John Lydon – Not a Cunt?

The first in perhaps an occasional series of nominations where the protagonist, previously cunted, goes someway to redressing the balance of their cuntitude. – Your Admin Team.

Not a Cunt?

This could possibly be a new feature on ISAC. When one nominates either someone they thought was a cunt, but something’s made them change their mind. Or just somebody who simply just isn’t a cunt and is an all round good egg.

For example: a good while ago, I uncunted Phil Collins on this site (when Phil called Paul McCartney a ‘patronising cunt’ and a ‘fucking fuck’). But today my nomination for Not A Cunt is the legendary Sex Pistols and PiL frontman, John Lydon.

Johnny has been back in the news recently. For a start, he has rightly trashed that Danny Boyle and Disney shite that is supposed to be about the Sex Pistols. Just what the fuck is that supposed to be playing the part of the young Rotten? It looks like Marty Feldman with a punk haircut.

John is right, of course. How the fuck can they do a Pistols project without his input? He was the Sex Pistols, for crying out loud. I agree with John, the Disney-fied Pistols story is a load of crap.

Also, John now has his own fortnightly media platform: Johnny’s Rotten World. Where the great man airs his views completely uncensored. (Here’s a taster: Day Admin – You Tube Link)

Now, this is presented by Piers Morgan (who we will come to another time). But John’s honest and sensible views are great to hear in this nuthouse that is modern Britain. In one episode, Johnny slams Boris, Labour, Prince Andrew, Justin Welby, woke, and Me Too misandry.

The man has cheered me up no end while I have been on dialysis. And it’s great to see the old bugger still about and in good condition, as I know his beloved wife is very ill.

Nice to see he’s as sharp as ever. John Lydon is a beacon in a crazy and woke world.

God Save John Lydon.

YouTube Link

Nominated by: Norman

91 thoughts on “John Lydon – Not a Cunt?

  1. To Uncunt something one once upon a time, believed to be true to their thoughts.

    we all are cunts in the grand scheme but Uncunting
    “They can tell you what to do
    But they”ll make a fool of you
    And its all right, baby its alright

  2. If he is a cunt, then he’s only a minor one.
    I like him.
    Bill Grundy was a cunt.
    What a fucking rotter.
    I’ll uncunt Angela Rayner, if she sits on my face.
    Come on Ange, you’ve got my number.
    I’m a dirty fucker.
    God Save The Queen !
    Good evening.

  3. He’s an “X Cunt,” in my book. A cunt for encouraging a swath of the general public to spit everywhere. Wear razor blade earrings, & act like complete cunts. One of his ‘disciples’ even had a go at shooting Her Majesty, no less! All be it with a toy gun! In different hands that could have changed history.

    • Trooping of the Colour 1981. The wannabe regicidal assassin, went to the same school as me? Does that make me a cunt as well? Just askin’

  4. Heheehee 😂

    Evening Jack.

    Angie has that animal magnetism,
    chipshop chic,
    Raw sexuality,
    A bit sulky, bit moody.

    If I got hold of a pair of her sweaty knickers id drop to all fours, eyes glazed growling and writhing like a dog in fox shit.
    Id probably swallow her knickers and choke.

    Bet she eats pot noodle in bed?
    Sheer filth✔️

    • “Womb Service” is good with our Angie. She’s that tight, with two hands up there, it’s impossible to clap.

    • I’d tackle her as she washed her feet in the kitchen sink. 💪
      Hang on to those taps, Angie.
      I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me wiping my cock on the tea towel, when I’d finished. 😁

  5. If he winds up all he woke cunts that inhabit this world, then he will do for me. Like Lemmy (RIP) before him, John can’t be cancelled. And while others (like Macca, Rod Stewart and even the Stones) play the woke game and bow and scrape to faceless social media nobodies, Lydon refuses to do it.

    Fair play to him for standing by his old lady too. A certain ex-Man United player just fucked every stripper and Babestation slag in Manchester when his mrs was ill and dying. Mind you, he always was a cunt.

    • Another great musician who refuses to bow and scrape to the woke is Morrisey. A miserable cunt – I rather like him. I reckon he posts in this forum under a pseudonym – Fiddler or MNC perhaps.

      • Morrissey is a grumpy uncompromising old bastard. Can be a cunt, but one has to respect his refusal to play the woke game.

  6. On the subject of Fanny Boyle’s Disney Pistols: why is that cunts in these biopics never look or sound like who they are supposed to be? The ‘Rotten’ in Boyle’s pile of crap is fucking laughable. One of the worst examples is the dreadful Brian Jones biopic ‘Stoned’. The cunt playing Jones looked more like Jimmy Savile.

    Pistols on Granada’s ‘So It Goes’.

  7. O happy cunting day, merry band of cunters. I hated the Pistols with an unquenchable Led Zeppelin-fuelled venom. This may’ve mellowed, I can hear one of their tracks without smashing something these days; but thought PIL rocked. Having heard and seen Lydon in action lately I’m happy, nay, eager to endorse this ceremonial un-cunting. Who’ve thought forty-five years gone that he’d metamorphose from a raucous fuckpig into one of the saloon bar gang? Bless his little cotton socks, good fortune attend him and his…

  8. SIrs:

    I think “uncunting” simply proves that this is a fair-minded group. Johnny was a cunt. Now he’s not.

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