Monkeypox and the Media

The World Health Organisation has raised monkey pox to the ‘Doomed, we’re all doomed’ category. There have been 16,000 cases in 75 countries and FIVE deaths. To get this illness one has to be a sausage jockey/ uphill gardener etc.

The current WHO boss is a decidedly shifty chap who may be lining his pockets.

People are being fed lies that even Dr Goebbels would have thought as ludicrous.

Fair and Balanced BBC Link. (Helpful link provided by Jeezum Priest)

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With a second injection from Sixdog Vomit:

Today the head of the WHO put the world on high alert due to the spread and rising rate of the virus.

The head of the WHO (we were all told that their word is the gospel during Covid) clearly stated that the virus was primarily spread by men having sex with men.

The BBC when reporting on the WHO statement were more concerned with gay men being stigmatised by this than the actual virus.

Two gay men in a monogamous relationship have nothing to fear and if the media portrayal of the gay lifestyle was anywhere near the truth for the majority of gay men Monkey Pox would be as much a concern to them as it is to the rest of the population.

The monkey pox has let the cat out of the bag though, monkey pox is of more concern to gay or bisexual men because they have a much more promiscuous lifestyle than your average heterosexual.

Buy a packet of cigarettes and you’ll get told all about the awful lifestyle choice you’re making. Suck a strangers cock in an ally way behind the gay bar and the establishment don’t know what to say to you.

The woke media are desperately trying to find a way of telling gay men that promiscuous sex is a high risk hobby without saying that the lifestyle many gay men engage in is once again spreading a virus among them.

If your lifestyle puts your health and the wider community at risk then you should expect some stigma.

The news media once again finds itself struggling to report the news because it’s woke agenda has encountered stark reality.

Apparently monkey pox blisters can occur in the rectum and that should be reason enough to curb your carnal desires and not fuck strangers in bushes for a while.

99 thoughts on “Monkeypox and the Media

  1. I dont know anyone whos had monkey pox.

    Bet no one on here does?

    So, its hardly a serious scare to mr Joe public
    , Maybe joe public loos?
    But if you refrain from gay orgies you should be pretty safe.

    For some reason every time I hear it I think of the cereal coco pops?

    • Imagine the awkward call to the boss. “I’ve got to self isolate for a month!”

      If you work at the bbc they probably come and clap out side your house every night for a month!

      It’s not the clap though is it?

  2. It seems foul African born diseases won’t leave these poor chaps alone.

    I can’t help wondering why?

    Anyhow they’ve made their bed (or bush on hampstead heath) so they can lie in it.

    The WHO is a political front riddled with corrupt bullshitters.

    Pure oven.

  3. Despite their prowess at boasting of their success with de hoes, it shows how many black men have “Mandy” tendencies..

    I understand that if the figures continue to increase he Revd Chris Bryant will be opening a special service at St Keir’s of the laying on of hands – and various other parts of the anatomy, It will be known as the Feast of the Underpants Day.

    Seriously though, all these people turning up as illegals in this country – it makes you wonder how many more diseases, previously unknown in the UK, are turning up as well.

  4. Advice:-
    Alcohol bad for your health. Likewise obesity and of course smoking.
    Indiscriminate shirt lifing – A cause of great Pride. Nothing else to worry about.

  5. I sat next to Rosa parks on the bus,
    And next day I got diagnosed with Rhino Flu.
    I became short sighted, had a rampant horn,
    And charged at Land rovers.

    Its a disgrace!

  6. Speaking of such unsavoury matters, the spouse shocked me an evening or two ago by asking me what “Chemsex” was. I was nervous, as I thought she had regressed to fiifty five odd years ago, when the fires of passion hadn’t entirely burnt out.

    I needn’t have worried – it was mentioned in her soap opera “Eastenders”., and she likes to know what her heroes are up to, or down to

  7. ” what do you think it could be,doctor ?”
    ” well,it looks like something known as MONKEY POX ”

    nice !

    • …But Doctor, what should we do?

      …Don’t worry. It’s nothing that a prolonged lock down and an experimental vaccine won’t prolong.*

      (*Paraphrased of course from the Pythons.)

  8. Poor man’s version of The Aids…and that was a damp squib anyhow.

    • No cases in Northumbria Dick?

      Think monkey pox will be trade related myself.

      Politicians, social workers, arch bishops, police cheifs, teachers, etc

    • Yes too right. I had high hopes of Aids culling the population in Africa. No matter what the virus they still outbreed it, producing like rats.

    • As a rather flamboyant dresser with a re-grown enormous moustache, ought I be concerned about catching N̶i̶g̶g̶monkeypox, Doctor Fiddler?

      • No,I don’t think you should be concerned in the slightest,r.Cunt-Engine…I’d imagine that the Monkeypox virus would take one look at the bubbling morass of vile STDs floating around in you and decide to look for an easier target….Fat Reg or Tom Daley perhaps.

  9. ” Doctor,is there anything I can do to lessen my chances of catching this Monkey Pox ?”

  10. The lesson here is that black wimminz are so awful that black men would rather be bent.

  11. This is a great cunting on (at least) 2 levels. First, both cunters mention the pissant cunt from the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. This is the same miserable little cunt who was the chief health officer in Ethiopia when an outbreak of cholera ravaged the country. He not only didn’t recognize it as an outbreak, but he was completely incapable of dealing with it when it was positively confirmed.

    And yes…he is the same Dr. Tedros who named Robert Mugabe as WHO’s “Goodwill Ambassador.” Robert fucking Mugabe as Goodwill Ambassador!

    And of course we all know what a great job he did at the WHO when dealing with the Covid pandemic. And that leads us to point number 2. The forces of darkness and evil (WEF and the Great Reset) want to do exactly the same thing with Monkeypox.*

    They want to scare us…isolate us…lock us down…increase their own power…and of course make a whole lot of money on vaccines that may or may not be effective against a disease most of us are not in danger of contacting.

    There is a slang expression in America. When someone asks you; What’s new? You answer in shorthand; SSDD (Same shit, different day).

    *If anybody can be arsed (as you Brits say) then go to the The Great Reset website and read for yourself how they praise the onset of Covid for advancing their nefarious agenda by decades.

    Perhaps this quote might entice a few to do so:

    “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window to reflect, reimagine (sic) and reset our world.” – Klaus Schwab

    • Schwab and his ilk needs to be dispatched like that Taliban/al qieda/rag head/Afghan thing was the other day. Flayed to pieces by a drone launched missile. If true, Superb.

      • O/T I was watching President Jo Biden talking about it on the telly on Tuesday, the sound was turned down as we were having breakfast in a restaurant. The more you see of him the more you think he really should be in a care home.

      • @moggie

        I think you tread dangerously close to the truth. Once they decide the old hair sniffer is no longer useful they’ll hotshot him.

        “Here Mr. President, it’s time for your medicine before bed.”

        They’ll issue a press release saying Ji Jing Joe died peacefully in his sleep from the (Chinese) flu and coronate Old Flatback as the first person of color, who identifies as a woman, as President of the United States.

        It will be hailed as a victory against the white supremacist, male patriarchy that ushers in an era of multi-cultural, no-binary harmony and racial, social and environmental justice.

    • Uncle Adolf wants a trip to visit Unkle T’s special heater.Gas mark 6 for 2 weeks.Twat.

  12. Oh what on earth did the cute little chimpanzee in the picture do that has given him such a bad name.
    Pox on you all for decrying the poor little mite.

    • Chimpanzee?. I thought it was a photo of David Lammy just after he had his most recent haircut.

  13. The nomination picture is the result of Dianne Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn shagging

  14. I don’t know anyone personally, or in the media, who gives a fuck about this.
    The only ones hysterical about it are the tinfoil brigade, trying to use it as further evidence of their crackpot theories.
    Nobody’s buying. Carry on

    • On the subject of lying fantasists, has anyone else enjoyed the clip of Alex Jones being exposed as lying under oath in the court case against his saying that the Sandy Hook massacre was a fake?
      The look on his stupid fat lying face is wonderful, and the judge telling him to stop lying, this is a court of law, not his show, is sublime.
      ‘Truth’ and ‘facts’ without any evidence are just lies, because they are neither without it.

      • @GJ. It’s great watching Jones get caught out. Hope they stuff him for every penny he’s got left.

      • Where are the left wing gun nuts in America? This cunt is a candidate for cap in ass type of situation if ever there was one.

      • I don’t particularly dislike Alex Jones because of his beliefs, as strange as they are, I just think he’s an obnoxious cunt. Seeing him interviewed on Joe Rogan turned me off. A complete narcissist and bullshitter.

      • Jones and his fellow cunt Paul Joseph Watson are like the new TV evangelists.
        Give us money for our lies.

      • RTC, that YouTube video sums him up a treat!
        I wish a tiny bit of what he is saying was true, because if it was, he would have been bumped off by the deep state years ago and we would have been spared of the cunt

      • Nope, you have to look for it.
        Watching him shake his head while a mother of a murdered child pleads with him to acknowledge they are real people not crisis actors is disgusting.
        Personally, if he was mocking my dead child I’d kill the cunt.

  15. Was discussing this at work with a likeminded colleague, We guess it’s just another conspiracy/scare story designed to scare the sheeple into cowardice and fear, done in order to detract from what ever nefariousness’they’ are planning.

    Don’t want to catch monkey pox? It’s easy not too. Follow DiCuntys examples, Don’t be a gayer and don’t bum monkeys. Simple.

    That is all, off now to fill the 2.0 litre to the brim with heavy fuel oil and then head out to watch my county cricket team. Happy days and fuck the lot of our ‘ruling’ class. Ideally with targeted Hellfire Ninja misslies launched from reaper drones.

    • @LDiC

      I agree completely. The only ones who don’t see it are the flat earthers.

  16. With the Manchester Hide the Sausage event fast approaching a hatter on the radio was complaining this week that only 300 vaccinations had been made available to the gây community. He then went on to say this upcoming bumfest was likely to be a superspreader event.
    I have fuck all against anyone’s sexual preferences but just keep it in your trousers* for 3 days.

    *Or high rise shorts.

  17. I thought this monkey pox was going to be renamed because for some reason it has racist overtones. Never knew monkeys were a race, I do now 😂

  18. Five deaths out of 16,000 cases. In my book that’s three quarters of fuck all.
    Can’t we have a PROPER gay plague please? The microbe world is letting us down. Most disappointing.

  19. We can only hope, if this infestation continues to rise as we approach the general election Sir Kweer’s handlers stop him sucking too many black cocks on the campaign trail – but what’s the point, trannies, poofters and lezzas are all grist to the Starmer mill. The poor old bugger had to insulate 6 times because of Covid – what will happen to him if this happens?. I’m sure Angie and Sam won’t Tarry in taking care of business.

  20. WHO are preparing us all, with the help of the Shawlbs and Davos and that Soros cunt for their Trump card.
    The Bumbonic Plague, that they have cloned and reengineered for some lab to release and we will be so sick and tired of the cry wolf rhetoric, that it will wipe out what’s they’re of us in a matter of weeks. I saw it on youtube so it must be true and the new bumbonic doesn’t affect fags or trannies or theys as it is solely designed for the normals.
    The fuck monkeys shall inherit the Earth.

  21. Is this a case of species appropriation?
    The general consensus appears to be that as long as you refrain from multiple applications of the brown arts you should have little chance of being infected.
    A big hand to the cunt who went public in the papers and informed us that he had at least ten sessions of bumfoolery in the two weeks prior to him returning to Blighty and discovering he had the pox..
    Bottom line on this, try to resist the call of the arse, You and the NHS know it makes sense

  22. The pink pound, or dollar, or Euro is very attractive to certain parties. Bung us your money for our vaccine and you can carry on shit stabbing until the cows come home. Of course in this country it will be the taxpayer who forks out so the bumboys can carry on their endless spunk festivals. We can’t have the bumders blocking up the hospitals can we?

  23. Australia just secured 450,000 doses of Bavarian Nordic monkeypox vaccines. America had 20 million doses, but they let them expire. A lot Americans are clamoring for the vaccine. France are rolling out the vaccines. Just like with Covid, it’s starting slow, “ah, it’s only in China. Italy has it? Locking down? Ah, it won’t reach Britain…”

    And it isn’t an exclusively sexually-transmitted disease. “I not gonna get it! I don’t go to gay orgies!” Yeah you do, but that doesn’t matter. Once hysteria kicks in and the hypochondriacs start freaking out, glued to their phone for updates, all logic goes out the window. Once celebrities get it, the deal is sealed.

    Maybe it will fizzle out, but I doubt it. Another nefarious nodule of the clusterfuck that is 2022.

  24. There is no evidence that Aids 2 came from someone having intercourse with a monkey, and I find these allegations offensive and speciesist. Not all the world’s problems start in Africa. I call for participants at sporting events to go down on their hands and knees to show their support for simians everywhere.

    • Hahaha! There’s loads of videos on YouTube from Nigerian news in English from 2017 that tell you about it. It was called a conspiracy at first. It wasn’t spread via ass-fucking. It’s been around since 1970. It’s skin to skin contact. I could see swimming pools being closed, certain sports and my lucrative underground midget ladies mud-wrestling venture is hanging on the shaky nail.

    • Actually, most of the world’s problems did start in Africa. Approximately 300,000 years ago. 😃

  25. I’ve not paid too much attention, apart rom a couple of videos from Dr John Campbell.

    Only 6 women in the UK have caught it because the majority of the cases are amongst homo/bi men who engage in group sex.

  26. The question we should be asking is how are children being infected. It’s a fatal disease for young children.

    • It’s not exclusively a sexually-transmitted disease. Any kind of skin-to-skin contact can pass on the pox.

  27. What’s the symptoms? Eating banana’s, going from bought to hysterical in two seconds, having a red arse and throwing their own shit at each other???

  28. I heard a podcast recently in which they read an article written by a gay about monkeypox.

    He was whining about the NHS etc not providing enough support, but also mentioned he’d just got back from a gay orgy and was enjoying getting pissed all over off loads of gays.

    Maybe, just maybe, gays like that (not all, but a lot seem to be into shit like that) create a public health risk and perhaps need to curtail such behaviour, not put it on every cunt else to come to their rescue at great expense?

    But I’m sure they’ll keep eating da poo poo, the filthy animals.

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