Client-Side Scanning (CSS) and Abuse of Privacy

The European Commission is pushing hard to track down and monitor online child abuse and child p0rnography. Nothing wrong with that in principle, but it’s how they want to go about it is of the greater concern.

What they want do is ask/demand the major manufacturers of phones, tablets and computers that are destined to be sold within the EU (including the UK), to install an invasive piece of software called CSS  on these devices prior to being shipped for retail.

This software is so invasive that it can, in theory, interrogate and bypass encryption software such as Bitlocker. The justification behind this, say the EC “experts” is to prevent people from hiding CP behind encrypted hard drives.

Fortunately, a lot of the manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP and Google, have resisted such calls, although the EC/EU is still persisting with their approach to basically monitor what you have on your devices.

Inevitably there have been loud calls from the usual suspects with regards invasion of privacy, as well as a breach of the EU’s very own General Data Protection Regulation.

They also ask about the EC’s longer term plans for CSS. At present it is just for child abuse, but will their tentacles spread further towards online organised crime and terrorism? Critics suggest this will just be a small stepping stone into total invasion of everything you have stored on your devices.

It doesn’t take an expert to realise how technology such as this is gradually eroding personal freedoms, personal opinion, personal movement and personal information:-

  • There is a big push for a cashless society because its easier to track what people buy and sell and to whom.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) such as smart cars, smart phones, satnavs, smart tablets, smart TVs etc are all designed to track what you do, what you upload/download and where you go.
  • Microphones and cameras built into laptops, tablets and phones can all be used to snoop on what you look like and how you speak, especially when incorporated with facial/vocal recognition software.
  • The internet itself and especially social media means that conversations are always stored on cookies both locally and up in the Cloud that can be used by authorities as the new guy on the block – Hate Crime!
  • And of course there’s CCTV in public places. And I believe the UK has one of the highest ratios of CCTVs per head of population on the planet!

If this CSS does become law in the EU (and quite possibly the UK even though we’re not really part of the EU anymore, cough!) then this will be yet another nail in the personal privacy coffin and a step nearer to the much fated 1984 scenario!

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35 thoughts on “Client-Side Scanning (CSS) and Abuse of Privacy

  1. Thank you for all that information, Techno. Unfortunately I don’t understand a word of it. Fuck technology.

  2. I can see this being most popular with the Police “Force” in certain areas of the UK.

    After all,someone being mean to someone else on Twatter will demand an immediate and harsh response from The Persons in Blue.

    Life savings pinched?
    Drug gangs?

    Sorry computer says no.

    • Oh and the EU is really the Germans.

      Looking back the idea of returning them to an agrarian economy post World War 2 wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

      The power mad cunts.

      • Very good nom by the way Technocunt.

        I imagine the bedroom boffins and such can’t wait to crack this CSS palaver and making a laughing stock of the hamfisted shithouses in Brussels.

    • UT@ – Afternoon Unkle – luckily for us the police are too busy providing counselling and a safe place for 51 year old “men” after they saw some hurty words..

  3. I just wish the fucking EU would realise once and for all we have escaped from their bloody prison, and they have no right to dictate what the UK receive in their products. Let them stick their fucking rules and regulations up their capacious arses.

    My guess is that they are hanging round like a dog shit on the Axminster in the hope that the gormless, spineless Starmer and Davey win the next election and returns as to the Fourth Reich – and judging by yesterday’s by-election results, that might come sooner than we want thanks to Boris’ bloody mindedness in hanging on. I have even read he might call an election this October on a “who governs Britain?” ticket – if your memoery goes back to early 1974 when Ted Heath posed that question, the answer was one us Conservatives didn’;t want to hear – back then it was the fucking NUM with Joe Gormless. Noiw it would be the fucking Marxist Lynch of the RMT. With Davey getting up Starmer’s arsehole and staying there, the danger would be even greater than it was 48 years ago.

    • WCB@ – Afternoon WC, this is the European Commission pushing this as far as I am aware – another poisonous, unelected bunch of shits who think they can order us about.
      I am sure that jellyfish will come out swinging with his brave, patriotic and statesman like leadership..

  4. It used to be a tattoo on the inside of the wrist.
    When is it time for the final war? – I am getting REALLY bored with this.
    European “Commission”? – I didn’t vote for you, you do not get to tell me what to do and you can stick your nazi bullshit up your fucking arse sideways.
    For fuck sake will someone just start this?
    Because when decent people are pushed too far there will be no mercy for our tormenters.

  5. What would be more effective would be appropriate punishment for pe dodos.
    Fellow cunters I’m sure could come up with these.

  6. The telescreens in our lives will be our undoing.
    “Alexa, play me some UB40.”
    “I’m sorry, that is deemed cultural appropriation. White men should not be playing Reggae. Here’s some Wutang Clan for your enjoyment. You now have 10 credits left on your social credit account. Enjoy.”

  7. “….but…but….but….if you’ve got nothing to hide,you’ve got nothing to fear”….the bleated mantra that enables so much of this shite.

    • DF-F@ Afternoon Sir Fiddler – I used to believe that – then I left primary school and “my view changed somewhat”..
      “Alexa, please don’t alert the guards”

  8. Sorry to go off topic, but our next door neighbour has bought a Ferrari. It’s bright red and when he starts it up it rattles our windows. Fucking superb it is. Automotive pornography.

    • Wonderful😀👍
      The only cars that sound as good/better:

      -Jaguar XK with sports exhaust
      -Audi R8
      -Aston Martin

  9. I saw something on the box the other night and it said there are loads kids are sending naughty pictures to each other, no idea it is a criminal offence.

    A good start would be to ban kids under sixteen from having mobile devices and home computers made the sole responsibility of the parents.

    All this spy stuff on devices is just the pathway to thought crime, the latest bullshit is the police are investigating a comedian (Joe Lycett) because someone in his audience made a complaint.

    Adjust your thinking folks or you’re in the slammer!!

    2+2=5, you had better fucking believe it 😂

    • I read that Joe Lycett thing… complaint,apparently….I wonder if it came from his manager to try and drum up publicity for Lycett’s tour ?


      • Afternoon Dick, maybe it was a plant 👍

        It does seem to be a thing these days with the cancel culture, but no one forces people to buy a ticket to see a comedian, easily offended, stay home and darn your socks 😂

  10. What happens when this magic device uncovers a kiddy fiddling ring involving cunts from a certain well known “cultural background”? Technical difficulties perhaps? Lessons will be learned?

    • Diversity is our strength, probably. Can’t possibly breach their ‘uman rights to do in our civilised country what they like to get up to in the goat-fucking shitholes they escaped from to “enrich” us.

      All them aspiring architects and doctors need a hobby, etc.

  11. Anything that comes from the EU we don’t fucking need, especially that shit they float across in little boats every day.

  12. Apple already scan photos stored in their iCloud for known CP pictures, I’d imagine it won’t be long until every device is scanned to find the criminals.

    Obviously there will be devices where this functionality is turned off.

    Yes Andrew you sweaty cunt your phone is white listed and won’t be scanned!

  13. As an amateur techie, this was interesting and thought provoking piece Techno. Well written and well argued.

    Shame it will be de-railed and hijacked by ISaC’s resident rabble-rouser and wannabe Nick Griffin or has that already happened??

      • “Rabble rouser and wannabe Nick Griffin Harold?
        Name names – I am intrigued.

      • rabble-rouser răb′əl-rou″zər

        one that stirs up the masses of the people (as to hatred or violence) see also demagogue

        Demagogue dĕm′ə-gôg″, -gŏg″

        A demagogue or rabble-rouser is a political leader in a democracy who gains popularity by arousing the common people against elites, especially through oratory that whips up the passions of crowds, appealing to emotion by scapegoating out-groups, exaggerating dangers to stoke fears, or other rhetoric that tends to drown out reasoned deliberation and encourage fanatical popularity.

      • Harold@ – Evening Harold – I am aware of what a “rabble rouser” is, but I am curious to know who this “rabble rouser and wannabe Nick Griffin” is.
        And should a few million people be apologising to Nick Griffin for highlighting islamic p***dos 20 years ago to be called a racist and a liar?

      • yeah I bet you are.

        The day I apologise to Nick Griffin will be the same day I go Ice Skating on Hades.

        Ta-Ta for now.

    • Ah, Mr Griffin. Like his modern day equivalent the Yaxley thing, dedicated to exposing child sex grooming by Islamic gangs, not so vocal, or even remotely interested in the far larger and far longer history of child abuse by the Catholic Church, the biggest grooming gang of them all.
      It’s almost like they have an agenda…….🙃

  14. Actually, from what I can understand, this particular piece of technology isn’t actually fit for purpose.
    For example, what’s the difference between CP and a parent taking a photo of baby’s first bath. Obvious to us, but a piece of spyware?
    Why not just microchip us all, that way you can monitor the world?

  15. It is quite concerning how much invasive technology exists in both Windows and iOS operating systems. Some of these settings are visible and can be turned off although in actual fact they’re still “on”. It’s own when you dig deep will you find additional settings that you can disable.

    Funnily enough the Government and Security Services probably know more about the private lives of ordinary law-abiding indigenous citizens than they do about the many thousands of migrants coming to this country without any ID, CCJs, criminal records etc. at all.

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