MSM Pretending Not to be MSM (17)

A nomination for GB news, Talk TV and other news outlets that pretend not to be MSM.

They’re a bit shit.

More opinion than actual news, the only good thing is some of the interviews with people who don’t get on the other channels for going ‘off-message’on issues.
Other than that it’s mostly monologues and ‘clashes’ between various dim panellists. Many of the hosts are complete fucking non-entities: Dan Wooton is perhaps the worst offender; always butting in, and once again theyve booked the lefty version of Katie Hopkins – Benjamin Butterworth – to be obnoxious and irrational for clicks.

What a pile of wank.

Also, Talk TV; more panto dressed as discussion. Julia HB should fuck off out of it and create her own podcast or start an OnlyFans.

Both channels are in lockstep wiith the ‘MSM’ in discussing climate change after a 2 day heatwave -‘who’s to blame? What’s happening? What about China?

I don’t fucking care. This planet is not affected, only our ability to live on it, but many things would have a far greater and immediate impact on that ; asteroid strikes, large volcanoes, even the emergence of a pan-resistant bacteria in our hospitals, which is getting ever closer. The whole climate debate is now boring as are all current affairs channels which bleat on about it.

Same with tranny bollocks and quare lgbt crap, same with pro-Ukraine drivel, same with the gaslighting over race.

Compared to the rising costs of everything, it is meaningless dogshit.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

126 thoughts on “MSM Pretending Not to be MSM (17)

  1. My attempts to stay on top of things in the World ended a few months back. I now just “dabble” casually in news updates. I guess it’s because the conclusion is always the same, “Yup. Shit is still fucked up.”
    Anything earth shattering will find its way to me somehow.
    Fuck it all.

  2. As far as I can make out independent fact based investigative journalism simply does not exist when it comes to “news” via a screen.

    It’s all about opinion,outrage,propaganda and creating fear.

    It might as well be made by those fucking cunts at Disney.

    Well nominated.

    • Exactly. It’s hard to control people without fear. I’ve never met someone who was bricking it over, “climate change/global warming”. It’s only ever cunts PAID to do so. Almost no one is failing for the propaganda these days. We’ll see even more desperate attempts to put the fear into us. Wouldn’t surprise me if we see another 9/11 type event soon. There aren’t many cards left to play.

      • Something 9/11 ish would probably be played down by MSN now as people might say hurty things about muslamics, can’t have that.

        BBC report: “there was an explosion in a plane and also in a tall building…” etc blah

      • MSM 2022 – “A racist white supremacist skyscraper attacked an aircraft piloted by mentally ill followers of a peaceful religion in a clear right wing hate crime”..

  3. GB “news” is controlled opposition, heavily policed by OFCOM – pretending to be rebels as they sit squarely in “the establishment”.
    There is now no MSM which is not a propaganda machine and mouthpiece for lies and gaslighting – every “news report” is identical whichever channel it is on, but people do not consider this suspicious?
    We used to have investigative journalists who would have been crawling all over the National scandal of the last two years – there are none left.
    “Television, the drug of the Nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation”.

  4. I watch Mark Steyn on GB NEWS , apparently he’s got the channel in a bit of bother with Ofcom because he’s put the jab into question .
    But what really puts me off GB NEWS is that they only have about four Welsh adverts that are so bad and cheap ,usually Jewellery and Gin . Their like the local adds you used to see at the cinema back in the 60’s and 70’s.
    It doesn’t say much for GB news. Most advertisers give them a wide berth. Don’t want to upset the punters by associating themselves with “right wing” views. Most companies want to placate the woke brigade

    • ff@ Afternoon ff/all – Mark Steyn is the only one worth watching – he is clearly being targeted by OFCOM – Alex “squeaking smug little rich girl” Phillips is an irritating moron, Michelle Dewberry is so wooden I expect to see leaves growing out of her – and neither her or any of the other Female presenters even get their tits out – surely this is their job? 😀👍
      It is like a millionaires kid pretending to be poor to curry favour with the poor.
      And I still say that if Farage had the guts to unite and lead all the independent movements and factions in the UK he would win a GE in a landslide.

      • See an earlier post of mine Vernon …
        Just needs someone to put their cock on the block (would need substantial financial support) and for the wimp GB voting public to have the guts to get out and VOTE.
        Even if they didn’t win an outright majority, they would certainly garner enough seats to significantly influence the direction this god-forsaken place is going, and thus prepare themselves for an outright win next time.

      • At least Mark Steyn has made the penny drop with my Mother, she told me last week that she thought I was talking bollox about contrick19 and shit non vaxs but has reconsidered after watching him, she isn’t having any more jabs.

      • Welcome to Dewbs and Currrr, listen to us on your radiurrrr.
        Fuck me, that voice grates.

  5. Anyone who even nurtured the hope that GBN would differentiate itself by committment to honest and fearless fact led reportge was naive to the point of infancy.
    Can you imagine GBNews addressing the over-arching and imminent threat of “White Supremacism” with this degree of rigour and proportion?

    Know More News – White Supremacy

    …would they fuck as like!

  6. I watch the Nigel Farage show, mainly for the entertainment, he knows, like the rest of us that we are fucked.

    The only news I want to hear is fuel duty scrapped, we are stockpiling coal for winter, new gas wells in the North Sea and fracking in the north west and the green levy removed from leccy bills plus plane and ship loads of fucking dinghy cunts heading away from our shores.
    The cherry would be news that Starmer has been gang raped by a tribe of Somali immigrants 😂

      • CC@ Farage is just playing the game for money – much like “super grifter” Katie Hopkins who travels across America charging thousands a time to appear on stage and call Biden a cunt – but the desperate mugs still pay up – that wretched little bitch could not have her sycophantic tongue any further up Americas a$$ and does not mind slagging the British off behind our backs, the hatchet faced traitor cunt.
        One born every minute.

    • Soi@ Afternoon Soi – the only news I want to hear is reports of the rattle of Gatling Gun fire in the Channel!
      12 years of cuntservative “Government” on top of the Blair destruction has fucked us – who would be insane enough to vote for these fucking scratters ever again?
      BTW, just had an email from someone calling themselves “political Rodney” asking after the whereabouts of these sex crazed Somalian bumlords – he was even kind enough to provide his address!..

      • In old days before we had every cunt filming stuff we could have blasted the fucking dinghies out of the water and no one would have been any the wiser.
        I still don’t understand why none of these cunts have been run down by a passing oil tanker, it is the busiest shipping lane in the world, not busy enough! 😂

      • I’ve just started watching ‘Black Mirror ‘ by Charlie Brooker.
        Now I know it’s a fictional look at the future but there is only one news channel called UKN, a propaganda driven pile of bullshit.

        Personally I ignore all TV because it is a one eyed monster full of fear.
        All full of absolute cunt.

    • JTC@ – Afternoon JTC – Soi suggested utilising some quality time blasting dinghy invaders in the English Channel, but as I am a shit swimmer Miss Busty says I aren’t allowed unless I wear my water wings and inflatable sea monster..
      But I am confident Border Farce will be right on it.

  7. If you seriously believe both channels are in lockstep wiith the ‘MSM’ in discussing climate change and don’t discuss China then you don’t watch and or listen.

    I welcome a centre right view point and would take either of them over BBC or CH4 and they need support not slagging off as you can believe they are continually subjected to every dirty tricks and smear attempt under the sun by leftists and the MSM in an attempt to take down any views that oppose their bullshit narrative.

    This is one of the reasons they struggle for the same advertisers you see on other mainstream channels.

    • The trouble is i have watched and listened to several hours of both, and their agendas are mere reactions to the rest of the corporate media, if with a slightly more rightward tilt.
      The woke channels set the boundaries of what is news and TalkTV and GB just go along with it.. Most of the other stuff GB news discuss is fluff you’s get on Loose Women or This Morning .

      • Thanks for the reply Cuntamus, I dont post very often but when I do, I can come across as an aggressive little cunt. Thats probably because I’m an aggressive little cunt.
        I leapt to the defence of TalkTV / radio and GBNews because I can’t bear to watch any of the established MSM and their constant fuckwittery and preaching as they attempt to brainwash us all. I try my best to support these channels in any way I can because, in my opinion, they constantly and consistently disagree with the bullshit the MSM spout.

  8. Any news outlet which employs Benjamin Butterworth are obviously taking the piss.

    • He was the soppy twat banging on about 100 fucking genders, the only employment he should get is as firewood to prime Uncles oven

  9. All media is sales; they say anything for sales and it tends to falls into one of these categories: fear mongering, left or right biased garbage, gossip, dumbed down crap, a report on crime. People are easily led and journalism is dead.

    • Cuntologist@ – “MSM” – Yesterdays lies, tonights telly and tomorrows (invariably incorrect) weather.

      • What happened to tomorrow’s chip wrapper. People seem to believe everything.
        Fucking idiots.

      • If they ever extradite me to Guantanamo for hate crimes posted on IsAc,no need to waterboard me, just strap me to a chair in front of CNN.

  10. The MSM wouldn’t know the meaning of balanced reporting or objectivity in their reporting if it kicked them in the balls.

    Of course this isn’t a new concept – the old broadsheets and tabloids usually supported a particular political party. But you would expect better from the likes of the BBC, ITN, Channel 4 News etc.

    Instead we get a very one-sided viewpoint. They’ll report on the benefits of the EU while always looking for downsides to Brexit. They will report in such a way that immigration is definitely good while minimising the impact of the consequences.

    They will support LBGT rights; but they won’t bother with a counter argument. And yet we’re supposed to believe that what they tell us is solid unbiased journalism and OFCON only gets aggressive with those very same opposing views we rarely ever get to hear about.

  11. MSM or Mental Syndromes Media are suppliers for the needs of the few to the detriment of the many.
    The climate change and green agenda worked out well for the 20 million or so in Sri Lanka didn’t it.
    They went from plenty of food and economic activity by adopting the advice of WEF to grow organic.
    They now have fuck all and are destroying the place as we speak killing it’s animals for food and cutting trees down for fires.
    A microcosm of what could be the future.
    So a green policy failed , will lead to a total destruction of what they had before.
    You cannot feed 20 million people with food aid, absolute madness of the polices being forced on people of the land world wide.

    • Mecuntry@ – “Green policies” always fail because they are thought up by leftist unicorn huggers who do not have a clue about science or farming.
      Telling experts who have managed land for hundreds of thousands of years they are doing it all wrong because a mental truant grifter scrams they have to is bound to work out well..

      • “Green policies” always fail because they are thought up by leftist unicorn huggers who do not have a clue about science or farming.

        Telling experts who have managed land for hundreds of thousands of years they are doing it all wrong because a mental truant grifter scrams they have to is bound to work out well..”

        Playing Devils Advocate, here, but, isn’t that exactly the sort of thing you’re (and others) railing on about over Covid? Telling experts that have studied medicine for years, epidemiologists and the like, that they’re wrong with ‘evidence’ supplied from bitchute videos, mostly by people whose only real-life medical knowledge comes from sticking a plaster on a graze and having a couple of paracetamol when they get a headache, who don’t have a clue about epidemiology or emergency medicine.

        As you say, that’s bound to work out well…

      • I watch GBnews.
        I quite like it.
        Especially if Leo Kearse is on, hes the only funny comedian ive seen in years.

        I cant stand that Dan wooton cunt though.
        Talks over his guests, gets hysterical,
        But then theyre like that arent they?
        The Mary annes.

        Yesterday, the soft twat was still crying about the first lockdown😂

        And he has a weird teeth/gum ratio?

        Like hes still got his milkteeth.

      • I can honestly say, that apart from when I’m going to be on it, through work, and that’s usually regional bulletins, I never watch or read the news, Mis. Does Reginald Bosanquet still present it?

      • Actually, that’s not entirely true, it’s on on the radio, but I don’t take any notice of it.

      • Yes Reg is still the face of ITN news DCI despite dying in 1984(a minor setback)
        He still looks better than Joe Biden.
        Its amazing what the makeup dept is capable of.😁

      • I like Leo too Miserable, he often upsets the champagne socialist cunts, the likes of Victoria Coren Mitchell for example.

      • 4 eyed cunt@
        Its really good if he happens to be on with canadian black comedienne and race warrior Dana Alexander!!

        Leos scottish no nonsense common sense has her on the verge of tears😃

      • I can’t understand a word that Leo Kearse says, talks like he has speech impediment in tandem with a mouth full of marbles 😂 A white version of Reginald D Cunter

        Off topic, I saw some track cycling on the box, the commonwealth para side, two fucking tandems racing each other, I thought was some mental disability but turns out the guy of the front in able bodied (the pilot)and the one on the back has impaired vision. I don’t get it, the one of the back doesn’t steer and couldn’t see anything if he had normal vision cos his head is tucked up the arse of the fucking pilot 😂

      • Sicky@

        I like Leo best when hes upsetting the other guests and arguing with them😁
        The other night it was Nick Dixon who he said looked like a middle manager at carphone warehouse,
        And a tapeworm in a suit!

  12. I get all my news from a Ouija board..
    Talking to ronald Reagan last night sounded a bit puddled..then again it could of been jack regan..

    • Do us a favour – ask Adolf Hitler if his fuel bill was as high as Unkle Terry’s?


  13. Everyone enjoying paying that half a billion bill for “Nightingale Hospitals” which were never used?
    How are the 80,000+ thousand former NHS employees enjoying their new roles after the appeal by Johnson? Settling back in OK? What’s that? None have been re-hired and the NHS has an alleged staffing crisis? And we need to import tens of thousands of foreign workers as trained UK NHS staff are not in the NHS?
    Perhaps we should ask the opinion of Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Chief Medical Officer and Pfizer Executive how safe the “vaccines” are – I mean – what would he know? – Apart from maybe solving the mystery of why a “vaccine” miraculously developed in about 6 months in 2020 was actually patented by Pfizer in 2016? Don’t worry though – if by complete coincidence someone is coerced and conned into taking a “vaccine” that doesn’t work and it fucks them up just go to the UK Governments vaccine injury compensation website, which was set up because these “vaccines” are so safe..
    I am not here to try and convince people – everyone has their own free will and capability of finding things out for themselves if they can be arsed, all I ask is that people who are bothered take the time and commitment to find out what is true and what is not – and that will not be found in the MSM.
    Somewhat disappointed to be called a liar and a fantasist TBH.

    • Having had no immunisation before covid I quite enjoyed the vaccines Foxy!

      I felt like Pete Docherty,
      I rolled my sleeve up, tied off my arm,
      Tapped up a vein..
      Only for the nurse to give me a little scratch in the shoulder.
      Not very rock n roll.

      • Mnc@ Afternoon Mnc – the nurse was high on smack and nicked money out of your pockets for drugs when you were distracted!
        Shifty no good Pete Dochertys pretending to be nurses..
        And think yourself lucky you did not get nurse Fat Reg! 😱

    • “Somewhat disappointed to be called a liar and a fantasist “….and I’m somewhat “disappointed” to be called a “sheeple” who should educate myself because I don’t swallow every one of your often fanciful..and occasionally distasteful… claims.

      Who knows?…perhaps your claims of hoaxes,sources,court cases,”fight-back” involvement,numerous occupations,hours spent sourcing “the truth” etc. are true…although quite where you find the time to fit it all in is a mystery to me….but I’m sorry,Vern..I like you,find you occasionally informative and admire your sheer resolve….I will not accept that I am an uneducated “sheeple/mouthbreather” because I find some of your claims “fanciful” to put it mildly.

      • # me too. That ‘Alleged’ staffing crisis in the NHS must be why our overtime vacancy list is do fucking long. Allegedly.

        Every day. Allegedly.

      • DF@ – I was referring to the general population as opposed to anyone personally.
        Masks which are of no use whatsoever except as a visual reminder that “there is a deadly virus going around”, but this “bafflingly selective” virus does not seem to affect the rich and privileged at play, Nightingale Hospitals shutting without treating a single patient, the NHS alleging there is not enough oxygen or ventilators to go around and people are dying because of it as all the oxygen and ventilators needed sit idle in unused facilities, politicians and journalists getting pissed, partying and fucking as we were effectively under martial law, police unlawfully arresting, detaining and fining people then setting up debt collection companies to chase people who should not have been fined in the first place and were breaking no law, death rates no higher than previous years, cold and flu for the first time in human history completely disappearing, people who were killed in RTA’s having “died with covid” written on the death certificate for profit, Health Ministers setting up healthcare companies then changing the name to avoid scrutiny, Health Ministers ordering years worth of Midazolam which subsequently disappeared then resigning (with a sigh of relief I presume) over the excuse of fucking someone they should not have been and of course the elephant in the room nobody seems to acknowledge – “vaccines” that do not vaccinate are not vaccines.
        Anyone seen any news or discussion programmes where a point of view which is different to the one ordered is heard? No, neither have I.
        It is up to the individual to believe what they want, I spend a lot of time digging out facts to be called a fantasist so in future I just won’t bother – nothing personal towards anyone but I am done.

      • “…because I find some of your claims “fanciful” to put it mildly.”

        Let us know which ones specifically Dick and maybe we can work them through.

      • @C,C….perhaps the “Covid was a hoax” to start with ?

      • …or possibly some reports of the outcomes of his numerous court cases…I’m rather surprised that he hasn’t been classified as a vexatious litigant considering the amount of cases that he was apparently bringing against the Govt.,the Police,the NHS…and,for some reason..Gareth Southgate.

  14. Breaking News:

    Police were called to a bike shed in Worcestershire, earlier today, following reports of a planned bare-knuckle fight. A riot squad was sent due to rumours that one of the perpertrators was The Worcestershire Warrior, Captain Irony himself, ‘Hate filled cunt’. On their arrival, they were met by a lone crusader, shadow-boxing to the tune of ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, (Copyright Dick Fiddler), whom, having confirmed his identity as the aforementioned character, complained that the other ‘perp’ hadn’t turned up:

    “They never show up! I always do ‘cos I NEVER back down”

    he was heard to complain, bitterly.

    The police were seen by eye-witnesses to leave the scene in hysterical laughter.

    C/O Reuters.

    • (Aw go on Day Admin, pass my comment, it’s been a long day and I’m just jesting.

      Here’s a fluffy pussycat to show I’m nice 🐈🐾💕)

      -Fuckwittery / CFH

    • DCI@ Afternoon DCI – if there is such a staffing crisis in the NHS why were virtually none of the 80,000+ former NHS employees who applied for NHS frontline positions after Johnsons appeal hired? And why were the people hired predominantly media managers etc as opposed to frontline staff? (without wishing to sound presumptuous I imagine you could make some “unofficial enquiries” and find out how many were rehired and in what roles, like I did)
      It simply defies belief for the NHS to claim they are understaffed when they will not hire experienced people who have been ASKED to apply – the facts simply do not fit the narrative.
      And the only explanation I can come up with in light of these proven facts is that someone running the NHS is a fucking liar.

      • Afternoon, Vern. I’ve no idea, I’m just a front-line drone who knows what I’m seeing, day in, day out. Lots of staff shortages with us, hospitals etc. Who knows why? EU workers have gone home? Shite wages? Long hours? Late finishes? An entitled, ever-increasing ungrateful public? Unrealistic expectations? Sick of bullshit and lies posted on social media? Easier jobs with no pressure and without the need to make life and death decisions followed by Trial By Media (and social media)? Sick of ‘Experts’ telling us how to do our jobs?

        Myriad reasons for the staffing crisis.

        No idea about the 80,000. I know we have a high turnover of staff as they join having seen ‘Ambulance’, realise it’s not quite like the telly, and fuck off.

        As I say to any critic, get on the NHS jobs website. Come and have a go if you think you can do better – plenty of vacancies! (Surprisingly, few do).

  15. TalkTV never claimed to be a news channel. Only about 5% is taken up by news bulletins. No, it’s a right-of-centre opinion/discussion, predominantly phone in forum which of course will never be right-wing enough for most posting here, although James Whale’s wonderful 3 hour rant Monday night re the dinghy criminals invading our country would have had even the most extreme among us cheering him to the rafters.

  16. Put a mask on to walk into the pub, but make sure you have something to eat with your pint or evil covid will get you, make sure you go home at 9:59PM not 10PM or evil covid will get you, put a plastic screen in front of the self service checkouts in supermarkets or evil covid will get you – but don’t worry for a moment about the 500 people a day touching all the areas where you pay, stay at home to make sure you get your full quota of MSM propaganda, stay a metre/two metres apart, 3 feet/2 feet – what distance are we making up today? Make sure our friendly and competent bobbies are harassing people in shops ordering them to “check their thinking” and arresting Women for drinking coffee in public, grouse shooting parties facing no restrictions as Joe Average is harassed and demonised for walking his fucking dog, curtain twitchers reporting neighbours for daring to have people round as politicians party, drink and fuck in between handing out fortunes and massive contracts to thieves, con artists and Family members so in those terms I strongly believe it WAS (and is) a hoax, a con and a grift. PHE have just responded to my FOI request (after 12 months of wrangling with some of the most sly, lying bastards I have ever dealt with) to provide proof that “covid” has been provably isolated from a human tissue host and they refused to provide the information – if it was real and true why don’t PHE just release the clinical data proving it?
    Successive “Governments” and “health experts” told us smoking, Thalidomide, BSE infected beef, unscreened blood products and asbestos were safe (amongst a hell of a lot of other things) – is anyone seriously believing that they are telling the truth on this one?
    Anyway, back to DR Hillary on GMB – because I always take my medical advice pertaining to epidemiology and virology from a hand patting pill pusher on the telly..

    • Vern….it’s all very well spouting that “Covid” was badly handled…..I agree with you…but I would prefer to take my medical advice pertaining to epidemiology and virology from a hand patting pill pusher on the telly.. than you.tbh.

      • I know covid was real .
        Whilst I never got it a customer of mine did, and was in a coma for months.

        I dont know why a 60 odd year old owner of a plastering firm in Stockport would fake this?
        But call it a hunch,
        He isnt working as a stooge for the goverment, the NWO, EHF, or zog (whatever the fuck that is?)

        If he was faking he went to a lot of effort,
        Going as far as to lose half his body weight, most of his hair, and some teeth!
        Now thats dedication to the arts!

        All to fool a fuckin removalman who didnt give a shite about covid anyway.

      • Those cunts in intensive care, with a tube shoved down their throat, on a ventilator were doing a fucking great job of faking it, too. I’ve seen loads of the cunts faking it, some even going so far as dying, the crafty fuckers.

      • DF-F@ – I do not want or need you to take any medical advice from me, or any other advice for that matter – just curious why you feel it is fine to have these now regular bitter, nasty, spiteful, pops at me.
        I am pissed off and angry now, sick and tired of personal digs and being called a fucking liar, fantasist and fool.
        Out of order.

        (Deep breath everyone and move on please – Day Admin)

      • Hang tough Vernon!

        I enjoy your posts and I’m confident many others do as well. And if I occasionally differ (slightly) with your interpretation or take (slight) exception to one of your points…I find your analysis and insights to always be spot on!

        Cheers from the colonies.

      • Hard to believe today, perhaps, but ISAC was once a relative oasis of sanity.

        Evening all. 🙄

      • Evening Ruffers.

        The quality of the cuntings and ripostes are second to none.

        If Carlsberg did debates……..

      • Evening LL.

        As you are aware, I’m more a Kronenbourg man myself. 😀

      • Evening Ruff.

        Yes – apparently the Premier League players are only going to bend the knee on special occasions from now on because less kneeling = more.

    • You mean Dr Hilary, the quack that’s got years of medical experience under his belt, plus years at medical school?

      Come on, Vern, you’re better than that.

      • DCI@ – What qualifications in epidemiology and virology does “Dr Hillary” have?
        That’s what I thought.
        I am off on the telly next week to tell the onesie wearing mouth breathers what a brilliant brain surgeon I consider myself and to give them my sage advice with regard to head trauma, brain tumours etc – the inconvenience of having no qualifications or experience does not matter – I’m on the telly.

      • He’s a medical doctor, Vern, with a lot of training and years of experience under his belt. He didn’t get his qualifications from a quick internet course or a Christmas cracker. Your vilification of him does your cause no favours.

    • I love your posts, Vernon Fox, you don’t hold back and make me laugh. Keep it coming, brother, full force forever!

    • Well, it’s hard to envisage the Iranian team taking the knee in harmony with England on Monday 21 November in Qatar.

      “Look at you pussy English! On your knees! No Muslim would ever be caught on his knees!”

      Just replace, “God Save the Queen” with, “Ebony and Ivory” by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney as the nation anthem.éos

      Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
      Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don’t we?
      We all know that people are the same whereever you go
      There is good and bad in ev’ryone
      We learn to live, when we learn to give
      Each other what we need to survive, together alive
      Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
      Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord why don’t we?
      Ebony, ivory, living in perfect harmony
      Ebony, ivory, ooh
      We all know that people are the same whereever you go
      There is good and bad in ev’ryone
      We learn to live, when we learn to give
      Each other what we need to survive, together alive
      Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
      Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord why don’t we?

  17. DF-F@ “Vexatious litigation” is when it is nonsense – my legal actions are of necessity and I do not enjoy hours of BS with solicitors, barristers etc, but when I am arrested, assaulted, have my property stolen, denied my phone call, denied the opportunity to have a third party informed of my arrest and incarceration and kept in custody for 5 hours to be returned home to find a cop trying to plant a tracking device on my car – FOR BREAKING NO LAW AND COMMITTING NO CRIME this is not “vexatious legislation” – it is necessity.
    I was forced to take legal action against PHE when they refused to answer my FOI requests as they should have – not vexatious, necessary.
    I am part of a class action which is taking legal action against the UK “Government” along with hundreds of thousands of other people – not vexatious, necessary.
    Issuing (if necessary) Court summonses to Gareth Southgate and Jack Grealish so I can present the proof I have of what Southgate did – not vexatious, necessary.
    I do not attack unless attacked.

    • First mention of ” part of a class action”…I must have got hold of the wrong end of the stick when you continually wrote ” I” instead of “we” eh.

      Regarding your “arrested, assaulted, have my property stolen, denied my phone call, denied the opportunity to have a third party informed of my arrest and incarceration and kept in custody for 5 hours to be returned home to find a cop trying to plant a tracking device on my car” case… is undoubtedly such a serious breech of the law,I’m sure that it will make the papers….I shall apologise when I see the report in print.

      • DF-F@ – No need to apologise, I do not look for scoring points – but not to worry – when you have an opinion someone disagrees with and this happens to you then you will have a great starting point in how to fight back from my experience – because I am one of those weird people who think the police should be preventing, detecting and solving crime (AKA “THEIR FUCKING JOB!”) instead of acting like the fucking SS.
        And “I” in the context used was grammatically correct.
        But, hey, not to worry – when the police arrive at your place, tell you that you are arrested even there is no warrant, no law broken, no crime committed and no charge, threaten to smash the door in mob handed, drag you to a van, steal your stuff, batter you, keep you in custody for five hours, tell you there is no Duty Solicitor working that night, deny you your legal rights and state that even though no crime is committed you will remain “under investigation” for a period of up to six months while they try and find a charge to fabricate I am quite sure you will put it all down to experience and just carry on whistling a merry tune, right?
        Walking a mile in my shoes might give you a bit more of an insight into the hell I have gone through just to get some honest answers, facts and truth, but as I am apparently a liar and a fantasist I could not give a flying fuck any more – I am stepping off and will not bother informing anyone what is going on as to be frank I am sick and fucking tired of busting my guts out, spending lots of money and time to get to the truth when all I ever fucking get is abuse for it.
        I thought better of you.

      • Spare me your tale of woe….and if you imagine that I’m going to say “Ah please,Vern…don’t go”…yer wrong.

        I couldn’t give a fuck whether you go or you don’t.

    • That’s fucking mental, Vern. Hope you sue the cunts and get 5-figures in compensation.

      • Le Cunt@ – No LC – apparently I just made it all up because I am a liar and a fantasist – I will be saying fuck all more about it as I am sick and tired of constantly getting shit.
        And Admin wonder why so many long term contributors are leaving the site?

      • Possibly some of the long term contributors got sick of your shite….ever consider that ?

      • should have said” equally as sick of your shite as they got of mine”

      • Im not liked either, Sir Dick and many don’t be bothered responding.
        i couldn’t care less who comes and goes on this site, your either on or not and that’s the beauty
        A true reflection
        Cunts one and all

    • Vernon, you state, what you believe to be be true in in your heart.
      I for one, admire you’re strength and tenacity to challenge the fabricators of truth.
      You Sir, always have me learning, thinking and that is a good thing.
      “Fight the fight, you believe to be right
      Over throw, the overlord”

      • mecuntry@ I state facts, and have been permanently attacked by those without the wit or the will to do their own work – I couldn’t give a fuck anymore.
        And if I am considered a liar and a fantasist by people who are too fucking bone idle to actually bother doing their own graft but just engage in nasty, repeated, uninformed sniping from the sidelines then that’s fine – but in the future when yet more of what I have stated and been slated for is once again proven correct I will not be minded bothering with those who have already retreated into the comfort zone of angry clueless denial – and remember – when the police arrest and batter you for sending a LEGAL email it isn’t really happening – it’s just lies and fantasy remember.

        Well, back to Dr Hillary..

  18. Do your job admin, like before you are not moving bullshit into the coronaviral shit section.
    And you are accepting personal attacks.

    (In the words of Father Ted. “Careful now!” – Day Admin)

    • ‘Personal attacks’? I see a vigorous difference of opinion, a part of which, only, is about Covid, with some valid points being raised on both sides. And, ‘Bullshit’ to whom?

      • Cuntflu@

        I dont remember you running to admin when Gutstick Japseye had personal attacks?
        Or Ruff?

        Ive nowt against Foxy,
        And as hell testify once when hed had a rough ride on here I reached out to him.

        But you have to back things up with facts.

      • Or me, when Bacofoils best customer, and it’s cronies was accusing me of lying or being mistaken about the things I was seeing with my own peepers!

      • JP@

        Look on the previous nom, ‘Brino’.
        Sure youll love it ..

      • Excellent, when all else fails, when every other theory or explanation is debunked, blame it on the Jews.
        Why am I not surprised?

      • DCI@ – Well calling someone a liar and a fantasist sure as fucking hell seems like a personal attack to me.
        But it is not a problem because I am gone.

      • @VF
        Any chance of a link to your “We The People” organisation before you go?

    • @MNC, the fact is, that repeated covid infection and hospitalisations are from the vaccinated.
      They’re are loads of recent facts supporting this.
      It seems that certain small percentage of people are more prone because of their immune complexity.
      USA has the highest cases and hospitalisations currently and throughout this affair, proportionally than the rest of the world and that is simply down to diet and food produce that America allows unlike in other parts of the World. That is another fact
      The original wave was always going to be deadly (stating the obvious)
      but the current b5 dominant variant is not deadly unless you are compromised and of poor immune defence.
      The Vaccines so far have been one step or two behind the mutants

      • Why are we still warbling on about Covid?
        I reckon it was the biggest sleight of hand trick since that magician bloke made the Pyramids vanish.
        Yes, people died, I’m not saying they didn’t, but in the numbers published?
        Father’s rushed in, heart attack, dies.
        Doctor: Any history of heart disease?
        Family: No, he had a bit of a cough, though!
        Doctor: cause of death Covid.
        While we were watching the right hand, the left one was elbow deep in the coffers, grabbing money right, left and center, and just when we started paying attention,, along comes
        Partygate ( ffs)
        Watch the left hand, folk.

      • @jeezum The reason i bring up the covid occasionally is, in that it probably truly identifies the level of compliance by leaders of countries around the the global stage, in that they seem compelled to have to agree on the same policies for the greater good.
        A country should seek its own destiny, so that it is identifiable by its actions.
        it will still have to trade goods and services with others of course and common sense economic policy will ensure that it survives as we all need something, off one another
        The Covid was, in my mind the epitome of a Global regression

  19. Speaking of MSM
    The Indian lass presenting The Hundred on BBC 2 is exceptionally fit.

  20. In the hospital where I worked the acronym “MSM” referred to filthy gay shitstabbers and felchers. ie. Men who have Sex with Men.
    ….same definition then when applied to the media!

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