Elon Musk (6) – Hero or Zero?

Many people appear to have recently jumped on the ‘Elon Musk is great’ band wagon. I’m here to suggest they ought to disembark forthwith.

He’s become filthy rich by selling not that many Duracell cars. How is that even possible? Government subsidies perhaps? Then not content with adding to the wave of electric personal transportation (itself an abomination), the cunt then decides he’ll have his own space programme. Like NASA don’t know what they’re doing. Notice how his crap rocket isn’t powered by a couple of hundred million AAs.

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Things changed when he shined a light on the hypocritical leftist woke waste of time the world knows as Twitter. Suddenly he’s a man of the people and an unofficial spokesperson of the many who loathe and despise the blatant moderation, coercion and manipulation of that particular social media platform. Hail Elon!

Not so fast matey boy.

In recent weeks he’s back tracked on his buy out of Twitter, claiming too many fake or bot accounts. At time of writing his position is he hasn’t been provided with the data he requested and that constitutes a breach of the agreement he and Twitter entered into. If that’s the case, then walk away. Publicity stunt anyone?

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He may or may not eventually buy Twitter, but my final piece of evidence for the prosecution is this. He recently decided to revoke all work from home at his shit company, Tesla. It’s his company and he should be able to make any rules he likes within the confines of the prevailing laws. However, it’s how he communicated his decision which highlights what an absolute cunt he is. The following link provides the quotes and back story:

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It boils down to 3 quotes.

1) Workers should return to an office location and work alongside their colleagues and work “a minimum of 40 hours” per week. If the terms of your employment contract/offer letter states a 40 hour week, why should you be expected to work more than that in order to make him richer? Sacrificing time with friends, family and essential rest and relaxation just to line his pockets? It’s also an unspoken threat too. Imagine you just do your 40 hours each week. Do you think you’ll be in line for a promotion anytime soon? Will additional hours be compensated? (Take a guess) What about laws restricting the working week to 37.5 hours or laws which cap the maximum hours you can work? Should you break the law to keep this cunt in the lap of luxury?

2) He said a constant physical presence at the company has been integral to its success. “That is why I lived in the factory so much, so that those on the line could see me working alongside them. If I had not done that, Tesla would long ago have gone bankrupt”. That may or may not be true, but it’s HIS company. He has everything to gain and everything to lose.

Assembly line workers are not in the same position as him, but he seems to think it’s OK to hold them to the same level of personal sacrifice as himself. That’s absurd. Many companies have cunts like this. The boss who comes in super early or works super late and because they do, that’s the standard everyone should be held to. It’s a form of bullying, intimidation and control. Not a good look.

3) When someone on Twitter suggested his views on employees reporting to a physical workplace are antiquated he said, “They should pretend to work somewhere else”. So what he’s saying is he doesn’t trust his own employees to do a proper day’s work unless they report to a Tesla office.

He’s also saying that employees working from home are all skiving and effectively stealing from the company by accepting a salary but not working to earn it. Wow! These would be the same employees he, his managers and HR department hired then, right? If they’ve hired a bunch of lazy, skiving, dishonest freeloaders, what does that say about their screening and hiring process? Pointing a finger at someone means you’re pointing 3 fingers back at yourself.

So there you have it, m’Lud. A modern day Richard Branson with an egotistical, self-obsessed, attention seeking personality who’s got mega rich off the backs of workers and tax payers and then rubs their faces in it while pretending to be a ‘right on’ man of the people.

In other words, a cunt.

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46 thoughts on “Elon Musk (6) – Hero or Zero?

  1. Elon musk sounds like a 80s aftershave.
    Something Kevin keegan would of advertised.

  2. If his eco credentials were genuine, he’d embrace home working for not contributing to pollution via commuting.
    I did enjoy the leftard meltdowns when his buyout announcement was made but I don’t believe it at all. 41 billion for a risible platform that’s going downhill? Pull the other one,it’s got bells on.
    He looks like he emerged from the same alien seed pod as Mark Zuckerborg, pair of weirdos.

    • There’s a school of thought that Musk,Bezos,Zuckborg et al are essentially front-men rather than self-made entrepreneurs,working at the behest of satanic institutions such as DARPA and C.I.A for wider agendas.I tend to concur.FB and Twitter certainly have done a good number on personal data harvesting it’s clear to see and all these entities have been critical in coralling the masses into wider agendas such as jab rollouts etc.Musk will be playing a strategic role in exploiting the ambiguities in what’s playing out currently which is essentially the old-order losing control following centuries of Draconian shennaniganery.They’re a busted flush but will take the majority down (they assume) as they flounder with their futile rearguard actions.

  3. He gets a thumbs up for shaking up the libtards on Twatter.
    How he’s made so much money is another matter.
    And I agree about bosses who work extra time and seem to think everyone else should – well give us share options and more money and maybe we will!

    • About 25 years ago I worked in Brussels for an American company. They sent over a new boss who was earning about £500,000 a year and who worked all the hours God sent. Like he would have meetings in hotels that finished at 1am and would then have breakfast meetings at 6:30.. Fair enough but he expected everyone else to do likewise, including those of us who were on about £35k.

      I think what eventually prompted him to fuck me off was when I finally cracked and told him, “It’s fine for you, you can AFFORD to burn out by the time you’re 50, you twat”.

      • Not an unreasonable rebuke, Ghee. Sounds like my old boss. Wanted me to act as MD, Human Resources Director, Business Planner, Client Liaison as well as delivering the work. Basically all the things he couldn’t be arsed to get involved with. He preferred emptying the bank account every month and buying foreign property.

        I left the cunt last year after many years and hollow promises and bullshit. Then all the clients followed me. He now has a raging angry arsehole at how ‘his business’ has suffered. Ha Ha, Fat Toby Jug Cunt.

        Musk does come across as an uber-cunt, especially after labelling that British cave diving man “Pe-do Guy” after he criticised Musk’s mini submarine solution for rescuing the trapped cavers had zero chance of success. He had no evidence whatsoever this guy was guilty of any pee-dough shenanigans.

        An unnecessarily spiteful and cuntish label that resulted in Musk rightly being sued. Sadly, Musk’s legal team were just too good and got him off the hook.

  4. If he’s so fucking clever why do his robot cars from the future keep running people over or driving into lakes?

    We should be told.

      • I think he won a lawsuit regarding the employment of a ‘peaceful’ in his rocket factory.

        US law prevented the fracker from being given a job in a sensitive industry, despite it being privately owned.

        The cunt lost and rightly so. Imagine the carnage if he’d been employed in the navigation and guidance dept.


      • If true, good. They should only be employed scrubbing toilets and cleaning out pigsties. For room and board.

  5. 3) When someone on Twitter suggested his views on employees reporting to a physical workplace are antiquated he said, “They should pretend to work somewhere else”. So what he’s saying is he doesn’t trust his own employees to do a proper day’s work unless they report to a Tesla office.”….

    I don’t fucking blame him….I tried to sort out some insurance details with a woman who wasn’t in “the Office”…well,unless the Office allows screaming babies and yapping dogs in the background…she obviously wasn’t doing “a proper day’s work”. I was having to repeat everything several times and eventually told her that I’d had enough and would be going elsewhere.

    • £37 billion was spent on the “world beating” Track and Trace” system….makes paying 40 billion dollars for some silly failing windbag platform seem the act of a financial genius.

      • Have a little think about that.

        £37Bn for an app.

        Germany managed to do thd same thing for £27m, with £18m per year running costs.

        It’s an app. It doesn’t cost billions to develop an app.

        So where did all of OUR money disappear to?

    • That is a good point, Herr Fiddler. Many of these people who aggressively defend their “right” to work from home do so to lighten their workload. It has been known for cunts to be “busy” and “smashing it” on their peleton instead of doing what they are paid to do.

      Personally I’d rather be in the office – I know I am far, far more productive without any distractions.

    • That’s a fair point, Dick.

      I’ve been on loads of web meetings where other people have had dogs barking, kids screaming, family members yapping in the background. It’s beyond annoying. Some of the cunts in India join calls and the background noise sounds like they’re standing in the middle of a roundabout. That bloody noise added to the fact they can’t speak proper English is a freakin’ nightmare.

      I will say this though. Some of us work way better from home. I have a quiet study, 3 big computer screens, nice desk, top of the line chair, super fast internet, etc. and best of all, it’s only me here during the day. So it’s silent. Not everyone has that of course and if you’re not able to setup a reasonable home office environment, then fuck off back to the corporate one would be my advice!

  6. Anyone who names a child ‘X Æ A-12’ must be at least a bit of a cunt in my book.

  7. Hero. Good luck to the Cunt. People do work better around colleagues just the same as kids learn better in schools.
    Peer learning social skills etc.

    Speaking as someone who after 3 naughty step moments got kicked off from twatter permanently in just 7 weeks I have to say that social media platforms have to permit free speech and twatter is the biggest and the one with the most woke left field bias it is abhorrent as it is. Hope the Cunt musk can fix it.

    • “People do work better around colleagues”

      I think that all depends upon what you do for a living. I work in IT, supporting database systems. I absolutely don’t need to be around colleagues in order to do my work. I don’t need managing per se either. Due to the depth of skill, knowledge and experience I can easily operate on this basis: tell me what you want doing, when you need it by, now fuck off and leave me alone, if I need anything, I’ll let you know.

      Now, not everyone can be that self sufficient, but I can and so can many others. Being in an office just gets in the way of the work and ultimately doesn’t help.

      Working in a typical office for me involves:
      – desk ‘phone ringing because some cunt has a stupid question
      – constant ‘cube drive bys’ where some cunt just stops by your desk with a “quick” question or ‘could you take a look at this’ or ‘did you see my email’ or ‘I might need you for a meeting but could you come anyway’ or…..you get the general idea
      – cunts who stand close to your desk and chat for 30 minutes about absolute shit and you’re forced to hear it
      – all of the above happening in the cubes around you all fucking day long

      The list of distractions just goes on and on.

      And you if don’t answer your desk ‘phone or ask people to chat away from your desk or pull a face when someone taps you on the shoulder for a “quick” question for the 10th time that day, you get labelled. Unfriendly, unapproachable, hostile, not a team player, etc. etc. etc. Office cunts don’t seem to get I have deadlines to meet. I can’t tell my boss the new ERP system database server will be deployed a week late because people kept interrupting me. That doesn’t fly. People in offices don’t seem to get that by fucking their own productivity, they’re also fucking up someone else’s too. And if you complain about it? Yep, labelled again.

      Too many people seem to think an office is an extension of their social circle. It’s like football. During a 90 minute game, the ball is only in play for about 48 minutes. In a typical 8 hour office day, many cunts only do about 2 hours of actual work.

      I guess I’m one of those odd balls who believes I should work for my salary and don’t mind doing so. Working from home allows me to be way more productive and it goes a long way towards insulating me from corporate bullshit and time wasters. Throw in no commute and it’s a win-win. I’m happier and the employer gets more out of me. So when cunts like Musk mouth off about “pretending to work”, yeah, it rubs me up the wrong way.

  8. I don’t see much, apart from his self aggrandising comments, that I wouldn’t see in a similar letter from an average UK employer to be honest.
    However, as you say, it’s his risk, his baby. I’ve come across a few employers who live for their businesses, it’s such a big part of their lives, often too big.
    I worked for a small family firm once where the owner would often grumble like fuck when 5.30 came around and I said “see you later”. The fact that he had offered no recompense on the numerous occasions I had stayed late, very late, just didn’t register with him.
    As for the Twitter buy out, he’s uttered some welcome words, but I can’t see it happening. Maybe he’d be better off investing in ISAC. There are no issues about free speech and censorship here.

    • Maybe as a father he is buying twatter for $40 billion because he can see what social media has done to his son.

  9. Perhaps his workplace edict should be enforced here – Passport Office, DVLC, Home Office etc. These cunts are certainly pretending to work.

  10. Still don’t know how he got away with that “paedo-guy” remark about one of the cave rescuers who refused the use of his idiotic overgrown bath toy submarine.

    A fucking wrong ‘un without doubt.

    • Usually people who amass more money than they can ever spend don’t retire to enjoy it, they spend the rest of their lives desperately trying to become richer. It’s a sickness. They also become obsessed with their reputation and attempting to influence other people’s opinions. I know if I won the lottery I wouldn’t give a shit what people thought of me, they wouldn’t even find out about it.
      Having money shouldn’t put anyone above the law. The jury threw out that defamation case in less than an hour. Hmm, ok.

      • Allan@ – Is the correct answer!
        The love of money IS the root of all evil (and hippies, obviously) and these deviants cannot just stop at being richer than most people could even comprehend let alone acquire – they get a god complex and never hear the word no.
        Dangerous, they are.

  11. What reason could anyone have to be working from home?

    During your interview did you tell your employer you’d not be expecting to turn up at the office but be working from home?
    ….. course not because any employer wouldn’t employ you, quite rightly.

    Anyone without permission or good reason working from home should be issued a disciplinary hearing date and set the wheels in motion to jetison the bone idle fuckers.

    He’s right on that score.

    • Hi Mis –

      Reasons to WFH? See my reply to Everyonesacunt above.

      Plenty, my friend, plenty. 🙂

  12. He’s got a strange haircut.

    I think his battery powered cars aren’t the future.

    I like his rockets and the fact his company gets things done, when compared to the behemoth that is NASA.

    He’s pissed off the leftists and mongs that use twitter. So can’t be all bad.


  13. When Elon Musk announced that he was buying Twitter for $44billion, the Leftwaffe said he could solve world hunger with that money.
    When Bungalow Biden announced that he was sending $40billion to Ukraine, the Leftwaffe said nothing.
    On a different subject, yesterday marked 6yrs since we told the EU to fuck off…..

      • In my opinion, the Tories are toast at the next election and Labour will have us back in the EU within a year.

      • I reckon we’ll have another referendum and this time the Establishment will make sure they get the ‘right’ result.

      • I don’t think a referendum will even be offered, they will simply take us back in. Although it’s not like we ever left.

  14. He may or may not be a cunt but I have to disagree with the reasons laid out in the nom.
    He’s free set rules for his workforce and they are free to abide or fuck off.
    He’s free to use government subsidies available to him.
    He seems to be his own man (not bought or intimidated by the left) and not a Davos/Bilderberg/Marxist cunt like most other billionaires.
    I’m pretty sure he’s weird and lives on another plane of reality but I do admire him. He’s my age and quite accomplished.

  15. Pretends to buy twitter to jack up the share price, whine a bit about freedom of speech, sell the shares for 3 times what he paid, uses money to plug gaping black hole in Tesla accounts.
    Sees a lot of “climate change” from the windows of his little rocket, but does not see the cobalt and lithium mines where 8 year old children dig out toxic, carcinogenic materials with their bare hands for his comedy clown cars or they starve.
    Calls a hero who saved the lives of children a “P** Guy” and instead of being arseholed for it says it’s a “common insult in his culture” and fucking well gets away with it.
    Wants to “save the planet” but appears “professionally unaware” that his badly thrown together, overpriced, dangerous mobile hairdressers are charged by fossil fuel derived electricity.
    On the scale of cunt to ten this plastic faced bastard comes in at eleven.
    And close that bleedin tunnel for we all get rabies!

  16. Netflix have a documentary on him called ‘Elon Musk: The Real Tony Stark’ (awww bless)

    a couple of problems with this;
    1)Tony Stark was loosely based on Howard Hughes, according to co-creator Stan Lee.
    2) Given his whacky schemes such as the Hyperloop, Musk is more of a PT. Barnum-Monorail-Guy from The Simpsons.

  17. Re. working from home. Many folks toss it off in the office anyway if my experiences are anything to go on and a computer is a computer, it doesn’t cease to function according to geographical location.
    He should buy Twatter and turn it into Stormfront Mk 2.

    • Exactly right, MF.

      With the right connectivity, a computer can be used from anywhere. It’s also about environment too. A corporate office is not necessarily an environment conducive to the type of work I do. I need quiet to do what I do for a living. Offices are noisy places, full of distractions and people fucking about, destroying your productivity.

      At home, I have peace and quiet and the ability to turn off all methods of outside communication so I can concentrate on what I’m doing. I never want to work in an office again. The ‘rona proved work can be done away from the corporate office. Any company insisting upon a return to the pre-rona days identifies them as control freaks. If employees can’t be trusted to work effectively from home, then why did the company hire untrustworthy employees?

  18. A complete cunt.
    I wouldn’t mind a large chunk of his fortune, though👍

  19. it’s ‘shone’, not ‘shined’. You fucking colonials never did learn to speak English

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