House Of Games – TV Show

House Of Games is a heap of steaming cunt.

While in the hospital, I have had the misfortune to watch yet another dreadful BBC (where else?) game show and hosted by that self satisfied slap headed cunt, Richard Osman (the smug cunt off Pointless),

House of Games is a horrible quiz type show. And the contestants are always four BBC royalty cunts (David Baddiel, Sophie ‘Black KKK’ Duker, Adrian ‘not funny without Rik’ Edmondson, Jo Brand. You get the picture).

They all sit there, going on about how ‘smart’ funny and laconic they are. And the show’s questions/answers are childish crap that a kid would know and that others abandoned in primary school.

One example is mixing vegetables with pop songs (‘Potatotal Eclipse Of The Heart’), and the licence payer actually pays for this shit to be aired?!

The crowning fly on a very smelly turd though is the prizes. The smug cunt Osman has his fizzog on things like a trophy, or a flight case (with his fucking image on it!🤣). Mind you, the Richard Osman dartboard would come in handy.

Here is a particularly nauseating episode featuring ISAC ‘favourite’ Naga Monkeymachete.

Absolute crap of the highest order.🤢

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40 thoughts on “House Of Games – TV Show

  1. Osman is one of the most over-rated, untalented, pompous arseholes on the BBC today – which is saying something when you sort it wankers the BBC employs. He thinks he is a wonderful game show host – he is as boring as Keir Starmer and John Major combined, he thinks he is a great author – he is a tenth rate Agatha Christie.

    He has the reverse Midas affect – everything he touches turns to shit.

    Buy his latest off-the-production line book – on sale at a bargain price in your local Oxfam shop.

    • He is fucking HUGE though…a genuine behemoth of a man. He would just stand there and club you down….he’s a fat speccy budget Jaws from Bond lookalike cunt.

      I have never seen this rubbish and it’s very unlikey I would watch anything on the BBC without being tied to a chair like in Clockwork Orange.

      Who would’ve thought it’s the same TV channel that gave us Fools and Horses, Blackadder and Fawlty Towers?

      • Remember Till Death Do Us Part? That would be heart attack material for today’s snowflake generation!

      • Nah he’s like Stephen Fry, a big lad but the sort who’s never been in a fight.

    • If he is that high up on the list of cunts at bbc the he is a serious Cunt indeed I don’t know him but he doesn’t play a fiddle by any chance? Looks an odd fucker

      • With all the inevitable interbreeding involved with his type, I’d say he plays a mighty fine banjo.

    • I quite liked John Major (and Ford, the Yank) slipped it in, bowed out gracefully, forgotten what I was going to say next,

  2. It’s heartwarming that a giant corporation paid for by national taxation can produce such dross.

    After all,who cares if nobody ever watches it?

    The billions still keep rolling in anyway.

    Thankfully inflation remains so low that the TV tax is easily affordable for all…

    The dirty fifth column cunts.

  3. Agreed.
    I saw an episode once where the supposedly erudite but definitely diverse guests supplied various ‘funny’ come-backs in order to detract from their ignorance of the actual and depressingly obvious answer.
    Orman, (the bastard offspring of Milhouse Van Houten and Herman Munster) grinned and duly ate shit, as opposed to taking the appropriate action of hanging them from the lighting gantry by their large intestines.

    • Oops. That should be ‘Osman’ instead of ‘Orman’; but since the simpering elongated piss-streak can suck the polyps from my impacted ringpiece, I shan’t be losing any sleep over it.

  4. Osman, like his former sidekick Alex fucking ander Arsewipe are two cheeks of the same arsehole. Desperate for fame, try anything to stay in the spotlight,books,records,supermarket openings etc before ultimately sinking into the depths of the bin of has beens.
    Russell Bland made it,to a point but that particular steam train soon runs out of puff and there’sno more room at the inn.
    Fuck off the lot of yers.
    Anyone recall Noel Fielding?

    • Anyone recall Noel Fielding?

      Wasn’t he the goth cunt who lived in the server room?

    • Indeed MF.

      Although it’s still a bit early to dwell on the BBC “National Treasures” that it keeps on vast retainers.

      The fucking shithouse rats that they are.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I stopped paying the telly tax a couple of years ago. It’s a relief to know I’m not funding shite like ‘House of Cunts’ any longer. In fact, I think I found this excellent site searching for ‘Gary Lineker is a cunt’.

      • They’ll just pester you with a letter routine and various statements about you being under “special investigation” blah blah blah.
        You have no legal obligation to respond in any way.

      • They’ve never visited me, but there again I’m not (that) old or vulnerable. If they visit, it’s just a case of refusing them entry, not engaging, not signing anything, and closing the door. They have no right of entry without a warrant accompanied by a copper. That’s an expense and a hassle. They’d rather target the old and vulnerable who are more likely to capitulate. TV Licensing are probably ripe for a cunting, if they haven’t been already.

    • Imagine in 2022 if anyone suggested setting up a National Television and Broadcasting organisation which would supply 2/3rds of the population with their news information thereby controlling the news and political agenda.
      In addition it would funded by a compulsory poll tax with everyone, rich and poor, paying equally into it and non-payment punishable by a term of imprisonment.
      The person who suggested that would be taken off to the nearest mental health facility.

  5. Osman is certainly an archetypal BBC favourite, with all the attributes you’d expect of the BBC gene pool. I caught a bit of his appearance on Who Do You Think You Are the other day, where he at least came across as slightly less smug than usual. Whilst I’m at it. Does anyone else think WDYTYA is a slightly suspicious program? Why do all these celebs have such conveniently interesting and diverse ancestry, whereas most of us don’t? It couldn’t possibly be exaggerated or made up could it?
    As for house of games. It really is a crock of shit whose sole purpose is to keep Osman’s ego fed and his celeb bum chums in appearance fees.

    • He has actual ancestors?
      I always assumed his mother had just gang-banged an encyclopaedia and a lamp-post in a SpecSavers.

  6. I like Osman and Armstrong, House of Games and Pointless. When it comes to entertainment I set the bar low and the BBC duly provides.

    • Good Morning,

      Armstrong is at least one of the few working on the BBC who has not bought into all the left, woke, dumbfuckery.

  7. Name like Osman? Got to be a Turk, Winston Churchill said never trust a Turk, off topic seems in east London they have an outbreak of polio? Had to be imported by a peaceful type, oven , etc

    • Probably from somewhere where vaccines not widespread. Surely no one in London comes from such places?

  8. All these panel shows are an insult to the intelligence by default – especially those on the BB fucking C. I’m guessing you are forced at gunpoint to review this shite for a living, because no sane person would go anywhere near it otherwise.

  9. If it was ITV or any other channel that is funded by advertising then I wouldn’t give a fuck but the BBCunts we have to pay to watch any live broadcast.

    All the more reason for the BBC to go commercial for all entertainment shit, scrap the licence.

  10. I watched a few seconds of this shite on my mobile and the only thing I thought was how much it will cost me in electricity to recharge the phone afterwards. What a waste.
    Comments on YouTube included ‘Naga rocks’.
    I don’t understand most of the people in this country anymore.

  11. Mrs Bastard and I have seeing how many of the “famous” guests we have not heard of. There is a lot of stand ups about, totally unknown to us.

    • My record is knowing 3 out of the 4, mostly I know one, on odd occasions none of them.

  12. Never seen it.
    2 minutes of the ‘banter’ between this cunt and ‘Zander’ (a cunting on it’s own – Zander) on Pointless is enough for me.

    • I hate ALL game shows.
      But since diversity Family Fortunes a lot easier ,
      Especially if your up against a Somalian family.

  13. A bunch of has-beens and never-going-to-be comedians and ‘up-and-coming’ presenters, all from the same agency, but not a hint of talent or genuine humour between them, all working gigs for the BBC and its satellite digital organs. Gay, black and fat birds.
    The BBC, in it’s sad quest to promote its warped liberal worldview, only seems to recruit guest from within itself. That ugly bastard Nish Kumar is one example. Munchetty is another. Pure GayBlack. Pure Globohomo.

    And to think they put this crap out at dinnertime!

  14. You know your career as a actor is totally fucked when you have to run a game show.

  15. It’s basically a who’s who of BBC cunts.

    Tossers cherry picked for their ‘diversity’, comedians who only make Boris, Brexit and Trump jokes, way past it relics, and other smug twats.😒

    It’s really just the ‘celebrity audience’ from Jools Hollands’ Cuntenanny on a quiz show. Also since Rik (RIP) left us, Ade Edmondson has gone into full luvvie mode and is now about as funny as shingles. He fits in perfectly on House of Cunts.

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