Article 8 of the ECHR

Article 8 ECHR is a cunt, isn’t it.

Rodent: Hello, I’m Timothy Rodent your Human Rights lawyer.

Petru: I Petru from Romania. Was selling the drugs to schoolchildren.

Jamal: Man called Jamal. Man in prison for da rapin’ of teenagers, cha.

Rodent: Right. Now, let’s find a reason to prevent deportation. Will you be religiously persecuted if you are returned?
(They shake heads)

Rodent: Okay, will you be enslaved if deported?

Jamal: Nobody enslaves me. Praise be to Allah.

Petru: Cousin in Bucharest own slaves. Chained to radiator for fucking and make money.

Rodent: Hmm. Are you a Homosexual and will you be persecuted if…

Jamal: Man no batty boy!

Petru: For me, not regular.

Rodent: Okaay.. Let’s see,  have you got any family here?

Petru: Me have brother in Leeds and sister in Brighton.

Rodent: Are they professional people?

Petru: Verrry professional. Everyday working. He drug-dealer and she burgle houses.

Jamal: I done knocked up a girl in a back alley in Birminham. Her got baby but man never seen it.

Rodent: Great! Article 8! Have her visit with the sprog, take some pictures, smile, you know, to fool the judge…

Petru: What mean Article 8?

Rodent: The right to remain for established family. Easy. Both of you.

Jamal: Dat’s it? Yous only bin here five minutes.

Petru: Yes. Does we get discount?

Rodent: Ohh, you don’t pay a bean. The taxpayers pay everything. The daft cunts. Ha ha ha. What a laugh.


Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

With supporting link from W. C., Boggs

Human Rights Law

52 thoughts on “Article 8 of the ECHR

    • concise accurate and current.

      you will never work for the government nor schools as you are enlightened.

      purchase an island, become a dictator and watch your nation thrive. I think set up a tourist safari shoot to ‘take the very best care’ of straying gimmegrants

  1. Great nomination👍

    I can’t believe it would be difficult to ditch all the EU crap, having supposedly left it, but we all know why that is.

    How come we have to pay their legal fees though? That’s not in the EU rules as well is it?!

    • It’s a common misconception that the EHCR is part of the EU. It is not. It is a completely separate organisation. People often confuse the ECHR with the ECJ (European Court of Justice) but again the EHCR is an entirely separate organisation.

      Founded in 1949 by the European allies after WWII it was devised to prevent the sort of shit that developed in Germany under the Nazis ever happening in Europe again. All well and good.

      But since 1997 it has got somewhat of hand and failing reform is no longer fit for purpose.

      Currently 46 countries are signed up to the ECHR, including all 27 EU countries, but that’s as far as any connection to the EU goes. Ukraine is a member. Russia was a member up to March of this year, at which time it was expelled.

      • Apologies, that first paragraph above should have read:

        It is a common misconception that the ECHR is part of the EU. It is not. It is a completely separate organisation. People often confuse the ECHR with the ECJ (European Court of Justice) but again the ECHR is an entirely separate organisation.

      • They do hide behind it though. Because it suits them, chuck all the unwanted this way and then bobs your uncle jobs for the ambulance chasers everyone is a winner except the actual people who it was meant to benefit.

        They are all humans until they end up hacking heads off and stabbing people. Locally we had 16 Albanians have a rukkus over drugs in Bristol recently. The media said it was 6. Only because they didn’t arrest the others, no doubt some of our dingy friends.

        Sort sighted fucking retards in my eyes.

      • Come on Ewan what is the ‘howler’?
        I cant see it.

        (It has been binned before things kick off. – Day Admin)

        It kicked off, so I binned the lot. Aside from the fact we have a ‘don’t cunt the cunter’ policy, there have been some grumbles recently about the same subjects being cunted over and over. Here’s an idea, nominate different stuff then! New blood might help, but they won’t stick around long if they see cunters slagging each other off. Debate, disagree and banter by all means, but keep it fun and civil. – NA.

      • The two you mention are your sad attempt at humour, the other isn’t.
        Nice going with the tickies BTW.

      • A elephant in the room/poster is CS in yet another disguise.

        He’s harmless enough.
        He’s actually dare I say it, quite entertaining at times.

        I am still rather perplexed why he hangs around with people that he views as beneath him, but whatever gets you through the night.

        I thought he was Komodo’s nemesis, but then he latched on to RTC (who he insists on calling Charles).

        Another poster is clearly the latest incarnation of Gordy.
        He annoyed me once a while ago, but I’ve mellowed since then.
        I mostly just skim read the first couple of lines and don’t bother with the rest.
        He does make some good points though at times, to give him credit.
        Not the whole flat Earth horse shit, but some of the other stuff. I’m sort of hoping he’s secretly Neil Oliver.

        Neil has been making more and more sense over the past couple of weeks.

        I also like the way he say the word “world”.
        I think I’d like to hear him ask someone for a Curly Wurly.

      • As far as I can see, Europe can only benefit from ‘that Nazi shit’’ as you put it. Get rid of all the immigrants, criminals, mongs, loud mouths and other assorted n’er do wells. Everyone works for a living and anyone who won’t gets flung into a labour camp. Let’s see how many of those fat, obnoxious, Gregg’s chomping baby factories lay on a sofa chain smoking when they feel the shining tip of the jackboot in their wobbly chins. Added benefits for those who toe the party line include public transport that runs on time, a VW and relocation to any part of Europe they fancy!

  2. Every Albanian car washer and Bangladeshi pot washer knows this. They probably learn how to say “Human Rights Act” and “victim of modern slavery” before “benefits me now”.

    Fucking parasites. A vabbing upon them all.

  3. Well nominated…. I voted brexit to get out of all the ECHR crap but we’re still in it which to me indicates that we haven’t left the fourth reich after all. It’s all just a big con.

  4. I’ve read it’s rather warm in England at the moment and we have a surplus of crocodiles. Would you like us to send some over.🛥️👳🧕🐊💩

  5. I love all this “we will be told off by the EU if we just decide we don’t want to do something ”

    What , as a sovereign government stops us from just telling them to fuck right off.

    I can’t see the French failing to do that if the situation was reversed.

    Seriously who is going to fucking stop us turning refugees back in the Channel?

    The French Navy ?? Ha ha ha ha . Fuck off

  6. Sums up beautifully our immigration system. What the good old taxpayers fail to realise is that the uman rights act trumps all, it can be used to override any legal or executive ruling and is repeatedly used to allow criminals to remain in U.K.
    Remember the needs of the few far out the needs of the many who are financing this fuck fest. Self not service. How many of our ethnic parliamentarians started as solicitors specialising in immigration law.
    The time for winnowing draws nearer

  7. What chance have we got with all the lefties entrenched into the system? The wankers even crowd fund new boats to bring in illegals.

  8. I have a leftie at work who spouts on about how these immigrants will be good for the work system and are vital to our economy.
    There is no reasoning with her on this and although we agree on some things climate change for one her hatred for trump is palpable. I keep asking her what’s it with Trump and all she has is is that he’s not a nice person. I agree I tell herbut you can’t deny the good he did compared to obumma and Biden and bush et al. Doesn’t register.
    I do despair at the brainwashing.
    Maybe I’m the brainwashed one!?

    • Little wall flowers. They can never do anything wrong, except when the butching start attacking them. Do you think these people need to be watching crime watch to bring it to reality a bit?

  9. The human rights lot got all cuntish over Belarus importing shit and pointing it in the direction of the Polish border, Poland go stick for putting up barber wire and Belarus for using this tactic to cause trouble.

    Nothing seems to be said about France allowing shit to enter their country and sign posting fucking Calais, the cunts arrive at Calais and no barbed wire fence just 20 miles of pond, get in a shitty little boat and they are guaranteed a place in a nice hotel in the UK, the ECHR has the final word so no chance of kicking any cunt out.
    Fucking Albanians claiming Modern slavery, not in Albania but in the UK!

    If someone were to write a novel about this stuff even the most skilled writer would have a job to create a plot as far fetched as what is actually happening.

    Until these cunts are taken to Dover docks and sent straight back to France it won’t stop and by the time our useless government actually plough through the legal minefield to allow a handful to be sent to Rwanda there will be half a million of the vermin here and all in untouchable ghettos.

    We are heading for a social disaster in the UK, with an inadequate police ‘force’ deploying the army will be the only way to maintain order.

    • And who do you think will be the target for any ‘maintaining of order’? The white British. Everybody else gets a pass or, usually, some help, encouragement and protection.

  10. I’m just glad I’m closer to the end than the beginning of life. My only disappointment will be I won’t be around to see all those lefty do-gooders get what is most definitely coming to them. When the vermin they love turn on them..

  11. The only hope for this country, is a military coup.

    The chances of which, are highly unlikely.

    We’re on the path to societal breakdown and anarchy.

    Our political overlords must be extremely proud of themselves.

    The cunts.
    Good afternoon.

    • Calling one of our political overlords a cunt is a term of overriding endearment compared to what I would really like to call them.

  12. I remember a case a few years ago. Some filthy, thieving immo cunt came out of the nick and was due to be deported along with his wife and three kids. His yewman rites shyster lawyer argued that he’d been converted to eating da poo poo in the British prison system and would be persecuted in whatever shithole he came from. You don’t need me to tell you the result.

  13. Cunts.

    Become a non signatory to the non British court.

    Make it impossible to claim legal aid for anyone who hasn’t been a British citizen for a minimum of a decade and stop it being used under any circumstances regarding immigration.

    Tell the stinking rabble to Fuck Off.

    • Or, if they do claim legal aid, it’s from a foreign shithole with the fucking lawyer in tow and a minimum 5 year wait for a hearing.

  14. Sorry to go off topic but the BBC have announced they will this week name Jeremy Paxman’s replacement as presenter of University Challenge. I’m looking to place a bet that it won’t be a highly-educated, middle-aged, middle-class white man.

      • Surely any cunt can shine on University Challenge these days? You just read the Guardian and watch the BBC for a couple of weeks and you’ve got all the answers.

        Freddie Frog from Londonstabistan reading Race, Feminism and Transexual Studies.

  15. Bring in the Army? last time 1 Para stopped a riot in 1971, we haven’t heard the fucking last of it. Bog micks are still moaning on about being fired on, when shooting from behind a defensive civilian wall. Retired and, some now past on squaddies, condemned for fighting back. ECHR, cunts

  16. Good evening Nanook. Old cunters like me may remember Alan Clark MP (RIP). I’m fairly sure it was he who said in the early days of the troubles in Northern Ireland, something to the effect of “The military should have been authorised to fix the problem. There would have been two hundred dead Irish men on the streets and then it would have gone very quiet.” I am certain that he was the man who caused further consternation when he described Africa as “Bongo-Bongo-Land”.

    • Exactly that.

      I have a friend who served in NI. He told me they had the equivalent of a “yellow card” that meant they were not allowed to return fire even if they were being shot at without a direct order to do so from an officer. Hence things were as they were and not as Alan Clark suggested they should be.

      What convinces me of the difference this would have made is another story my friend told me. His next deployment was to Bosnia and when his team were debriefed after their first couple of deployments the officer couldn’t understand why they were taking so many casualties on their side only. On being told “it’s the yellow card” he said it shouldn’t apply there whatsoever. The next patrol came back with no casualties and quite a few targets taken down, as did subsequent patrols.

      Instead, BLiar let them all out of gaol!

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