MSM (18) and Doom & Gloom

I would like to Cunt the doom and gloom merchants in the mainstream media.

Why can’t these fuckers ever find something positive to report on.

One article has just caught my eye 👁 on yahoo news. Apparently all the rain water on planet earth is unfit to drink. All of it will cause cancer

Yahoo News Link

That’s it folks let’s all cash 💰 in our chips now.

We are all doomed I tell you doomed.


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69 thoughts on “MSM (18) and Doom & Gloom

      • Wasn’t that song written in response to journalists picking up on Henley having sex with an underage runaway after giving her drugs? Swell guy is old Don.

      • Jeffrey Epstein was a great accountant, too! No one ever mentions that. It’s always, “Epstein the child rapist.” The media never mention his ingenious financial acumen.

      • I’m always surprised how strangely how nothing much is ever said about Bill Wyman. He met her when she was 13. He was 47.

        He even asked the police if they wanted to speak with him back during the operation Yewtree days and they weren’t interested.

      • You should move to East Angular. The tap water dahn here is pure nectar. And the broads! Fuck me, the number of stunning bitches showing out in town this afternoon was unbelievable, practically naked they were, figures to fucking die for! Many were clearly on heat, really asking for it…

      • You wish Ruff, you wish!
        Lucky for us our wives don’t read our posts on here.

        A few years ago I was in the city very early one morning in the summer. Finished the job and walked down to reception with the young guy the customer had sent to meet me. A blazing hot day commencing and we stood in reception looking out through the glass front wall watching the young women walking across from the station to their offices all in short shift dresses and carrying just a small handbag. I realised he was quite enamoured of the view when he said; “You know, some of these women are only wearing three articles of clothing.” I thought, yes likely so. He contnued; “And two of those are their shoes.” I thought yes, you wish.

      • Ruff tuff

        Theres a young lady living over the back of us whos got a body made to sin.
        Long legs, perky breasts, long auburn hair,
        But shes a dreadful exhibitionist,
        I dont agree with flaunting yourself.

        If I climb my back fence,
        And into the tree in her garden,
        And raise a mirror on a 10ft pole,
        I can see her getting undressed!!

        Filthy mare.

    • I always leave Cecil and Ian in the car with the windows open when I pop into the shop, no fucker has tried to steal the MK2 yet I may add

  1. Loadsa positive MSM reports:

    “Johnson resigns.”

    “England’s Lionesses secure their first ever European Championship triumph with a hard-fought, extra-time victory over Germany at Wembley.”

    Liz Truss says she wants “urgent action to get spades in the ground.”

    A bit extreme that last one, perhaps, but a positive report nonetheless.

      • Did you see Biden taking ten minutes to put his jacket on the other day getting off the plane.
        My Grandfather has been dead 15 years yet he’s currently got more life in him than Joe.
        Whilst masked outdoors. Naturally.

        While his skeletal drunken side kick is making a cunt of herself in Taiwan.
        And calling China “one of the most free countries on the planet” while she was there


        If you didn’t laugh you’d cry.

    • No he hasn’t. He wrote:

      the effects of climate change are a problem, one of the many we face, and should be tackled in that pragmatic way rather than by asking us to up-end the whole way our societies work”

      Not only is this not bollocks, it is not saying climate change is bollocks either. In his paper, published by Policy Exchange, he did, however, state that there was currently no climate “emergency”, which is perhaps what you meant.

      Much of what he was trying to promulgate was a critique – and criticism – of the current “arse about tit” UK schema of managing demand to permit the greater use of “renewable” energy sources rather than approaching the problem from the opposite direction of managing future supply in copious measure, eg from nuclear and fracking. Rather unfortunately, in the process he described wind power generation as “medieval”.

      Although this was pretty silly and certainly gratuitously controversial, it was also not (complete) bollocks. His point, I think, was to argue that nuclear power generation is practicable whereas an infeasibly large number of wind turbines is not. He has certainly stirred up a hornets’ nest or two in the process, I’ll grant you that.

      • I’m looking forward to the day hypocritical eco loons with smart meters and electric cars receive the message from their energy supplier “Tonight you have a choice. You can do one of the following 1) cook 2) heat your house 3) charge your car. Please note that the energy used for each of these options will cost £100 from wind power instead of 4p from nuclear.”

  2. I’m surprised there was any news at all in the MSM.
    The last time I bought a newspaper was to do a cryptic crossword on holiday.

  3. Bad or negative new stories make the public easy to manipulate and control and create a herd mentality. Brexit and ‘Project Fear’, climate change, cost of living crisis, channel migrant bastards…pick any day of the week. Its only gotten worse with the advancement of social media, reaching those cunts who would have normally never watched a news report or picked up a newspaper.

    • I don’t do TV news, newspapers or social media, let radio news wash over me and am mostly happy as a clam. Ignorant, but definitely clam-like.

  4. It’s perfect for the shit the bed generation.

    Make everything as dumbed down and as scary as possible.

    Most sensible people think the purveyors of this woke effluent are cunts.

    Anyhow never drink water,only ale.

    • I haven’t taken the corporate media seriously for over fifteen years. To get drawn into the labyrinth of lies will drive you to despair. You’ve got to remain of positive mind. Form your worldview from the ground up without middle men, gurus and experts spoon-feeding you the official story of life.

      There was a time when news media had integrity, the free press golden age of the mid-1800s soon gave way to media moguls like William Randolph Heart (who Citizen Kane was based on) who told the boldest, most damaging of lies and that art of bullshit has only been refined since Hearst. Look at Ukraine, people went from knowing nothing about that country to screaming for all-out war with Russia within a few days. Now, no one cares about Ukraine, old news. Covid, old news.

      Crazier shit is coming down the pike, though. September/October will see the new hysteria, I reckon, so enjoy the end of summer. Eat, drink and be merry!

      • Bullshit.

        No one is calling for all-out war with your precious Russia, and most people do still care about Ukraine.

      • I don’t think anybody was calling for all out war.
        Nobody in their right mind anyway.

        The energy dependency that Western nations placed on Russia is looking increasingly short sighted with each passing day though.

        Close down your power stations and choose to rely heavily instead on a rogue state for your energy needs.
        We’ll sanction this rogue state as well to signal our virtue and they wouldn’t dare turn off the taps.

        You’d sack some cunt in a normal job for displaying that logic.

      • I would add that had Hillary Clinton been elected in 2016 instead of the Orangeman then the current situation with Russia would probably have started back in 2017.

      • I confess, Cuntamus, idiotic comments do have that effect on me sometimes. 😂

  5. I prefer reading an enjoyable tale of someone else’s woe..” New Build House explodes due to methane build-up killing Vegan owners”….far better than one of those heart-warming ” Doris,100 years old,goes wing-walking in aid of The Cat Protection League” stories…now if it said that the mad old Bat had come untied and bouncing-bombed her way through a Spastic Society charity shop, I’d be interested.

    • You can pay the media much heed
      You have to take things with a pinch of salt.
      Otherwise youd be scared to step outside the door.

      As for water being unfit to drink thats bullshit.
      Im always drinking out of becks and streams,
      Cant get purer water than direct from a spring,
      Filtered through tons of rock.

      Theyre from Islington,
      Probably only ever drank from puddles.

      The soft cunts.

      • So what about rain that falls on crops or rainwater from water barrels that people use for their homegrown fruit and veg? Everything gives you cancer these days.

      • I dont mind bad news that doesnt effect Me.

        A tsunami in Haiti,
        Cholera outbreak in karachi,
        Some Love Island type losing a infected testicle,
        Or just hearing its going to rain when theyve planning a community fun day .

      • I know. In WW2 bombs were dropping every day for four years and people just got on with life. Food was rationed. You had to keep schtum, “loose lips sink ships” and it felt like it would never end. To top it off, we had to give back India.

        But Britain is still the best place on Earth. Once America falls, they Yanks will flee to Britain and Europe. That will be fun!

  6. The media are gargantuan cunts who always pick and exaggerate bad stories. Long waits for ambulances/EDs, police fail to, etc. Not a jot about the good things and lives saved every fucking day because that’s not what imbecilic, easily-led arseholes want to read and get indignant about. And don’t the ‘people’ lap it up?


    • And I’ll tell you who else are cunts in the media, too. Documentary makers. I was in one, a few months ago, they just happened to be filming another service for one of those reality things, and we were called. The finished programme bore fuck-all resemblence to the actual job! Dumb fucking dramatic music, narrator talking fluent shite, the other ‘service’ talking fluent bullshit about what didn’t happen and a great shot of me glaring at the camera when they got too close.

      ‘Reality,’ my fucking arse.

    • Agree 100% DCI. When I had my cardiac event on 8/6/2016 the response from the NHS was astounding. My wife phoned 999, asked for an ambulance, put straight through. She told the woman my symptoms and my age and at that point the lady must have hit the button which said; “ambulance to this address now.” My wife was asked to pass the phone to me and while I was speaking a fast response car and an ambulance pulled on the drive. We then had four people in green overalls in the lounge. I was blue lighted to Wycombe General and within two hours of our 999 call I was in a bed on a ward having been stented.

      My opinion? People who knock the NHS are morons.

      • When we get it right, arfur, which is more than the media make out, we’re good. Glad you got the help quickly and the road to cunting’s going well. I ‘enjoy’ going to MIs. Set protocols, genuine pt, and most of the time, a great result, plus, if we’re lucky, we can stay and watch the stents fitted.

  7. (hypothetical stories)

    “£100m collected for Help the Heroes” – The reality
    “£100m collected for BAME heroes” – the Media Spin

    “Man (white) saves family from home inferno!” – The Reality
    “White man accused of arson has he tries to burn down black family’s home” – Media Spin

    “52% of populated voted for Brexit” – The Reality
    “52% of population didn’t know what they were voting for and are therefore wrong!” – media Spin

    “Warm sunny summer expected at long last!” – The Reality
    “2 day heatwave will bring death, destruction and misery for billions!” – Media Spin

    • Defo yes on all those points.

      The weather, at the fore front of our minds, was absolutely glorious today and for many days this Summer. We’re having a ‘Summertime and the living is easy’ vibe and all the media can say is ‘extreme heat warning’ and spin it with Climate Change.

      No doubt that ultra-pillock Dr Shillary is telling everyone to stay indoors with Factor 50 on and a mask.

      • This “heatwave” doom, stay indoors hectoring is part of the “climate change / global warming” agenda. Obviously the climate has and is undergoning a significant change, but nothing commensurate with banning fossil fuels and replacing that industry with electric vehicles. One of the things you pick up from reading chronicles from all over the world, is that the climate, weather undergoes changes periodically. There were pros and cons to this in past centuries, but mostly pros when the temperature increases, the most obvious being that crop yields, harvests are bountiful.

        Obviously we need treat the Creator’s flat Earth with Firmament better, but electric cars won’t do anything to improve our lives. Reducing the use of plastic is great idea, but that won’t happen, either. No civilization lasts forever, they get destroyed and we build new ones.

      • All electric cars are doing is kicking the can down the road for whatever comes after that.

        They aren’t really any better.

        There’s a bit of a mean streak in me that wishes in a way these eco zealots would get a taste of what net zero will really mean. It won’t be what they think it means.

        I’m thinking something out of the bleak days of the Soviet Union or the Little Match Girl.

        The winter of our discontent is on the way I fear.

  8. The MSM will twist a story, give it some spin, or leave out salient points.
    Not quite lying, but not the whole truth either.
    However, I still take more notice of that than the fucking drivel links that the tinfoil brigade post as stories and facts.
    One link earlier set out their stall before you could even read the article, telling you the truth they tell is under threat, and only by giving them money would free speech be protected. 20 hours to save the truth it said. What a load of wank.
    What followed was the usual fare, stats twisted to give the anti vaxxers something to whinge about, stating that the bought msm never tells the truth.
    By bought, I assume they mean the government. Aye, the government that the msm gleefully helped topple.
    Thick cunts.

    • To be fair, Johnson toppled himself, he didn’t need any help from the MSM.
      I see his deluded lickspittals in the media (Mail, Express, Sun, Telegraph) are now campaigning to shut down an investigation by the Privileges Committee into whether the fat compulsive liar deliberately lied to parliament – you could not fucking make it up!
      Presumably Truss, Sunak, Mogg and the rest of Johnson’s crooked cabinet are afraid of what else the investigation might chuck up…

      • Oh he’s definitely the victim of his own demise, but the BBC, and the wider UK media have had a field day frotting themselves senseless over every aspect, both before, and after his resignation.

  9. Even Breakfast news is full of morbid stories. BBC breakfast was always sharing war porn from Ukraine. If it isnt doing that then it’s cancer and the Mental ‘Elf.
    Fucking can’t be arsed with the faux-sympathy of the presenters. Just give me Sally Nugent, legs akimbo in nothing but fishnets and heels saying ‘lick it, you terrible man’.

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