The Welsh Government’s Cunning Plan (2) on Climate Change (8)

”Climate change could be as bad as Covid – Wales’ top doctor”

”Dr Sir Frank Atherton said rising temperatures were likely to pose a “serious health risk” to the nation.”

Doctor as in medical doctor. Which somehow makes him a climate expert. But wait, there is hope:-

”The Welsh government said it had a plan to mitigate the worst impact of climate change and protect the most vulnerable.”

Yes, Wales has a plan. We don’t need these fucking conferences with worldwide cunts attending. We has a cunning plan. This cunning plan will solve problems such as:-

”A grass fire in Machen, Caerphilly county, burned for five days in 2021. Some claimed the flames were close to their homes and black smoke blew over their homes.”

Yes, smoke blew over their homes. Think on that you smug climate deniers.

So, worry ye not. Wales has a cunning plan and the also have a GP who knows things.

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59 thoughts on “The Welsh Government’s Cunning Plan (2) on Climate Change (8)

  1. Well at least people are talking and getting paid to go on a jolly I suspose. All courteously from one toe bobs taxes. Useless sacks of shit. GET ON AND FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THEN. WERE FED UP OF HEARING ABOUT IT.

  2. There is no such thing as “net zero” . Wales used to burn Whales for light untill fossil fuels came along. Today all those lights are made in China, who burn all the coal we used to, to produce all the shit we buy. Its all fairyland nonsense. Get people scared and then take all their money for their own protection, and then share it out amongst their friends. Oldest trick in the book.

  3. I don’t believe in climate change, COVID or a country called ‘Wales’.

    That’s what THEY want you to believe,
    Next thing you know….

    Your on the mother ship having your ricker probed by little green men then sold off as a slave on the outer rings of Jupiter.

  4. So Baghitar Katavada ( beautiful Welsh name) had smoke billowing over his garden. So what? Fuck off back to Karachi then, see what the pollution is like there.
    Fakes , frauds, money grabbing bastards especially that Doctor cunt. He knows no more about it than the proverbial “bloke down the pub.”
    Bunch of cunts.

    • I’d sooner listen to the bloke in the pub. Because it would mean I’m in a pub. Whether or not I could afford a drink is another matter.

  5. Got to love ❤️ the Welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
    Well I have too I’m married to one.
    Welsh government is just to daft to laugh at.
    Like Mike and Bernie winters

    • Get her to say it’s gone cold and floppy whilst she is giving you a blowjob, it’s a bit like Lisa Nandy without the lisp but with the lisp.

  6. Baghitar Katavada? Born and bred in the valleys were you, boyo?
    Tell you what, Baggy, get that fucking wall you’re building between you and next door finished, you lazy cunt.

    As for the Welsh Town Council’s Climate Change Plan, it sounds about as much use as declaring a Nuclear Free Zone like all the jumped up, pointless council pricks did in the 1980s.

    Top cunting, CC.

  7. Climate change is probably racist…so mother nature better start writing cheques pronto..

  8. When a country the size of China has increased carbon emissions by over 200% since the year 2000, thank God for Wales and their cunning plan. It will cost a fortune and make bugger all change to the overall picture.
    It’s a scam.

  9. Who needs the UN when we have the devolved Welsh “ government “ to save the World.

    Talk about delusions of grandeur.


  10. Probably time they thanked Thatcher for closing all those carbon producing coal mines then?

    We are waiting Wales……

    • The link describes old doc Atherton as
      ‘wales top doctor ‘

      That’s akin to mencaps best triathlete
      The spastic societys best gymnast.

      Fuckin prove it.
      You’ve given yourself that title!

      In that case I’m Stockports foremost astronaut.

      • ‘ In that case I’m Stockports foremost astronaut.’

        Everyone knows that MNC!

      • ” Wales top Spelunker” is also Charlotte Church’s gynecologist

        Little known fact that.

  11. It’s been raining in wales since time began.
    Climate change may effect the world but never Wales.

  12. If someone told me that I’d won a holiday cottage in Wales, it would be a race between me and the hobgoblin locals to see who could burn it down first.

    Is Max Boyce dead yet ?…..I fucking hope so.

  13. Tom jones uses up half the oxygen that the valley supplies, he must be cancelled so the other fellow can sing “were walking in the air”

  14. Is Baldrick in charge of the Welshies?I have a cunning plan.Give me strength I despair at these cockwombles.

  15. They are very selective in following the science of climate change models or Covid infection rates but not so keen on biological science and defining what a woman is.

    • After Roe v Wade it would appear that women with wombs are mainstream again.

  16. Hmm – “GP with no qualifications whatsoever in meteorology, climatology, virology or epidemiology yaps fucking shit so BBC watchers can seal clap in between hiding behind the settee – communist leaders of Wales nod sagely in approval”..
    Is Dr Shitbag giving up his central heating and car then?
    Thought not.
    Fuck off.

  17. Send all the industry over to China, India or wherever and turn a once industrial country into nothing more than a “Great Reset” vassal state.

    Net zero is a load of fucking wank riddled with contradictions.

  18. Why is Badguitar katvader even part of the story?

    He saw some smoke on the mountain or so he claims?

    There’d allegedly been a fire according to him.
    No proof.
    Just his version of events,
    Vague talk of smoke.

    Where was he when Grenfell went up ?
    Can he account for his whereabouts?

    • The way he was bitching on you would think he was in the middle of some Aussie bushfire and not a bit of grass on fire halfway up a fucking mountain.

      • Oz bush fires lol saw an old rough cunt interviewed he said the fucking government had banned people from cutting fire breaks, he say the daft cunts complied but not him fuck the government, his was the only house left standing after the fire rolled past.

  19. I’d say this year’s seasonal drop in temperatures will be more of a killer, considering most folk won’t be able to afford the fucking fuel. This net zero bollocks is a large contributor to this almighty fuck up, and don’t let any cunt persuade you otherwise.

  20. I see this ‘top doctor’ has been frightening the shit out of kids after carrying out school visits.
    He has also been ‘answering their questions’.

    I had no questions regarding climate change when I was at school. I’d never heard if it. I just wanted to make catapults and shoot anything that moved, or finger Michelle Clarke’s sticky minge in the library at lunchtime.

    Climate change, gender bènder issues, diversity embracement etc. I seriously think that the modern day method of schooling is tantamount to child abuse. What other shit are they force feeding children to believe. No wonder today’s kids are shivering, confused nervous wrecks.

  21. It’s wet in Wales, unless the winds suddenly stop blowing in from the Atlantic it will always be wet, everyone thinks the Welsh wear Wellies for amorous adventures but it isn’t (well it is really) it’s for the fucking rain 😂

  22. “The older people were a bit worried about the smoke because some of the people have asthma so it could be bad for them,” said Baghitar Katavada. Oh, do fuck off. I’m a bit worried about the propaganda and hot air spouted by the BB fucking C and the Welsh government. Get to fuck.

  23. Dr Dickvandyke ‘top doctor of common sense’, (self-titled), is very confused about the mountain fire.

    Surely there must be an ignition source? I don’t think it is hot enough for grass in Wales to just spontaneously combust?

    Baghiter, are you sure you didn’t drop a Park Drive nub-end up the mountain?

    • Dick,
      Baggytrousers katvapour probably started that fire with illegal fireworks celebrating Diwali.

      Then pretended he was just a observer of smoke.

      Bet his wheelie bin shed is stockpiled with Jerry cans of petrol?

      • Evening Mis.

        I’m still sticking with the theory that Bagshitter was shagging a sheep up in the hills, whilst smoking Woodbines. He got excited spat the fag out, hence the fire.

        Remember I’m an ‘expert’, (self-titled).

  24. I Googled ” what is a non news story” and the link to this news article popped up as first choice.
    The next 99 were about Sparkletits and her ginger poodle!

  25. If man made climate change is as big an emergency as the cunts keep telling us, then the changes the Welsh and indeed, the rest of GB is forced into, will delay Armageddon by about 15 minutes. This is due to our pissy little amount of carbon compared to China and India.

    Great idea isn’t it? Make everything as expensive and as inconvenient as possible for years, just to save a few minutes.

    And that’s if it’s an emergency in the first place, which it isn’t.

    It’s a big fucking grift.

    • Although the Welsh do create the highest emission the UK, due to them regularly burning down the homes of English people daring to live there. And of course setting fire to any livestock or produce brought in from England. And because of that Go Compare cunt’s massive farts.

    • Well, now Covid is dying a death, literally as its become so weakened as to be nothing more than a cold, there has to be something for us to get fearful about, doesn’t there?
      So this non-news story about the staunch Men of Harlech will do.
      Do me a favour?
      Do one.
      Men of Harlech, pah, I’ve shit better.
      The yeomen of Yorkshire will give you yackiedars summat to think about.

    • 15 minutes more like 1 nano second if it true which it isn’t Welsh cunts, but they did deserve the win yesterday and I was shouting for them as a proud Englishman.

  26. Would gassing the Welsh government improve the climate?

    Let’s try it and see how it pans out.

  27. fucking climate would want change., its a balls of a summer so far, only glimpses of sunshine and im not going to the beach when its 12 to 14 degrees Celsius average in fucking july Greta

  28. Yes, indeed, we had better weather in March.
    I’m blaming it all on Greta Thunder pants.
    She spouted so much hot air that she’s affected the climate.
    Shut the fuck up, you vacuous child.

    • alls that’s growing is grass so more cows platter and farts followed by more rain and then Armageddons box of green policies to make sure one freezes their nuts off this winter.
      what makes it worse there’s no escaping the cunts anymore like my dream for instance, of a shack by the sea, my aching bones, let bask in evening balm, under wonderful sky with food and wine, to lend a smile for that while.

      • No more, ye shower of cunts about my dreams after all they’re only pipe and smoke screens.
        What i wish, will wain with time

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