Virgin Atlantic (3) – Freak Show

I’m not sure if this ad has been nominated before so if it has admin, bin it please.

(Virgin  – A similar nomination but that was 3 years ago: Day Admin)

I never usually watch ads or mainstream TV although Mrs infidel will watch any ol’ shite but last night this ad. came on and it’s truly fucking sickening. Another one to add to my list of never giving any business to.

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This is beyond a challenging wank.

Nominated by: Infidelgastro

66 thoughts on “Virgin Atlantic (3) – Freak Show

  1. We got an ex-member of staff. Made no secret that she bends both ways, although had a permanent male partner. She still comes in regular to buy stuff/say hello etc.

    This week she came in as usual with her permanents male partner, who was now wearing a bob cut wig, lipstick figure hugging blouse with a stuffed bra under.

    I’m like, WTF???

    She then said ‘ you haven’t met Claire before have you?’

    …..I’m begining to think because I like shagging women, drinking ale, eating shit food and don’t give a fuck what I look like (unless I’m on the pull) that I’m the abnormal one!!

  2. “I am what I am..”

    Not always a good thing. Fred West wouldn’t have got far with that defence.

    “Alroit moi honorrr, Oi am what oi am ain’t it, my luverrr?’

    “Oh, I see. Well in that case, you’re free to go!”

  3. I made the mistake of flying to the US with Virgin, but only once. It was like an airborne council estate. An absolute fucking shambles in economy and the staff had no idea how to control it. Thick as fucking pig shit, but I wouldn’t have kicked any of them out of bed.

  4. My sister in law works for these cunts and she struts round like she owns the company when in fact she’s a glorified waitress at 35.000 feet.

    Nice jiuggs but thick as shit.

    • “I am what I am”

      That won’t work for her in a few years time.

      They’ll pot her arse when she gets a bit older or puts on a few stone.

      As they fucking well should. I like to stare and p e rv over the female air hostesses. It’s all part of the flying experience.

      I fucking hate those mincing gayness ones they have now. I pretend to be asleep until I see a nice bird hostess. I don’t want the AIDS or Monkeypox on my complimentary peanuts, thank you very much. Seen a few older female hostesses too on some airlines in recent times. I considered complaining about it.

      • Ruins it for me when they change into their ‘flats’ for the flight, after welcoming me aboard in *patent leather stillettos and beige coloured tights.

        * a particular fave of mine.

  5. It’s the quarter pound of mince down the aisle that freaked me. Easyjet seem to have a gays-only rule for cabin crew, but I THINK I spotted a straight on my last flight.
    It always amuses me how, when demonstrating the oxygen mask routine, they will NEVER actually go the whole hog. Perhaps it would remind them of bedroom antics, or maybe it’s the lack of citrus fruit and oilskins on board…

  6. I fucking hate that awful shite song.

    🎶 “I am what I am” 🎶

    The perfect song for poofs, slags and other assorted degenerates to unashamedly display epic proportions of cuntishness.

    Get fucked.

  7. I last flew on Virgin Atlantic in 1994, all the cabin crew and passengers looked normal then.
    As soon as this cuntish advert came on with that dire song, you knew exactly what was to come – every weirdo and deviant they could think of.
    As for that youtube link in the nom, I would like to cunt all of the people who commented on how wonderful the advert is.

    • YouTube probably purged most of the negative comments.

      They’re in the habit of removing comments these days.
      First it was the dislike count which was removed due to the sheer (and uncomfortable to the establishment) volume of down-votes bestowed on the likes of mainstream media’s Covid reporting or the mainstream media sycophantic arse licking of the shambolic Joe Biden regime and the US election debacle.

      • A fellow cunter here ( I think it was Thomas the Cunt Engine) recommended YouTube Vanced, great stuff, no ads,no promotion, return of the down vote. Glorious.
        Get fucked Google.

    • Problem now of course, is adverts like this one suggest you have to be some kinds of pervy freak to fly with them. If you are a ‘normal’ passenger then you are going to be labelled as LGBTQABCDE+ etc by association.

  8. This only adds to the list of reasons I will never fly again.
    I would sooner travel in the back of a livestock truck holding a chicken on my lap.

      • Assuming I would be a stowaway in a very crowded animal transport truck. Nothing sexual implied.

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