Jonathan Ross [6]

Well, fornicate my aged tan footwear. Flicking through the idiot box this evening I happened to encounter the lisping imbecile who apparently still has a “show” on ”ITV”.

The line up was such that I thought ISAC had sold out and gone mainstream MSM. Russell B Rand, Stevie ‘Boy’ Fry a selection of darkies telling us of their “ “journey” and an assortment of cuntitude that frankly made me think of using the home made gibbet.

Luckily I switched over to BBC1 where an Oprah Winifred Attwell impersonator and jug eared crisp vendor persuaded me that I needed to check my white privilege and genuflect before the altar of St.chicken George so that the beardy weirdo waistcoated bell end that is in charge of the ‘English’ association football team can fuck off to Qatar and trouser a billion Dirhams whilst ignoring the very thing he objects to.

A bit random perhaps but FFS.

Nominated by: Kunte Kunty

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  1. ITV Ross Brand journeys Bbc BLM lisps are indeed all cunts.

    Very random.
    I like it.
    Good cunting

  2. Good morning
    I didn’t see the show but the thing about Jonathan Ross is that’s it always about him, whichever guests he has on are very much secondary. I was interested to learn Russel Brand is still alive I had assumed he had died of AIDS or Monkey Pox.

    • “Russel Brand is still alive”…disappointing news to start the day indeed.

      • About 6 or 7 years ago, an acquaintance sent me a link to a YouTube video of one of Brand’s live shows. It wasn’t a stand up comedy act, more a soap box vehicle for his nonsense.

        Guests included Owen Jones, who he called ‘a beautiful human being’ at one point. I have my own phrase I would use, ‘Nasty, lefty puff,’ but there you go.

        Brand would ask his thick as fuck audience various stupid questions. Mostly on ‘how to solve the world’s problems’ and I recall some ageing hippy bloke rambling on with some unworkable commie bollocks (pretty much give everyone loads of cash seemed to be his answer).

        He thought the guy had a great idea and should ‘lead the country’ and the audience applauded.

        I thanked the acquaintance for providing me with the best laugh I’d had in ages, although I don’t think that was his intention.

        It was the sort of shite primary aged kids come out with when discussing ‘politics’ and these cunts thought they were fucking sages. And really, really nice people of course.

        Fucking morons. Although Brand made a fair few bob off this bollocks, so who’s the cunt, I suppose?

  3. His wife is horny as fuck.
    Big tits, pure filth.💪

    For that reason I despise him.
    But also because he’s a fan of Everyone.
    Every guest.
    It’s disingenuous.

    He’s also got that speech impediment.

    And wears Zoot suits.

    I’ve lost my train of thought sorry,
    Keep thinking about his missus
    Here, have a gander

    • She looks a bit mental to me.

      Sort of lass who spikes your drink with some strange powder.
      You pass out and wake up on the floor tied up inside a pentagram with her standing over you chanting.

      (This sounds like a past experience, Harold. Care to share? – Day Admin)
      Naaah I’m alright thanks love.

    • Years ago perhaps, before the dyed hair became a universal sign of ’emotionally/psychologically damaged’.

      • So did one of my mates (because he claimed they were great in bed) until one crazy had him arrested on false allegations of GBH.

  4. Ross is a total Cunt….I’d like to make the smug Cunt look at pornographic pictures of his daughter,Honey ( Monster)…..….every day for an hour until he died of fucking shame…couple of sessions should be enough.

    Bastard wouldn’t be looking so pleased with himself after a peek at that fat horror and realising that he created it.

      • I’d forgotten that he had a brother….I hope both parents are dead..what utter Cunts must they have been?

        PS…It would be a fucking big cellar that could contain the delectable Honey…fat Cunt is liable to knock yer house off it’s foundations crashing about looking for rats to eat.

      • I’d quite forgotten (naturally) that the cunt had a brother….never mind his periodic Gayness and dreadfully sordid lifestyle.

        How I laughed.

        Well done indeed Thomas,quite spiffing.

  5. Spot on.

    Who the fuck enjoys watching this idiotic bollocks?

    I suppose he wakes up laughing every morning,smug in the knowledge some coked up TV executive will offer him another series.

    That and the tits.

    I wish she’d smother the gurning cunt with them.

  6. Yet another talentless Z List prick who should have been sacked years ago.
    Why is our TV so fucking shit with cretins like this getting the prime time slots? An utter cuntoid of epic proportions.

  7. Fucking gobshite. Full stop. What him and his cunt-in-crime did to Andrew Sachs was a cuntish thing to do. I’d like to ‘phone him and tell him his big-titted wife and fat-arsed, big-everything daughter has been blown up and killed in an explosion in Greggs and if he’d like to supply a crisp packet, we can let him have the remains.

    See if the dysphasic cunt finds THAT amusing.

    • That would be one big crisp packet gene.
      Honey glazed sausage rolls I might market that.

    • Wouldn’t it be better to call him up whilst he’s on air & tell him that they’ve both been found behind a skip, bleeding from their anuses …again?

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And we’ve managed to remove the ‘other persons’ fists from both arses.

  8. Well that’s another reason why the good old U K is a popular destination for most of the World. Once people see that in the U.K. a talentless brown nosing cunt can make millions, obviously the destination of choice to start a new life at the expense of ours.
    Is the cunt related to that other cunt James “English youth betrayed again” Cordon?
    Was not his wife rather young when he married her?

    • She was.
      If memory serves,she was also involved in the production company for his “shows” and ended up on the end of quite a few of the quests cocks.That must have been difficult for the guy,still a cunt though.

  9. Whenever Mrs TSG has the shit-pump flickering away in the corner, I find myself murmuring a barely audible ‘cunt’ at the parade of unending ‘talent’ most of the time & ‘Wossy’ most definitely provokes that sentiment. The worst thing about him is that he thinks he’s funny & constantly tries to be funnier than his guests – I tired of the loud-mouthed lithping cunt years ago, but like an unflushable turd, he just keeps on bobbing up.
    Russell Brand, was, is & always will be a shit-stain on the underpants of life – another non-comedic comedian & celebrity nonentity – perfect material for his good mate Wossy. Pair of cunts.

  10. I just saw a bit of click bait about a show called ‘This Morning’

    It seems to be fronted by 2 Kaffirs with guests who are all Kaffirs. Viewers are apparently ‘outraged’ because the guests are always the same bunch of Kaffirs.
    Anyone who voluntarily watches this shite has no right to be outraged at anyfuckingthing.

      • I took a glimpse it last week, in the name of research obviously.
        Two dark keys ‘interviewing’ a dark key, went something like this….
        “So you’ve been in America a lot recently bruv. Ain’t there breakfasts kinda weird out there bruv? De don’t eat the kinda stuff we do innit?”
        “So wotcha doing next cuz?
        Etc etc.
        Fucking appalling!

      • Think about it Field Marshall. Only the jam Spoons and chavs are sat in front of the TV at that time in the morning.

        Normal people are out working.

        They’re just pandering to their audience of useless, thick as pigshit, welfare dependent cunts.

      • I’m just thankful that Ginger cunt isn’t on the idiot box or radio 2 polluting my life anymore.

  11. His longevity amazes and appalls me. He’s been doing the poor man’s Letterman schtick since the eighties and still he gets commissioned year after year.
    I don’t know who the bigger cunts are. Ross himself, or the cretins who gladly appear on his show to promote themselves and end up looking uncomfortable as he tries to be funny at their expense.
    I can’t stand him and I like the format he works even less.

    • All the while some cunt has a film/show/book/album to promote there will always be a talk show. Nothing more than the ‘star’ of said promotional product fulfilling their contractual obligations for PR.

      One big fucking advert….crappy One show is the same

  12. I used to find his radio 2 show on a saturday morning amusing back in the 90’s

  13. Is there Anyone who seriously likes this guy?
    What redeeming features does he have that I’ve not noticed?
    Knowing how fucked up the world is now, he’s probably got a huge fan club.

  14. If only the TV companies took up some of the ideas that Boggs TV Enterprises (Sweden) Ltd have offered them:

    International Striptease “Live” from The Steaming Pussycat Club, Soho, i troduced by Russia’s foremost stripper, Leeva Vestoff

    or a new game show, loosely based on the knitting and baking knockout competitions. It’s all about ceramics, and throwing pots and as you need a big star to introduce it: Lisa Nandy’s Big Jug Show

    As for Jonathan Woss, he should follow the example of his brother Paul Woss, and go back to the family scrap metal business in the pikey camp.

    If they took up my Lisa Nandy show the BBC would have the biggest thing they have had their hands on since Sabrina (there’s one for the oldies!)

    • Monkey Tennis?

      …actually, doesn’t sound as implausible now looking at the dire shit tv are turning out. Monkey Tennis would make ITV/ITV2/ITVbe look highbrow.

  15. What a Fuckin relic this cunt is, what he needs is a proper good hiding that leaves him with a twitch, the one saving grace is that he is white and I think, straight.!

  16. Woss is arguably the worst chat show presenter of all time.

    He is the cunt (in Britain, at least) who turned the chat show into a comedy show.
    With Woss, every guest – regardless of their status or profession – has to play it for laughs and take part in stupid childish jokes. There is no serious talking. Just ridiculous pranks and immature twattery. Remember the compelling Parkinson shows featuring great and serious talks with Kenneth Williams, George Best, Richard Burton, Shirley Maclaine and the like? There is none of that on Woss’s stupid show. Everyone has to play along with his ridiculous and childish shit. And the female guests who appear with Woss are subjected to his smutty probing and lecherous remarks. Also, he uses props and screens. A decent chat show host doesn’t have to use props and all that crap. The gift of the gab should be enough. We never saw Frost, Parkinson, Wogan, Simon Dee or Gay Byrne using props and pointing to a screen all the time. They just sat and talked, because that is what a chat show host is supposed to do.

    Sadly, Woss’s M.O has now become the norm for British chat shows. With cunts like Alan Carr, Graham Norton and others just being too loud, having to be ‘funny’ all the time, and putting all their guests through a ridiculous and immature innunedo filled clown show. No doubt about it, Jonathan Woss is one of the biggest and worst cunts in television history.

    Oh, and Woss and that hairy turd, Russell Brand should have got a real and major kicking, after what they did to Andrew Sachs (RIP). Grown men and so-called professional broadcasters doing that? Indicative of character. Pair of scum bastards.

  17. With his long floppy (fwoppy) hair etc… I genuinely think that the cunt thinks he’s handsome. Deluded gobshyte!
    He’s nowhere near as fit as his spud-faced brother.
    Where does his gorgeous daughter get her looks from?

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