The Welsh Government’s Cunning Plan (2) on Climate Change (8)

”Climate change could be as bad as Covid – Wales’ top doctor”

”Dr Sir Frank Atherton said rising temperatures were likely to pose a “serious health risk” to the nation.”

Doctor as in medical doctor. Which somehow makes him a climate expert. But wait, there is hope:-

”The Welsh government said it had a plan to mitigate the worst impact of climate change and protect the most vulnerable.”

Yes, Wales has a plan. We don’t need these fucking conferences with worldwide cunts attending. We has a cunning plan. This cunning plan will solve problems such as:-

”A grass fire in Machen, Caerphilly county, burned for five days in 2021. Some claimed the flames were close to their homes and black smoke blew over their homes.”

Yes, smoke blew over their homes. Think on that you smug climate deniers.

So, worry ye not. Wales has a cunning plan and the also have a GP who knows things.

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59 thoughts on “The Welsh Government’s Cunning Plan (2) on Climate Change (8)

  1. Fellow cunters fear not, the governments desire to make U.K. carbon neutral will save us all from the impending climate disaster caused by Chine et al burning more coal in a week than we mined in 50 years.
    As soon as we achieve carbon neutral a big shiny transparent dome will descend from the heavens enclosing our green and pleasant land thus we are shielded from the climate disaster. We live on poking fun at those who would not accept the badness of fossil fuel.
    The way these fucktards bang on one would have to conclude the above scenario is real. Clan the twats not see that even if we are carbon fucking negative our piddly input to global co2; compared to China is very very very small. My next vehicle will be a powerboat

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