Gary Lineker (17) gets the Red Card for playing the Race Card

Gary Lineker – “I suffered racist abuse for my ‘darkish skin’ when I was a boy”. Yes poor Gary was bullied for being a bit swarthy looking at school and into his professional football career. Methinks any name calling dished out were for being a smarmy know-it-all gobshite and arsecrawling around teachers. He grew up in 1970’s Leicester, are you telling me there were not enough Indians and Pakis to go around?

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If he thinks he is in line for some social media brownie points and reflected victimhood from the Left he is going to be shit out of luck, sorry to break it to you Talcum X but I can’t see a white man, even a high priest of the woke cult like Lineker getting away with this without the Left turning on one of its own. Even if he gets only half the abuse JK Rowling did it will be glorious to watch with a massive dose of schadenfreude.

There is a pecking order cunt truffle, and in the eyes of the left, straight white men are bottom of the pile. Maybe Vernon Fox or MNC could volunteer to kneel on his neck for ten minutes to add more authenticity to this brewing shitstorm?

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And then there’s this from Cunty McCunt

Gary Lineker claims to have suffered racist abuse.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Lineker suffered abuse for being a lefty, hypocritical, virtue-signalling cunt.

He might’ve suffered abuse for being a smarmy, patronising, condescending cunt.

In all likelihood, he’s suffered abuse for being an underworked, overpaid, sub-talented BBC acolyte cunt.

Or, perhaps, for using-his-employment-via-a-state-broadcaster-to-push-his-own-woke-political-agenda cunt.

Could even have suffered abuse for his tax affairs: Standard News Link

Maybe, even, he’s suffered abuse for being a self-pitying, publicity-hungry cunt.

He’s almost certainly suffered abuse for being a Gary Lineker-type cunt.

But I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe that he’s suffered abuse for having darkish skin. Largely because he doesn’t.

What a plutonium-grade cunt.

Freddie the Frog isn’t too happy with our Gary either…

Gary Lineker

So now our wokie hero has come up with a fantastic sob story about being a victim of……….wait for it………raaaaaaaay-sism !! Oh yes the great Gary, as white as my arse, apparently has always had a “dark skin.” Really? Fucking news to me Gary. There’s either something wrong with my eyes or I need a new telly.
Oh yes, at school, poor Gary was a victim of incessant racist abuse and even suffered during his playing career …….”I’m not going to name names.” Of course you’re not Gary, because you’re a fucking liar.
Have you ever heard such a load of bollocks? At least Sparkletits has actually got a black mother. Fuck off Linekunt you fucking pathetic hypocrite wanker.

and neither is Cuntstable Cuntbubble….

You beat me to it Freddie. Here’s a link before Admin finishes his wank and starts whingeing.

MSN News Link

Fucking hell, here’s another for Billy-No-Crisps, courtesy of Duke of Cuntshire

Gary Lineker.
This jug eared twat has surpassed a level of wokeness that is off the scale.
The virtue signalling cunt is now claiming that because he has a dark complexion, he suffered racial abuse.

Who is the fucking idiot sucking up to this time? The only person I can think of Meagain Hewitt.
Both whites and blacks will be killing themselves with laughter at his latest fuckwittery. Do everyone a favour Lineker, regardless of their skin colour.
Fuck off.

95 thoughts on “Gary Lineker (17) gets the Red Card for playing the Race Card

  1. He’s a fuckin fantasist.

    Next week he’ll launch a west Indian cookbook with family recipes.
    Start growing dreads.

    Not a chance he was thought of at school anything other than a white, English, big eared, bullshitter.

    So he takes a tan in summer?
    So do I, no cunts ever mistaken me for Rusty Lee.

    I’m blacker than Lineker.

    • Mnc@ – Afternoon Mnc – have a heart Sir – it must have been awful for Garys parents on that terrible journey aboard The Empire Windrush.. 😀
      On my list is this boy.

  2. More than likely the make-up lady used a darker shade of jollop one week and he fantasised about becoming David Lammy. He will try the white lipstick next and become a black and white minstrel

    • JP@ – Afternoon JP – when I was (briefly) on twitter I asked African tribal leader Shaka Lineker if he would support my planning application for a 300 bed asylum centre across the road from his mansion.
      Cwybaby racist pant shitter (no – Lineker not Biden!) blocked me! 🤣

  3. Ps
    Lineker is the sort of cringeworthy cunt that if meeting a black bloke would try to talk “ghetto” and try to fist bump him!

    If I was a black bloke I’d hate this insincere fuck more than any racist.

    • Today, I is mostly identifying as black innit. Dis linnecunt, he be cuntified, booshaka.

  4. Biggest load of fucking bollocks I’ve ever heard. I went school with the cunt from 71-76 and he was definitely more of a cunt than a kunte kinty type.

    • Linekunt: What-a- gwan, mon. Daylight come and me wan’ go home.
      DSS: I’m sorry Mr.Linekunt, we still can’t give you any benefits.
      Linekunt: Yous wanna buy some ganje?

  5. I can think of no better reason to defund the BBC than point out that they pay this arsehole more than £1,000,000 a year of taxpayer money.

  6. This is never true. All elite sportsmen at school are treated like fucking gods , it is the way of things.

    He is absolutely full of shit, just feeling left out .

  7. What a bell-end. What’s up has the cunt been ignored by the media for a little while. I suffered racist abuse my arse.
    Gary Linekar you are a cunt a big eared fucking smelly WHITE Cunt.

  8. He started his career in 1978.
    Just looking at him then you can tell he was a limp prick.

    His record collection was probably Wings, Racey, Nolan’s.
    He did his bit against Apartheid by buying a Boney M single.

    His mum shouting up the stairs

    “Gary! Gary luv!
    Your fish fingers are ready!
    Come and get your tea!”

    GL- ” easy now, me come when me ready woman!
    No be tellin I when me eat!
    An it’s Garfield,
    Me name is Garfield, you know?”

  9. That all said here at Boggs Recorded Music Enterprises (Bangladesh) Ltd., we are all there with our diversity ethics, so if Mr Lineker can prove he has had a touch of the tar brush, we are more than happy to sign him up, and you can expect his first CD (“Sings Paul Robeson” ) in time for Christmas. If he can play the piano as well, his second CD “A Tribute to Winifred Attwell” will hit the stores next summer.

    Our previous CD “Dawn Butler sings Ella Fitzgerald” didn’t do quite as well as we hoped.

  10. One word for today chaps – Rotherham. Police playing hide and seek when justice needed to be done. Get off your fucking knees and deal with scum pedos

  11. It’s taken him all these years to come out with this shit!

    Why didn’t he mention it before George Floyd/BLM?

    I suppose next he’ll come out and say he’s a transformer identifying as a black lesbian Albanian with a lisp.

    What a sad opportunistic, virtue signalling cunt of cunts. If there was an ISAC Premier League Wall of Cunts, him and Blair would be up there for life!

  12. I must confess to often confusing Lineker with Viv Anderson back in the 80s.

    I used to sometimes confuse him with John Barnes and Cyrill Regis an all.

  13. The goat-jugged, hypocritical fantasist is a cunt of biblical proportions. That GBNEWS bloke has him nailed to the fucking wall.

  14. Has Welby come out in support of poor Gary, is it racist to call a white person a blick cunt.

  15. Maybe Linekunt is smarter than we think. I reckon he’s had a tip off that the BBC are about to get rid of him…..he’s getting too old and stale.
    Well they can’t now can they! He’s fucking black! That would be blatant raaaaaaaaaaaaay-sism!
    The man’s a genius!

    • Sir lenworth of henry has been stealing Gary’s thunder with all the Glastonbury is so racist..

  16. Give me a shout when Lineker is blood eagled outside BBC headquarters.
    Anything to do with football is currently making me homicidal, but I am really going to enjoy the day when I publicly reveal the conversation caught on two mobile phones where Gareth “boo hoo – the nasty Man said a hurty word” Southgate is talking with Jack Grealish at the penalty taking stage of the European Cup Final against Italy – I have this evidence and am just waiting to drop the bomb.
    When this goes public – as it will if I am taken to Court – all the world will see and hear what REALLY happened, and Gareth Southgates position will be untenable.
    Then as well as the Criminal Courts I will go after Southgate in the Civil Court – I am going to destroy this bastard.
    Fuck around?
    Find out.
    Well, best go – our house guest Gawwy Umbongo How I loves ya Mammy Lineker wants some more waddymelon and da fried chiggun.
    This cunt should be publicly flogged through the streets of Leicester.

    • Afternoon Vernon.

      Good Luck.
      Anything that exposes Gareth Southgate for the racist cunt, footballing fraudster and pandering woke wannabe that he is – should not only be welcomed, but celebrated.

      I include the FA in that as well because they are behind this and Southgate is their nodding puppet.

      • HJ@ – Afternoon HJ/all – I would to see the look on Southgates face when he gets the summons to appear in Court.
        I am going to excoriate this “Man”.

  17. What a total and utter tool.

    Clearly, this Pob eared cunt hasn’t had much attention recently.

    (see link)

    But of course, the timing is bang on for this bell end of the most highest order to be chiming up.

    The world cup is approaching, and I am sure he will have the chance to somewhat darken his skin in between his drivelling commentary on wendy ball matches, while he tans his guns on a beach, getting noshed off by a couple of male dakis who are putting the finishing touches to building the stadia.

    All before they fall of the scaffolding, die and then their memory is swept under the carpet as FIFA want to completely avoid all responsibility for awarding this country, with a shameful human rights the hosting of the games.

    No doubt this cunt will be paid some unearthly sum and hopefully will get so tanned that immigration won’t let him leave, citing he has a fake passport and drag him away to work on some other monumentous vanity building project, derived from dodgy oil dealings and backhanders.

    His brother Wayne Lineker is also a total toss wipe.

  18. Meanwhile, we ( where I Iive ) receive daily doses of discrimination because we are white. Often ignored in the local stores because we speak English. Some of us receive a bit more than just insults all of which goes below Plods Radar. It seems in our warped time that the indigenous have fallen from some favour. Fortunately, we are at the top step of life’s staircase, and will not see ( thank fuck ) the final death croaks of old Blighty. Several of us here have served our country in the past, and would we do it today? No.
    Gary Lineker embodies all that we despise in this country. He is not alone, and he and his ilk deserve little less than a fucking good “dusting”.
    A well deserved cunting of a face I would love to smash in. Fucking Bastard!

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