Quidditch Identifies as Quadball

I want to cunt some massive cunts.

These particular cunts play a game called Quidditch which is based on a game played by the kids at hogwartz the fictional wizard school in the Harry Potter books.

These massive cunts play a fictional game based on flying wizards.

Obviously the spacca cunts cunt fly so run around with a broom between their legs as below.

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Now as if that doesn’t mark them out as grade A cunts they want to change the name of the game to distance themselves from JK Rowling (the person who invented the fucking game for her children’s books) because she doesn’t buy deluded fantasy about men being women in real life.

BBC News Link

Not content with being massive cunts running around playing a fictional game with a broom between their legs they now want to draw more attention to their cuntishness.

I suppose if you are ready to believe a man is a woman, imagining your flying around on a broomstick is not a big stretch.

Cunts Cunts Cunts

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And here’s one from Guzziguy

I know that the BBC is a regular subject on IsAC but there is a truly odd article on their Newsbeat section entitled ‘Can Quidditch thrive as Quadball?’
It would appear that the terminally sad freaks who run around green spaces with a broomstick between their legs wish to dissociate themselves from JK Rowling as she

had the temerity to point out that there are only two sexes.
It is hard to work out who are the bigger cunts, the outraged freaks or the BBC for thinking that any normal person would regard this stupidity as news.
As ever, I look to the technologically gifted on this site to provide the link. Thanks in advance.

With a supporting link from Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Here it is in all it’s fucking stupidity.


84 thoughts on “Quidditch Identifies as Quadball

    • all the focus on this woke shit is detracting you all from what is going on.

      the nogification of the country and thievery from your pockets (bbc will soon be the poll tax).

      the only way to fight against this is to take down lying journo’s, the bbc, and tear holes in dinghies.

      you pay tax for health care – get none
      you pay tax for education – get none
      you pay tax for roads – foreigners drive for free

      foreigners get health care and education paid by you, and you then pay for your kids. Take back control, take it all back.

  1. Quidditch is a Warner Brothers trademark and brand.
    What started off as an amateurist bit of fun has now become potentially big ( lucrative) business. However, it can’t go to the next level because Quidditch is trademarked. Hum, what to do?
    Then along comes JK and points out the screamingly and Lo!
    We have a reason for the Quidditch teams to be rebranded, sorry I meant renamed, to disassociate from JK.
    It couldn’t possibly be anything to do with money, could it?

  2. Anything to do with Harry Potter is a load of cunt. Daniel Ratscock is a cunt. Emma Twatson is a cunt. Rupert Gimp is a cunt. And all Harry Potter fans (especially the ridiculous sad bastard adult ones!) are thermonuclear cunts.

    That said, JK Rowling has a spectacular pair of whammers
    And yes….. I would…. With fucking gusto and for Great Britain.

  3. Quidditch, house points, wizards, what a complete pile of fucking shite…💩💩💩💩💩💩

    How the brain dead are easily fooled…

    Grow a pair. Question the cunts in power, this is Britain, FFS what was the point of WW2 if we don’t challenge the morons who “run” this country.

    Time for our great reset….!

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