John Lydon – Not a Cunt?

The first in perhaps an occasional series of nominations where the protagonist, previously cunted, goes someway to redressing the balance of their cuntitude. – Your Admin Team.

Not a Cunt?

This could possibly be a new feature on ISAC. When one nominates either someone they thought was a cunt, but something’s made them change their mind. Or just somebody who simply just isn’t a cunt and is an all round good egg.

For example: a good while ago, I uncunted Phil Collins on this site (when Phil called Paul McCartney a ‘patronising cunt’ and a ‘fucking fuck’). But today my nomination for Not A Cunt is the legendary Sex Pistols and PiL frontman, John Lydon.

Johnny has been back in the news recently. For a start, he has rightly trashed that Danny Boyle and Disney shite that is supposed to be about the Sex Pistols. Just what the fuck is that supposed to be playing the part of the young Rotten? It looks like Marty Feldman with a punk haircut.

John is right, of course. How the fuck can they do a Pistols project without his input? He was the Sex Pistols, for crying out loud. I agree with John, the Disney-fied Pistols story is a load of crap.

Also, John now has his own fortnightly media platform: Johnny’s Rotten World. Where the great man airs his views completely uncensored. (Here’s a taster: Day Admin – You Tube Link)

Now, this is presented by Piers Morgan (who we will come to another time). But John’s honest and sensible views are great to hear in this nuthouse that is modern Britain. In one episode, Johnny slams Boris, Labour, Prince Andrew, Justin Welby, woke, and Me Too misandry.

The man has cheered me up no end while I have been on dialysis. And it’s great to see the old bugger still about and in good condition, as I know his beloved wife is very ill.

Nice to see he’s as sharp as ever. John Lydon is a beacon in a crazy and woke world.

God Save John Lydon.

YouTube Link

Nominated by: Norman

91 thoughts on “John Lydon – Not a Cunt?

  1. I cant watch this new Pistols Disney thing.
    You just know itll be revised wank.

    Lydon was my hero from early teens,

    Think for yourself
    Say what you want
    Your as good as anyone,
    Do it yourself,
    A sneering Richard 3rd,

    “Ha haha,ever get the feeling youve been cheated?”

    A one off.

    Lydons no cunt.
    A awkward, contradictary, irritating windup merchant ,certainly!

    But no cunt.

    God bless John Lydon👍👍

  2. I’ve just spoken to Bill Grundy via ouija board and he says that Lydon is still an utter Cunt.

    • Poor Bill, that finished his career. But he only had himself to blame, he was definitely the agent provocateur there.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Has he offered Lydon out, behind the bike sheds, somewhere in Worcestershire, Dick? Or is he just a Ouija Board Warrior?

      “Ouija Board Warrior” – LOL. Très amusant – NA.

      • Where is our intrepid warrior, ‘Hate filled cunt’, aka ‘Captain Irony’, Admin? He’s been quiet, lately. Is he banned or is there no signal behind the bike sheds? Somewhere in Worcestershire.

  3. Piers Morgan says ‘love me or hate me, but my show is unmissable ‘
    I’ll think you’ll find cunt that is a complete lie.
    I hate him and I have missed every minute of it

  4. Yup Lyndon for pm.

    Gets my vote. He appears to see through the media and political corruption bullshit.

  5. Lydon always was a talentless cunt. Created by his manager just like Fuck That and the Spice Slags were.
    Reportedly turned down Quadrophenia as sellout of his high art. Advertised butter.

    Fuck knows what he’s doing now. But he was a cunt.

  6. During the firemen’s strike in 1977, The Sex Pistols did a concert for the kids of the striking firemen in Huddersfield. (Link to watch documentary, below). All paid for by themselves, presents, including skateboards, which were big at the time, were given to the kids. All free. Christmas 1977, he’s handing out cake to kids. Not A Cunt.

  7. We are all cunts as young adults it seems. That time in our lives is typified by selfishness and hedonism (“Young, dumb, and full of cum” as they say).
    Ideally we should realign our priorities in life and become a blessing to our friends, family, and society as we age. To remain intolrable your whole life makes you a cunt for sure.
    I don’t know shit about Johnny Rotten as I am not at all into punk and never was, but I’m glad if he’s been reformed as one should be. Most nominees on this site are irredeemable.

  8. He alluded to that BBC favourite Jimmy Savile far before anybody else. He was subsequently banned by the Jimmy Savile Broadcasting Corporation. He might’ve been a spotty, middle-class monkey in a contrived put-together band but he’s not a cunt.

  9. ….back in 76 when I was getting into rock music, rather than punk, we all though he was a cunt though.

  10. Not a cunt in my book.
    Always liked him and his music. Treated all the Spanish in our village to God save the Queen on the jubilee day. The way they were jumping around was a sight to behold.

  11. Weren’t the pistols just walking clothes racks for mclaren and Westwood? Abysmal music at best.

    • Only if you beleive mclaren.

      Malcolm was a bullshitter,
      Saying they couldnt play their instruments.
      Its bollocks.

      Sid couldnt, like,
      Even with Lemmys tutoring help.

      I see you right, MNC. Steve Jones is an excellent guitarist with a very distinctive sound and style. Best tune – Holidays In The Sun. – NA.

      • Jones admitted he never played a note on NMTB but he did learn to play well subsequently. Holidays in the sun is a rip off of The Jam’s In the city. I love the pistols, every car I’ve ever owned with a cd stacker NMTB is first in followed by Rattus Norvegicus. John certainly not a cunt, Sid was a bellend.

    • Pale, manufactured imitation of the MC5, Iggy and the Stooges, Blue Cheer, etc. Couldn’t hold a candle to their contemporaries – Ramones, Saints (Australia), early Devo, all of whom predate the Pistols.

      • The Ramones were ace. So were Hawkwind, who were photo-punks in a way and had a great influence on the Punks.

        I liked the Pistols, but my favourites were The Damned in their early days. They became crap later on.

      • 👍 Damned Damned Damned.

        Wire were ace too, probably my favourite English band of that era.

      • Damned Damned Damned – love that album, Ruff. The true spirit of Punk because it channels American rock and roll.

  12. I’ve always liked John, John can be a massive cunt and he does it on purpose. He never courted popularity by going along with the masses.

    And we don’t care….

  13. I enjoyed Lyndon when he appeared Judge Judy, along while back and i hadn’t seen sight nor sound of him too that point in years.
    Even my Mam thought he was good on that show and she hated everything about them Pistols in the late 70s
    He is a clever cunt no matter what you think of him

  14. Definitely not a cunt.

    The way he has looked after his missus for the last ten years is nothing but admirable.

    Thoroughly decent chap who doesn’t leg it the moment the going gets tough.

  15. The Pistols were a product of their time and inspired a whole genre of music, X Ray Spex being my favourites from that era. Sadly it didn’t last long and was superseded by the New Romantics, a bunch of mincing poofs. It’s been downhill ever since.

    • Freddy@

      I watched a documentary on Poly styrene not long ago.
      I loved xray spex too,
      She struggled badly with her mental elf.
      Felt sorry for her ( unusual for me 😏)

      I like to remember her full of life .

      I tried to put a link
      ‘world turn dayglo’
      But my fuckin phoned not doing links!😠

      So youll have to hum it.

    • Joy Division were magic. Ian Curtis (RIP) was like a force of nature.

      The post punk scene was great. The Jam, The Police, Specials, Stranglers, The Beat, Buzzcocks and so on. Not a great new romantics fan either. Steve Strange was a cunt.

  16. I like the concept of this nom, but I wonder how many current cunts could look forward to redemption. Could you imagine Linekunt, Hamilcunt, Boris, Rear Harmer, for example, being un-cunted in a decade or so? I fucking doubt it.
    Lydon still gives it the Johnny Rotten act, because he knows that is what the dumb arsed media want. And that Is all it is, an act. He’s been doing it all his adult life, and he’s fucking good at it.

  17. I have met:
    Mclaren-an utter wanker.

    Glen Matlock-wrote a lot of the Pistols hits-got dumped for Sid, poor bastard. Nice bloke, down to earth👍

    Lyndon’s “Rotten” persona is pure theatre. I know he needed the money- but come on. Fucking butter adverts?
    Not even ironic.
    Adverting “bleach” would have been a funny fit.

    • I met Paul Cook when he played Derby college of HE the Chiefs of relief 1985 sound bloke just pissed off at a poor turn out but we enjoyed ourselves.

    • I think McLaren was a bit like Tommy Docherty (RIP). Doc was a great manager for United, but could be a bullshiiter. His story about George Best’s last day at Old Trafford has been confirmed to be bollocks by many witnesses (Sammy McIlroy, Alex Stepney, Brian Kidd and others). Tommy also lied about how he got rid of Denis Law (he admitted this in court). McLaren was similar, as in he would just come up with the most grandiose and unbelievable shit, and he probably believed what he was saying. But McLaren had fuck all to do with the Pistols as a unit or their songs.

  18. I remember my dad laughing his arse off at me in my tartan bondage pants, spiked hair and spikier attitude

    “Fuckin ell its Rupert the bear!!”

    He out punked me.☹️

    • Those of us that seeked the alternative in those days.
      loved those days, and your Dad was right about you MNC.
      We really knew fuck all but was loving’s what was going down

      • Evening Mecuntry👍

        Aye, I looked a right berk, he was right!
        But more than the mad haircuts, funny clothes, and that,
        The ideas shaped me.

        It changed my thinking,
        Definetly for the better!

        I still look a berk.

        Its just I dont care now 😂

    • nottin wrong with that MNC and evening to you Sir , everyones been there when young, trying to identify
      i was born in a tough town so schooled in the very early days of youth and im glad i was
      The Dads of those days always had the upper hand and fair play it was

    • I must say that I cut a dash in those days. I actually looked like my avatar ( me and Ollie could have been twins ). I went down my own route where dress sense was concerned and looked rather splendid in
      Brown shirt
      Black tie
      Donkey jacket
      Commando boots
      Heady days.
      Evening MNC/ All

  19. Lydon summed up that talentless harlot Katie Cut-Price perfectly as a “pair of tits” on an otherwise Z list ‘celebrity’ packed, exploitation show ‘I’m A (Desperate) Cunt Please Give Me Another TV Contract’. When he mocked her further by singing ‘Pretty VaCUNT’ I cheered. He is outspoken, articulate and was honoured by Megadeth when they covered ‘Anarchy’. Most definitely not a Cunt. Probably The Anti-Cunt.

    With Disney involvement in the latest Sex Pistol’s film, Sid will be portrayed as a effete, tormented soul, suffering from gender dysphoria. Johnny will be a far right, waycist bigot. The UK society of the late seventies will be misrepresented, with overt bummery and ‘affirmative’ diverse casting like we see in almost every advert. Nancy Spungen will be played by the likes of Tessa Thompson and if you’ve any issues with that then you’ll be labelled as a ‘waycist’.

    Fuck corporate rock bios, especially that ‘Bohemian Crapsody’ embarrassment.

  20. Disney backing a film about the Pistols?
    Christ that’s gotta be shite.
    If Johnny is trashing both Disney and Danny Boyle then he’s definitely not a cunt…

  21. Definitely a cunt when he was younger. If he had been a bit smarter he and his music would have been tolerable. Not to be trusted with scissors. There is something wrong with his eyes. But he was right and very succinct about Savile and he should sue Disney for misrepresentation if their film is shite.

    He took the ad man’s shilling and became a butter salesman when that other cunt Malcolm McLaren kicked it.

  22. I was listening to Pop Tarts by PIL in the car this morning, anyone who thinks Lydon is talented is welcome to stick to their Barry Manilow LPs.

    • public image limited was utter shite and i think even johnny recognises that
      The sex pistols were the shock jock tabloids of a time and as others have said there were far more original bands prior, but that’s life

  23. Remember the rumour of the duet he was going to do with Frank Ifield.
    I remember you, ya cunt.

  24. Don’t know if it’s right, but didn’t he miss the Pan Am Flight that blew up over Lockerbie because him and his wife overlaid? Might have given him perspective on life not that he was cunt before that. I like him, he speaks his mind, non woke, talks common sense and seems to a kind and genuine bloke also.

  25. I did raise a cunty T.Q. (technical query) with Admin last year about the possibility of previously nominated cunts being ‘uncunted’ and had such a thing ever happened in ISaC history. Well it appears that redemption is possible but it does raise a further C.T.Q. If some cunt has been cunted say 4 times then do they need to perform 4 uncunty things to clear the slate or will just one suffice?

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