Gary Lineker (17) gets the Red Card for playing the Race Card

Gary Lineker – “I suffered racist abuse for my ‘darkish skin’ when I was a boy”. Yes poor Gary was bullied for being a bit swarthy looking at school and into his professional football career. Methinks any name calling dished out were for being a smarmy know-it-all gobshite and arsecrawling around teachers. He grew up in 1970’s Leicester, are you telling me there were not enough Indians and Pakis to go around?

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If he thinks he is in line for some social media brownie points and reflected victimhood from the Left he is going to be shit out of luck, sorry to break it to you Talcum X but I can’t see a white man, even a high priest of the woke cult like Lineker getting away with this without the Left turning on one of its own. Even if he gets only half the abuse JK Rowling did it will be glorious to watch with a massive dose of schadenfreude.

There is a pecking order cunt truffle, and in the eyes of the left, straight white men are bottom of the pile. Maybe Vernon Fox or MNC could volunteer to kneel on his neck for ten minutes to add more authenticity to this brewing shitstorm?

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And then there’s this from Cunty McCunt

Gary Lineker claims to have suffered racist abuse.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Lineker suffered abuse for being a lefty, hypocritical, virtue-signalling cunt.

He might’ve suffered abuse for being a smarmy, patronising, condescending cunt.

In all likelihood, he’s suffered abuse for being an underworked, overpaid, sub-talented BBC acolyte cunt.

Or, perhaps, for using-his-employment-via-a-state-broadcaster-to-push-his-own-woke-political-agenda cunt.

Could even have suffered abuse for his tax affairs: Standard News Link

Maybe, even, he’s suffered abuse for being a self-pitying, publicity-hungry cunt.

He’s almost certainly suffered abuse for being a Gary Lineker-type cunt.

But I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe that he’s suffered abuse for having darkish skin. Largely because he doesn’t.

What a plutonium-grade cunt.

Freddie the Frog isn’t too happy with our Gary either…

Gary Lineker

So now our wokie hero has come up with a fantastic sob story about being a victim of……….wait for it………raaaaaaaay-sism !! Oh yes the great Gary, as white as my arse, apparently has always had a “dark skin.” Really? Fucking news to me Gary. There’s either something wrong with my eyes or I need a new telly.
Oh yes, at school, poor Gary was a victim of incessant racist abuse and even suffered during his playing career …….”I’m not going to name names.” Of course you’re not Gary, because you’re a fucking liar.
Have you ever heard such a load of bollocks? At least Sparkletits has actually got a black mother. Fuck off Linekunt you fucking pathetic hypocrite wanker.

and neither is Cuntstable Cuntbubble….

You beat me to it Freddie. Here’s a link before Admin finishes his wank and starts whingeing.

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Fucking hell, here’s another for Billy-No-Crisps, courtesy of Duke of Cuntshire

Gary Lineker.
This jug eared twat has surpassed a level of wokeness that is off the scale.
The virtue signalling cunt is now claiming that because he has a dark complexion, he suffered racial abuse.

Who is the fucking idiot sucking up to this time? The only person I can think of Meagain Hewitt.
Both whites and blacks will be killing themselves with laughter at his latest fuckwittery. Do everyone a favour Lineker, regardless of their skin colour.
Fuck off.

95 thoughts on “Gary Lineker (17) gets the Red Card for playing the Race Card

  1. What does Linekunt mean by “I’m as English as they come”? Is he suggesting that you have to be white to be English?
    Oh dear, that sounds a bit raaaaaaay-sist to me. The BBC should sack this cunt immediately.

  2. An ugly, irredeemable cock-hole that should be kicked to death at the earliest opportunity.


  3. Linekunt has completely fucked himself now. Even his libtard bosses at the BBC must be embarrassed by this nonsense.
    I would like to know what Rio Ferdinand thinks about this. In fact I would like to know what every effnick in the country thinks about it.

  4. The BBC and the woke brigade can protect a hypocritical tax dodger, but may well draw the line at a bare faced liar.
    If Skeletor Beckham claimed she was the victim of fat shaming, we’d all laugh her into self enforced exile. There’s no difference with this implausible fairy story.

  5. I apologise for changing the subject, but I nearly spat my lunch out when I read this and I am absolutely disgusted this cunt is being allowed to fight his case, let me share:

    This dirty daki, one of several of the Rochdale cunts who were part of a sex grooming gang is fighting deportation on the lines that his son needs a role model and begs not to be deported having served time (cunt should not be let out and I shocked someone didn’t gib him up in prison).

    I am sure this filthy excuse for a human being, who is allowed to share the air we breathe is going to be set up with a new identity, and given money to reintegrate into society because I tell you know if I every saw this cunt in my manor I’d fucking have him (and would get the boys involved).

    Fucking send him back, hopefully the daki authorities will chop his cock off and serve it up in a bap to him.

    Shit like this makes me so angry, I want to turn into the Hulk..!

    • His son needs a role model. What a statement. It tell you something about jus how fucked up these Pakki Mooslimbs can be if he thinks he’s a role model. I bet the BBC haven’t reported that.

      • You’re right – I haven’t found a single mention on Ali Beebie’s website – this was on SkyCunt.

  6. Sorry guys. I’m not trying to hijack the thread, but you need to see this…

    Two charged with child organ-harvesting conspiracy

    While cunts like that jugg eared crisp shill are promoting sympathy for our dark friends , Umbongos are busily starting their voodoo jungle depravity in our very capital.

    Isn’t diversity great.

  7. It took him all these years to make that bullshit up? I bet the jug eared cunt was called wingnut, but dare not mention that.

  8. Is he on some kind of guilt trip ?this insufferable cunt jumps on every left cause that’s going regardless of how ridiculous it is.

  9. Leicester in the 1970’s was a much different proposition to now. When I finished Junior school in 1974 there was 1 black kid in the whole year and not a single Asian. The area was over 99% white. Now, it’s a suburb of any paki city you’d care to name but even then the pasty cunt wouldn’t have got any ‘racist’ abuse because kids weren”t brought up like that. It’s worth pointing out that he’s clearly going down the same road as that other fantasist, David Icke, another product of lovely Leicester.

  10. When people say that opinions are like arseholes?
    I reckon Lineker has got at least two, considering the amount of shite that pours out from that hole between his nose and chin.

    • Ah the Guardian…….rushing to the defence of the poor and downtrodden as always.

  11. Gary’s problem is that he is stinking rich, white and straight, all the things the lefties hate. Desperate to be a victim he invents this absurd story and completely makes an arse of himself.
    I hear he has been on the RMT picket line in Manchester this morning.
    Right on brothers!

  12. ‘If he thinks he is in line for some social media brownie points’

    We live at a time when how brown you are gives you er…’brownie points’.

  13. I suspect he was bullied at skool for being a complete and utter twat, bell-end, jug-eared knobhead.

    I am sure Lord Fiddler can confirm!

  14. I’m sure it can’t be difficult to find a few cunts he went to school with and expose this as a complete pack of lies. Who is going to publish such a story about Saint Gary, that’s the problem.

    • Ah yes, St Gary of Lineker, man of the people. The last time Gary was on a public train he was still fucking white.

      • Fucking hell! He was carrying a Pret coffee! You couldn’t make it up.
        Who was carrying his bag with all the blackface make up?

      • Of course he’s there. Cunt has probably not travelled in a train for a long time, flaps his ears and he flies like Dumbo.

  15. I tan dark in summer
    Specifically now I’m a slaphead.

    The other kids taunted me mercilessly,

    ” Hey Lenny Henry!”
    ” Fried onion rings!”
    “Run Miserable the NF are coming”

    I’d sob into my pillow at night and whisper the profound lyrics to Ebony & Ivory and wish the world was a nicer place.

    So Gary’s story is my story .
    Accept I’ve had to do real work,
    And not worth millions.

    Both spoofing cunts though🙂

  16. I heard African tribal leader Gary Lineker got bummed off some binmen – ask anyone! 😀
    I imagine Nagoya Grampus 8 – the well known club “Gary of the jungle” went to when his career was finished for an obscene amount of money certainly remember toe boy – £2 million transfer fee back in 1991, two seasons, 23 games in total.
    Wingnut knows that at 61, white and apparently heterosexual his days are numbered at Pravda so he is preempting this by coming out with what is just fantasy.
    Lying, sly, smirking little bastard – the slimy little cunt will be demanding “muh reparations” next.

  17. What a loathsome turd this man is, a cheap shot to make him seem down with the Bro’s, you are hated by the majority of the white population so I recommend that you give up your highly paid position and move to Some North London Ghetto and get a new job swilling out the bog’s on the underground to be inline with your kin. Elvis Costello mentioned you in his song Oliver’s Army.!

    • I can’t imagine how fucked in the head you’d have to be to come out with something like this, thinking it endears you to anyone. I was thinking of claiming to be a bit older so I could claim me pension, we’ll see how that goes!

      • MH@ – Evening MH – it is not madness, it is a career decision to prevent the wokeness he loves so much getting him replaced by a black presenter.

  18. I have to give him grudging respect.

    Just when you think Gary has reached peak cunt he’s ready and waiting to prove he’s still got another gear to go.

    Gary Lineker is indeed one of the biggest cults in history but you have to wonder if he is aiming to be the GOAT!

  19. I remember standing on the Spion Kop terrace of Filbert Street ( the footy ground in Leicester) watching a Jug Eared black guy receiving abuse. NOT !
    What utter tosh.
    Maybe he’ll come back to see the last pub on Church Gate being turned into an Ethiopian restaurant. ‘He’s one of our own’ will be the chant on entering surely!

  20. Gary Lineker could be the extreme example in a public information film presented by Nick Ross.

    This is what happens when thick white millionaires tweet for too long. They start to believe they suffer racist abuse because at some point in their career they had a fairly dark tan.

    Gary has always had trouble with reality. He once stated that a peter file could molest children over the internet via magic gloves. (Brass eye episode paedogeddon)

  21. What a lying self serving slippery cunt.

    Linekunt’s ‘racist abuse’ is about as real as Lily Mong’s taxi driver, Chicken Floyd George’s saintly image, and Megain Locust’s racist royalty. How can I tell? Well, why didn’t the smear of slime say anything about it before now? Because he has only just thought of it, that’s why. It’s as obvious as Franny Lee’s wig and as fake as Brucie Jenner’s snatch.

    Also, if Linekunt didn’t get racist abuse at Stamford Bridge or Upton Park in the 80s, then he didn’t get it anywhere. And he fucking well didn’t. The lying bastard.

  22. What a cunt.

    I used to really like Linekar. A great footballer and a very articulate presenter.

    He really should have no need to do this shit so I can only guess that he must be paranoid about losing whatever relevance he has so goes full on to claim victim status.

    What an utter pile of shite but then again who remembers the letter he posted from the so called Asylum Seeker he housed that wrote in perfect English and appeared to have a real grip on U.K. politics by stating words to the effect when I met you I thought you’d be a Conservative.

    Just fuck off.

    • I am sure that I read a piece online, to the effect that someone had proved he wrote it himself-the handwriting was a match for another letter he wrote.

      A complete cunt with absolutely zero morality.
      Cheated on his wife.
      Put his cunty sons through Charterhouse.
      Made millions adverting a product (high salt/fat crisps) that kills more people than guns do.

      Then has the fucking temerity to lecture others👎

  23. I wonder what Big Cyril Regis (RIP) and Laurie Cunningham (RIP) would think of this opportunist lying turd? Those lads really did get some stick. but they took it like men. No whining from those two.

    What Linekunt is doing is an insult to the players who really did endure racist abuse.

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