John Barrowman (5)

John Barrowman is a narcissistic cunt isn’t he.

Finding himself in Berlin, obviously the only place he can find work at present, the city gets a major incident of an unknown person of unknown colour and origin ( name not released yet but I’m guessing not indigenous to the general population of Germany, I could be wrong and frequently am) driving a car into a shop killing 1 so far of writing this and injuring countless more a few in life threatening situations.

So back to the cunt. What does he do?

Goes directly to the scene of the incident ( I bet he was fucking miles away at the time it happened) and starts filming the aftermath. Nothing really to see as it’s probably an hour or so after the event but that doesn’t stop his sycophantic diatribe on “The Horror” of what’s happened.

Do we see the incident with a low voice behind narrating the scene? No. We get him on camera more than the scene with his faux distress.

I bet he was just waiting, nay wanting it to be a white person with far right connections. Imagine his outpouring of grief then.

I wonder if it does turn out to be who we think it is he will get back on air condemning it?
Battyman I loathed you before and your antics just reinforce my belief on that.

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33 thoughts on “John Barrowman (5)

  1. To be fair I think Mr Barrymore made quite a good scene of crime reporter?
    Like a straighter Tom Cruise.

    I see a career for him as a war correspondent or investigational journalist.

    May I be the first to suggest the Brazilian Amazon?

    • DCI@ – Morning DCI, good to see you back Squire! 👍
      “Help or be out the way” is always my philosophy.
      What kind of morbid freak rubbernecks at someone else suffering?
      (Although I expect you to film the death throes of the jellyfish as he gasps out his last in an alcohol related heart attack!)

      • ‘Morning, Vern. Happens all the time, and, when you berate them, they call YOU ‘rude’!!

        I’ll go out to celebrate if that cunt dies, alongside my (long) list of others to celebrate when they die.

      • I’m delighted when my rudeness and generally misanthropic disposition is commented on….it means I’m doing it right.
        Rubberneckers are utter scum, I’m happy to take a shit on their gravestone if they pass during my lifetime.

      • Trouble is, when I’m (frequently) robust in my suggestions to “Move along, nothing to see, here”, I’m usually called into the office ‘For A Chat’, or, if I’m at the top of my game, made to RTB ‘For A Chat’🙂

  2. He gets his dick out and is on TV. I get mine out and I’m on a register.
    Is that fair?

  3. He did a self named “gay off” with Simon Amstell on Buzzcocks once. I have to admit it was funnier than Phil (the size of) Jupiter.

  4. “lights! Camera! Self promoting narcissism – GO!”
    “Err, John – it was not a white person who did it”..
    “To the mincingmobile, quickly!”

  5. No idea who this berk is but I did read it was an Armenian who was driving on the pavement this time. Old Merkel thought that Germany didn’t have enough rapîsts, drug-dealers, and terrorîsts so she imported a million more.

    Sprechen sie Farsi?

  6. The driver was a “German-Armenian” (a fucking immo) who was “deeply psychologically ill” ( of course). Be psychologically ill in your own fucking country would be my solution.
    Don’t really know who this Barrowman cunt is but I know he is some kind of sleb and a fa**ot. Therefore you would expect him to insert himself into any random incident and make it all about himself. As cunts go he’s strictly 4th division, if that.

  7. He was in a store and heard a bang, probably thought there was an opportunity to bash someones back doors in.

    The Driver, German-Armenian, so Armenian, same spot as previous carnage by a Muslim, but no connection obviously, the cunt was mentality ill, well he would be otherwise it would be a terror attack.

  8. He should be strapped on to the Tardis again and sent to the end of the multiverse. Got his cock out lately?? Perverted cunt, fuck off.

  9. The silly Armenian cunt.

    Imagine the bonus prize for skittling a notorious has-been?

    Fucking foreigners can’t get anything right.

    • Silly me.

      I have to assume our politicians and other elites are all foreigners based on their performance.

      Running about like a retreating Italian conscript.

  10. I believe Mr. Barrowman is a fruity gentleman, who, once the darling of the BBC, is now banned by them for getting his penis out, even when it is not in the script, and even when Angela Rayner is nowhere in sight. He is a has-been, a sort of Scottish/American Kevin Spacey (allegedly), who probably invites young lads to guess what Scotsmen wear under their kilts. I hate to imagine what the prize is for the lad who guesses correctly.

    I cannot understand anybody who wants to be a ghoul and watch, let alone film, the after-effects of any sort of disaster, whether accidental or deliberate.

  11. A poove who exposes himself and doesn’t get prosecuted.
    Equality rules OK.
    Get To Fuck, you nauseating, mincing, manhole delver.

  12. This talent–free bandit is trying to score virtue signal points and look good. In an attempt to overshadow and wipe out his despicable flashing antics.

    Neeeless to say, the dirty cunt will be forgiven by the BBC (a la ITV and Schofield), and indecent exposure and sexual harassment will be painted over as ‘fun’ and ‘hijinx’.
    Barrowbottybasher is fooling no one. Play the bleeding heart woke violin, and people will forget about the phantom flasher. And sadly, it will happen and all.

  13. And, it’s a cast iron certainty that Barrowman will surface in the next Doctor Whoke as the deviant Captain Jack. There will also be loads of ‘sparring’ with the new black poove Doctor. Kids should not be watching such revolting shit.

  14. Barrowman and the cesspool of deviant sexually transmitted diseases that he undoubtedly harbours would be a bigger threat to Public safety than some Cunt driving on the pavement.
    Did he molest the injured or the attacker ?…probably the dead.

  15. You just reminded me of an article I read on the BBC News/propaganda website yesterday. Female raghead’s grief of father killed in the appalling terror attack of the white van driver outside the Finsbury Park mosque a few years back (when he drove his van at them).

    Fuck all about them killing kids at a pop concert aimed at eight year old girls. Nothing about hook hand using said mosque as his base of operations in plain sight for ten years or how many convicted terrorists that have killed on our streets who were groomed and trained in that very mosque.

    It was all about them and how the poor, innocent and cuddly peace loving friends of Britain felt. All about how they have to deal with racism every day the poor mites.

    Now this fucking bender hanging around like a blue bottle round shit hoping it was a neo nazi.

    One wonders how free he’d be with his sexuality if his peace loving friends were in control. They’d throw the cunt of a tower soon as look at him.

  16. John Barrowman, West end gay boy tart and prancing quare. Ive heard about his on-set antics on Doctor Who, singing Showtunes all the time.

    • You can just imagine the cunt belting out “there’s no business like show business!” With a pink boa round his Gregory Peck and pissing everyone off.

  17. Barrymore. Barrowman.

    Similar names.
    Both complete cunts.

    Uncle T-ready the “canniston oven” for particularly annoying cunts👍

  18. This piece of trade will do anything to push his disgusting persona forward, he would gladly expose his puckered ringpiece claiming it is the spitting image of Dot Cotton’s Mouth if it got him on the T.V.! Fucking wanker belong’s at the bottom of Barrymore’s pool.!

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