Oya Celasun of the IMF

(Who the fuck elected you to decide our future? – Day Admin)

Oya Celasun of the IMF – “Let energy bill soar in order to achieve Net Zero

This smug careerist, well-paid cunt has suggested governments should not subsidize rising energy bills with tax cuts and benefits. Neither should governments consider re-opening coal mines, fracking or gas supplies.

Instead, according to Celasun, energy prices should be allowed to rise based on market forces with no state intervention. This will mean people will have to cut back on their reliance of nasty old fossil fuels in order to speed up Net Zero Carbon targets.

Celasun goes on to say that by reducing dependence on gas from Russia it will somehow weaken Putin’s position on his threats to reduce/cut off gas supplies into Europe.

Basically, therefore, we should all freeze to death in order to save the planet, as well as bring the war in Ukraine to an end.

Or more specifically, let all the poor cunts on low incomes freeze to death while the rich elites can carry on pontificating and finger-wagging at how we’re still killing the planet by us reckless cunts turning up the central heating by 1 degree because its -10C outside!

It is rather telling that cunts like Celasun have actually said this publicly. It makes you wonder how many other global organisations are of the same mindset but haven’t been so vocal about it.

Perhaps the IMF are in the pockets of the WEF in order to achieve The Great Reset by any means.

It also begs the question why global organisations such as the IMF and WEF have so much power and influence over national governments even though by the most part no one from the general public elected them to power!

Can you image what would happen if all governments in the EU and the UK decided to follow the IMF’s edict and announce “Enough is enough.Prices need to rise further. No more handouts to the masses!” There would most definitely be massive civil disobedience and protests throughout Europe – protests not seen since the days of the Poll Tax Riots back in 1990.

There is a certain inevitability that renewable energy will be the primary source of our energy needs and in some respects that is a good thing just so long as all countries play ball. But the biggest problem I find is the reckless headlong transition from fossils to renewables when we are simply not ready for it.

We have no Plan B for situations we find ourselves in now, thus dumping us between a rock and a hard place, while cunts like Celasun simply shrug shoulders and resort to the Greta School of Thinking¬† and say “Stop moaning, get over it and think of the future!

Neo-Feudalism – Globalists are on the warpath and will resort to anything to get what they want.

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78 thoughts on “Oya Celasun of the IMF

  1. Do you think it earns more than a 100k a year?
    Has it ever been short of a few bob?
    Did it study a pointless ology?

    Whatever, still a mega-cuuunt.

  2. If you looked up Bad Breath in a picture dictionary, this is what you would see.

    Hoo-ee, what a cunt.

  3. Fucking Hell! What an ugly CUNT!

    What two beasts of hell fucked to create this gopping creature?

    I’ve done a few munters in my time but I wouldn’t fuck this fugly cunt with someone else’s dick, let alone my own.

    This hideous bitch obviously has a chip on her shoulder due to being a fucking swamp donkey, so takes it out on the poor and innocent who are clearly struggling as it is.

    We need a priest to do an exocist & banish this fucking she-bitch Hell spawn back to Lucifer’s domain where she quite clearly belongs.

    ‘The power of Christ compells You!’

  4. This Turkish Turd seems to think that renewable technology will magically accelerate if fossil fuel use reduces and a whole load of pensioners die of hypothermia.

    The cunt has little idea of the scale of the problem. Oven followed by wood chipper.

  5. An observation.

    Whenever they go on abaaaht THE MESSAGE! (net zero, climate change, be vegan, electric cars, blah blah) they never mention consuming less. As in hey everybody here an idea lets stop buying shit.

    They also don’t take companies like Apple to task over the whole planned obsolescence thing.

    I read that Amazon basically destroy millions of pounds worth of stock that doesn’t sell.

    There’s nothing wrong with most of it. It hasn’t been opened or used. So why destroy it??

    Where’s Great Thundercunt now then eh?
    Just like when wannabe Bond villain Jeff Bozo decided to go to space with Williams Shatner for a lark. Where was the Golden Child then??
    Strangely quiet on that one.

    • It’s what makes me laugh when someone quotes-
      ‘You’ll own nothing and be happy’
      If that’s the case, what are these evil companies going to sell us to keep the money rolling in.

    • Pity Shatner and Bezos didn’t die in an explosion during take-off. Two cunts disposed of for the price of one.

  6. Oya Celasun of the IMF – fucking cunt.
    They’d be better of asking Lemming of the BDA.

    The IMF is supposed to be politically neutral. Like the civil service or GCHQ.

    I keep trying to tell everyone how to fix this conspired “energy crisis”:
    1. Tax the fuck of Centrica/EDF/E.On/Shell with 98% corporation tax until gas supply and demand returns to normal (Putin dies),
    2. Convert all the Gas fired power stations to coal and use that until gas supply and demand returns to normal (Putin dies).
    3. Repay customers pro-rata with the money raised from the 98% corporation tax including “billing companies” downstream who are reselling energy from the real “energy producers”.

    Why do they keep going on about Windfall Taxes? That’s no use.
    This whole thing and the fucking useless politicians doing nothing is really starting to boil my piss.

  7. Well my friends and I have decided that when China makes a big reduction in the output of CO then friends and I will give a fuck.
    Why should we suffer from an impending return to the Middle Ages when the ones producing the most just stick two fingers up at the World. If the great and good were shown in no uncertain terms that a magical unicorn bubble will not appear over the U k if we become carbon neutral they may get an inkling of why we think they are useless money mad bastards who have no idea at all except serve self.

  8. She’s even uglier in her profile picture here:

    “She has published numerous academic and policy papers on public debt sustainability, sovereign risk and corporate debt, inflation in emerging market economies, and the costs of unpredictable aid flows in low-income countries.”
    Fuck off. That’s like saying I was in Star Wars 9 but you’ve never seen it because it has never been shown. Fuck off back to one of them dago joints and stop telling us what to do.

    • The Turkish ancestors must’ve visited Transylvania a few centuries ago and encountered a bloke called Vladislav, as there’s definitely some vampire bat about her.

  9. The state of it.

    Grown in the same batch as Layla Moran. These fucking ‘bug-people’ all have this look, or are creepy little soyboys; from the IMF, EU, SpAds in Westminster down to the vaping cunts outside local council offices and school careers advisors.

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