DNA Cloning

Is cloning OK?

Here’s an interesting article which caused a couple of alarm bells to go off.

Guardian News Link

Do we really want Dodos, or their near relatives back? For what purpose?

If someone gets a bit carried away, will the running and screaming start again?

I can sort of see a point in preserving the DNA of endangered species (The Tory party perchance? – Day Admin), but only if you are going to be able to place it in its natural habitat, which given the current predilection for destroying them for farm land, draining them for housing and blowing them up for fuel is unlikely.

I dunno, I don’t want to see animals disappear, but I don’t lose much sleep about Dodos, dinosaurs or passenger pigeons.

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

82 thoughts on “DNA Cloning

    • Good nom JP 👍
      I read the link when you put this nom up,
      And got a bit distracted by it.
      It led me to read some other articles on the subject.

      They regularly find mammoth frozen in Siberian permafrost,
      The fur still attached ,
      And even read where someone fed his sleddogs meat off a mammoth.

      I’m all for bringing them back.
      Id like to be the first in the northwest to own a mammoth pelt coat.

      Not bothered about Dodos though.
      Sort of useless aren’t they?
      Fuck em.

      • Yes indeed, MNC.
        Apparently their flesh was greasy and rank, so inedible. Their feathers were not pretty, so useless for hat decorations and the skin too flimsy to tan and make into shoes or belts.
        All in all, not much of a loss to the world.

  1. Bring back Thylacines because there’s not enough critters to kill backpackers in Oz and Roas as there aren’t enough chickens to feed Abbot and Lammy.

    • Afternoon Shackles 👍
      Thylacines have been classified existinct for less than a hundred years.
      But there’s been quite a few sightings since.
      A few scientists say it’s a ‘lazurus species’.
      A animal that returns from the brink.
      There’s loads of animals that are.

      I recently watched a TV show where a Aussie farmer had taken a photo of a animal stalking his sheep.
      To me it was clearly a thylacine.

  2. Messing about with nature never ends well.
    Instead of asking if they could do it maybe they should be asking if they should do it.
    Will they be dragging out “Dolly the sheep” to demonstrate their “success”?
    When are they cloning Hitler?

    • Afternoon Mr Fox…Cunstable Cuntbubble would like a successful sheep cloning programme, then he’ll never run out of girlfriends..

      • TtCE@ – Evening Thomas – “There’ll be a welcome in the hillsides”..
        Off now 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

    • We need an Adolf type character to stop the water rats swimming in the channel

    • But, but..
      The black footed ferret.
      Surely that alone should make cloning OK?
      It’s beyond cute, and if it can kill rats and catch rabbits for the pot, it’s a jewel beyond price!
      Unfortunately, there’s only one, so unless it’s a self reproducing hermaphrodite, it no use to man, nor beast.

  3. Clone a Megalodon from one of its fossilised teeth and set it to patroling the English Channel with a view to gobbling up delicious dinghy spongers.

    • I’m going down to the Jurassic coast on Wednesday. I’ll pick you one up.

      Never found a fucking thing all the times I’ve been, in fact one year there were kids running around with all sorts of fossils and I’m stood there with my hammer looking a cunt.

  4. Can I have an eighteen year old clone of Raquel Welch please..

    I promise to look after it and keep it safe and warm at night.

    And feed it regular does of protein.

  5. What would be the point? That creature would be the loneliest being that ever lived and would most likely go mad attacking everything in sight.

    On second thoughts, let’s make one and set it loose at a pride festival or mosque.

  6. Clone the Tyrannosaurus Rex to feed off the piggies in Westminster.Dinner time Rexy!!

  7. if i had the power of almighty God science, i would replicate myself one million times or more. i would be an unstoppable force as i know that all of myselfies thinks the same. i could start a revolution on twitter or insta and youtube as well pocketing a pretty penny too boot with my legion of me.
    id instantly change election results, public opinion and tell my story millions of times until everyone is fucked in the head

  8. It’s happening already somebody is cloning black people for all the TV adverts..though I could be wrong they do all look the same to me..

    • Funny how it’s always a black man with a honky bird. Never a white man with a pakı bird.
      Even the advertisers realise that that would be too preposterously fanciful.

  9. There’s a photo on the net somewhere of a sailor who died in the 19th C, in the Artic or some fucking cold place. They buried him in the ice and he was discovered years later. He is in perfect nick, his eyes are open and he has a horrible open mouthed grimace as if he is screaming in terror. It fair put the shits up me I can tell you.
    Anyway, imagine if you could bring some cunt back from the 19th C. What would he make of today’s world eh?
    Fucking hell!

  10. This won’t end well. Animals today, humans tomorrow.
    Can you imagine a million Proclaimers travelling 500 miles in all directions?
    Two of them is three too many.

  11. I would make 2 clones of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. I’d send one to the next G7 Summit and the other to Davos for the WEF meeting.

  12. Pakıs attempt to clone themselves by implementing a strict doctrine of only having a child with a close relative, preferably a sibling.
    It’s a practice that has been unfortunately very successful, especially in Bradford, where they are now on their third generation of disgusting inbreds.
    To be fair though, that’s how the Welsh have been procreating for the last 800 years, hence why Welsh women look like pieces of boiled ham, causing lusty Welshmen to resort to putting lipstick and eyeshadow on the small flocks of nervous sheep that inhabit every steep Welsh back garden.

    • Good Lord!
      So, so wrong. What, there’s so few eligible females, they have to marry a relative?
      Leave them to get on with it, hopefully they’ll fuck their selves to extinction.

  13. It’s interesting in theory but you know it will end up going tragically wrong. More of a concern is they are intending a similar thing with viruses and bacteria they’ve found.

    There’s a chance that these cunts were harmless in prehistoric times but we have no immunity from them. Maybe I’m paranoid, scientists wouldn’t fuck around with potentially deadly viruses would they?

    Meanwhile the LHC is due for a restart after some hefty upgrades that will allow them to smash particles together more often and faster than every before. As the theory goes they are looking to capture dark matter particles on transition as they would be as they traveled to the 5th dimension that particle physicists have calculated must exist, seeks all the tin foil hat speculation that the LHC could open a door to another dimension could have factual basis.

    Why CERN needs a statue of Shiva the Hindu god of destruction on site is open for speculation, why some of the scientists felt the need to dance around it no one knows.

    On second thoughts, leave the DNA alone poindexter

    • Know why modern people are prone to being overweight and having diabetes?
      Besides a over abundance of high fat food I mean.


      Most of us have upto 2% neanderthal DNA.

      Neanderthals had a high fat meat diet,
      In a very cold climate,
      Their bodies adapted to store fat for when times were hard.
      True that.

      We (modern humans) interbreed with Neanderthals which shows in our genomes,
      It helps us fight some diseases and makes us susceptible to others .

      I’m not just a astronaut and a pretty face .
      I’m also Wales foremost doctor.

      • I’m not about to argue with Wales’s foremost scientific Dr of Stuff!!!!

      • The other half is more than 2%, I reckon. Unusually long arms and when we have a bonfire ,he stands over it with a stick in his hand, decked out in raggedy earth coloured clothes, glowering at the house. I don’t know if any other cunters have been to St Fagans open air museum near Cardiff ( a very interesting day out) but we were there the other day and I could not get him out of the reconstructed Iron Age Roundhouse. I affectionately refer to him as Stig.

  14. Just clone the Duke of Wellington and let’s get this country tidied up for good.

  15. I think this cloning business will be a freely available thing in the future.

    I have no evidence for this, I’m just making this up as I go along, so fucking listen and think on.

    I can see supermarkets of the future letting you buy clones. But like anything, you’ll get what you pay for. It will be cheap after a few years, but at first, like with all new ‘tech’, it will be expensive.

    Morrison’s will have a DNA nymphomaniac version of a 23 year old Kylie Minogue for 10 grand. But for those on a budget, you could just buy her arse for £500.

    You could get a version of yourself and send it to work for you, while you stay home masturbating. These things won’t have an off button so you’d have to beat them senseless if they refused to go to their cage and be quiet when you’re home.


    • Brilliant, CB, just brilliant.
      I’ve just blown my nose 20 times, because I snorted a whole glass full down it.
      Worth it.

    • Evening CB…if any gentleman managed to actually clone himself, his first thought would probably be “should I bum the clone?”
      At least, that would be my first thought.

  16. Although watching the cricket earlier, I thought they’d cloned Morrissey and got him a punditry gig at Sky.

    Turns out it was Kevin Pietersen.

  17. Id clone my old gold fish, fish head and zipper head. Had to flush the orange / yellow cunts down the bog when they got to uppity bubbleishous.

  18. I’m bored.
    Got a spare ticket for pride if anyone fancies it?
    Chris is coming.
    Chris Pincher.
    Needs cheering up,
    He’s a right handful when he’s pissed!

    • Boring old Qwar month is over MNC, cheer up.
      Aparrantly the Don reached over and took the wheel from the most advanced driver on the planet while throttling a secret service agent.
      Its all going to get much more interesting .

      • Evening Smug,
        Yeah I saw that,
        Fighting for control of the steering wheel 😂

    • Philip Schofield says that he can “accommodate you” during the pride festival, MNC…I wonder if he meant a room for the night or something saucier?

      • Sure he meant it in the spirit of generousity Thomas ?
        No intention of monkey business?

        Besides he’d need step Ladders, and probably not heavily built enough in the genitals to breach my starfish!

        Besides, I’ve never slept on a waterbed before,
        Dunno if I fancy it?
        I’d get seasick,
        Im not a able semen.

  19. Phillip Schofield and Kelly Holmes are at it Miserable. Not in the sexual sense. Far from it. But the Pride March in London.

    Seems a bit choreographed to me. She appears on This Morning a couple of days ago to ‘reveal’ she is a Lesbian. Then they both turn up at Pride.

    • Kelly Holmes certainly has a bigger winkle than Philip Schofield.

    • Katie Holmes, eh? That’s a coincidence. Because Tom Cruise is allegedly a raging whoopsie and all,

      Allegedly, of course….

      • I did submit a nom on Ms Holmes.
        Her sexuality was an “open secret”😉

      • An ex half chat athlete who ‘bravely’ came out last month ffs.
        You’d have to deaf, dumb and blind not to realise she’s a woman in comfortable shoes.
        As for that cunt Schofield, I bet his missus and kids are really proud of him. Fucking hatter!

    • Evening Miles👍
      I think at the age of 58yr or whatever Kelly is,
      She should of waited till she knew her own mind before rushing to ‘come out’.

      Brave of her!!😁

      • Hey Miles, get this!
        In chapel on le Frith, a cafe has had vandalism,and legal threats because it named a sandwich Cheesus Christ.
        A Christian fight back!

        What do you think?
        Is it offensive?
        I might go and add to the menu in chalk

        Prophet Muhammad bacon bliss!

        Sit back and watch what happens!

      • Sorry it’s in Whaley bridge .
        The fuckin blasphemous pisstakers.
        Hope that Dam bursts and biblically drowns them.

      • Almost forgot, a stock photo of Kelly Holmes has her holding the union flag upside down.

      • One of the tales Mrs Plastic has of her childhood comes to mind Miserable.
        She was brought up just so, everything to be correct. Anyway shopping in the Supermarket with her mother at Christmas after all the Chistmas food bought. Have we got everything? Suddenly Mrs P it came to her –‘biscuits for cheeses!’.

        Much hilarity all round

        Do I think it offensive? Well this is the age of Offence.
        Or the age of Insult.

        I’ve said it before for you to really blaspheme you have got to beleve..

        There is a new ‘micro pub’ in Barnsley. ‘Heaven and Ale’ with a cartoon of the Virgin Mary with a pint of ale. I was asked to go in but I said I wouldn’t because of that reason.

        We both know one thing though- there would be no jokes about Muhamnad or Fatima allowed.

        That’s how upside down things are in this country.

      • Miles,
        Whilst I agree 100% with the fact that there is a huge disparity between the way this subject is dealt with, when comparing Christians and Muslims, I can’t see anything wrong with the Virgin Mary and Ale. After all, Jesus was said to turn water into wiins, not the other way around.
        Mind you, I’m sat here in a pub and have had a few…

      • Well that’s true @So Long. Christianity has long been favourable to fortified drink.

        Changing water into wine.

        We are workers in the ‘vineyard’.

        Saki (H.H. Munro) wrote-‘People may say what they like about the decay of Christianity the religious system that produced green Chartreuse can never really die.’

  20. A clone of Oliver Cromwell would be welcomed to deal with the current crop of cunts “running” the country!

  21. If I could DNA clone anyone it would be myself. At least then I would have someone intelligent to talk to. And I’d agree with everything I say.

    • Aah, but you and the clone might grow to despise each other, like Rimmer and Rimmer in Red Dwarf, back when it was funny.

    • Aah, but you and the clone might grow to despise each other’s guts, like Rimmer and Rimmer in Red Dwårf, back when it was funny.

  22. I wish They could clone Britain back to the forties, in the knowledge of what a total shithole it would become in the 21st century.
    We could have scrapped the commonwealth, just think what a different country we would have now.

    No fuckers of a different hue. controlled borders. no 40 years of domination by the kraut led EU.


    What a shower of cunts have been in the House of Commons/ lords since the ww2.

    A curse be upon them all, including the twats in Buck house.

    Without doubt they have shit on the people who made this country great from a great height….

    Mots omnibus ..!

    • Our once great country is destroyed from within.I despair at our weak “Government”.May a thousand doses of the gay disease be upon them.

    • You are the man on the Clapham route and I claim my free oyster card.

  23. Just looked up Thylacines, swear to god there was a 27 stone bloke walking one yesterday!

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