Orange Order – Out of Order

This story involving the members of an Orange lodge at a Jubilee party singing a song, I couldn’t understand a fucking word of it, but apparently it’s all about a woman who was murdered on honeymoon in Mauritius years ago

now as distasteful as this ditty was, is it any worse than what Sinn Fein IRA would sing about at their social gatherings, I think NOT, the Orange order might be just the Protestant version of the Freemasonry, but this is no more than banter really,

if you’re offended don’t watch, simple as that, as I said previously if the Fenians sang songs about Lord Mountbatten or Ian Gow, would we have heard about it?

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48 thoughts on “Orange Order – Out of Order

  1. “police are trying to determine what, if any, offences have been committed.”

    In other words, we’re trying to build a backlog of offended persons in order to take the matter further beyond all scope of rationality.

    • Trying to determine ffs, if they don’t know who the fuck does. No wonder public trust in the filth is so low.

  2. The Irish have a fine sense of history and very long memories. They’ve been fighting each other over religion for 350 years the daft cunts. They’re as bad as the fucking Peacefuls. The problem with the Orangemen is that they are far too pro British for the police, the media and , in particular, the BB fucking C.
    They should send Justin Welby over to sort it out, I’m sure it won’t take him very long. For any Irish men/wimminz/gender fluids reading this, we don’t need him back. You can keep the cunt.

    • Religious cunts taking the high ground by mocking a murdered bride?

      Right little charmers.

      Jesus must be ever so proud?

  3. I read a story once, written by a journalist, about a plane load of journo’s arriving at Belfast airport. The captain came over the intercom to say “We are about to land at Belfast airport, please wind your watches back 300 years”. Amusing certainly, but worryingly near the truth.

    • Lad who works for me was married to a Scottish lass,
      He attended some do in a club that was fiercely prodestant.
      Said they played the National anthem and some hard cunt wrapped his knuckles on the lads head and hissed

      “Stand up yer cunt!”

      Bit intense these religious loons aren’t they?

  4. All I can say is that bit of Ireland isn’t worth all the mither and money we pour into it.

    Fucking give it the Irish and forget about the sorry mess.

    Nowt but trouble.

    • Really if we were honest with all the Irish pubs and Irish personalities Irish dancing Irish music poetry, literature…the common people of England I think are generally more favourable to the Southern Irish.

      What has Unionism really got to offer culturally? The Marching Season.

      Oh and a really attractive Calvanist Protestantism.

  5. King Billy has got a lit to answer for. William of Orange. Where the fuck is Orange? I spoppose tge people there are called Oranges.

    • Orange is a county in California which took its name from a song called ‘The Orange County Lumber Truck’ by teen rock n’ roll combo The Mothers Of Invention.

    • MP@ – The House of Orange is originally Dutch.
      William III “of England” was the Sovereign Prince of Orange from birth.
      Ireland has been nothing but trouble and hatred forever.
      “Mole like malice”.

  6. I know a couple of Orange Order blokes from Scotland and they seem to be patriotic decent folk on the whole. The regaila is a bit funny but then so is the town cryer.

    • Very true CCCM, my beef is why have they singled out the Orange order over this, when the other side is even fucking worse, I’ve met many Orangemen over the years, all decent folks!

      • CQ@ – And the mass brawl at the end of the bottom of the Garvaghy road every year in the free Town of Ulster is a real treat for tourists who want to “see the real Ireland”.
        Orangemen are fierce patriots.

  7. Sleepy Joe loves all things Irish, so here you go you walking fucking corpse, sort this load of shit out. It’ll make the Shities and Sunny Delights in the Middle East look like a cakewalk.

  8. Demographics dictate that a united Ireland is inevitable. That’s another couple of million cunts coming over here. Hopefully most of them will head for Jockland to carry on their biblebashers war.

    📢 Move down the carriage please. Make room for other passengers.

    • So enterprising them Jocks that they have managed to reinvent sectarianism. Brilliant.

  9. Meanwhile, songs such as “In the Green”, “The Thompson Men of Lore” “Peel Back the Orange Skins” and ” Fuck the Proddy Body” are sung by Nationalists at frequent gatherings and without any outrage or press activity. The Order of Orange is a Loyal Gathering of those who supported King William, he being a Protestant.

    Nice to know that in these days there are still some who want the “Union” to survive.
    Fuck the Republic!

  10. I see people were sacked for the video, but why? It’s not like they committed a crime of got high on illegal drugs.

    I don’t know if still happens but in the pubs in republican areas they used to sing songs about killing British soldiers.

    Distasteful it may be but it’s not criminal, did anyone get binned off for ding dong the witch is dead when Maggie bit the dust.

    • Remember the bloke who was sacked for a “White Lives Matter” banner? Yet I have seen “Black Lives Matter” banners on the railings of schools, I have seen it on the shirts of Premier League footballers.
      All the time we are being told what to think and what to say and, of course, what not to say. The new morality is creeping insidiously into our culture by constant repetition………drip, drip, drip….day by day, week by week.
      We are bailing out a sinking boat armed with a couple of tea cups. Drowning not waving.

      • Yes, the Burnley game, the guy should have been given a pay rise not the sack, it was a big fuck off to the BLM bollocks.

    • Soi@ – It has been my repeated experience that engaging in free speech is a very dangerous pastime.

  11. There’s an old Fenian fuck who ‘plays’ a tin whistle to a CD player in Manchester and Bury town centres (thieving old cunt). And this cunt plays IRA songs all the time, but no sod bats an eyelid. Forty years ago, he’d have got a leathering. But nowadays, nobody gives a toss.

    But -as you say – sing anything that is pro-British, and the cunts are up in arms with their woke shite. Fuck ’em all.

  12. The Irish, World leaders in petty bullshit. Squabbling over their religions which are two skidmarks on the same pants. The rat catchers are outbreeding the proddies, so it’s only a matter of when, not if there will be a united Ireland. And I will heartily celebrate seeing the fucking back of them.
    So much has been said about the good Friday agreement, but it doesn’t work. The power sharing at Stormont gas barely worked since day one, with both sides unable to sit in the same room, and nothing has been done in years by the childish bastards.
    What it does prove is that the world still turns without the troughing skum, meaning the world in general could do with far far less politicians than it already has.
    Politics seems to attract the odious narcissistic dregs that should by any means be kept away from the leavers of power. All cunts.

      • Here is an older song from the south, are you ready Nige and Japseye, all together now in harmony

        “I was born on a Dublin street where the Royal drums the beat
        And the loving English feet they went all over us
        And every single night when my da* would came home tight
        He*d invite the neighbors out with this chorus

        Come out ye black and tans, come out and fight me like a man
        Show your wife how you won those medals down in Flanders
        Tell her how the IRA made you run like hell away
        From the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra

        Come tell how you slew them old Arabs two by two
        Like the Zulus they had spears and bow and arrooows
        How brave you faced one with your 16~pounder gun
        And you frightened them natives to their marrow

        Come ye black and tans, come out and fight me like a man

        now i admit it is an old rebel song and based on a time before Ireland got its independence in the southern part.
        The history that followed later was one of absolute hatred religious bigotry in the northern part and the border counties
        Wish they just got along in this day and age

      • They seem incapable of it. Either way, Guinness is foul, Magners is rank, and I have spuds growing in my garden, so fackem!

  13. Also that famous YouTube video from the H block. Two Ira prisoners , one cup.

  14. In the event that Ireland Unites, the EU will show Boris what in/out really means, no bullshit, no oven readies, no negotiation and no return !

    Watch out Paddy….you may regret what you wish for.

    • I will be honest with you, that is the truth even Ireland doesn’t want to face

  15. Go in any pub/club on the Falls Road on a Saturday night and you will hear the fuckers all singing about dead soldiers, still handing round the bucket for the bhoys. Fenian cunts.

  16. What the media forgot to mention was, a few years back the father of the bride Mickey Harte led a I.R.A singsong on bus a few full of G.A.A cunts as an Orange parade passed by. So the song those fellas sung was a wee dig at Mr Harte for being a TAIG CUNT and nothing else.

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