The Hypocrisy of Twitter (11)

I’d like to nominate Twitter and their hypocritical wokery.

I could probably pick out any number of these cunts trying to silence anyone that isn’t a lefty cuck but I’ve chosen his story.

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Laurance Fox was banned from Twatter for posting a tongue in cheek pic of a gay pride rainbow flag in the form of a Swastika. The easily offended had a hissy fit and got Mr Fox banned as it hurt their fragile feelings.

However when a former UKIP MP taunted Twatter by doing the very same with a Union Flag the hypocrites at Twatter didn’t see that as offensive and the post remains.

Another example of cuntishness spewed out by the feeble minded woke cretins that control social media. I myself tried Twatter once, and I got banned within an hour for telling some trans fella that he was a man and women don’t have a penis.

Come to think of it I’m also banned from Facebook and YouTube for politely stating other well documented facts.

What the fuck is going on in the world?????

Nominated by: Hate filled cunt

60 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Twitter (11)

  1. If I were Elon Musk I would back out of that deal to buy that festering coil of shit. He will need to fire everyone and start over if he goes through with it.

    • It demonstrates what utter hypocritical cunts the Twatter hierarchy are when they ban the Donald, yet allow the Talibanโ€™s spokesmen to operate on their platform. Wankers.

    • I mowed a giant one in a lawn the other day. Little Mrs Roberts an 87 year old widow will be most upset when she comes back from holiday next week and finds ‘FASCIST’ spray painted across her front door.

      • Well done LL๐Ÿ‘
        If she can’t accept other people’s cultural symbols she’s some type of nazi.

        I wish there was a swastika emoji!!

      • ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ—โ—
        How’d you do that Moggs?

      • Hmmm I think itโ€™s just cut and paste
        Then have fun!

        ๅๅ ๅๅๅๅๅๅ
        ๅๅ ๅๅๅๅๅๅ
        ๅๅ ๅๅ
        ๅๅ ๅๅ
        ๅๅ ๅๅ
        ๅๅ ๅๅ
        ๅๅๅๅๅๅ ๅๅ
        ๅๅๅๅๅๅ ๅๅ

      • Oops looks like WordPress ignores leading spaces. All part of a global campaign against fun with swastikas

      • Maybe thisโ€™ll work?


    • I liked the Maltese Cross. Introduced back in the 1500โ€™s. Something to do with the crusades. But as well as the Spanish gallon of the time, the Santa Maria, a variation was used in the Great War. The Red Barron & his warriors had them on their aircraft!

  2. The story of Jordan Petersons ban is interesting. Itโ€™s difficult to find a balanced view of Peterson because he is regarded as far right by many in the media but to me his views are usually common sense and not political.

    But then we live in a world where serious academics call rational thinking a white construct and personal responsibility racist.

    Twitter is a toxic echo chamber for cunts.

    • He seemed a little salty to me. He should’ve jumped ship ages ago. He knew the game was rigged.

  3. I’m not stupid enough to think I’d last more than a hour on Twitter before being banned.

    I only go on ISAC,
    And look at stuff on Pinterest,
    I did look at Cunts Corner and Stormfront but they were rubbish.

    I wished them happy Hanukkah on Stormfront ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • Did you direct Safe European Home to Stormfront? Mumsnet parent power meets white power. I saw the welcome committee was out in force, I hope he or she stays as diversity is a strength.

      • Poor bugger, that SEH.
        Thought this was a serious discussion site for serious people, eh LL?
        Interesting, when I type LL, autocunt asks me if I meant LOL or Lloyd.
        Who the fuck is Lloyd? Not a word I’ve ever typed.

      • Why did he come on here in the first place?

        And what did he expect from a site called ‘is a’?

        He should of argued his case LL.

      • I wish he’d have made more of a go at defending his case, but, the opening salvo in Thomas’s verbal barrage (that had me in fucking stitches), was a pre-emptive strike so that was probably that for the young turk.

      • I think it was that little bastard from the Guardianistan.

        I forget the cunts name thank fuck but he once fought off a company of the SS Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler single handed.

      • Naw, he sounded too sincere.
        Not like he was taking the piss .

        You think he was joking?
        Being subtle like?

      • Yeah we are all misunderstood cultural philosophers JP.

        Very true Miserable, a bit more meat on his incendiary statement would have been nice. Good job Fiddler was busy out shooting ramblers on the estate.

      • @LL.
        “misunderstood cultural philosophers”
        Snorted wine down my nose!
        It burns, oh Lord it burns!

      • I wonder why he bothered to comment too. Maybe a couple of years ago when it was all about cunting cunts, for being cunts, with flair and good humour, with differing opinions and robust debate.
        Now, every nom be:
        I hate c@@ns.
        Yeah, me too.
        And p@kis.
        Oh yes, theyโ€™re all cunts.
        Peacefuls, theyโ€™re all fiddykiddlers.
        Aye, oven them
        What about trans and gays, theyโ€™re all pee doughs too?
        Aye, oven them.
        Vote for me, or weโ€™re all finished.

        Rinse and repeat.

      • There’s still some great noms, posters and posts, Guts, but, fuck me, you’re bang on about some of the one-sentence wonders.

      • Evening DCI.
        I agree, it’s why I still linger.
        And kudos to admin for releasing my post, as it went into moderation. Its nice to know that free speech is still welcome.

  4. The opinions of twatter matter more than fact or sense. Never have so few had so much power.

      • ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Freddie.
        Ah good old Sir Lenforth. A โ€˜national treasureโ€™. I donโ€™t think.

    • And so you should.

      Borrow from Fido if needs must, but pay your dues.

      If you can’t afford it, don’t try ripping off a canine, it’s the law and everything.

  5. I was thinking of getting a dog and calling it Umbongo. Then somebody pointed out that it could be a little awkward over the park when I shouted โ€œUmbongo! Come here Umbongo!โ€ A load of immos might come running expecting a free handout.
    But a bloke down the pub told me that immos donโ€™t go over parks because theyโ€™re raaaaaaaay-sist.

    • I had a pet skunk called ni**er-I told the sad tale of what happened at the local church fete, when he snaffled the contents of the โ€œBake off tableโ€.
      (IsAC 2020).

      I am still trying to convince erโ€™ indoors that a pair of military trained Malinois, which I will rename โ€œNigโ€ & โ€œNogโ€ (traditional Maori names), is a good scheme๐Ÿ‘

      • What do you mean, convince her?
        Kitchens through there, luv, 2 and a coo!

    • I had a black Labrador-cross that I called ” Tyson” because he was a black bastard who wouldn’t take “No” as an answer from ” da bitches”

    • My Auntie used to have a black poodle, and she called it Ni**ger.

      This was the 70s, mind. And no cunt batted an eyelid. I recall it once rolled in some horse shit, and she shouted in the middle of the street ‘Ni**ger! You little bastard! Get inside!’

      If she did that now, the police, fire service, council, social services, Twatter, Facefook,, the BBC, ITV, Sky and the Grauniad would all turn up with a portable guillotine.

  6. I’m banned from Facebook and I couldn’t care less. I don’t use social media it’s full of airheads chucking around insults who don’t know the meaning of the word.

  7. Must be that Large Hadron Collider thingy that’s made the world gone crazy.

  8. Twitter is the Sunshine Bus of the internet, hence the playground taunt i’ve just invented, ‘Twitter, Twitter, window-licker!’

  9. Aside from Elon ‘PT Barnum’ Musk, other investors include BlackRock Morgan Stanley and Vanguard Group.


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