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The BBC. Again.

Ladies and gents, I give you that constant dose of hemorrhoids, that persistant, hard-to-shift bout of syphilis that is the BBC. Saturday night, 02/07/2022 at 2220 hrs, the cunts are delighting us with ‘Alex Scott: The Future Of Women’s Football’, looking at the “Huge rise in popularity of the women’s game. Really? The fucking stadiums always look empty, to me, even when they give away tickets. Same with wimmin’s rugby. An unadulterated, stomach-acid-inducing load of shite, but, the best part, and I quote from the TV guide listing?

“….and the game’s lack of diversity”!!!

Goebbels’ couldn’t make this shite up. And, to make it worse, the cunts are showing the Wimmin’s Euros, on peak-time television, next week.

“Kenny, fetch me Zantac”.
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Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt

And on the subject of the Bloated Broadcasting Cunts, here’s one from Guzziguy

The BBC have decided not to reinstate Michael Vaughan as a cricket commentator following a letter of concern from two groups which represent bame employees at the BBC. He made his remarks in 2009 and I think that they were ambiguous rather than outright racial slurs; certainly far less offensive than the anti Semitic remarks of the Pakistani cricketer at the centre of the shit storm.

However, I do not have much sympathy for Vaughan as he adopted a sickeningly pious attitude regarding Ollie Robinson’s remarks regarding a Chinese girl.

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

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BBC News Link

More grief for the Bullshitting Broadcasting Cunts courtesy of Barry zuckercunt

The BBC again…women’s euro 2022 is coming, can’t wait.just seen the BBC lineup. And surprise surprise it’s 95 percent women and the Oprah Winfrey lookalike Ian Wright.

So it’s ok for them to invade the mens game with their shit inane commentary and insight, but heaven forbid allow men to intrude on their hallowed turf.

Ladies stick to your own shit brand and leave the men’s game to people who have actually played at that level..

BBC News Link

I knew it wouldn’t be too long before our Norm registered his displeasure at the BBC and the wimminz “football”

The BBC are cunts yet again….

On a day when the British Prime Minister resigns, one would expect that Question Time (for all its faults) to be either be given a special episode or – at the very least – be shown in its usual time. But no, the ‘Beeb’ decided it had something more important than the PM resigning and a nation in the balance (again!). But what was this thing that was so important? Was it The Queen’s funeral?

No. Was it even Wimbledon going on too long? No. So, what was it that the BBC thought was more important than the British government collapsing? Wait for it…. EastEnders and Women’s bloody football. The ever sickening WokeEnders was on, of course. With a black drag queen turning up at a hospital emergency, and two identikit gorblimey guv’nor fat slags squealing ‘Oooh! We love drag queens!’ Also, that fat bald ‘hard man’ cunt was ‘pronounced dead’, then he turns up right at the end. Utter shite of the highest order.

Then there was the whole 90 minutes of Northern Ireland vs Norway. women. Needless to say, the Irish team were absolute shit. But a so-called public service broadcaster like the BBC putting this woke shit on instead of programmes covering the day’s major political events? These cunts insist on shoving this woke shite down our throats no matter what else is going on. Nobody is interested in wemens football, and the way these BBC fucks market it like it’s on the same level as the real game is stomach turning. If the Ivans invaded, these BBC cunts would put on a Wales vs Albania womens match as the Russians marched around.

If it was England vs Germany in a World Cup semi final (the real World Cup, like it was in 1990) then I would sort of understand it. But a womens game being prioritised over the Prime Minister quitting and the future of the UK? It’s like the television equivalent of Caligula marrying his horse. It’s quite obvious we have genuinely insane people now running the BBC.

And what makes it even worse is Gabbing Logan and Alex Fucking Scott are presenting it. Sport and TV in this country has hit an alt time low.. Apologies for the lack of a link. I could put on a link to the NI vs Norway game or NeverEnders, but they are both unbelievably shit.

Same shit different bucket. This one is from Everyonesacunt

The spin put on news articles that appear, you’ve guessed it , the b fucking biased c.

BBC News Link

“How good are japans gun laws?”

When I first saw the article I knew that what actually was about would be gun violence , ownership and usage in the good old 🇺🇸.

And On reading it I wasn’t proved wrong. Little bar charts 📊 showing how good things are usually in 🇯🇵 and how bad things are everywhere else, particularly in the 🇺🇸

It is just yet another example of how the media and especially the beeb don’t report news anymore but just use stories in an effort to manipulate joe public s thinking 🤔 and it is becoming an even bigger Cunt with each passing day.


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  1. If they want to get more people to watch wimminz sport, how about Lesbian Mud Wrestling at prime time?
    As for Wimminz Footy, an embroidery competition would be more exciting.

    • I recon I’d give wimminz ‘tit boxing’ a watch, if they could make such a sport.

    • They did have a make-up show a short while back which I applied to go on; but I was rejected due to `over-exuberance`.

  2. The Tories had a big enough majority to deal with these cunts but as usual, they shit out.

    The BBC can’t show anything now without shoving their far left degenerate agenda down every cunts’ throats.

    When they are finally defunded and have to survive without the licence, I will turn up at BBC HQ to laugh at all the cunts working there as they leave the building.

    The fucking shithouses.

  3. If it’s cheap, woke and virtue signalling and nobody is interested, it’s on the BBC.
    Wimminz football is fucking perfect for those cunts.

  4. Women’s football is not intetesting, low on quality and tediously dull, like watching a rugby match or a documentary on furniture. It’d be better if they had some gender tranîies playing to raise the skill level. Mind you, some of the ladies look like they’re halfway through their “procedure” already. Expect future injuries announced by the manager:

    “Yeah, Linda’s on the bench today because she’s sprained her moustache. Also, Winnie’s out because she’s having a testicle removed.”

  5. How many of these record attendances were actually fans paying full price and not loads of school kids let in for free as part of some community bollocks or people buying subsidised tickets? And while we are at it, how many of these wimminz MP’s, usually Labour cunts, actually go and watch their local side whilst lecturing everyone else on not supporting the game? Since most don’t know what a women is, not a lot!

    • If oyu read the article several monthas ago about the largest crowd eve at a womens football match, what the headline forgot to tell you was before the match there was a free pop concert, with some very popular artistes singing…and the tickets were free. Once they got them in for the concert, they didn’t let them out until after the footbal match.

      Hey presto…a record football crowd.


  6. ‘Inform, Entertain and Eductate’

    The BBC can inform me womens football exists, but that should be the extent of it. All that informing can be done in a quick news article and the end of the proper new…..not a whole fucking evening of informing me womens football is shit.

    Entertain……..womens football? Does it fuck!

    Eductate……. no fucking chance

    Reith didn’t realise his mantra was going to be so bastardised- surely

  7. The total cunts at that fucking rat’s nest of a broadcaster aren’t bothered if everything they put on is watched by precisely no one.

    It’s not like their revenue will dip.

    They can’t even be arsed to make the wimmin play nude or at least in bikinis.

    The communist fawning vermin.

    Stick your tax up your well used arse.

    C U N T S.

  8. The England-Austria match was so boring I switched over the to the Create & Craft channel for more excitement.

    The commentary and analysis is no better. Emma Hayes (Chelsea women manager) keeps using terms such as “turnover ball” and “second phase”. WTF? Are we watching rugby?

    The lasses do their best but the standard is no higher than under 15 boys’ football and some of it is lamentably low.

    Wrighty is there as a token male (he seems to switch from BBC to ITV) but he is unconvincing.

    If England win the thing it may add another 10% to attendances but the domestic matches play to very small crowds more suited to non-league grounds.

    I prefer women’s rugby. Sarah Hunter, England captain. Now there is a fine figure of a woman.

  9. I thought Nadine Dorries was going to go for the BBC jugular? fucking talking about putting it on the council tax now? FFS woman defund the cunts. Game over.

  10. Alex fucking Scott…….could have been born for the BBC…….black, a wimminz and a fucking lezza. I have a feeling she’s going to be a BBC stalwart for many years to come. Obviously a great improvement on slimeball Linekunt but that’s a pretty low base to start with.

    • He’s a Weapon’s-Grade Cunt, but, at least he’s played at the highest level, so his opinion’s valid, rather than the box-ticker Scott’s. Rather like Maggie ‘Box-Ticker’s-Delight’ Alphonsi, whom infests ITV’s rugby coverage with her worthless opinion. I’d be prepared to bet my pension that my local club’s third XV would give the best wimmins XV in the world a spanking that would have them returning to the ironing.

  11. I wonder if good ol’ Auntie will be sacking in a blaze of virtue signalling publicity the sack o shite that is Nish Kumar, after his blatantly racist tweet? Nah, thought not. Until the day they close the doors of Broadcasting House one last time, the BBC can never be cunted enough.

  12. Women’s football is shit, despite woke cunts going on about it being great and the players deserving equal pay with the men.

    The same woke twats don’t bother watching it though, do they?


    Because fucking shit!

    The once excellent ‘Arseblog’ is testament to such shite. It’s an Arsenal blog site that has gone down the wokey shithole.

    Gives loads of coverage to women’s ‘football’ and the readership (unbelievably woke) will savage you/get you banned if you criticise it in any way.

    But look at the articles. Barely no cunt comments on them compared to the men’s football articles.


    Because nobody cares and it’s fucking shit!

    Get it off the telly and her those stupid tarts out of the studio giving their ‘expert’ opinions on the men’s game.

    Grow your own game on its own merits, like every other cunting sport had to once upon a time.

    Kitchen is that way. Two sugars.

  13. Freddie plus a slave owner’s decendant as well, Fucking joyous that faux tears little moment. It filled my heart with joy.

    • Oooh, I’d forgot about that! Has she publically apologised for her part in the slave trade?

  14. My daughter’s boyfriend has just been rejected for a job with the BBC. The reason being ‘you’re not what we’re looking for’.
    Guess what, he’s white, male and straight.

  15. Alex Scott’s family owned slaves.

    Mine didn’t. While her ancestors were lording it up in paradise on the enslavement of Africans, mine were getting blown to bits in wars or being sent to workhouses.

    Alex Scott is a multi millionaire, despite me being much better than her at football and having much more advanced academic qualifications. I am not poor, but I am certainly not a multi millionaire by being an unwelcome sofa ‘pundit’ for a few hours a week.

    But, I’m the one with the privilege, apparently.

    Get to fuck!

  16. I haven’t watched the Bashir Bullshit Corporation for four years. I may occasionally catch up with something on iPlayer – usually scientific documentaries, nothing else and certainly nothing dramatic, comedic or political. I hope the BBC chokes on its own libtard vomit and disappears from the national life forever. A woke joke.

  17. Good old Beeb – doing what they do best – producing woke bollocks and charging the taxpayer for the privilege.

    Apart from the odd documentary or repeats, the only “live” thing on there worth watching is the Snooker (Masters, UK and World Championships) – which appears to keep (just) about surviving (for now) the all encompassing woke purge.

  18. Quite obvious now that the BBC is beyond saving. Anything that was once good about it is long gone and they are only going to get worse. It’s like an out of control and demented animal that needs to be put out of its misery. More to the point, we should be put out our misery and we should not have to put up with this shit. I axed it after the 2018 World Cup, but I watched in the kidney unit on Thursday. WokeEnders introduce a drag queen, who minces around in full drag get up all the time, of course (even in hospital, when his dad’s at death’s door). And then women’s bastard football. All 90 minutes of the shit. And to think, cunts had the nerve to complain that too much time was given to coverage on the death of Prince Philip. Yet the Prime Minister resigns and there’s nothing. Instead they put on woke propaganda that would put Riefnestahl to shame. Even their recent version of Around The World In Eighty Days was just one big woke lecture (Tennant, you cunt!). It’s in everything they now broadcast and the corporation is absolutely infested.

    I know the ‘Beeb’ like to cry crocodile tears over Savile. But it could be argued that the BBC now is even worse than it was then. Then they still had very good programmes and excellent news and sport coverage. Now, everything on there is fanatical woke crap and a whole nation is getting spat at and shafted. The open contempt that the BBC show for Britain and the British people is disgraceful. And what they did broadcast about the demise of Boris was also shameful. The BBC think it’s up to them to decide when it’s the end for a Prime Minister. They have openly hated Boris since the start, but they are supposed to be an impartial public service broadcaster. Whether one likes Boris or not, it is not the BBC’s place to instigate a witch hunt against the man.

    It really is time the BBC died a death. Can’t see it happening though. The monster will just get bigger and uglier…

  19. Trying to find the attendance statistics on this shitshow. All the media outlets even the Indian Express rag is hailing record attendances.,four%20games%20in%20the%20previous%20edition%20in%202017.

    100’000 in 4 games. Considering first game had 70,000 that means 30,000 split three ways for the rest. Doesn’t sound too impressive to me but then considering fuck all attended the last few tournaments anything is better.
    £40 for top price ticket compare that to £350 for the mens game. £15 or even free for the lowest. £75 for the mens.
    Would love to see the attendance if those prices were inflicted on the wimminz game.

  20. I wouldn’t be so bad if they were lookers but…

    Hoo-ee, what a bunch of mingers.

  21. Cunting the BBC isn’t enough any more, actively working towards ending its charter should be a common goal.

    The BBC must be reduced to one TV channel and one radio station.

    Every penny the BBC spends must be publicly accountable. Minutes from every BBC meeting must be available to anyone who wishes to view them. Every BBC salary must be made public.

    The BBC must either end its commercial operations or become totally commercially funded.

    Every BBC employees connection to political activities must be made public.

    Any intended political or cultural bias must be stated in programme credits.

    The BBC should be independently investigated for its role in covering up various scandals that have occurred on its premises or were committed by people whilst employed by the BBC.

    A state broadcaster should be factual not selling opinions as news. A state broadcaster should be about the cultural norms of the country not providing ethnic language programming for Asians.

    A state broadcaster has no business promoting agenda or deviant lifestyles.

    In the culture war saying nothing is not enough.

  22. And that BBC slag, Jo Coburn saying ‘it’s over’ for Boris. Who the fuck is she to decide whether it’s ‘over’ for the PM? The bias against and the open contempt shown for Johnson by the BBC is diabolical. Their open hatred for Big Don was bad enough (that Maitlis cunt sneeringly referring to him as ‘Trump’ instead of ‘Mr Trump’ or ‘President Trump’). But with Boris they’ve been even worse. With the BBC now, it’s a mentality of ‘agree with us or you’re out’. And that is, without a doubt, a fascist organisation.

  23. A warning, fellow cunters. When browsing the BBC sport website, be very careful what you click on. Especially football and cricket. Many a time I’ve been lured in by banners such as England vs Italy, or England vs West Indies, only to find its fucking wimminz shite. This is more than a minor irritation gentlemen. The unscrupulous fuckers at the BBC will claim these visits, however brief, as hits. They will then claim a huge rise in popularity in wimminz sports based on this blatant click bait, the cheeky cunts.
    And don’t be fooled by the stadiums having slightly less empty seats than usual. The crowd consists mostly of kids who get entry for nigh on fuck all, and they have to be accomplished by mum or dad or both. The rest get entry gratis courtesy of the likes of Visa, where the highlight of the event is usually the three course meal pre match meal. It’s all one gigantic con. No fucker is really interested, but it’s a cheap way of getting your 8 year old into Old Trafford.
    Oh. And for fuck sake, don’t leave the telly on the BBC for background noise. If wimminz football is on, they’ll claim record viewing figures, and you’ll be partly to blame. I’d struggle to live with the shame to be honest.

    • Yup…deliberate ploy to obtain ‘clicks’ so they can justify the ‘interest’ whereas in reality the click was a fucking mistake, but mistakes aren’t registered.


  24. I see they are now concentrating their efforts to end Top Gear.

    Snidey little cunts use a well used practice to get rid of a once popular shows that don’t fit their agenda anymore.

    Simply change the presenting team to a bunch of cunts, and dumb it down. Hey presto viewing figures fall, and they use the falling viewing figures as a reason to prove no one is watching it any more so drop it.

    …currently doing the same with a Question of Sport.

    Coincidentally…….that professional cunt from Bolton presents them both.

  25. I rather watch a coffin warp than watch women’s football. It always reminds me of Under 8’s football where all the kids run after the ball at the same time. You can’t even pull your pud to any of them either. Most of them look like Arthur Mullard with small tits.

  26. Sacked after employer receives “letters of concern”? But as far as I am aware there was a police investigation and Vaughn was not prosecuted – so a minority pressure group with an agenda can get someone fired now? (Of course they fucking can, which we all know, because the wokeflakes are determined to force their agenda and vision on the 99% who disagree with it, and punish dissent in every way possible). Did the informers receive The Order of Lenin?
    Wimminz football – they are patriotic (apart from the USA) and work hard, but I just have zero interest in football of any sort these days – it is yet another of a working Mans pleasures stolen, made unaffordable and alien and altered beyond recognition.

    • Sooner Vaughan et al go to a tribunal and win the better….will stop these woke cunts making accusations in their tracks.

  27. Currently on the BBC news site there is a glowing article on some disgusting little deviant who wore a dress to his school prom.
    Says it all really.
    And do the majority of BBC poll tax players want wall to fucking wall tennis and wimmin’s football? I fucking doubt it.

  28. I’d rather listen to incessant vuvuzelas than the combined shrieking of all the wimminz in the crowd and in the pundit box. And who the fuck was the token male German robot cunt summarising England land v Norway?

  29. Just wait until the Queen croaks it – the BBC will be awash with fake sentimental cunts gushing about Lazy Liz for months on end. There will be no escape from the platitudes and crocodile tears. I say keep her alive, Dr Phibes style, Weekend at Bernies style…

    “And there’s Her Majesty, looking very formal, very rigid, a little ‘stiff’ you could say, a little grey in complexion these days but still shining like a beacon over the Commonwealth…”

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