Brittney Griner and Hollywood Outrage

Freakily tall Yank basket ball star Brittney Griner or is that Brittney Grinder has had its/she/he collar felt by the Rooskies and given a ten stretch in the Gulag for attempted smuggling of cannabis oil. Apparently her Vape gear was found to contain cannabis oil secreted amongst the usual vape flavours of Dikes Delight and Munchers Magic.
Have to put my hands up on this one because I have to reveal a personal interest.

Cannabis oil is my lifeline, have a local filly who massages my lower back with the amber nectar and thereafter I can walk again. Many hours of bliss until the cunting pain kicks in again but no side effects. Only alternatives, a seriously dodgy operation to fuse my lower vertebra together with risk of paralysis if Mr Quack fucks the op or a lifetime on mega strength opioids. Mong time.

Hence my panic at anything that raises the profile of the old super oil and the consequent risk of marking old bill’s card.

Apart from that with the above story we are in the slippery murk of a trans-gender-gawd-knows-what issue and with this old cunts limited knowledge of personal pronouns and such and the other I retreat to the rather useful and appropriately gender neutral handshake of “Comrade”. Comrade Griner is married to another eh…Comrade and and we leave it at that.

Enjoy the full story here:  Daily Mail News Link

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

58 thoughts on “Brittney Griner and Hollywood Outrage

  1. On a serious note, I have a mate with terrible back pain, he’s had a couple of cortisone injections but they eventually stop working or have limited effectiveness, if my hip injections are anything to go by. I took that CBD oil before my hip replacement and thought it helped. His next step would be fusing the bones together and he’s not too keen on the idea. What strength oil do you get? I’d like to tell him to get some and give it a try. I wasn’t aware you could rub the stuff in if I’m honest.

    • ‘Medical-Grade’ CBD seems out of reach for all but the affluent.500 quid a month.I tried some cbd- only mix in chocolate bars recently (150 mg THC-Zero CBD).Stoned and monged to hell which l don’t particularly relish as l did when on the baccy but the correct ratios (entourage-effect) is the clincher when seeking pain relief rather than the ‘high’…(more of a low i reckon) There’s good info on Quoara explaining the intricate balances of THC to CBD which is very useful.

      Most of the crap on the high (grin) street is garbage,bloody expensive garbage too.

      Cannabis is the planets oldest and most effective medicine and you can bet Rockapharma won’t allow mass availability to all until they’ve modified the bang for buck element as well as it’s often effectiveness to protect their long-standing petro-chemical offerings,currently masquerading as medicine so not much hope in the foreseeable for NHS (medical-grade CBD) for all.Only private prescription.Pretty fucked up sitch.

      • I thought it was actually legal here in the UK, except doctors aren’t prescribing it.

      • @cuntologist.
        I’ve had no joy requesting it here myself on the Isle Of Wight for trapezoid issues.They’re all too keen on steering me to Pregablin,Tramadol even Ketamine ffs…oh and not forgetting ‘mindfullness’ classes.I explain i don’t wish to become a junkie as i once narrowly swerved with the Tramadol (evil) but argued that CBD isn’t a drug per se,but a medicinal herb (at the appropriate CBD/THC ratios) .This goes nowhere so we can conclude that,like justice,education,dentistry et al,there’s nothing available for chronic pain that’s accessible or affordable alas.There might be regional variation maybe but deffo not down here.The spirit of Queen Victoria (fond of pot) still stalks the land.

    • Dear Sir, I find Magnesium Gel, available at Holland and Barrett, but cheaper from Amazon, most effective.
      Only drawback is it is somewhat sticky.
      Back, knees, elbows, anywhere there’s a painful joint, or just a pain.

      • I find a lot of the gels sticky too JP, especially when the pain is near some body hair. Must check if anyone does a spray sure they must do.

      • My younger says it’s available as a spray, but I find massaging the gel in ( ooher, missus) as soothing as the effect of the gel, plus it gets on my poor achy hands, too.

      • H&B l tend to avoid.They were ‘acquired’ by the Carlyle-Group some time ago.An organization based on predominantly armarment trading,with some dodgy bastards on the payroll.John Major and the late son of Lucifer-George Bush Snr.A strategic purchase no doubt in furtherance of the Codex Alimentarius agenda.Their prices were predictably hiked shortly thereafter and the nutitional contents significantly diluted.

  2. Well he/she/it has all the big celebrity guns behind it. Justin bee-bop and Mia ( what’s woody doing) farrow. Should be out in 8 1/2 years..

    • I have heard woody Allen is making a new film , it’s called honey I slept with the kids

  3. If he was a straight whitey these Hollywoke cunts wouldn’t give a flying fuck. But because he’s a black trannie freak out come the handkerchiefs, the tears flow and the virtue signalling points are racked up. Bunch of fucking cunts.

    • And all ultimately purposed at…weakening the checks and balances of god-given morality so they can move the next chess piece in making pedophilia ‘less of an issue’.That scum-fuck known as Scott Weiner (shit thee not) is a Californian senator driving much of this agenda.

    • If he was a straight whitey he would be called a fucking stupid cunt for going there in the 1st place. Anyone who ignores government advice about traveling to various countries should be told they are on their own when they get arrested and tough shit.

  4. I have no idea what drugs or ‘substances’ are on the banned list for athletes (I seem to remember there are many, maybe up to 300, you can’t even use a Lemsip 😂) I cannot imagine that Cannabis, vape or any other form would be allowed.

    This long fucker must be thick as pig shit carrying any form of cannabis across any border, it’s not allowed and especially in countries like Russia who will use any excuse to take a swipe at the yanks.

    Verdict – Thick cunt.

    • Tough shit.
      Do your time .

      Russian prison isn’t soft like here,
      Won’t get your balls soaped by Ronnie Kray while Reggie paints your toenails.

      You’ll get a good hiding and say thank you or your in trouble.

      Some weird ball chasing effnic, thought they can do whatever they wanted like they do back home,
      Enjoy a bit of Cheech & Chong,
      Bake space cakes,
      Well your wrong!!

      They’ll put Ivan Drago on your case,
      You’ll have cabbage for tea,
      And they’ll not respect your pronouns!
      Oh my!
      And don’t ask for the vegan option at lunch.
      It’s a truncheon wrapped in lettuce
      Delivered straight to the teeth.

      • She will get a job as head high shelf cleaner inside, changing lightbulbs without a ladder and as the only n*gga in town will be in demand for all those who fancy dark meat

  5. Having read the avalanche of Daily Mail shite attached, I still have no idea if this is a trannie or just a rug muncher. Or both.
    As for the sentence – when in Rome and all that.

  6. This streak of piss is 6ft 9′!

    She’s all woman Miserable….I think.

    The nine year stretch is just the start Brittney, I don’t think the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service got the Hollywoke memo on personal pronouns and trigger warnings.

  7. Wonder why she didn’t hide the stuff up her cunt…can’t imagine that even the toughest Russian customs-officer would fancy peeking up that particular “love-tunnel”….perhaps the Russians should employ Warwick Davis to leer up ugly giants’ growlers?…..nothing would faze that filthy, depraved runt.

    • There is a TV show in there somewhere for the stumpy little shit weasel, Dick.

      The Masked Minge or Cockbusters maybe.

  8. But these twats think they can do whatever they want because no one would ever dare say “No!” to their faces. The reason? Because they think they’re entitled and can therefore swan around and do as they please.

    Same as cunts who go bimbling into warzones or shitholes like Iran or Afghanistan. They get in some deep shit with the authorities, plead innocence and insist that their particular home embassy do something about getting them home safe and sound because no one told them how fucking dangerous the underbelly of places like Afghanistan really is.

    Or even if they were told “It’s fucking dangerous, man. Don’t go out there!” They would still ignore the advice because they know best because they’re “entitled, innit!”

    And fancy fucking about in Russia of all places!

    This is what happens when schools don’t teach modern kids about English,maths, the sciences, real history and geography. Instead its all about Critical Theory This and Critical Theory That and how not to offend your fellow pupil with an incorrect gender pronoun.

    And then you end up with stupid cunts such as Exhibit A here.

  9. THIS HURTS,’ Bieber, 28, posted an his Instagram Stories. ‘If anyone knows of anyway I can help please let me know.’

    Commit suicide Justin?
    Come on its worth a try.

  10. I simply don’t see what the fuss is about.

    As soon as it gets put in it’s prison cell it’ll just snap the bars like twigs,high jump the wall and run free into the Siberian wilderness.

    Just look at the fucking state of it.

    • I do so enjoy hearing about these deluded entitled pigshit thick cunts running afoul of a country not known for fucking about.

      A real morale boost.

  11. For Sir Limply…not to condone anything illegal but…grow your own naughtiness.
    It really is a piece of piss, especially using cheap modern LED grow lights.
    You don’t have to smoke the finished product either. You can make butter out of it and use that to make granola or brownies.

    (In case the Old Bill/MI5/MI6 are listening in, Thomas was obviously quoting from various independent sources such as Wikipedia or films such as Trainspotting. Thomas is as pure as driven snow etc – Day Admin)

    • Indeed, DA mind is as light and full of joy and positivity as my soul.
      If any authorities do pop their heads round the door of ISAC, they’d probably secretly agree with most of our banter…

    • May I suggest Leafly. Com for all of the information required to harvest your own medicines.

      The ‘learn’ section is most educational.

  12. No sympathy and zero fucks given.
    Some dozy she-he-it Yank freak got caught smuggling drugs into Russia and is now crying about it?
    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.
    Send the cunt to a gulag and throw away the key for all I give a fuck.
    Stupid yank cunt.

  13. I wonder if the head dyke has fisted her yet? Silly tart what the fuck did she expect landing in Russia with that shit on her/he/it. Gulag 25 years, c’mon Vlad, give the boys a giggle.

    • A firm hand is needed.

      Bloody drugged up space cadets like Limply and Thomas,
      Messing about with Rizlas and roach clips,
      Listening to Grateful Dead LPs and being ‘groovy’.

      Russia’s the place for that nonsense,
      Soon straighten up an fly right once Gregor has thrown a bucket of ice water on them in the snowy exercise yard.

      And don’t even think about ‘tie-dying’ your prison uniforms,
      That’s State property.

  14. You should never fuck about with the coppers and the law in foreign countries. They’re not soft as shit like we are. I wouldn’t even dream of breaking the speed limit, I don’t want some hardnut copper doing me over. I once got pulled for unknowingly driving in a bus lane in the Czech Republic. With much grovelling, bowing and scraping I managed to talk my way out of it when they found out I wasn’t a Kraut. They don’t like the Krauts out there. They’re what you call…..prejudiced. Quite right too.

  15. In the “da Hood” going to jail enhances your “street cred.”

    This dumb cunt brought an illegal drug into the land of Satan Incarnate. What did she think was going to happen? Oh wait…she didn’t think. Now she wants the US government to negotiate her release.

    This is the same US government she trashed as a member of the WNBA. The same US government she showed her contempt for when she kneeled (knelt) for the National anthem. The same IS government she decried as a supporter of BLM.

    Take one for the team you feckless cunt. You did the crime, now do the time. Think of da braggin’ rights you’ll have in the hood. Next time some rap star starts on about doin’ a nickle at the Big Q you can one up them your tales of a Russian Gulag.

    Phonywood will probably even make a sympathetic movie (film) about it; A Dyke on the Volga.

    Let the ungrateful crotch cannibal rot!

  16. The more fecking issues and ism’s the feckers can chalk up the more important they think they are, it’s like “Top Trumps” for victims.

  17. This thing should try peddling the BLM propaganda with “da ruskies”, it would be used as filling for their next road project before you can say “Chiggun George can’t breeff blud”!

    • I wonder…

      Instead of Chiggun’ George…

      Brit’nee Borscht…Brit’nee Stroganoff…

      Blini Britt!

  18. The Russians don’t give a shit about ticking PC boxes.

    The Russians like kicking the shit out of blacks, gays and anyone who doesn’t fit in.

    I’m really going to enjoy the next nine years of leftards fuckwits being outraged that one of their poster boys (girls?) fucked around and found out the hard way.

  19. Was she he not aware of the film “ Midnight Sexcess , directed by Alan-Parker- over Ivan Konstantin-ly
    They know everything today but fuck you love, your arrogance landed you the lead role.

  20. If the bent cunt came from this country the government would bung half a million of our money to the Ivans to get him out. When he got back he’d be all over the BBC griping about what a lousy racist country the UK is. I hope he gets bummed to death the dirty bastard.

    • Half a million that’s a bargain Freddie.
      Paid near on half a billion for a ungrateful Iranian.

  21. 9 years for possession of a cannabis oil vape? Fucking ridiculous by any standards. But then, the dumb cow should have known the Ivans would be looking to seize any opportunity to bang up a high profile Westerner under the current circumstances.

    Don’t think you need worry though, Sir Limpers. Cannabis oil is entirely legal here in Blighty, and in several states in the U.S. too, for that matter.

    • Naturally it’s a “Russia fuck you too” RTC but let’s face the reality, would you? Cross a border where the consequences of ones actions could be life changing and not in a good way.
      She was caught and probably a lot longer before than when they decided to pounce.
      Silly girl, trans or man makes fuck all difference. The penalties are what they are in the country of abode.

      • As I said, she’s a dumb cow. I wouldn’t go near Russia under any circumstances right now.

  22. A female? Who is he trying to kid? Fucking hands the size of Pat Jennings, no tits whatsoever and an Adam’s Apple like a fucking grapefruit.


    • Or Wolfgang Petersen director of Das Boot should of just called it the fucking “The Boat” rather then the German footwear title…

  23. My 72 year old Dad has 5-vertebra Degenerative Disk Disorder and after years of taking all kinds of strong, prescribed pain killers including Tramadol, he finally found his preferred pain med which is Cannabis Oil…. a non-hallucinogenic, natural remedy which for some fucked-up reason is illegal.

    I can understand my old Da taking the stuff but not quite sure why this hulking, great unit of a….. ahem….. woman would need to puff on the stuff through a vaping pen. Must be those terrible period pains I guess.

    • I’m sure the law changed a few years ago, under Treason May perhaps. Medical cannabis isn’t illegal.

      • Oh right, never knew that. To be fair though it a few years back that my Dad was taking it. He was also “cultivating” it himself in his attic so that may have been why I thought it was illegal.

  24. What a stunned cunt?! Whatever it is To think this tard thought bringing Thc to a shithole slavic country like Russia was a good decision

    Even if this thing had a prescription it wouldn’t of made fuck a difference to the commie bastards

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