The Slow Death of the Local Pub

I think this is really sad.

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And I’m not mocking.

Village pubs are the centre, people go there for a chat, some gossip, but also someone says some old sod can’t get to the shop, so someone calls in with his shopping, and so on.

It’s not just a pub, it’s a community centre, lose that and the village will die.

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100 thoughts on “The Slow Death of the Local Pub

  1. You can’t beat a good British pub, I’d really miss it if I emigrated. But then I like Real Ale and you can only get the real stuff at a brewery or the pub. Fizzy metallic tasting stuff from the supermarket doesn’t do it for me.
    The pub is a place to socialise, or to find a nook and get away from all the shite that you find in most UK cities now.
    But as has been said before, they’d rather we all sat at home and watched their propaganda on the tv.
    Fuck em, I’m going on a pub crawl at the weekend.

  2. A local pub here The Woolpack ( not the emmerfail one) struggled after the smoking ban and subsequently over the years got less and less clientele. With no beer garden just a saloon and bar serving food didn’t catch on.
    Long story short the Eastern European lot bought it and converted it to a small euro shop with a takeaway kebab/ burger hit and the rest into a eastern Euro Disco bar!!!
    How the fuck they fitted all that into it I have no idea and no intention of finding out.

  3. I see a world soon where something like the Oasis in Ready Player One becomes the place where everyone goes to interact. Maybe some pubs/bars will exist there.

  4. Inevitable really. Smoking ban. Cheap supermarket booze. Greedy pubcos making drink expensive and looking to sell the properties.
    Our local has struggled for years due to the cunts at the pubco making it uneconomical. (the site would be a big earner for the fuckers to offload)
    I can see a future where bars (not pubs) cater for cunts drinking fizzy piss and pubs surviving on the food offering.

  5. The best job centres in the country and the Government didn’t even have to fund them. In fact the silly buggers made mo eye from them.. Blokes picked up work, youngsters started careers via John’s building company etc.
    Smoking ban, Wetherspoons and cut price off licences, high duty on Acholol saw our pubs shut on mass. The powers that be are very distant from the real world.. cunts

  6. I love spit and sawdust backstreet boozers .
    Here in Hove we have a pub near the seafront called “The Neptune” Google it.
    every friday and saturday they have local bands playing there. Tiny Pub with a great atmosphere. No kids and no poncy grub.
    It’s the last of the great British boozers.

  7. Those ‘travelling’ scum have also contributed the pub’s demise.
    These cunts will infest a once decent local, sell drugs, cause trouble, be intimidating, and then get barred. But they just ‘move on’ and infest another public house nearby. I have seen a good few once great boozers go down this way. The availability of booze in supermarkets and the like has also helped kill the traditional pub off.

    I also despise how pubs are ‘restored’ into yuppy twat eateries and snowflake havens.The much loved Bull’s Head in Whitefield is now a yuppiefied ‘eaterie’ wirh cocktails, ‘craft beers’ and is now full of daft blabbering tarts and hipster bellend ‘couples’. The sort of cringeworthy fucks that wear shades indoors and blow air kisses at the bar. Absolutely sickening. I hoped the old Bull was going to survive, and it did for a few years. But now, it is sadly no more.😒

  8. I love going to the pub and go regularly to several pubs mainly as I am sociable hate nightclubs and live alone.I have noticed that they have got quieter and people have got less friendly.The numbers are down and the camaraderie intrinsic to the lifeblood of pubs is dying out too.Many people sit alone don’t like anyone making chit chat or gossip.It certainly feels that the soul of these wonderful institutions is dying out which may explain their demise.

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