Nimco Ali

Let’s hear it, for another self-appointed barack-room lawyer, who wants to give us her little opinions to make this country part of the “1984” prescriptive world.

Four eyed toothy mixture of dark key and mud slime (judging by the two names) – she of the “this is our music” sort of radicalism (close personals of Boris and Carrie – the latter more, I should think), wants wolf-whistles, “telling people to smile” and laughing in the street (at wimminz naturally, then men can go and fuck themselves), to become crimes, subject to an on the spot fine.

I guess this hoity-toity little tart is a lesbian lady. A pity she doesn’t go and fuck off to a country that accords more with her joyless views.

Here she is in all her decaying splendour:

BBC News Link

I confess if I saw Lady Nugee, Jess Phillips or Yvette Mini-Cooper in the street I WOULD laugh at them – and they should regard that as a compliment – they have a very funny act – a latter day Wilson, Keppel and Betty (ask your dads).

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

57 thoughts on “Nimco Ali

  1. Hmm – hates the UK, hates “waaycist whitey” but – of fucking course – won’t leave for the cultural Nirvana of the African continent.
    If I ever got power I would bring in a National Constitution setting the rights and responsibilities of UK Citizens into law, and worded so no slimy £500 an hour lawyers can pick it apart for profit. (In reality we all know I am an evil monster and socially functioning psychopath who should not be allowed the power of being a milk monitor! 😀☠).
    Any not signing will have no right to any UK benefits – money, housing, education, health services etc – if you hate my Country (which it IS BTW, mine and ours – my Family and ancestors have fallen to keep it that way) then by all means fuck off, but don’t expect to stay here for all the free stuff and whine how bad it is.
    Be right or be gone.

    • More like Pinko Ali.

      When is that fat twat in No 10 going to realise that surrounding himself with ‘advisers’ (activists to everyone else) like this is doing him no favours.

    • UT@ – Afternoon Unkle – as Levi Belfield is now apparently a muslim Nimco Ali is around 30 years too old for him! 😀
      The dirty little fkers..

      • In other deeply upsetting news another rap artiste has been stabbed to death at a Jubilee party today.


    • Fuck me.
      She won the lottery of life there!
      A speccy whining right turn Clyde tuppence bumping fish supper.

      Is there anything right with her?

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it pet. There’s no way you’re ever going to receive a wolf whistle.

  3. So 2/3 of women feel “unsafe” walking alone at night? Well so do I bitch, thanks to wokie, know it all yewman rites cunts like you. You go everywhere by car, despite being a tree hugger so what the fuck do you know?
    Nimco Ali sounds like a place you don’t want to be after dark, not that this bitch will ever go there.

    • FtF@ – Afternoon Freddie – the biggest victims of violent crime by a massive majority are Men and boys, the highest percentage of domestic violence murder victims are Men – is it time to put wimminz on a curfew?
      Because when a Man can get sent to prison for calling Anna Sourberry a “nazi” (which IMO is exactly what she is) it has gone too far.
      I imagine Nimco Ali is more used to the sounds of vomiting and shouts of “what the fuck is that” as she slithers down the street than wolf whistles.

  4. Telling someone to smile should be an offence. FFS.
    Why don’t they go the whole hog and fine us for not taking the knee in the street?

    • So Long@ – Just a matter of time.
      Rome burns and falls as “Emperor Sneero” fiddles – expenses and secretaries, allegedly! 😀
      When will people realise the destruction of the western world and the indigenous white population is by long design and not by accident?

  5. Nimco? sounds like a manufacturer of kitchen appliances you’d buy on the shopping channel.

  6. But knifing others and stealing off mopeds is just a sign of a misguided upbringing.

  7. If she means curry-munchers hanging around outside schools propositioning schoolchildren,I agree with her…but somehow i suspect that won’t be a problem…it’s their culture innit.

  8. ‘Any workmen found to be cheerily whistling will be publicly flogged in the market square’.

    That should just about placate the Woke mob.

  9. “Staring persistently” is to be a crime.

    “I’m sorry I knocked her over, M’lud, I didn’t want to stare persistently and risk getting fined as she stepped out in front of me.”

    Stupid cunt.

    Thing is, this is is the sort of shit that the Jellyfish will end up signing onto if his missus threatens to close her legs. Just like Net fucking Zero.

    • Too right. We’ve all made cunts of ourselves over fanny but the Jellyfish is making cunts out of us! He’s not quite in the Harry Halfwit camp yet but Hewitt can only make a cunt out of himself.

    • In that I can agree with this dugong looking banshee. I’ve commented before on MAIDS. ( Mediterranean, Arab, and Indian Dracula stare),how I find it unacceptable in society and that the perpetrators shall receive a similar reaction from myself as a sunburnt, hungover baboon.

  10. Showed this news article to my girls.
    The response ranged from
    “ffs”, to
    ” grow a pair” to
    ” looks like she already did”
    Followed by raucous laughter.
    If Priti Vacant supports this type of tripe, she amongs a handful that do.
    How much is she getting paid from the public purse?

    • It says Priti Useless said “yes” to it. Well she says yes to everything but it never fucking happens though. So don’t get your hopes up bitch.

      • Judging by the size of the useless cow I’d guess the meals she says yes to (every one) always happen.

    • JP@ – “An MP’s current basic salary is £79,468. However, Priti earned around £120,825 from September 2018 to September 2019.
      This is due to her parliamentary earnings as Home Secretary and other forms of employment”.
      In 2019, she was the non-executive director of Accloud Plc, a global provider of business and accounting software.
      The fat useless cunt is raking it in from all her “non Parliamentary jobs” as we go to the fucking wall.
      If anyone is insane enough to vote for ANY mainstream political party at the next GE the United Kingdom is finished.

  11. I’d never be told what to do by a woman.
    Especially a sootie.
    Fuck that.

    Boris might like being henpecked by that Goofy cunt missus of his,
    But then he’s known as the jellyfish.

    But if Nimrod is his mate it shows the company he keeps,
    She even looked at my front door I’d set the dog on it.
    My dogs not as politically correct as me .

  12. Sorry to go off topic again fellas but Wokegate and his England cucks have just lost to the Hungarians.

    George Floyd will be spinning in his grave after such a lame performance.

    • Spinning fast enough to catch fire I hope.

      Perhaps all that kneeling has tired the poor cupcakes out?

      • They were well beaten too, Pickford coming to the rescue. Fucking Wokegate is clueless. Fucking Krauts in Munich on Tuesday. Fuck that!

    • I couldn’t care less about football but I am happy to see the bunch of woke, professional virtue signallers lose to a team that were playing because of pride in their country.

      • Maybe we shouldn’t be too harsh on them.

        Apparently doing an impression of Derek Chauvin before each match is nothing to do with George Floyd and BLM.
        It’s to help combat discrimination.

        What a crock of fucking shit. Anybody with a brain cell knows what the knee taking is all about.

        Patronising cunts can fuck off and lose every game for the next ten years for me.

      • Moggie63@ – Evening Moggie – I have taken the liberty of dropping a quick email to Gareth Wokegate and team racist:

        “Dear Gareth Wokegate

        not only did you cause England to lose the European Championship Final against Italy by playing for a draw from a winning position and picking penalty takers who were black instead of being competent – you fucking clown.

        But, you still appear “blissfully unaware” that 99% of English Citizens HATE team snowflake “taking a knee” in support of the racist, marxist, thieving, fraudulent, rioting, looting, vandalising terrorist murderers of BLM.


        And please say a personal thank you from me to the gutless, piss poor millionaire comedy clowns pretending to be an “England Football Team” who just got their piss useless, bone idle couldn’t give a fuck arses handed to them by one of the worst teams in Europe.


        I hope the virtue signalling racist shit pretending to be “Team England” get hammered every match – they are utter cunts, hated by everyone who despises their anti white racism and they DO NOT represent me OR my Country.

        Gareth – you are an utter cunt, and the shit who dishonour the shirt are not England.

        Fuck off”.

        It will do nothing but it sure as hell made me feel better!

      • Well said Mr Fox I would put that on Facecunt but I’m banned, twatter you say, no lifetime ban on that as well. I’m even banned on toby Tory boy lockdown sceptics free speech my arse toby grunt splatter bald cunt.

      • And the crowd, who were apparently a bunch of school kids booed the fuck out of them. Well done Hungary.

        PS Stay where you are, we don’t want you here.

  13. After decades of Cash transfers to the Dark Continent amounting to 3 Trillion Dollars, Africa remains the same shithole that it always has and will be.
    Sub human remnants of a Neolithic Mistake they shall remain forever dependent on whitey.
    For those who managed to wash up here, they benefit in so many ways. Perhaps it would be good to kick their arses out and to back whence they came to be the teachers and chiggun cookers to the fuckers of the Serengeti.

  14. It’s a Monty Python skit surely?

    “Did you just laugh in the street sir “
    “No Police Cuntstable Woke, I most certainly didn’t!”

    But no it’s becoming our reality, some rug munching alien invader is taken seriously when publicly espousing insanity suggesting an unused Python material is actually a basis for law.

    This is almost as funny as Sadsac Khan telling us the way to ease racial division with Muslim communities is for us to learn Arabic and appreciate Muslim culture.

    Step two of the Khan plan will possibly involve conversion maybe?

    Step three would involve some beheadings and amputations no doubt.

    When the National anthem is changed to the Monty Python theme tune you’ll know I’m right.

    Oh is it that time love? Aye it’s call to prayer in 5 minutes…….

  15. Street harassment – give us you wallet or I will stab you not a Wolfe whistle, or dusky looking types groping women in crowds (they are exempt on cultural grounds)

    Just watching an interview with Southgate, after his knee taking cunts lost, he can’t understand why the crowd gave the gesture what it deserved, the cunt still doesn’t get it, taking the knee is BLM, just like the Straight arm salute is Nazi.
    The Hungarian players didn’t take part in the bullshit and the crowd wasn’t the far right, it was kids.

    Good news, the white girl won the French Open otherwise we would have had never heard the last of it. 😂

    • They support Russians and they are in the EU. What makes me laugh with these losers is they always think we’ve lost and we’ve not.

    • I’ve also dealt with another Irish Parking Stanley today. Thank god Tony Blair for your common trade area it has more holes than a broken colander.

      I’m just watching the queen’s jubilee, it’s very inclusive I must say. If I was her Ma’am I’d be popping off to bed. Which frankly is what I’m going to do.

      • I’ve just stopped watching the Plat. Jubilee Extravaganza; can anyone remind me in which Country we live, or even in which Continent? My fucking piss is boiling…
        Full of Dark keys and Park keys and not many White keys

      • Fucking hell, just like a box of Black Magic. Where’s the fucking milky bars?

      • Lots of effeminate old men with long hair “performing”. Old wankers like Rod Stewart and Brian May must have misunderstood – they clearly believe that this was a tribute TO old queens.

  16. A complete joy vacuum. I once had a girl ogle me at a nightclub and pitch my bum. I ended up sinking into her lovely smooth wet pussy at the end of the night.

    Nimco Ali needs to grow itself and its teeth a life. Cunt looks like an overtanned Bingo from the Banana Splits.

  17. Look at this dirty animal (sorry animals…vile vermin).

    This is how these cunts live without our help; like semi-sentient simians who are incapable of future planing who can only drop more apes. “But Babatundey, there has been a drought for five years and there’s no food or clean water, what are we going to do? Oh, I know, let’s create more mouths to feed”. Stupid cunts.

    If the four eyed Caramac doesn’t like it here, it could always go to Bingo-Bongo land and be like the savage in the link…fuck, eat handfuls of rice with the same hand you wipe your arse with while allowing flies to crawl over your face without even blinking.

  18. Couldenhove-Kalergi plan in full flow.
    Western Caucasian populations/births are dropping off precipitously and the invasion force ramps up.
    We create less children who would create more children who build, innovate and improve, until our civilisation burns and descends into simple barbarism.
    Had anyone else seen the truth emerge over the footie final in Paris? Gimmigrant filth starting the trouble and the state,the media blaming the easy option, English fans. Even the mayor of Liverpool had his phone nicked by these low IQ savages and nothing is done.
    The titular lump of excrement is of course lauded by the British Commie broadcaster, the NIMBYS that they are.
    If only this were parody.
    Bye bye Western man, you’re fired.

  19. The al-Beeb article mentions “exposing body parts”…
    Come to Cardiff, and spot all the flabby munters in crop tops, their rolls of fat falling out. Sadly, I don’t think this is what al-Beed means.
    Wilson, Keppel and Betty… Now there’s a blast from the past, I often heard my Grs nie (b. 1899) mention them.
    A nightmarish version springs to mind… Harold Wilson, former PM, Mrs. Keppel, the King’s mistress, and Betty – from Some Mothers Do Have Them, possibly.

  20. Nimco Ali sounds like a trademark for some crapola sold at 3 in the morning on some dog-awful shopping channel. Winnet-removing brushes, hamster polishers, that sort of thing

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