Cornwall Council – Housing Crisis

Hey fellow cunters,

I have a nomination for you that literally makes my blood boil – I give you government-sanctioned cunts, Cornwall Council.

Over the years Cornwall Council have had a LOT of reasons for people who live in Cornwall to call them out as cunts, one such example being their policy of attempting to replace the current residents of Newquay and palming them off to a nearby new plot of land (and seeing to the construction of a new supermarket etc. to ‘placate’ the locals) so that they can turn Newquay into a tourist-only area.

Work is already well underway with this, including lots of shops and bars shutting down due to ridiculous rises in Council Tax and residential property being bought off by developers and then rennovated into holiday flats for the tourists, essentially driving out the very people who would run the Cuntcil’s ‘wonderful vision’ of a tourist-only Newquay in the first place.

Like a lot of councils out there, I assume Cornwall Council has been given a government remit to try and solve the homeless ‘problem’. There is not as many homeless on the streets down here as a proper city such as Birmingham or London, but they do exist and are increasing in number. Cornwall is one of the poorest places in the UK: the wage rates down here are abysmal, whilst property is priced too high for residents to afford.

So, Cornwall Cuntscil have a problem: how to get the homeless off the streets. What solution did they decide on?

Construction of more affordable housing with an arrangement that allows more homeless people the ability to occupy these new buildings?


How about renovating abandoned buildings and moving the homeless into those?


Their solution: offer private landlords an ‘incentive’ to accept more homeless tenants. The incentive? The Cuntscil pay each landlord that takes on a homeless tenant THREE TIMES their usual rate of rent.

So you can guess what has happened… hundred’s of perfectly good tenants, who have stayed in property for years and always paid on time etc. are finding themselves on the streets as homeless, in place of the original homeless who are now tenants, with the greedy bastard landlords raking it in.

Some family friends I know got kicked-out after being good tenants for 20 years, finding themselves living on a campsite in a tent for months whilst trying to find a new property to live in. In the end they found one, a house share with an elderly lady – they could not find private accommodation just for them.

Also, an elderly couple in their 80’s have been kicked out recently and are desperately trying to find somewhere to live. So age doesn’t matter to these greedy tenants and the Cuntscil are turning a blind-eye to the fact that the original homeless are being replaced by new homeless. Nothing is solved, the problem remains but is brushed under the carpet. FFS, what a bunch of corrupt wankers.

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Nominated by: The Wizard’s Sleeve

33 thoughts on “Cornwall Council – Housing Crisis

  1. There would be plenty of houses for everyone if we kicked out all sponging foreign cunts, no job, fuck off, on benefits, fuck off.

    All these metropolitan/county councils are cunts, run by useless woke cunts.

    • Soon enough the government will run out of hotel rooms for the Dinghy Dung and other rubbish.

      What then?
      Tent cities?
      Compulsory purchase orders?

      A storm is brewing.

      • There’s already been a compulsory take over of a Holiday Inn down my way.

      • Private landlords will be give 4 or 5 times the going rate to house the cunts.

        I still don’t know what happened to the ‘if you arrive by the illegal channel route you will not be allowed to claim asylum’

    • And shorter nhs waiting lists, low paid jobs for our youngsters, decent primary school places, dental appointments and on and on…

  2. Cornwall is prime location for second home twats from London and the home counties.
    This generates a feeding frenzy for
    Greedy landlords
    Greedy councils
    Same as in Wales, Devon, even Whitby, and Tideswell in the peak District.

    The people who have grown up in these places, some who’s families have lived in these places hundreds of years get priced out.

    Well, that’s capitalism, you might say,
    But it changes the places character.
    It just becomes Islington on sea,
    Or Knightsbridge in peaks.

    And they don’t fit in.

    Roger the investment banker takes umbrage at getting woken up at 5am by Georges cockerel down the road and goes and complains.
    He knew it was near a farm when he bought the place
    But it was a good investment!

    George who’s been working with a bad back for weeks doesn’t appreciate being read the riot act and patronised by Roger who he thinks is a moaning cunt and a bit of a puff and threatens to put a shovel through Rogers head .

    Roger phones the police on George.

    George tells everyone in the pub

    Rogers windows get bricked in the wee hours.

    Stay where you belong.
    Don’t be greedy
    And don’t complain about Georges cock.🙂

    • Superb post with lots of truth amongst the comedy👍

      Many of my teenage friends moved away from the Lakes, because they couldn’t afford to stay, due to the land grab.

      The elephant in the room here is uncontrolled immigration.

  3. Same as Pembrokeshire this housing being bought up, all the rich cunts running away from the diversity they’ve created, but they’ll never say it, they’re Grauniad beliefs make them hypocritical fucking cowards!!!

  4. Same as Pembrokeshire this housing being bought up, all the rich cunts running away from the diversity they’ve created, but they’ll never say it, they’re Grauniad beliefs make them hypocritical fucking cowards!

  5. Perhaps the lunatics at the council could put council tax up on second homes by a factor of 40?

    Then get busy building and redeveloping affordable housing for the locals.

    Not some cunts from Berkshire or Belgravia.

    • They are currently trying this in Wales, but gammunz are complaining that it’s racist against the English. Racist? We’re the same race for fucks sake.
      Seems what’s good for the goose is good for the gammon.

      • Poor lambs, their vocabulary doesn’t extend to the word xenophobic.

  6. Reading the news articles, one of the main contributions to this housing crisis is that landlords are evicting long term tenants to either sell, in what is evidently a sellers market, or to use the property as a holiday let because there is a rise in people wanting a “staycation holibob”.
    Well good luck with that one once the airlines have sorted their selves out and Benodorm is back on the table.
    Also, the Councils magnificent response to getting the homeless off the streets, one council house converted into 5 single person flats, and some leased single person housing “pods”, with all the charm of a shipping container. So that’s about 17 homeless sorted.

  7. W*gs and Libtards have been the ruination of this country. It’s run by greedy idiots who also happen to be prize cunts.

  8. I am sure Prince Charles, who owns Cornwall, will be stepping in at any time to address this outrage.
    New mosque then.

    • Charlie Chimp Boy and his two sons are three of the biggest cunts in this country. They are “absolutely appalling”.
      When Her Maj snuffs it their days are numbered.

  9. Most of the council’s break down when they start acting like a business. At the end of the day, they are for administrative purposes only and to collect the bins and to pay the local police force and fire and ambulance service. Absolute shower of shit badly run fucking morons infesting the shit out of everything. Backhanders galore.

  10. Sounds like the perfect plan to turn Cornwall into San Fransicko. What could possibly go wrong. Sound like Cornwall has the same problem as nearly everywhere else. Retards in charge.

  11. Cornwall-a huge county by mass, with more poverty than most other counties.

    (I imagine West coast of Cumbria and the Fens suffer equal amounts of social deprivation)

    Cornwall-with only one major hospital, to service the county.

    I bet there are lots of “white flight” London-centric cunts who are now experiencing a great big dose of “buyers remorse”.

  12. The “surf’s up!!” Crowd brought a lot of income into Cornwall especially Newquay.
    It’s also a curse because the VW bug/campervan, surfboard crowd brought their posh mates,
    The Jamie Oliver type twat in converse trainers back to front baseball cap and mummy and daddy s chequebook.

    In Hawaii and New Zealand the local surfer types drive these cunts off with intimidation and violence.
    The six fingered locals in Cornwall should do the same!

    There’s a famous ethnic surfer in Cornwall,
    Newquay brown….

  13. Cornwall CC are surely cunts to persue a policy akin to “ethnic Cleansin”. Because driving people away ( form their birthplace perhaps ) is exactly that. Ethnic Cleansing”
    Over the Border, Devon are following a similar line of subjugation.
    Apparently, there is more cash to be made from Tourism and Holiday Lets than from the resident population ( likely on benefits )
    An excellent cunting and very appropriately timed !

  14. In the Cornwall Live News link one picture shows a young woman carrying a placard on which is the slogan; “Cornish homes for Cornish people (but also) Refugees welcome”. I despair. How can folks have such complete ignorance of how a market works?

    • Very good example arfurbrain, the level of awareness is pitiful, helps the woke cancer to spread unhindered and money grabbing bastardy to flourish unchallenged.

  15. I’m actually in Cornwall at the moment touring in my motorhome, and I have looked in estate agents windows looking at the price of houses and they are just as expensive as sevenoaks, and also a lot of houses to rent as holiday let’s, how the fuck can ordinary people get homes here? I have also seen lots of rundown old houses that have been abandoned decades ago, surely they can look after its own people, gimmegrants need not apply, no mosques here for you, they can fuck right off

  16. There’s another issue with Cornwall Council that unless you have some insider knowledge or are prepared to look a bit deeper you would never know.

    Several of the ‘Directors of Services’ are neither Cornish or even live in Cornwall.

    They are all on 6 figure salaries (info is openly available on their website) and I would hazard a guess are second home owners in the county.

    Take for example their ‘Strategic Director for Care and Wellbeing’ Steve Peddie.

    Lives near Preston, works mainly from home via ‘teams’ and when there’s the need to actually be ‘on site’ his travel is 1st class and accommodation and subsistence allowance is beyond generous.

    His remit apparently is to help transform adult social care.

    I know Cornwall very well. I have witnessed first hand it’s social deprivation. I have worked behind the polished veneer of the tourist areas and it’s not a pretty site.

    Fundamentally I came to the conclusion that Central Government hasn’t got a fucking clue how to sort it and is happy to let the Local Government deal with it without interference.

    Jobs are in the main based around tourism and all low paid and out of season it’s just dire with little or no opportunities, so benefits are paid without too much scrutiny.

    It’s like they just want to sweep it under the carpet and keep up the act that it’s full of wonderful memories.

    Cornwall Council is indeed a cunt and run by emmets on the fucking gravy train.

    • Redruth is a right old dive. I stayed there in a boutique hotel. Glad I did, got nearly attacked by a smack head near the onsite nightclub. I would have laid him out by I don’t want the police aggro.

    • The only answer to this level of fuckwittery and banditry is. Cleanse with fire. Bastards.

  17. Beautiful place Cornwall. Always like visiting there.

    Until there are laws (like they have in most countries on Earth) that make it almost impossible for foreigners to but property, this will always happen.

    Chinese, Arab and Ruskie billionaires buying up countless properties simply reduces supply and increases property prices for British citizens.

    I’d even have limits on how many properties one person can own. I’m not a commie of course (not really against owning a holiday home or even third home, for example), but cunts buying up 500 properties is a bit of a piss take and it fucks things for every cunt else.

    Some MPs have impressive property portfolios by all accounts, the fucking shithouses.

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