Nick Robinson [6]

Utter cunt.

So full of his own cuntyness he doesn’t even realise what a self important cunt he is. The amount of times he cuts an interview short with someone interesting on radio 4’s “Today” program because they are “short of time” only for this slap-headed cunt to then go off piste and indulge in a little “joke” or two because, I can only assume, the cunt thinks his shit joke is more important than some scientist making a good and relevant point.

Honestly, I can’t listen to the Today program any more when this gold plated cunt is one of the presenters, he puts me off my porridge.

Nominated by: Richard Parrott

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  1. Another Labour tosspot – snide remarks to Tories, he is practically licking the boots of Labourites, especially if they are poofters. He is as obsequious to Wes Screeching, as Evan Davis is to Lord Mandelson. Poofterdom, Labour and the BBC are three cheeks of the same arse.

    • I think you may be wrong there, W.C: I think he’s that rare thing at the BBC – a Tory Party supporter. I once heard him being ridiculed for this by another BBC regular, Jake Yapp. Unless, of course, he’s changed his allegiance recently, in which case I apologise.

  2. Another BBC arsewipe. Do they grow these cunts in a lab somewhere? I don’t know what Boris did to him at Oxford but he seems to have a massive chip on his shoulder every time he interviews him or maybe that is just part of the job requirement.

    This cunt was a Conservative at Oxford too, I thought you were meant to start off as a soft as shite woolly headed liberal pussy and grow into a bitter cynical hard nosed cunt?

  3. A guaranteed Ultra Cunt:

    Works for traitors.

    EU loving.

    Loves the sound of it’s own voice.

    100% right about everything.

    Head up its own arse.

    Lives in a Guardian Lifestyle bubble…

    To sum up,a windbag cunt fit for immediate oven.

  4. I haven’t listened to The Toady Programme in years, so it comes as a complete surprise to discover the Bolshevik Brainwashing Cunts are employing a white, male heterosexual. Clearly a major faux pas by BBC HR to allow him to slip through the net. Or maybe he’s got something on someone high up – Savile Mk II perhaps?

  5. Rick Nobinson.

    Yet another lefty, wanking tosser allowed to speak ‘truth unto the nation’ ….. well his version of it anyhow via the cess pit of traitors that is the BBC.

  6. I had the unexpected misery of meeting this cunt once in the flesh.

    I bumped into the Arsehole in a lift at the Mailbox building in Birmingham. I Instantly recognised the bat eared specky cunt and his whole demeanour ozeed arrogance and faux superiorty.
    He pushed his way past the people in front of him to get into the lift first.

    I recall shouting at him to ‘learn some manners and stop pushing in!’ and was met in return with a contemptuous scowl.
    He soon went white as a sheet as I told him if he shot me look like that again I’d teach him him how to pick up his teeth with broken fingers.
    As the lift doors closed he looked at his phone, away from my direction and I could feel his unease as I doubt he’d ever been challenged in his life for being a cunt and was actually worried about what physical harm would come his way if he dared gob off back to me.

    I got out the lift and recall seeing the other people’s faces smirking at my comment to him as he looked very awkward and relieved that I had got out the lift first.

    My parting shot was see you round you BBC prick as the doors closed.

    I’d been drinking most of the day at the many bars at the Birmingham Mailbox (for those of you who know it) so my tolerance for any shoved up little cunt, especially a BBC shoved up little cunt was at an all time low.

    A cunt of epic proportions for sure.

    Good nomination

  7. Isn’t he on the telly sometimes too?

    To be honest, I’m surprised the BBC still has him on.

    I don’t see him in a frock or hear him talking with a gayness voice. Unless I’m mistaken, he’s not in pajamas with a big fuck off beard. And he doesn’t appear to have a bone through his nose or sitting in a tyre swing.

    Rejoice for that rarest of species, ‘the lesser spotted BBC straight honky man.’

  8. If I had to draw a picture of what a Guardian reader looked like, then Nick Robinson would be the template for it.

    …….or the old guy in his immaculate 10 year old Honda jazz emblazoned with National Trust stickers, which he drives everywhere at 29mph and does every part of his driving to the EXACT letter of the highway code. You know the type.

    • That Orwell quote that England is a family with the wrong members in charge.
      I think of that when I see/hear the likes of Nick, Chris, Laura having a sit down chat with members of either party.
      You’d say they were all geeky, political nerds. Both politicians and journalists.
      But they are in charge of the country.
      They are in charge of the country because they went to a privileged school/university. And they all know each other.
      They’re not ’rounded’ individuals. They don’t have a hinterland of interests.
      They are all of them just professional political nerds.

  9. Not a fuckin clue.

    How come everyone on ISAC listens to radio?

    Get a TV !
    They’re great!

    Mines huge.
    Like a cinema really.

    • Unfortunately from my experience of the younger generation voters, their mentaility and experience of life are very much childlike, no matter what bollocks they try to impress you with.

  10. I wasn’t really aware of who he was,so just looked him up…doesn’t seem to be that much of a “leftie” from what I can see…

    “Robinson has been criticised for allegedly reporting with a pro-Conservative bias. Alastair Campbell brought up his history of Conservative affiliations during an interview.[12] Bias was claimed particularly in the coverage of the 2010 general election; a Facebook group titled “Nick Robinson should not be the BBC’s political editor” was set up in August 2010.[29] In a 2005 interview with David Rowan, the UK editor of Wired News, Robinson insisted “that his involvement [with the Conservatives] ceased twenty years ago”.[12]

    On 20 October 2010, following a live BBC News at Six report outside Parliament covering the 2010 Spending Review, Robinson silently took the anti-war, anti-cuts placard that had been waved directly behind him throughout, broke it in two and stamped on it. Afterwards, another protester, who had climbed the steps of the gantry where the BBC were broadcasting to film the protest on a mobile phone, said: “You should be ashamed of yourself, mate. Shame on you!” Robinson replied “I’m not remotely ashamed of myself. Why should I be ashamed of myself?”[30] He wrote in his blog afterwards: “I lost my temper and I regret that. However, as I explained afterwards to the protesters who disrupted my broadcast, there are many opportunities to debate whether the troops should be out of Afghanistan without the need to stick a sign on a long pole and wave it in front of a camera”.[31] Some days later, Robinson read out a jokingly ambiguous “letter of apology” on the comedy panel show Have I Got News for You, broadcast on 4 November 2010.[32]

    On the 22 May 2013 edition of the BBC News at Six, Robinson relayed the news that the fatal stabbing of an off-duty British soldier in London that afternoon was being treated by the government as a terrorist incident, but attracted criticism after quoting a source describing the perpetrators as being “of Muslim appearance”. The BBC received 43 complaints about Robinson’s use of the term, and he issued an apology on his BBC blog the following day.[33][34][35]

    On 11 September 2014, as part of the coverage of the Scottish independence referendum, Robinson had a dispute with Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond. The previous day Robinson had reported that Lloyds Bank and RBS would be moving their registered offices from Scotland to London in the event of a “Yes” vote.[36] In the exchange[37] Robinson asked Salmond two questions: the first about the economic impact of RBS moving its headquarters; the second, more general, about why to trust a politician when CEO’s of certain companies advised against independence. In his response, Salmond answered both questions over a 5-minute period, then in a 2-minute 14, as Robinson heckled Salmond’s answer he raised points about how the BBC had obtained market-sensitive information.[38] A report was shown on all BBC evening news programmes later that day as part of which Robinson stated Salmond had not answered his question but had instead chosen to lay accusations against the BBC despite this part being a minority of the exchange. The full exchange was posted many times on social media.[39] The BBC received complaints from viewers over the implication that Salmond had not answered a question put to him; there was a protest in Glasgow, in which between 1000 and 2000 protestors called for Robinson to be sacked.[40] The BBC responded: “The BBC considers that the questions were valid and the overall report balanced and impartial, in line with our editorial guidelines.[41]

    In November 2014, Robinson was covering the count of the Rochester and Strood by-election. He was seen smiling while posing for a photograph with Jayda Fransen, candidate and deputy leader of the far-right party Britain First.[42] Robinson denied all connections to Fransen, and later stated that he had assumed she was a staff member at the count seeking a “selfie”. It was later reported that Fransen was wearing a prominent badge saying “candidate” at the time.[43]

    In October 2019, Robinson was accused by Douglas Murray of entrapping him during the Today programme by raising a headline to an article of his from two years earlier”

      • Probably in cahoots with Jeremy Corbyn….

        Pissing down here,Mis….think we’ll just root in and watch the racing….you up to much?

      • Just finished work Dick,
        For a young Latvian girl.
        Do you know,
        I was quite taken with her?

        I don’t normally like foreigners but she was refreshingly charming .
        Nice arse too.

        It’s made me have a existential Quandary about my racism!

        Best just to keep on hating , it’s giving me a mussy head…

  11. I’m sure I’ve seen this big bald cunt driving a removals van in Hazel Grove.

  12. Bet he eats shreddies through a straw whilst sat down having a wee. Typical BBC’er.

  13. I preferred that nasty cunt John Humphrys.

    Said it how he thought it was, and didn’t care if he pissed anyone off in the process.

  14. When I first saw him on the telly I (nearly) felt sorry for him because he’s such an ugly cunt.

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