Cyclists [17]

Well this is ironic, cyclists as we already know are 2 wheeled cunts, these fuckers have climbed 50 rungs up the cunt ladder when they were given right of way over motorists, it was a licence to make themselves a hundred times more disliked.

Well when the rules changed these cunts have now to give way to pedestrians and they don’t like it, so now legally when these cunt ride into someone on the pavement you can not only kick the living fuck out of them, you can sue the fuckers as well.

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    • And also the timid cunts afraid to overtake them😠

      Its a fuckin narrow obstacle moving about 10mph you cunt!!

      Go around its not a Hercules aircraft you slack jawed

      Fuck me😡

      • I had one of the arrogant, dull cunts go through a red light, straight into the side of my Big Yellow Uber. That was an interesting, one-way conversation to ensure he understood his folly.

      • Trouble is loads of these lycra-clad fuck-wits think they’re in the Tour de France and bomb along just fast enough to make it a bit risky to overtake, especially when the twats are in the middle of the road.

      • And riding two or three abreast ‘Because it’s safer’. I’d like to see some fucker go mad, like the cunt in ‘Falling Down’, and start taking the vermin out with a snowplough. National hero, they’d be!


      • Do the cycling cunts get out of the way of your ambulance,DCI, or do they act the goat?

      • Most of the time, if not, they get a blast of The Bullhorn Of Justice, but, the arrogant cunts always try and go through the scene of a RTC when the road’s been closed. To be fair to the Feds, they always fuck them off back to the other side of the tape. Also, I’ve only attended one accident involving a cyclist on a road where it wasn’t their fault or hadn’t been acting the cunt some way. Don’t get me started on the Deliveroo vermin. Do you REALLY think I’m going to give way to you whilst you’re cycling the wrong way down a One Way street? Whilst I’ve got lights and sirens on?

    • can we throw bricks at them, preferably non EU conforming bricks.

      and the fine is trebled at jeremy vine

  1. As a longtime cyclist, i hope the cunt on the bike in the photo broke his bollocks a had multiple rashers of skin removed from his legs and arms. he wears pink socks for fucsake.
    He deserves to be pelleted with his own shit as he couldn’t judge a pedestrian crossing. The Langer is a lycra poser flying around urban landscape looking for notice,
    wouldn’t last 20 miles in a real race. Too many of em around now and as for the deliveroo cunts on their electric chariots with a box of cardboard shit attached to their backs and a right shower of cunts on those scooter things, all cunts, so yes bye and large, cyclists are indeed cunts, i agree

  2. A few years ago I was behind a cyclist and the stupid cunt took a corner wide around a country lane and a range rover made a speed bump out of the fucker, gave the range rover driver my details and told him the cyclist was on the wrong side of the road never heard anything more about it afterwards, that will learn the cunt to behave on the road

  3. An elite squad of Northumbrian lords of the Manor should commence a nationwide campaign of training to equip the country with the deadly skills necessary to rid us of this scourge of the skinny bewheeled cunts.

    Before its too late.

    • I have a recurring nightmare where I’m chased over the Fells by hoards of mental pushbikers screaming that I’ve insulted them,I’m a nasty,evil cunt and they all fucking hate me !!!…whatever can it all mean,Unkle?….what can my subconscious be trying to tell me ?

      • That you must crush the swine afore they end up in your drawing room.

        The sweating pushbiking hordes deserve no mercy.

        Unless it’s that lass from that odd Spanish film with lovely big tits.

      • If i may answer Sir. Running away from a group of people in a dream is anxiety and needs to be confronted immediately as you do not understand the source of threat you feel.

        i suggest that meeting up with some local cyclings people at a trendy coffee n pastry cafe that they love, to have as a break from their twenty minute exertions they inflict on themselves.
        You could also arrive decked out in Lycra yourself as well Sir Dick and confront your fears. im sure that it will help.

      • @Unkle…you’re right,of course… I’ve been looking at ways of fixing scythe blades to the wheels of the Hilux and an old combine reel and cutter-bar to the front….I must do more than look..I must act immediately afore my vast drawing rooms is full of stinking,flatulent bores droning on about puncture repair kits and shitting in my Ming vases…the dirty bastards.

      • No doubt the bloody awful swine are committed veganists to boot.

        I think we have truly unmasked a wretched cabal that should be shown no quarter.

        Let their fucking tyres down then give the rabble a coursing by the hounds.

      • @mecuntry…”.i suggest that meeting up with some local cyclings people”….No fucking thank you….the nightmares are nothing,I suspect, compared to the horrors involved in actually meeting up with the dreadful Cunts ( present company excepted,of course) ….I’d as soon meet up with Michael Barrymore and Dame Elton John for a midnight dip in my septic tank.

      • 😂😂😂.You are indeed, not in need of therapy.
        But try on the Lycra when no ones about, you surely do possess a long mirror in the mansion🤫👀

  4. The Elites want us off the road and that’s fucking obvious. It’s a two pronged attack. Firstly they make it as expensive as possible to actually own a car. Then they make it as difficult as possible to actually drive the fucking thing. (and park the fucker) The new priorities given to these cycling cunts are all part of the plan. Mayor Suckdick is doing a fine job here in Londonstabistan, a role model for every cunt politician in every city in the country.

  5. I’m sorry, but the Green Cross Code still means something to me.
    I’ve no desire to be hit by a Canyonaro 4×4, nor to be mowed down by a Lance Armstrong wannabee, so I will continue to watch, look & listen.
    At my age, a fucking broken hip is the last thing I need, assuming I don’t have a heart attack from the shock.

    • I was working today in the front garden of house which sits at the bottom of hill, JP. About ten or twelve of these fucking heroes just zoomed past at about 30mph, anyone stepping off the pavement would have been wiped out, no danger. And they have all these carbon fibre bikes from fucking Krypton that cost £5K so you can’t hear them either.

  6. I didn’t think it was possible but I recently witnessed a whole new level of pushbiking cuntishness…the Cunts don’t even properly peddle the fucking things!!…I was out with Hound when we met a lad we know out on a pushbike…he stopped to talk and I naturally asked him what the fuck he was doing on a pushbike…wife had made him do it apparently…said he needed to get some exercise ( she was right,he looked a right fat bastard…as I told him)…and he had gone off and spent “more than he should” ( £1500,I looked it up) on some contraption that means ( from what I could make out) that he doesn’t have to peddle as hard….Ffs..why not just buy a fucking moped and be done with it?

    Bad news indeed..means that the bastards will have an increased range to inflict their cuntwittery.

  7. New rules aside, which are piss boiling, every cyclist needs to take at least a basic road craft course and pass a test, be insured and identifiable, just like any other road user. CBTs for cyclists, insurance and a registered number plate!

  8. I dont hate cyclists as such,
    Its just their laissez faire attitude to basic road safety .

    I get in trouble if I kill one,
    And my unblemished driving record is marked for good .

    Did I mention im a excellent driver?
    Probably in the top 5% in the UK?

    Its not right,
    You should have 3 strikes and your out,
    If you plough over 2 its a verbal warning,
    But once youve killed 3 its two points on your license and a £10 fine.

  9. Putting in keep left bollards everywhere in many places now, has made things worse. In an effort to slow traffic down, & prevent overtaking, the councils have effectively made the roads narrower, making the overtaking of cyclists difficult!

    • Never seen it.

      Overtaking is a human right,
      How I identify,
      And a cultural practice.

      • You can always “Keep Right” instead of Left. that in many cases would be a lot safer I guess.

    • Metoo .
      Nowt gayer than a man in brightly coloured lycra,
      Although the other week I saw one have road rage.

      I came down the road and a bloke in a BMW was arguing with a bloke on a mountain bike.
      To ease tensions I started to beep my horn,
      To no avail.
      Then the bloke on the bike (wearing work clothes and had a saw in a bag screamed

      “Ill knock your fuckin head off!!!”
      At BMW.

      BMW set off with a rapidly pedalling angry fat joiner in hot pursuit.

      Made me smile .

      • Yep, not all cunts on the bikes, fair fucks to him
        i only still ride for my left knees sake as its bolloxed from years of taking the knee, fitting and fixing for a living.
        It does help no end as it lubricates the joint.
        when i stopped cycling many years ago my leg as in my knee used to go from under me without warning and an excruciating shock and even when i got back on the bike it took the bones of two years too be able to put full pressure on it.
        Thats the only reason i cycle today.

  10. That header pic looks like the start of an abduction. Or is he trying to give her a front mudguard coggie?

  11. I almost killed one the other day head on, unfortunately my natural reactions took over and I braked.

    • Yeah while real working people are struggling this bell end is p*oncing around at a flower creche, whatever the fuck that is supposed to be. Some hipster shit probably, like board game cafes or overhyped coffee in jam jars.

  12. I was fecking delighted see a cyclist the other day on a sit up and beg, flat cap on, trousers tucked in his sock, and a fag on mooching down the road, brought a tear to my eye and first time in years I didn’t want to pilot the Mog into one of the pedalling fraternity, hate the cunts with a passion verging on madness.

  13. In the absence of large apex land predators I find the cement lorry a fitting replacement in terms of keeping healthy evolution in check.
    Nothing better than rotting flowers tied to a lampost in London…

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