeasements should be the mantra for this knobrot bollocks.

  19. I dont understand the “pride” bit, surely it should be “ashamed” month, how can any fecker be proud of being a misfit with a penchant for hairy arsed members of your own sex, specially in this weather their chuffs and helmets must be minging with the lube of choice cascading down their legs as it melts in the heat, mind you they would keep the flys off food at a picnic. Bloody sausage and mash merchants were better when they kept it to themselves. Now its nearly compulsory. 🍆💦

    You paint a lovely picture I must say. The ‘keep the flies off’ line was particularly amusing. “Ashamed Month” – well played, sir – NA.

    • Isn’t Pride one of the deadly sins.
      The cunts will never ever, shut the fuck up because they have an audience in the cunt MSM
      Shut yere holes, ye whores of Babylon and monkey will die overnight
      Quares riddled with pox educating your children, what could go wrong.

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