The BBC (65), “Dodger” and “I Kissed a Boy”

News just in from the BBC.

BBC Three has announced I Kissed a Boy (working title), a brand new dating show produced by Twofour and hosted by singer, TV star and LGBTQ+ ally Dannii Minogue.

This eight-part reality event follows ten single men as they head to Europe to find their Mr Right, and it all starts with a kiss. Before they arrive, the guys will be paired up with their strongest match and as soon as they meet, they kiss. No small-talk, no ‘flanter’, just one rom-com worthy moment that might just take their breath away.

Not my words, but those of our deviant national broadcaster wetting their knickers over a revolting new way of indoctrinating young people via teen channel BBC 3. And these cunts whinge about needing more of our money to produce quality programming. I advise not viewing the link if you’ve just eaten.

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Nominated by: Field Marshal Cuntgomery

Another late entry this time from Sidthesexistsforeskin and his cunting on another BBC programme called “Dodger”

I want to cunt a program on the BBC.

Yes I know you can’t cunt the BBC enough but this show on the BBC called Dodger is about the artful Dodger from Oliver twist,

I don’t watch the BBC but I was visiting my nephew but he had his telly on and I had a quick enough glimpse of this shit show. I know it’s a made up drama but it has gone full on ethnic!

It has black Victorian policemen, a chink female thief, a p@ki thief and various other ethnic other races , I didn’t see any trannies or poofery but hey, it is the BBC and I am sure Victorian London didn’t have this much ethnic types so it makes this programme a cunt and the BBC heading to the ubercunt league of megacuntishness

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68 thoughts on “The BBC (65), “Dodger” and “I Kissed a Boy”

  1. I don’t pay the telly tax so they can make whatever woke dogshit they like. People are fools for paying for it.

      • Have watched any nature programmes on the Beeb since Frozen Planet. What a load of babyish, native-driven pap. That’s the time when myself and many others noticed how much the BBC project human sentiments onto their wild subjects.
        Turns out most of their science/nature presenters are politicised whackos. Liz ‘Lets just stop eating meat’ Bonnin, Chris ‘Thrall of Thunberg’ Packham and the ever-grinning, Village of the Damned-child-as-adult Prof. Cox, who thinks Brexit will destroy British science.

        Buncha kaaahhnnts

  2. I personally axed the woke TV tax a good while ago. Last thing I watched on the Beeb was the 2018 World Cup. I will not be watching the next one. Wimmin pundits, wimmin commentators (Oatley, you screeching cunt!), and wimmin referees. They can fucking shove it.

    Also, nothing now surprises me about hoe low the BBC will sink to where levels of woke depravity are concerned. In a decade or so (if they last that long!), the BBC will probably have live bumming in a gay reality show and Black Pantherr types shooting white people to win a Generation Game style game show. I would not put anything past them, nothing…

  3. A Weiner Boy Snogs A Sphincter Boy. Fuck mine what has the world come to? I need to watch some Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Gene Hackman films. Then watch The Shield with Vic Mackey again.

      • Proper, that sounds like a good night… My Dad would watch films with actors like Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, John Wayne, Glenn Ford, Robert Mitchum, Charles Bronson & Clint Eastwood. Why was that? Maybe they saw something in them that they as men could relate to.

  4. The BBC strikes me, these days, of being like that fat, spotty, mouth breathing four-eyes who turned up halfway through the school year.
    Desperate to be liked, he’d agree with any twat, follow any line of thinking, no matter how stupid, repulsive or downright gross it might be.
    Sadly, his efforts to “join in” didn’t work and everyone, even the nerds and geeks, and especially the teachers hated him.
    That’s the BBC today.

  5. We have a british show here now in Aussie called Pointless. Probaly the best named show in the history of tv. It is fucken pointless all right. Crap show

  6. These alphabet fuckers are nothing more than exhibitionist arse invading cunts.
    Dirtier than a dung beetles sphincter.

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