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An extremely hot 35C ☀️ “We are in Kos” Summer Holiday cunting, please, for Booking.cunt as I have just received an email from them entitled, “Travel with pride, Hugh 🌈”

Why they sent it to me, I have no idea as I am a WHAM (White Heterosexual Agnostic Male), Cunters.

I am neither a shirtlifter, nor an r.spandit, nor an uphill gardener. I do travel, not with pride, but usually with an ABTA Travel Agent with my wife (WHAFemale) and with our child (WHAM), aged 12.

I am/we are not remotely interested in blatant poofery nor transbumderism, nor anything else A-Z++ for that matter; what you do in your bedroom is your business and not our’s.
I have therefore unsubscribed advising them in their ‘Other Reason’ Section that I am not a homosexual; Holiday.cunt can Bugger Off. website

Nominated by: Hugh🥒Cumber

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  1. I got the same email.

    I suppose that it is easy to assume that almost everyone today is an uphill gardener.
    There are few real men around.

    I thought about writing to them and saying that I do not support poofery or appreciate their advertising, but they probably don’t read any emails anyway.…… to alienate the majority of their clients.

    Cunts indeed.

    • It struck me here in the Netherlands that Booking.Com have begun a pride advertising campaign featuring a bearden fairy stepping up to the swimming pool disrobing it “dress” to almost reveal a two piece swimsuit before taking a plunge into said pool. As a grumpy white cunt who WAS a faithful customer for the best part of 30 years this has led to the parting of our ways. I don’t give a toss what goes on in the bedroom although that’s not the only place sic, laybys. I just don’t want it in my home, life or face. Fuck you and all pride pervys.
      P.S. Do I qualify for a discount as I mentioned your company 3 times?

  2. We had these cunts going round local shops asking why they weren’t hanging rainbow banners up in there shop windows.
    Didn’t the Nazis use the same tactic back in the 1930’s

    • I bet their evangelism doesn’t stretch as far as Abdul’s mini market or Achmed’s bargain store.

  3. Well done Hugh These cunts need to get it into their thick heads that whilst I don’t hate p oofters I don’t want their shitty perverse way of life rammed down my throat. Or rammed anywhere else for that matter

  4. I suppose they provide built in butt plugs on each seat of their aircraft, the biggest and best being in the 1st class business section – that is why Mandelson and Adonis always travel 1st class business class. If they see a cock-up, they always sit on it.

  5. Their website boasts the tagline “Travel Proud. We filter places, not people”.

    Even if filtering and excluding the nudgers of fudge was their intention, how the fuck would they achieve this with an on-line system? It is nothing more than a desperate attempt to curry favour with the shitstabbing community.


  6. I don’t know why these cunts feel the need to ‘Travel With Pride’.
    Why can’t they simply just travel…… Like everyone else does.

    The overwhelming majority of people can manage to go about their everyday business without declaring their sexuality.
    These idiots are incapable of doing so.

    I watched a TV ad for The Proms.
    There were people enjoying themselves and waving The Union Jack.
    There were also several people waving rainbow flags.

    Can these cunts do nothing without showing the world their pervertions?

  7. I am taking my holidays up in Scotland this year, it is piddling down so I hope it is nice de and warm for you in Kos, Hugh. What is noticeable are the number of women , of a certain age, walking around in pairs, wearing comfortable shoes, and with similar dogs (they are optional). It is is as if wee Nicola has made it compulsory for women to Lezzies.
    I never use, They have twice fucked up hotel bookings for me, always try and book directly with the hotel or airline.

  8. Not much of an advert if the hotel rooms they are advertising could have been the scene of a marmite motorway pile up the night before.

  9. I bet they don’t ‘travel with pride’ to Iran or Pakistan.

    Shove who or what up your arse behind closed doors, no one cares.

  10. Serves you right for stealing Greta’s future with your fancy foreign holidays…overseas travel is only for “celebrities” can’t attach themselves to the “Save the Planet” lobby so have decided to demonstrate their virtue by plugging the Bummers.

  11. Never using that disgusting company again.
    No wonder some of the rooms I’ve ended up in stink of shit and/or rotting fish.

    • I don’t get photos of gays on holiday.

      I don’t want to see Everhard on the beach in korfu,
      Or Camp David eating candy floss on the fair in Costa del sol.
      Or Limp Larry at Mardi gras in Brazil .

      Not because they’re puffs
      After all the Krays were bumboys,
      No, I just don’t like to see people enjoying themselves.

      Get back to work.
      Stop fuckin about.
      You’ve not got the figure for hot pants.

      • Stay British Miserable!

        No Tom Daley’s nude paddle boarding on Lake Windermere or peekaboo cock shots outside Beatrix Potters cottage.

        Just wholesome flashing on the fells.

  12. I’m a WHAM and haven’t received an email from
    Shame, as I would like to respond in a similar fashion.

  13. Amazing, isn’t it!
    Up until a year or two ago the likes of Booking.cock and a host of other brand names across a wide variety of sectors probably didn’t give two shits about promoting ethnicity, gender and sexual preference. But now they’re all falling over each other trying to prove that they are the most inclusive to the detriment of their traditional customers.

    Even more annoying is how some of them are turning on these very same traditional customers for not supporting the latest bit of virtue signalling.

    “Your custom is not wanted here, you homophobe/racist/sexist/transphobe!” seems to be the message they’re giving out either directly or subliminally

    Well that’s fine because this current round of virtue signalling won’t last for ever. Another couple of years and normality will have returned, but it is hoped that by that time those very same traditional punters will tell the likes of Booking.cunt to go fuck themselves in their hour of need!

  14. Aziz looks a right cunt, two robes labelled Mr, oh how fucking lovely.

    Can you imagine two blokes (mates not arse bandits) go on a lads holiday to get some pussy and the hotel assumes they are uphill gardeners because they are sharing a room 😂😂😂

    • …another grade ‘A’ cunt in my book. Oddly only nominated 3 times on this hallowed site. Sick of hearing him in ads of late and can only assume he has some secret lineage to Lenny Henry as both seem to trigger the same gear grinding when seen or heard.

      • I read today that Lenny Henry is now playing a black Hobbit in a new series of Lord of the Rings. Apparently they go around in caravans. I think some thick cunt has not bothered to read the books as I read them all extensively as a child and can recall no such thing. There was no mention of gay black hobbits but it’s only a matter of time.

    • I thought the next James Bond was to be a black woman (lesbian obviously)?! At the very least “007” in the last Bond film was a black woman. (Say goodbye to all your traditional fan base you cunts!)

      Yet another example of “go woke and go broke” and I hope they all do so in record time and that the good readers of ISAC boycott it all. How about a “woke cunts boycott” list on the site? Here’s a start:

      James Bond films

  15. Last year, whilst attending the Classic Car Show at the NEC, my mate and I had booked a room with twin beds and, upon arrival, we discovered that that we were being given a double!
    I immediately accused him of booking a double on purpose and trying to bum me and he countered by pointing out that I would love it, all right in front of the bemused foreign receptionist.
    I turned to her and said “and even if I was gay, I’d like to think that I could do better than HIM!” pointing at him.
    He said (camply) “Ooh, Thomas, you bitch!” and we proceeded to have a cissy slap fight for about 40 seconds.
    The receptionist scurried into the back room. Bloody foreign types, no sense of humour.
    The room debacle had a happy ending though. I got him blind drunk and raped him brutally.

    • That had me spitting out my mid morning coffee Mr Cunt Engine, you rapey cunt!

      You could have had a suitcase that ‘accidently’ sprung open releasing a couple of gerbils around reception.

  16. Every corridor in every Hospital has a Pride logo
    Every Town Hall has a Pride Logo
    Every Job application carries the Pride Statement
    Every appointment for Employment mentions Diversity and Equality.
    Every City has a designated “Safe Space” for Pride People

    Mustafa’s Taxi Service has NO Pride Statement, and Mustafa can refuse to carry a sausage plodder on his religious and cultural standing.and has a fucking big knife under his seat. ( Not many people know this )

  17. I only travel with Pride friendly carriers. I feel comfortable knowing that my hotel bed was probably smeared with jiz and shit by the previous occupants.

    This weekend was Goole Pride. Yes, Goole Pride. That’s how far down bum alley we have sunk.

  18. All this encouragement of these alternative ideas of what is normal will only get worse and deeper entrenched as the next generations only hear the one sided screeching of the woke bastards. They WILL make sure dissenting voices are never heard. Shame it wont come down to fisticuffs, that would sort em no keyboards to hide behind, fecking mincing abominations .

    • “Shame it wont come down to fisticuffs, that would sort em no keyboards to hide behind, fecking mincing abominations.”

      Where? Behind the bike sheds, somewhere in Worcestershire? Would they turn up?

  19. Look closer at the nom picture. The dirty wankers have even got a gay coloured suitcase logo with the fàggot flag emblazoned all over it.
    Also not forgetting the pronouns of the pint sized pöofter featured on the advert.

    I wonder what booking.cunt’s ‘travel with pride’ brochure is like for Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Dubai and of course the up and coming world cup in Qatar?
    All very welcoming of the gay community I’m sure.

  20. ‘ I have just received an email from them entitled, “Travel with pride, Hugh 🌈”

    ..surely that is grounds for a complaint? That statement assumes and suggests you are a homosexual. I would be offended by that inference and go to the Police.

    After all, if a company emailed a couple of gays ‘Travel safely, and have a lovely time with your wife and kids’ The arse bandit population would be beating down the door of their nearest Police station screaming they were offended.

    I would dearly like a heterosexual to do that and set a precedent as to how bolloxed this world is becoming.

  21. This might be a good example of the agenda (almost) working.

    I too got the same email. I have used these cunts in the past to book accommodation for myself and my WIFE. Clearly a heterosexual booking then. Initially I just deleted the email. Thanks to this nom, I now realise I should have been more offended. Maybe the agenda is to just desensitize people to this crap so they accept it as “normal”?

    Fortunately, the email was still in my Deleted folder, so I fished it out, clicked “unsubscribe” and gave my reason as not wishing to be subjected to their virtue signalling crap and sexual politics. Or words to that effect.

    Thanks Hugh for showing me the way. I’ll be more vigilant from now on.

    Travel with pride – oh do fuck off.

    • Hmm, I haven’t received this email, but then they know they’d be wasting their time with me. I came out as heterosexual years ago.

  22. I always thought having arse bandits at one event all together was a matter of “an opportunity”. ( Just sayin of course )

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